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USI-Tech Review: Scam or Legit Crypto Robot?

If you have been following crypto robo-trading for long, it is highly likely that you have heard about USI-Tech. This platform is one of the most popular scam bitcoin trading robots. Unlike most scam robots, USI-Tech is hard to detect given that it does pay some traders but on a pyramid scheme model.

In this review, we will have an in-depth look at USI-Tech and why we believe it is a terrible scam. Furthermore, we will look at alternative legit robots and the features that make them worth a try. InsideBitcoins provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews to help you make the right choice when selecting a trading robot. Keep reading or go straight to a tested and proven bot by clicking the trade now button in the table below.

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    Is USI-Tech Legit? No!

    • USI-Tech is a scam that follows a pyramid scheme model – They use a portion of new deposits to make random payments
    • InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that there is no live trading that takes place with this robot – Their web-trader is a fake and their partner brokers are all scam
    • USI-Tech has a generally negative online sentiment – An in-depth analysis of reviews reveals that it is a scam
    • The platform operates in opaqueness – They do not receive crucial details such as legal registration and only reveal who their partner brokers are after deposit
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    USI-Tech has all the characteristics found in scam trading robots. However, it is hard to detect given that it does make some payouts following a pyramid scheme model. Even with these payouts, the majority of users end up making huge losses.

    InsideBitcoins investigation shows that USI-Tech does not participate in any live trading. Their web-trader is a fake and their partner brokers are all scam. Scam brokers do not participate in live trading and have no regulation. Consequently, there is no way for traders to trace them when their deposit is lost. Most scam robots are nothing but affiliates of scam offshore brokers.

    When you make a deposit with this platform, it goes to the scam brokers who in turn share it with the scammers behind the platform. A small portion of the deposit is set aside to pay random traders to neutralize the negativity resulting from consistent losses. You may receive some profits at the beginning to encourage you to deposit more. The results received with USI-Tech are predetermined given that there is no live trading involved.

    What is USI-Tech and how does it work?

    USI-Tech alleges to be a bitcoin trading robot with profitability of up to 150% per month. However, InsideBitcoins investigation shows that it is a scam. The platform adopts a pyramid scheme model where a portion of new deposits is used to make random payouts. This means that USI-Tech does not participate in any live trading. A closer look reveals that their web-trader is fake.

    In general, Bitcoin Trading robots apply complex computer algorithms to scan the markets big data for tradeable insights and execute trades. Furthermore, leading trading robots such as the News-Spy depend on cutting edge technologies in AI and Machine Learning to read and trade news. Simply put, these robots can identify tradable news as they emerge and place corresponding trades. Read our review of the News-Spy to learn more.

    It is important to note that with a good trading robot, both approaches to trading are highly profitable. With top trading robots such as Bitcoin Compass, it is possible to generate a daily profit of up to $5k per day. The best trading robots require a minimum deposit of $250.

    Why is USI-Tech a Scam?

    The USI-Tech scam adopts a pyramid scheme model where a part of new deposits is used to pay old clients. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that the model is nearly collapsing given that deposits have declined since this scam was unearthed. USI-Tech claims to be a bitcoin trading robot that generates a return of up to 150% per month. However, our investigation shows that most users end up making losses.

    USI-Tech knows that consistent losses for all will raise a red flag that it is a scam. The robot, therefore, makes random payouts to traders from the new deposits. Without new deposits, everyone is bound to make losses. This is because like all scam robots, USI-Tech does not participate in any live trading. Their web-trader is a fake and the brokers they list as partners do not exist. In auto-trading, brokers are responsible for facilitating transactions and executing trades.

    Recently, the platform has started shifting from one domain to another as its reputation continues to plummet. This is a move that is typical with most scam robots. Likewise, USI-Tech does not reveal crucial details about its founders or legal registration. If you have been reading our reviews, you might have realized that this is another key characteristic of scam trading platforms.

    If you are looking for a legit robot, we recommend that you read our top Bitcoin Robot review of 2019. We carry out in-depth research to determine legit trading robots. The review presents the best bitcoin, forex, stock, and binary trading robots for 2019.

    Is USI-Tech safe? The Account Opening Process

    InsideBitcoins also takes into account the safety measures undertaken by platforms when determining their legitimacy. Scam trading robots are known to pay little attention to users’ safety. USI-Tech is no exemption.


    Our review reveals that their website and web-trader lack encryption meaning that they are prone to a data breach. Encryption ensures that any data submitted through a website cannot be read by snooping hackers. Without encryption, hackers can intercept the traffic to the platform and steal data including billing details.

    You can determine if a website has encryption by checking whether the URL begins with prefix HTTPS. A website that begins with HTTP lacks encryption and is likely to show as “not secure” at the beginning of the URL. The USI-Tech website does not have the HTTPS prefix and has the ‘not secure’ warning.

    The Signup Process

    USI-Tech appears to take unnecessary client information during the registration process. Even worse, there is a high likelihood that they share this information with third-party scammers. This explains why you are likely to receive a deluge of spam emails and calls after signing up with the USI-Tech scam. The majority of scam robots we have come across appear to sell users’ data in the black market. We are not sure whether the USI-Tech scam is different.

    Are your billing details safe with USI-Tech?

    As mentioned earlier, USI-Tech platforms lack encryption. What this means is that hackers can intercept any traffic through the website.  Consequently, they can copy your billing details and use them against you.

    InsideBitcoins investigation further reveals that USI-Tech stores users’ information including billing details even after their intended use. This implies that any attack against the platform is likely to lead to a massive data breach. USI-Tech does not adhere to any regulatory requirements including the EU GDPR.

    The USI-Tech fake web-trader

    When you deposit money with USI-Tech, you are redirected to a fake live trading platform. Just like most scammers, the web-trader is a simple webpage created to mimic a real web-trader. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that there is no underlying algorithm behind this platform. This means that there is no real trading that takes place. As mentioned earlier, USI-Tech follows a pyramid scheme model where they use a portion of new deposits to make some random payouts. Recently, this platform has stopped making these payouts and is not allowing any withdrawals. Consequently, if you have made a deposit with them, consider your money as lost.

    USI-Tech: Key Features

    Pyramid scheme model

    Pyramid scheme model

    USI-Tech follows a pyramid scheme model where new deposits are used to settle random payouts. These random payments are made to create the illusion of a legitimate robot. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that this platform is no longer making these payments. Consequently, the pyramid scheme is about to collapse and you will your money if you deposit it with the USI-Tech scam.

    Fake web-trader

    Fake web-trader

    As mentioned earlier, the live trading platform offered by USI-Tech is nothing but a simple webpage that mimics a real web-trader. This platform appears set to report predetermined results. USI-Tech is a scam robot and therefore does not participate in any live trading.

    Terrible customer service

    Terrible Customer Service

    USI-Tech provides terrible customer services. They do not respond to most inquiries especially those relating to withdrawals. Furthermore, the only time their customer service is available and friendly is during deposits. Our investigation shows that just like most scammers, USI-Tech blocks users’ who insist on withdrawing their trading capital. Read our Bitcoin Code review for a legit trading robot that allows seamless withdrawals.

    Fake brokers
    Fake brokers
    This review reveals that USI-Tech partner brokers are all scam. Further investigation shows that they have no regulation. We have also determined that the majority lie about their physical location. Scam robots rely on sham offshore brokers since they cannot be traced in the event that users’ raise disputes with authorities. The scammers behind the robot are mostly affiliates of these types of brokers
    Unsafe trading platform

    Unsafe trading platform

    As mentioned earlier, USI-Tech appears to share users’ data with third parties. You are likely to get a lot of unsolicited offers from other scammers if you signup with this platform. Moreover, our investigation reveals that USI-Tech website and trading platform are not encrypted. This means that any hackers can intercept traffic through the website and steal data.

    Is USI-Tech a scam? The Verdict!

    USI-Tech is a scam and we recommend that you avoid it. This platform is among the most popular scam robots today. Unlike most scam robots, it adopts a pyramid scheme approach where a part of new deposits is used to make random payouts to traders. In the long run, traders end up experiencing huge losses through this platform.

    Our investigation shows that the USI-Tech pyramid scheme is about to collapse since it is now clear to most traders that it is a scam. This means that any Bitcoin trader who deposits money with them today will get nothing. The scammers behind USI-Tech appear to be giving up on the platform since it has not been updated for nearly three months now.

    Furthermore, USI-Tech partner brokers are all sham. Any deposits made through this platform goes straight to the sham brokers. These brokers have no regulation meaning that there is no way for traders to pursue them when they disappear with deposits. This review concludes that USI-Tech is a scam affiliate platform that tricks traders into registering with scam brokers. The USI-Tech scammers receive a portion of the deposit as a commission every time a trader makes a deposit through the platform.

    InsideBitcoins recommends that you only trade with tested and proven robots. Click the trade now button in the table below to start trading with a legit robot. Leave a comment below if you have any question about this or any other trading robot.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is USI-Tech Legit?

    USI-Tech is a scam trading robot that tricks traders into depositing money with scam brokers. This platform adopts a pyramid scheme business model where a small portion of new deposits is used to make random payouts. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that traders who try this platform end up making huge losses.

    How much should I deposit with USI-Tech?

    Do not deposit any money with this platform. Our investigation reveals that USI-Tech is a scam. They do not have any proprietary trading technology and they do not participate in live trading. Consequently, those who try this robot end up making consistent losses.

    How much can I make with USI-Tech?

    USI-Tech is a scam platform that follows a pyramid scheme model. This means that you might make a small profit at the beginning followed by huge losses. USI-Tech is one of the longest surviving scam platforms but is about to collapse given a decline in new deposits. We recommend that you avoid this platform and instead trade with a tested and proven robot.

    Can I withdraw my money from USI-Tech?

    USI-Tech does not allow users to withdraw their trading capital. Like most scammers, they will provide endless reasons as to why you should wait. Like most scam robots, they are likely to block you if you insist on making a withdrawal. USI-Tech is a big scam and we suggest that you avoid it.