Day 1: April 27
Registration Opens
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Tutorial #1
Tutorial #2
Bitcoin for Beginners: Basics and Beyond
New to bitcoin? Have questions? Don’t miss this workshop with Jonathan Mohan, Founder of Bitcoin NYC. Let Jonathan bring you up to speed with how to use bitcoin in the real world. He’ll cover how to get bitcoin, how to send and receive it, how to spend it and how to store it securely. And of course, your questions! This is not just another lecture – Jonathan will run live demos and incorporate hands-on elements. Bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for help setting up your first bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Security: A Practical Perspective
This session will provide an overview of best practices for securing bitcoins at both the individual and the enterprise level. The goal is not to merely provide a theoretical background and hypothetical wishlist but to provide practical guidelines that anyone can put to use immediately using off-the-shelf-components. Topics include secure key generation, key management, backups, policy definition and enforcement, multisignature transactions, offline signing, accountability, transparency, audits, and risk mitigation.

3:00pm – 3:30pm
3:30pm – 5:30 pm
Tutorial #3
Tutorial #4
Bitcoin Trading and Analysis Fundamentals
This seminar will introduce you to Charting, which is also commonly known as Technical Analysis. We will go over the basic concepts like Candle Sticks, Trend Lines, Support/Resistance levels and perhaps even more advanced indicators. We will also take a look at recent history and analyze how the price of Bitcoin got to where it is and where it might be headed next. Time will also be allocated to go over some basic Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to those interested in trading Bitcoin for Fiat or Bitcoin for other Crypto-Currency.

e-Commerce and Bitcoin: Facilitating Online Transactions
According to a recent report by Juniper Research, digital payment transactions are set to reach $4.7 trillion by 2019. In this workshop, we’ll provide a detailed look at how Bitcoin is changing online e-Commerce and explore the current ecommerce technology to pay for products and services. We’ll also explain how simple it is for people to purchase Bitcoins, keep them safely in their digital wallets and use them to pay for popular goods or services. With companies and stores like Expedia, 1-800-Flowers, Overstock, Lord & Taylor, TigerDirect, Virgin Galactic, NewEgg, and Dish Network all accepting Bitcoin, the advantages to using the digital currency are piling up. Attend this session to learn how to store Bitcoin safely, how to pay for online services and the possible pitfalls.

Day 2: April 28
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9:00am – 9:30am
Opening Keynote
Bitcoin: The Final Piece of the Protocol Puzzle

9:30am – 10:15am
Track 1
Track 2
The Bitcoin Startup Ecosystem
Bitcoin has been a major draw for entrepreneurs as venture capital has eagerly embraced Bitcoin as a technology. But what kinds of opportunities are available to entrepreneurs interested in Bitcoin today. For active players, what are the challenges and the exciting possibilities on the horizon? This panel includes entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and technology journalists to discuss what is currently hot in the entrepreneurial space for Bitcoin.

10:15am – 10:45am

Track 1
Track 2

Trends in the Bitcoin Exchange Ecosystem
There is a sizeable group of FinTech entrepreneurs launching bitcoin exchanges right now. However, the business purpose of a bitcoin exchange is actually different than many people currently believe. For those who view an exchange simply as a place to buy and sell bitcoin, this will be an important presentation. There’s still money to be made in the bitcoin exchange ecosystem, and we’ll pinpoint where the opportunity lies. We’ll also look at businesses that will work closely with bitcoin exchanges to understand what ancillary opportunities exist in the space.

What’s Next for the Bitcoin Foundation
Bruce Fenton was appointed as the new Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation this month. In his first public meeting since the appointment he will discuss the foundation, where it stands now and the future. Included will be Q&A and some important announcements about foundation transparency and other topics.

10:45am – 11:15am
Morning Break
11:15am – 11:45am
Track 1
Track 2
How to Stop Bitcoin Theft: Multi-Signature Wallets Make Bitcoin Secure and Useful for New Industries
If you read the Bitcoin headlines, it seems like every week there is a story about a major theft or loss of someone’s Bitcoin holdings. Why? Because nearly every exchange and wallet uses a single private key which can be stolen or corrupted. In this talk, learn how multi-signature protocols are going to make Bitcoin holdings secure while remaining liquid. Also hear about new industries that open up with multi-signature technology, from escrow to real estate and beyond.

Securing Bitcoin Enterprise Solutions
The Bitcoin ecosystem and Blockchain technologies have been evolving and maturing at record pace over the past few years. Initially the purview of very early adopters and enthusiasts, Bitcoin has hit the boardroom leaving many C-level executives wondering if this is something they should be actively involved with. Security is at the top of the agenda in these discussions whilst enterprises figure out their strategy and the role the disruptive Bitcoin / Blockchain technology will play in helping them implement sustainable enterprise solutions.

In this session we will explore the key factors these enterprises are considering from a security perspective and the available technologies and solutions available in the market to help them navigate through this complex and highly evolving maze of options.

11:45am – 12:30pm
Track 1
Track 2 Blockchain Agenda
Inside Bitcoins 2029: A Historic Look at 20 Years of Global Digital Currency Payments
Imagine it’s the 20 year anniversary of Bitcoin’s release. Society has had two decades to experiment with blockchain technology and create entirely new and efficient systems for exchanging value in all its forms. What will ‘currency’ mean to global citizens in that day and age? Will fiat no longer be defined by governments and hampered by borders? Will bitcoin have sparked an era of global prosperity and egalitarianism? As one of the early innovators and thought leaders in payments disruption, GoCoin’s Steve Beauregard will take us on a journey envisioning how digital currency payments have impacted world commerce by the year 2029, and outline what entrepreneurs and online operators can do now to best position their companies for this promising future.

Bitcoin Investing: Do’s and Dont’s
Crypto currency investing has many facets from incubation, early stage, and roll ups to later stage and leveraging public markets. This panel features experts in these areas and will explain the pros, cons and pitfalls of investing on bitcoin companies at various stages or even just in bitcoin/alt coin itself.

12:30pm – 1:30pm
Lunch Break
1:30pm – 2:00pm
Afternoon Keynote
2:00pm – 2:45pm
Track 1
Track 2
Industrial Mining: Powered Warehouse Shell vs. Hosted Cloud Offerings
As large scale miners and manufacturers look to scale Data Center power infrastructure at lower costs per TerraHash, some are demanding all of the managed services found in hosted mining solutions, at the low price point of raw powered warehouse shells. Learn the challenges and hidden costs with “Do it yourself” warehouse mining in wholesale Data Center operations, versus the simplified turn-key approach offered by industrial Cloud hosted solutions priced as “all-in” contract costs.

The Economic Impact of the Blockchain for Institutional Investors
Institutional investors are circling the Bitcoin waters, learning about this new asset class and the economic impact of the blockchain. The Panel will explore: how bitcoin and the blockchain are inseparable; the value of Bitcoin when viewed from the economic impact of the blockchain; Bitcoin in the context of the traditional investment management ecosystem; Bitcoin’s investment attributes including correlation, risks and potential returns; best methods to access bitcoin exposure; how Bitcoin should be classified within traditional investment mandates; and evaluating the of scope of exposure within an investment portfolio.

2:45pm – 3:15pm
Afternoon Break
3:15pm – 3:45pm
Track 1 Blockchain Agenda
Track 2
Beyond Mt. Gox and Silk Road: Digital Currency’s Fight to Gain Mainstream Acceptance
Outside of NYC and Northern CA, few people know anything about digital currency beyond the high-profile Silk Road trial and Mt. Gox bankruptcy, nor do they understand the value beyond the idea of “speculative” currency. Digital currency is changing the way currency and banking is done, but the industry cannot continue to blossom without mainstream understanding and acceptance. This panel will discuss the perception problems digital currency faces as it strives for credibility, and potential solutions for achieving widespread recognition.

Bitcoin Derivatives: What Are They? And Why We Need Them
While trading volumes on spot exchanges have risen dramatically since early 2013, the derivative market remains nascent and grossly underdeveloped. Many high profile figures in the Bitcoin community have been calling for a liquid derivatives market. This panel will examine what is meant by a Bitcoin derivative, the different uses of derivatives by different market participants, and the benefits to having a liquid and robust market. We will examine the current landscape of derivatives products and help attendees grasp the different uses and risks with trading different types of derivatives. We will also look to the established market of fiat currency derivatives to gauge what sort of market growth is needed to develop a healthy ecosystem.

3:45pm – 4:30pm
Track 1
Track 2
Emerging Issues in Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement Efforts
Join us for an incisive discussion and analysis of the latest events in regulatory compliance and law enforcement efforts directed at Bitcoin in both the US and across the globe. What are regulators and law enforcement officials focused on? What is happening internationally on these fronts? What is the significance of these trends?

Startup Pitch/Competition
This high energy session is a rapid-fire blitz of what’s on the horizon for Bitcoin. Join us as startups and emerging entrepreneurs in the cybercurrency space give Lightening Talks on their business strategies, their customers, their challenges, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Each selected startup will have the opportunity to speak for five minutes and pitch their Bitcoin business idea. A panel of industry veterans will serve as judges and listen to and comment on participating startups’ business concepts, delivery and vision. The winner will receive a featured speaking slot on the agenda at an upcoming Inside Bitcoins conference as well as a complimentary consultation with an industry luminary. All conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to watch the competition unfold! Startups wishing to be considered should e-mail

4:30pm – 5:00pm
Track 1
Track 2 Blockchain Agenda
Banking MSBs: A Compliance Officer’s Perspective
FinCEN’s March 18, 2013 interpretative guidance classified digital currency companies as money service businesses (MSBs). According to U.S. regulators, MSBs are considered to be of higher risk for money laundering. Thus, financial institutions are required to perform additional due diligence on MSBs when providing banking services. Moreover, digital currency companies are being grouped in with traditional MSBs, such as check cashers and money transmitters. Understand from a compliance officer’s perspective, how financial institutions bank money service businesses that are classified as high risk.

Bitcoin 2.0 and Blockchain Startups: What Really Matters?
Everyone is talking about the blockchain (Bitcoin 2.0) as being the “real” opportunity for those who didn’t get an early jump on Bitcoin, the currency. As a result, we are seeing many startups focusing on applying blockchain solutions to smart contracts, ledger-based functions, and much more, but what do these startups need to be seen as a relevant disruptor? In this talk we will discuss where the blockchain is headed, what constitutes disruption and relevance, new ways of creating value and the new funding models that are determining the success of new blockchain-based startups.

5:00pm – 5:30pm
The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order
Not so long ago the internet was a new and alien concept. Today, the world would collapse without it. Today, cryptocurrency is a new and little-used concept. Tomorrow, will the world collapse without it?
We sit at the cusp of a revolution in global commerce, a shift that promises nothing less than to reshape the international economic and political order. At the heart of this revolution lies the groundbreaking technology of cryptocurrencies.
With the advent of bitcoin in 2008 the term ‘cryptocurrency’ crept into our lives. But whether bitcoin triumphs or fails, the technology it unleashed is here to stay and will only get stronger. It’s cheaper, faster, easier, more democratic and safer than paper money and credit cards, and people – and governments – are catching on fast.
The Age of Cryptocurrency is a vision of a radically different future. In examining the new and unstoppable revolution that is cryptocurrency it forces us to rethink our assumptions that underlie the world in its present form, to question what money is and how it functions in society, and to envisage how it could change our lives beyond recognition.

5:30pm – 6:00pm
Bitcoin in China
Join us for an illuminating keynote by Leon Li as he explores the rapidly expanding Bitcoin landscape in China. Leon will cover a broad range of important topics including the initial bitcoin movement, the current start up environment, the investment landscape, and future opportunities that will shape the direction of bitcoin in China. Given that China is the second largest bitcoin market after the US, this is one talk that is not to be missed.

6:00pm – 7:00pm
Networking Reception

Day 3: April 29
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9:00am – 9:45am
Track 1 Blockchain Agenda
Track 2
Solving Real Business Problems with the Blockchain

The blockchain is an amazing technology that can be used for so much more than currency and payments. Learn more about how the blockchain can solve real world business problems and fix broken systems.

The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Investing
Bitcoin investing has significant risk but also significant reward potential. In this panel we will discuss strategies for hedging and safeguarding your bitcoin investments. Both short term and long term strategies will be discussed as well as strategies for both cautious and speculative investors.

9:45am – 10:15am
Track 1Blockchain Agenda
Track 2
We Are to Act, Not be Acted Upon: How the Blockchain is Fueling the Personal Empowerment Movement
While on this earth we are granted personal free agency. We are able to make decisions for ourselves that either help create the lives we dream of or lives of misery and hopelessness. However, due to mankind’s pursuit of power and control, the majority of the world’s population have only limited free agency and lack the ability to create great change. The strategy being used to inflict control by dictators, mercenaries and other manipulative bodies is to control the monetary system. The introduction of the Blockchain has provided us a way to recapture our freedom as well as our free agency. This session will explore how the Blockchain has empowered people around the world to create products and services that are returning power back to the people. Case studies will be discussed both on the micro and macro levels.

Crypto Trading and Options
This session will provide Bitcoin/Crypto currency traders with valuable insight, strategies and tactics on separating the signal from the noise and properly managing risk.

10:15am – 10:45am
Morning Break
10:45am – 11:30am
Track 1
Track 2
How To Make Bitcoin Easy For Small Business
In this session CEO Steven Michaels will discuss the “grass roots” strategies he uses to get small business owners involved in bitcoin as quickly and painlessly as possible. He will discuss 3 “sure fire” strategies to build a thriving bitcoin community in your home town with active business participation. These are the techniques that will lay the foundation for accelerated mass adoption. If you are impatient to see bitcoin grow then you will not want to miss this workshop.

How to Run a Global Virtual Currency Business: Banking, Fundraising and Beyond
Virtual currency, unlike any other industry, requires companies to think globally. And whether you are looking to raise investment capital or establishing banking relationships ahead of international expansion, different jurisdictions present different challenges. Your panel of experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities for virtual currency companies with a global business model.

11:30am – 12:00pm
How Washington is Impacting the Digital Asset Industry
Join us for an enlightening keynote as Perianne M. Boring takes an in-depth look at the regulators, public policy makers, and seminal industry players and influencers who are shaping the legal structure for bitcoin.

12:00pm – 1:00pm
Lunch Break
1:00pm – 1:45pm
Track 1
Track 2 Blockchain Agenda
Accelerating Bitcoin Adoption: Influencing the Influencers
The bitcoin adoption cycle is a classic chicken and egg scenario. If more consumers were ready, willing and eager to spend bitcoins for regular purchases, merchants would quickly adopt bitcoin. Conversely, merchant adoption would stimulate more consumer interest and spending with better incentives, education, communication and user friendly tools. But how do we dispel the myths, misinformation, and negative hype that is dampening Bitcoin adoption? How do we convince trusted professionals, social media influencers, self-regulatory organizations, and industry leading trade groups to advocate on behalf of bitcoin? What’s the best strategy for gaining executive buy-in when it comes to Bitcoin acceptance in the c-suite? Join us for an inspiring discussion as our panel of Bitcoin thought leaders share valuable tips for galvanizing support among fellow influencers and stakeholders.

How Bitcoin Will Succeed In Mobile Payments Where Square, Paypal and Google Have Failed
The battle to dominate the mobile payments space has raged on for the past several years with major players such as Google, Square, Paypal, and now even Apple competing for a slice of a potentially massive pie. Learn how Bitcoin can revolutionize and capture the mobile payment industry in ways these big players can’t. We’ll take a look at the history of payments and see how decentralized blockchain technology is actually similar to the most successful payment methods used over the past 2000 years.

1:45pm – 2:15pm
Track 1
Track 2 Blockchain Agenda
How to get Governments to Like Bitcoin (Without Ruining Bitcoin in the Process)
Bitcoin offers the potential for helping governments meet important goals such as cheaper and more accessible financial services. Yet many governments around the world have expressed skepticism about – or outright hostility to – Bitcoin. This session:
Identifies the root causes of this skepticism;
Assesses the progress that the Bitcoin community has made in explaining the potential benefits of Bitcoin to governments; and
Offers suggestions about how the Bitcoin community can, over time, get to see Bitcoin as a force for good.

BTC 2.0: The Blockchain Is Where the BTC Magic Is!
There is active debate regarding BTC the currency which is grabbing headlines but perhaps more important is BTC the distributed ledger system which will have a tremendous impact on how we create, trade and store value. Some have suggested that adoption of the BTC protocols will have a similar impact to what HTTP, browsers and ultimately e-mail had on the internet. The St Louis Fed in discussing BTC suggested that financial institutions need to innovate or die and this presentation helps connect the dots for the wider payments community who are trying to understand what is coming next.

2:15pm – 2:45pm
Track 1
Track 2
The Crypto-Wars: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Transaction
Everyone has secrets. From non-standard hieroglyphs carved into Egyptian monuments 4,000 years ago to the compromised Nazi Enigma machine mathematicians during World War II. And there has been grave persecution, from Galileo being confined to house arrest to the United States criminally punishing the mere expression of math equations under the Munitions Act. But in the 1990s the Supreme Court ruled encryption to be protected by the First Amendment under freedom of speech.

Now crypto-currency, Bitcoin being the first, has arrived to disrupt and restore freedom of transaction which is among the most eroded yet essential checks and balances in the political machinery of the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court has long held the First Amendment protects anonymous speech. Additionally, Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 provides for an anonymous monetary system equal to all under chemical law.

Consequently, a Constitutional crisis of epic proportions is rapidly approaching as individuals are quickly abolishing their ties to political currency and substituting a mere math problem to reclaim and enforce their financial sovereignty while protecting their monetary secrets.

Getting Ready for Wall Street
There has been growing interest from Wall Street to embrace digital currencies in a bigger way. With the technological and regulatory infrastructure mostly in place, what other barriers to participation exist and how will they be addressed by community?

2:45pm – 3:15pm
Fireside Chat
The Currency Still Matters: Why “Hoarding” Bitcoin is Key to its Success
Join us for an illuminating conversation as we discuss why speculative investors hold the key to the currency’s success along with the latest trends, changes, investments, technologies, and companies impacting the Bitcoin and Blockchain world.

3:15pm – 3:45pm
Afternoon Break
3:45pm – 4:30pm
Track 1 Blockchain Agenda
Track 2
Moneta: Engineering a Better “Bitcoin”
When Satoshi wrote his whitepaper on Bitcoin, he could not foresee all the future academic developments that would make his protocol far better.
Moneta is the combination of all these recent academic developments which have not been implemented yet. As a result, we can make a cryptocurrency that is more private, 600 times faster, and more decentralized than Bitcoin. Moneta was designed with “Bitcoin 2.0” projects in mind, and allows for infinite scalability of the blockchain. Our vision is to create a cryptocurrency that is far better than Bitcoin in the most important metrics.

Bitcoin Exchanges: Past, Present & Future
Acquiring Bitcoin for the long term or speculating short term has been evolving quickly over the last few years. From the early days of sending someone cash for bitcoins and the first spectacular rise and fall of Mt. Gox to the current leverage trading platforms we see today. Our panel of industry veterans will discuss this evolution and what they are expecting on the horizon from more secure transactions to their expectation of regulations. We’ll also touch on what is currently missing, what needs to be done away with and most importantly, what these experts are doing about it.

4:30pm – 5:00pm
Track 1 Blockchain Agenda
Track 2
The Growing Reality of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology: 2.0 and Beyond
It will take time for much of the promise of Bitcoin to be realized. Yet its promise looms large. Much like the early days of the Internet, there is still a lot of ground to cover, and there is much conjecture about the who, the how, and the what that will make this promise a reality. Consumer applications that would yield mass adoption have yet to materialize. Regulation has been slow to develop, with all eyes – domestic and even international – largely awaiting New York State’s lead in the form of a “Bit License.” Bitcoin is barely understood as anything other than an ‘alternative currency,’ with its infrastructure, payment-processing platform, and scripting capabilities still largely unknown and misprized. This talk will focus on the road ahead, the speed bumps and the very real capabilities of Bitcoin.

Top Ten Security Concerns for Bitcoin Wallets & Exchanges
The rise in popularity of the Bitcoin protocol provides businesses and consumers with something they have never had before; full and complete control of their money. Furthermore, Bitcoins have turned out to be popular target for black hat hackers raising security concerns within the bitcoin industry. At the Bitcoin Security Project, we aim to identify the security risks that Bitcoin consumers and businesses need to take into consideration when working with various wallets and exchanges. In this talk, Bojan will outline the top ten security concerns and provide insight into some of the biggest Bitcoin security breaches and how they can be prevented.

Sessions marked with Blockchain Agenda are blockchain technology related.

Digital Currency Council Continuing Education Credit

The following Inside Bitcoins sessions qualify for DCC Continuing Education Credits:

April 27

  • Tutorial #2: Bitcoin Security: A Practical Perspective (2 DCC CE Credits)
  • Tutorial #3: Bitcoin Trading and Analysis Fundamentals (2 DCC CE Credits)
  • Tutorial #4: e-Commerce and Bitcoin: Facilitating Online Transactions (1 DCC CE Credit)

April 28

  • Bitcoin: The Next Evolution of Money (½ DCC CE)
  • How to Stop Bitcoin Theft: Multi-Signature Wallets Make Bitcoin Secure and Useful for New Industries (1 DCC CE)
  • Bitcoin Investing: Do’s and Dont’s (1 DCC CE)
  • Trends in the Bitcoin Exchange Ecosystem (1 DCC CE)
  • DigitalFX: A New Asset Class for Investors (1 DCC CE)
  • Funding the Next Bitcoin 2.0 Businesses (1 DCC CE)
  • Portfolio Composition and Institutional Investments in Bitcoin (1 DCC CE)
  • Bitcoin Derivatives: What Are They? And Why We Need Them (1/2 DCC CE)
  • Banking MSBs: A Compliance Officer’s Perspective (1 DCC CE)
  • Emerging Issues in Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement Efforts (1/2 DCC CE)

April 29

  • Solving Real Business Problems with the Blockchain (1 DCC CE)
  • The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Investing (1 DCC CE)
  • Crypto Trading and Options (½ DCC CE)
  • How To Make Bitcoin Easy For Small Business (1 DCC CE)
  • How to Run a Global Virtual Currency Business: Banking, Fundraising and Beyond (1 DCC CE)
  • How Washington is Impacting the Digital Asset Industry (1 DCC CE)
  • Accelerating Bitcoin Adoption: Influencing the Influencers (½ DCC CE)
  • Bitcoin Exchanges: Past, Present & Future (½ DCC CE)
  • The Crypto-Wars: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Transaction (½ DCC CE)
  • Getting Ready for Wall Street (½ DCC CE)
  • Evolving Bitcoin Exchange Technology (1 DCC CE)

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