#191 Richard Craib: Numerai – A Revolutionary Hedge Fund Built on Blockchain and AI

By adam@letstalkbitcoin.com The LTB Network Jul 11, 2017 4:20 PM EST

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Numerai Founder Richard Craib joined us to discuss his radical project to build a hedge fund with network effects. Numerai manages its portfolio by giving its data in encrypted form to data scientists who compete to create the best predictions and get paid with cryptocurrencies. Numerai expects to radically alter the structure of the hedge fund and asset management industry.

Topics discussed in this episode:

How hedge funds work and what trends effect themQuantitative trading and the role of AI in investingHow Numerai uses crowdsourcing and AI to manage its portfolioHow Numerai lets data scientists build models without knowing the underlying dataThe Function of Numerai’s own token NumeraireWhy Numerai is switching from paying data scientists in Bitcoin to EthereumNumerai’s crazy goal of managing all the money in the world

Links mentioned in this episode:

NumeraiNumerai WhitepaperAn AI Hedge Fund Goes Live On Ethereum ?'” Numerai ?'” MediumA New Cryptocurrency For Coordinating Artificial Intelligence on NumeraiEncrypted Data For Efficient MarketsBuilding the Numerai Meta ModelIntroducing Numeraire


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