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Continuing the largest bitcoin event worldwide, Inside Bitcoins is traveling to Las Vegas October 5-7 at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Workshops will be held on October 5, with conference sessions and the exhibit hall on October 6-7. Join us in Las Vegas as our industry experts, business visionaries, and cryptocurrency veterans converge to analyze the first digital, decentralized, peer-to-peer based global currency. These thought leaders will also share their insights and knowledge on the implications of bitcoin, along with predictions on what lies ahead. Whether you’re a venture capitalist, lawyer, technologist, entrepreneur, regulator, cryptographer, payment pioneer, or public policy expert, our agenda offers the latest intelligence for everyone and anyone interested in learning more about bitcoin. Can bitcoin carve out a significant place for itself alongside today’s mainstream payment technologies? What technical and regulatory obstacles does bitcoin need to overcome? Will large-scale bitcoin mining help to push the price of bitcoins higher? Is bitcoin going to save the global economy, or is it today’s answer to 17th-century tulip mania?

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Featured Speakers

Bobby Lee
CEO, BTC China & Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation

Gil Luria
Managing Director, Wedbush Securities

Lisa Cheng
Director, Vanbex Group

Daniel Larimer

Gavin Smith
CEO, First Global Credit

Patrick M. Byrne

Steve Waterhouse
Partner, Pantera Capital

Adam Shapiro
Director, Promontory Financial Group



  • Cryptosecurities: the Next Decentralized Frontier
  • Bitcoin Derivatives: The Future of Investment
  • Banking MSBs: A Compliance Officer’s Perspective
  • Bitcoin Ecosystem Investing : Do’s and Dont’s
  • How to Win in the Bitcoin Exchange Ecosystem
  • Sizing the Opportunity for Bitcoin and Digital Currency Technologies
  • Trading Bitcoin: Strategies and Tactics
  • KYC and AML Compliance for Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Foundation Gold Member

    The Bitcoin Foundation welcomed Inside Bitcoins as its seventh Gold Member on July 9, 2014.

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone with a vested interest in bitcoins and other virtual currencies, including:

    • Developers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Financial professionals
    • Private equity, corporate, angel and venture capital investors
    • Banks and financial institutions
    • Brick-and-mortar merchants and online retailers
    • Credit and loyalty solution providers
    • Consultants
    • Daily deal and group buying networks
    • Data and payment processors
    • Legal professionals
    • Security solution providers
    • Founders of early stage and emerging growth companies