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RIMarkets Review: Scam or Legit Broker? The Results Revealed!

RIMarkets is a crypto, forex, and CFDs broker founded in 2016. For the last two years, this broker has managed to build a name in algo trading. But is RIMarkets legit? InsideBitcoins investigation finds this broker to be legit. We find them to be highly associated with Bitcoin Trader, one of the most popular trading robots today. With Bitcoin Trader through RIMarkets, traders can generate up to $1500 per day.

In this review, we will look at why RIMarkets is a good broker. We will also provide tips to getting the most out of this broker through Bitcoin Trader. If you do not have an account with Bitcoin Trader, we recommend that open one by clicking the ‘trade now’ button in the table below.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Properties
  • Trade
Free to use
  • 82% claimed win-rate
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
All trading carries risk

What is RIMarkets?

RIMarkets is a dealing desk broker offering a wide range of products. Their main offerings include cryptos, forex, and CFDs. Regarding cryptos, this robot offers bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Ethereum Classic, and many others. Forex offerings include all the majors and minors and over 15 exotics. Crypto trading through the Bitcoin Trader robot is what has made this broker popular. For the record, Bitcoin Trader is a trading bot that applies sophisticated algorithms to scan the markets for trading insights. This robot trades automatically meaning that anyone including complete beginners can use it.

RIMarkets provides trading conditions that make Bitcoin Trader amazingly profitable. With this robot through the RIMarkets broker, traders report making up to $5000 per day. Our test shows that traders with a deposit of around $500 make an average profit of $1500 per day. Perhaps what makes this RIMarkets suit this robot is its high leverage. High leverage means magnified results. Consequently, a robot with high accuracy is extremely profitable with high leverage. Bitcoin Trader boasts of an accuracy level of 99.4%. Our live test shows that this robot makes money in every nine out of ten trades. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Trader review here.

RIMarkets Regulation

Another great thing about RIMarkets is that it is tightly regulated. Regulation means that the broker must segregate deposits.  This means that they cannot use them for any other purpose other than the intended one. With RIMarkets, you have an assurance that your deposit is safe even in the event of the broker going bankrupt.

Also, regulators require brokers to operate in full transparency. Most require brokers to submit regular update reports. This means that there is no way they can engage in fraudulent activities. RIMarkets is regulated by the FCA in the UK and ASIC in Australia. Also, the FCorp Services LTD, which is registered in Marshal Islands, owns and operates it. The FCA and ASIC are the worlds most reputable regulatory bodies.

It is important to note that all deposits made through the Bitcoin Trader robot are handled by this broker. The role of the trading bot is to trade only. Read our top Bitcoin Robot 2019 page to learn more about trading robots like Bitcoin Loophole.

IS RIMarkets Legit or Scam?

Our investigation reveals that RIMarkets is a legit broker. This broker is best known for trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader. InsideBitcoins can confirm that they have proper regulation and operate in full transparency. An in-depth analysis of users’ reviews shows that traders who use this broker through a robot make huge profits.

RIMarkets offers a leverage of 1:500, a thing that makes it the best for algorithmic trading. Trading with high leverage and without a broker is risky, especially for beginner traders. As mentioned earlier, high leverage means more risk since it magnifies profits and losses. Regarding spreads, this broker is among the best in the industry. InsideBitcoins has determined that their offer is between 0.1 pips and 0.5 pips. Those trading through robots enjoy spreads of up to 0 pips.

RIMarkets does not charge any commissions. However, when trading through Bitcoin Trader, you may be required to pay a little commission on the profits you make. This is nothing compared to the earnings shown by this robot. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Trader generates up to $5000 in profits per day. The minimal investment with this robot through the RI Markets broker is $250. We recommend that you start with this amount and only add capital when comfortable with their trading platform. Click here to open an account with Bitcoin Trader.

Markets/ Instruments

As mentioned previously, RIMarkets offers multiple products to include Cryptos, Forex, and CFDs. In cryptos, you get the opportunity to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and many others. You can also trade the cryptos against popular fiats such as the USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, and CHF.

The Bitcoin Trader robot trades these and many other pairs. Its high profitability emanates from the ability to open and close positions within a microsecond and identify opportunities from a wide range of products.

Trading Platforms

RIMarkets provides the popular MT4 trader. This trading platform is best known for superior trading features. It comes with advanced calculators, automated expert advisors, and custom indicators. However, this trading platform is a bit complicated for beginners and require training.

However, with Bitcoin Trader robot, you do not need to trade with the MT4 directly. The robot has its own algorithms that are connected to the MT4. This means that you do not need any experience to trade with the robot.

If you are a beginner or intermediate trader, the best way to use RIMarkets is through Bitcoin Trader. This trading robot provides a highly intuitive trading platform. All you need to do to trade with this bot is to open and close trading sessions and withdraw profits.

How to open an account with RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader

While it is possible to open a traditional trading account with RIMarkets, we do not recommend it. RIMarkets trading conditions are best suited for trading algorithms. Bitcoin Trader is the best choice for this broker and also ranks among the best in our trading robots analysis. Here is a step by step guide on how to open an account with RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader.

Step 1: Signup

This step involves registering on the Bitcoin Trader website. Our investigation shows that the process is simple and secure. All you need to do is to fill personal details in a form on their website. The details you will register include name, email and phone number. You will have to verify your phone number and email to continue. Click here to visit the signup page or keep reading to learn more.

Step 2: Deposit

After creating an account, you need to deposit the capital to start trading. RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader requires a minimum trading capital of $250. Our live test shows that it is possible to make up to $1000 per day with a minimum deposit of less than $500. RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader accepts multiple deposit methods to include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Vpay, and Vload.

Step 3: Demo

The demo trading platform is similar to the live trading one but it does not generate similar results. In other words, it demonstrates the features of the live trading platform and not its potential.

Step 4: Live Trading

Live trading with RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader is fully automated. All you need to do is to set up the trading platform and start trading. Bitcoin Trader does all the investment research and trading. The roles of the trader include opening and close trading sessions and withdrawing profits. This means that this robot can be used by complete beginners as well as experienced traders.

Why RIMarkets via Bitcoin Trader is the best option

There are many benefits of trading with RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader. Here are the key ones;

  • High profitability – As mentioned above, traders who use RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader report an average daily profit of $1500.
  • Reputability– RIMarkets falls under the regulation of both the FCA and ASIC. This ranks it on top among the most reputable brokers.
  • Seamless deposits and withdrawals – With this broker, all deposits and withdrawals facilitate within 24 hours.
  • Excellent customer service – As shown in our review, Bitcoin Trader provides excellent customer services. RIMarkets, on the other hand, has won several awards for great customer service.

We highly recommend RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader. Click the trade now button in the table below to start trading.


Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


Is RIMarkets legit?

RIMarkets is a legit broker. We find them to have adequate regulation and to operate in full transparency.

How much should I deposit with RIMarkets?

RIMarkets through Bitcoin Trader require a minimum deposit of $250. We recommend that you start small and upgrade your account as you get conversant with the trading platform.

How much can I make with RIMarkets?

Traders who use RIMarkets through the Bitcoin Trader robot report an average daily profit of $1500. Our live test shows that it is possible to make up to $1k in profits with a deposit of less than $500.

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