Polish BitBay introduces Stellar coins and two new tokens

Polish BitBay introduces Stellar coins and two new tokens
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BitBay, a Polish platform dedicated to crypto trading, recently announced the launch of Stellar and “2 new tokens”, according to a post released on Jan. 29.

It is now possible to trade Stellar coins, also known as Lumens (XLM), in pairs with Euros, Polish Zlotys, US Dollars and Bitcoins. The two new tokens referred to in the post are instead Bitex Global XBX Coin and BlockChain Poland. The first one can be bought or sold for Bitcoins whilst the second for Polish Zlotys.

In the post, BitBay also reminds readers that there are 0% maker and 0.1% taker fees for crypto-crypto transactions. In other words, there are minimum fees for both investors who provide liquidity to the market and those who take liquidity from it.

According to the website, BitBay was born in 2014 in Katowice to fill a market gap in Poland. At the beginning, it was a platform designed to trade Bitcoins and Litecoins but has been in constant expansion. Before adding XLM, the platform also added Ethereum, Lisk and others.

XLM is currently the ninth largest cryptocurrency with a volume of over $139 million. The Stellar network was created in 2014 and launched with 100 billion digital coins, which were then called ‘Stellars’, subsequently changed to ‘Lumens’.

XBX and BlockChain Poland (BCP) are projects started in 2017 and 2018. The first is a “utility token, created to promote and drive growth, and to enable clients to utilize the features of the Bitex ecosystem”. The second is a “non-mineable” Ethereum token, meant to be used to pay on the Blockchain Poland platform. The platform seeks to contribute to the development of blockchain-based projects in the country.

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