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Bitcoin vs Ethereum: Which One Will Come Out On Top 2019

There is an internal division amongst the cryptocurrency community that emerged after Bitcoin’s maturation; skeptics arose about the possibility for its long-term sustainability. As time passed and the crypto ecosystem evolved, more people started using and developing with Bitcoin’s protocol but noticed there were a few “discovered” flaws. As a result, Ethereum was founded to provide a proposed “simpler”, and more “agile” blockchain system. A quick look at Ethereum’s white paper and someone might be excited to think Ethereum is just an advanced and better version of Bitcoin; however, the assumption is dangerous, as the competition amongst the two has...

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The Best New Services & Wallets to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

While cryptocurrencies have shown us that there is an entirely new financial paradigm shift in the works, it has also shown us the importance of ensuring maximum security, protection, and regulation of our funds. Wallet hacks, exchange attacks, phishing attempts, and smart contract bugs have led to astonishingly billions of dollars in losses in just the past year and a half. Keeping your cryptocurrency safe is essential. Cryptocurrency wallets and services typically run on one of two frameworks: hardware or software. Each has their respective pros and cons, however they both serve to function in similar areas; send, store, exchange,...

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ICO Hotlist: The 6 Best ICOs for 2019

ICOs have in the more recent past created new generations of wealth through enabling users to contribute to a “crowdsale” that as a result gives them a new “token”, or an asset to be used in the upcoming project that is behind the token’s issuance. For example, contributing to the Binance exchange ICO which concluded at the beginning of July 2017, would have given you BNB tokens. BNB tokens from ICO price have yielded over 4234% ROI as of January of 2019; translated, this means a $1,000 investment would have been worth approximately $42,430 in only 16 months. Exploring ICOs,...

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Cryptocurrency platform Bakkt, created by the Intercontinental Exchange, is finally hiring

In a tweet released at 7.11AM on the 22nd of January 2019, Bakkt announced that it is hiring. The platform is looking for employees to fill vacancies ranging from Engineering to Software Development as well as Finance and Institutional Sales. Most of the positions are at senior levels, requiring between one and ten years of experience in the respective fields. Most of the jobs will be based in Atlanta, but others include New York, Singapore, Tel Aviv, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Bakkt is a cryptocurrency platform established to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets. It was created by...

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Should You Buy Crypto In 2019? Market Predictions

  Cryptocurrency markets are nothing if not volatile. If you invested in cryptocurrency in 2017, you probably made a bunch of money. If you invested in cryptocurrency in 2018, you probably aren't very happy with the result. So what's going on in cryptocurrency in 2019? Will investing in Bitcoin in 2019 give you better returns than last year? We like to think so. Even though we can't predict the future, we're optimistic about the prospects of the blockchain asset markets for 2019. Here's our argument for why now is the time to invest in high quality crypto projects. Your crypto...

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