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Zero Loss Formula Review: Scam or Legit Robot? The Results Revealed!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Zero Loss Formula is a binary options robot that alleges to have 100% profitability. But is it legit, and is it possible to make huge profits through this robot? As usual, we went out in search of answers. We have investigated this robot in detail and found that Zero Loss Formula is a scam. You will lose your hard-earned money if you deposit with them.

This review takes a deep dive on the intricate Zero Loss Formula scam. You will also learn about the key characteristics that determine the legitimacy of a robot. Read on or go straight to a tested and proven robot through the link provided in the table below.

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    Is Zero Loss Formula legit? No!

    • InsideBitcoins gives Zero Loss Formula a legitimacy score of 3% – This platform uses shameless lies to get deposits
    • Zero Loss Formula has an accuracy score of zero percent – Traders report making consistent losses through this platform
    • We give this platform a rating of 9% on customer service – Our investigation shows that their customer service is mostly unavailable
    • Zero Loss Formula has a safety score of 2% – Their website is not encrypted, and they appear to share users’ data with third-party scammers
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    What is Zero Loss Formula?

    Zero Loss Formula is a scam that alleges to make people rich through binary options trading. Our investigation shows that the platform is used by scammers to trick people into signing up with fraudulent brokers. These brokers do not participate in any live trading, meaning that their only goal is to get your money.

    Legit robots such as Bitcoin Loophole only partner with highly regulated brokers. Additionally, these brokers have a good reputation and excellent customer services. Our investigation indicates that it is possible to earn an average daily profit of up to 15% through Bitcoin Loophole. Click here to open an account with this robot.

    Who is the founder of Zero Loss Formula?

    A man by the name of Peter Morgan claims to be the founder of the platform. He alleges to be a billionaire and a renowned figure in the circles of binary options trading. However, our investigation shows that Peter Morgan is a fake name, and the person who appears on the website is a paid actor.

    Scam robots are known to depend on actors from freelancing sites such as Fiverr to build the founder’s profile and also the testimonials. Do not fall for a robot just because there is a person with a mouth-watering story claiming to be the founder.

    Zero Loss Formula: Test results explained!

    Zero Loss Formula is a new viral scam that is targeting people with financial difficulties with promises of making them millionaires. We have carried out in-depth research on this platform and confirmed that it is a fraud.

    People who sign up with this robot end up losing capital and getting exposed to other scams. Below are the key reasons as to why you should avoid this robot and instead trade with a tested and proven Bitcoin robot.

    Zero Loss Formula scam: Fake web-trader?

    Zero Loss Formula is no different from the many scams out there promising a millionaire lifestyle but delivering hell. This review confirms that anyone who tries this platform ends up losing money. Like most scam robots, Zero Loss Formula appears not to connect to any real brokers.

    Moreover, there is a 99 percent likelihood that their web-trader is not genuine. A live test by our testing team indicates those who try Zero Loss Formula make consistent losses from the beginning to the end. Fraudulent bots are known to provide fake web-traders that generate predetermined losses.

    Legit robots, on the other hand, have verifiable technologies with a proven track record. For instance, Bitcoin Loophole web-trader is highly intuitive, and there is a manual to guide traders through the technologies behind the platform. This robot applies advanced technologies in AI and ML, which makes it more accurate when compared to other bots. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Loophole review to learn more.

    Zero Loss Formula review: Fake brokers

    InsideBitcoins investigation shows that all the brokers listed as Zero Loss Formula partners are not genuine. We did not find any evidence of their legal registration or regulation. The danger of trading with an unregulated broker is that you have no assurance that your deposit is safe. Consequently, the broker can decide to pocket your money, and there is little you can do to recover it.

    Regulated brokers, on the other hand, must adhere to strict guidelines among them deposit segregation. Moreover, they must submit regular reports to the regulator to show that they are operating within the confines of the law. If a regulated broker disappears with your money, you can report them to the regulator.

    It is important to note that not all regulators are worth their salt. Some are very lenient on brokers hence allowing them a lot of loopholes to scam people. The world best brokers include the FCA, ASIC, FSB, ASIC, and CySEC. We suggest that you read our CryptoKartal review to learn more about legit robot brokers.

    Zero Loss Formula scam: Blatant deposit theft!

    As is expected of a scam robot, Zero Loss Formula will never allow you to withdraw your capital. Their goal is to steal your money and will, therefore, do everything possible to make you participate in their live trading platform. As mentioned earlier, the Zero Loss Formula web-trader appears set to make predetermined losses. You will lose your capital within a few hours if you opt for live trading.

    Zero Loss Formula will never allow you to withdraw if you deposit and then demand withdrawals before live trading. They will insist that you try live trading and block you from the platform if you are adamant on withdrawing. There is no way to raise a dispute against them, given that they are not regulated and have no identifiable legal registration.

    Is Zero Loss Formula Legit? The Verdict!

    Zero Loss Formula is a scam! InsideBitcoins did not find any evidence that this platform participates in real binary options trading. This review confirms that their web-trader is a fake and their partner brokers are not genuine. Moreover, there are a lot of complaints about this platform scamming people.

    We recommend that you keep off this platform and instead try a reliable broker. Many users have reported that robots such as Bitcoin Loophole generate good daily profits of up to $1,500 for them. You can start trading with Bitcoin Loophole through the link in the table below. Before investing in any trading software, though, remember that all trading carries risk and only invests what you can afford to lose.


    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Zero Loss Formula legit?

    No! InsideBitcoins test shows that Zero Loss Formula is a scam. Open an account with this platform at your own risk.

    How much should I deposit with Zero Loss Formula?

    Do not deposit money with Zero Loss Formula. Our investigation shows that it is a fraud and we recommend that you avoid it.

    How much can I make with Zero Loss Formula?

    There is no chance that you will make a dime with Zero Loss Formula. It is a scam, and you should stay away from it.

    Does Zero Loss Formula refund deposits?

    The only way that Zero Loss Formula makes money is by stealing your deposit. Consequently, they will never allow you to withdraw your capital.