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5 New Crypto IEOs to Follow This Week – Lucky Block on CEX Listing Spree

Lucky Block Explodes after listing
Lucky Block Explodes after listing

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ICOs have been the primary method of fundraising for many crypto projects. Lately, however, they’ve started to lose their appeal. IEOs, or Initial Exchange Offerings, have started to take the place of ICOs, and have been particularly popular from the perspective of launching a project to investing in one.

Under an IEO, crypto exchanges undertake the responsibility of a token sale, while the projects benefit from the reputation of these platforms. The vetting process for these IEO is comparatively much more comprehensive than ICOs, which is majorly where this type of fundraising gains its credibility from.

Investors find it convenient to invest in such projects, and that’s where ICOs find their appeal. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 such recent IEOs you can’t miss checking out.

5 Recent IEOs You Can’t Miss Checking Out

1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an NFT gaming platform that uses blockchain technology to host daily competitions on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform is primarily focused on the prize draw industry, leveraging blockchain to deliver rewards quickly to the user while making sure the draws are fair.

Being a decentralized platform with critical protocols in place, the platform intends to promote transparency. Separating itself from other crypto projects that attempt to do the same.

is Lucky Block worth buying

Interested participants can purchase a Lucky Block Platinum Roller Club NFT and gain unlimited entries to their weekly competitions. There’s also another way to gain entry in the weekly prize draws where users can purchase a ticket for $1 -with a limit of 5 tickets per user- and win various prizes including rewards in their native token, LBLOCK.

The token was purchased by multiple investors this year and has climbed almost 800% earlier this year. In an upgrade, by releasing LBLOCK v2, the coin will migrate to the Ethereum standard from the BEP-20 standard that it had been using so far. This is expected to improve the use cases of the token and provide a better avenue toward centralized exchange listings.

The token will also abandon the 12% sales tax it had on its predecessor, making it a more accessible choice of investment for many investors.

Checkout Lucky Block Now

Your capital is at risk.

2. Centurion Invest

Centurion Invest is a cryptocurrency platform that currently operates on multiple continents, and has been a word of mouth due to the launch of its native token CIX. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, with a supply of 2.4 Billion.

The platform intends to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency through its ecosystem. And with the launch of this token, it expects to offer an investment opportunity to investors and let them become a close part of the ecosystem.

Buy Centurion Invest Now

Users can purchase cryptocurrencies, trade multiple assets including equities, and customize ETFs. The platform also offers yield farming options with an APR of up to 30%. The platform plans to increase partnerships and integrations with other financial institutions, making the deposit and withdrawal experience really easy for users.

With all these use cases and the platform’s vision, CIX is definitely a hot token to invest in right now.

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Your capital is at risk.

3. Celer

Celer is a layer-2 scaling platform that supports dApps on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum. The network solves many of the scaling issues that other blockchains have, with many products and protocols under its belt. Rollups are one example of the technology, currently used in the Polkadot ecosystem to boost the network’s throughput.

The platform features fast and easy off-chain transactions for payment transactions and smart contracts. So far, they’ve already achieved a 10000X reduction in transaction latency. And micropayments on the network have witnessed a 100X fee reduction as well.

Celer buy

CELR is the native token of the Celer network, currently operational on the PoS mechanism. Along with it there are over 100 other tokens that the network supports.

The price of the token has been witnessing an uprise over the week and is expected to follow the trend for a few more days, as the price action has been fairly positive over the course of this month.

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Your capital is at risk.

4. MetaCloud

MetaCloud is essentially a blockchain alternative to the current cloud computing solutions. MetaCloud follows a model where it connects users by enabling them to rent their dormant computational resources, such as mobile storage and CPUs while being completely secure and transparent.

The project aims to make the relatively centralized world of cloud computing decentralized and bring about a web3 revolution. They believe that resource distribution shouldn’t be consolidated, such as they are with big entities with heavy resources. But it should be with regular people.

Metacloud Buy

This is done by paying people who rent their hardware, while creators are saved from the cost of purchasing heavy computational equipment. MCLOUD is the token of the project, currently listed for $0.068.

And will be live from August 1-10. And while the project is relatively new, based on the response it’s gotten so far, the project appears to be a good investment opportunity.

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5. Orion Protocol

ORION is an investment platform that combines the features of a variety of CEXs, DEXs, and trading apps. It is built around a liquidity aggregator connected to major exchanges as well as the platform’s internal decentralized exchange.

The platform is suggested to be suitable for all types of investors, from beginners to experienced traders. While being a convenient, secure and flexible platform.

Should I buy Orion

By combining all the exchanges on a single interface, the platform allows users to choose the platform that offers them the best deal for their crypto assets. And not just asset price, but the platform is expected to save investors a lot of money on transaction fees as well.

ORN is the native token of the platform and will be available for $0.012953 to investors. The date of IEO is yet to be announced.

At last, we will like to remind our readers to always do their own research before investing their hard-earned money in Crypto assets.

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Your capital is at risk.

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