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Profit Horizon Review 2021 – Is This Trading System as Profitable as Alleged?

Profit Horizon is reportedly a good choice for anyone looking to make money off the rising bitcoin volatility.

This automated trading system brings the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bitcoin trading. Its algorithms are said to conduct crypto trading at a high accuracy level. Most analysts rank Profit Horizon among the most profitable bitcoin trading tools in 2021.

Moreover, it’s reviewed as easy to use, safe, and transparent by most users. The minimum capital required to use Profit Horizon is USD250.  But is the platform worthwhile? This review offers a detailed look into this trading platform.

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    What is Profit Horizon?

    Profit Horizon helps you invest in crypto like a pro without having to break your bank or spend countless hours studying the markets.

    It’s a web-based platform driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer automated trading services. Profit Horizon was founded in 2017 and is reportedly one of the best performing trading robots in 2021.

    We have identified thousands of individual consumer reviews praising this trading system. It’s also highly reviewed by experts on nearly all high traffic crypto publications.

    Profit Horizon adopts the Wall Street derivatives trading approach. The robot is rated top on scalping, arbitrage trading, and short selling. These techniques are reportedly highly profitable when applied accurately.

    Profit Horizon is ranked among the best tools for bitcoin short-selling. The short-selling technique enables the bot to maintain performance in falling prices.

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    Is Profit Horizon a scam?

    We have amassed adequate data to indicate that Profit Horizon is trustworthy and profitable. Our findings, in a nutshell, are listed below.

    Profit Horizon is reputable, as is evident with the tens of thousands of positive reviews all over the web.

    The trading system is also likely profitable since most of the expert and individual reviewers allege so.

    Profit Horizon observes high transparency and adheres to strict safety guidelines as instituted by its tier-one brokers.

    The partnership with tier-one brokers is adequate proof of Profit Horizon’s commitment to operating transparently.

    Profit Horizon offers award-winning customer support services. You can reach out to them at any time from Monday to Friday.

    How to trade with Profit Horizon

    Now that we know that Profit Horizon is legit let’s look at the trading process. As we will see below, it takes a few simple steps to trade with this platform.

    1. Visit the official Profit Horizon website here and use the signup form to create a free trading account.
    2. You will connect to one of Profit Revolution’s brokers on registration. Complete the signup by providing the required details and documents.
    3. You will be prompted to fund your Profit Horizon account with a minimum of USD250 through the broker.
    4. After deposit, you can access the trading guide and demo account to give you a risk-free tour before trading on a live account.
    5. Start a live session when fully prepared by setting the live platform as instructed and clicking on the live trading tab.

    Profit Horizon is a super-performer with the capabilities of generating handsome profit for you. However, it’s not risk-free, and you stand a chance of losing your trading capital.

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    Profit Horizon in the Media

    From the wide media coverage, it’s evident that this trading system is highly popular. Profit Horizon is a media sensation in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

    We have come across hundreds of posts discussing this trading platform. The posts are published on both alternative and mainstream media. There are also tens of Profit Horizon Reddit threads.

    Reddit is a very important platform in the trading community since it allows people with similar interests to form communities. An analysis of Profit Horizon threads indicates that most of the traders are happy with this trading system.

    Further background checks indicate that this bot is targeted by fake rumours. These rumours are using celebrity-linked clickbait titles to divert web traffic to cloned sites. The rumours are discussed in detail below.

    Did Profit Horizon Appear on Shark Tanks?

    The Shark Tanks is aired on ABC in the US and Australia. It’s a reality TV program featuring entrepreneurs seeking investment and guidance from angel investors.

    A lot of bitcoin-related products have been pitched on the show. There is a rumour that Profit Horizon received funding through the show back in 2016.

    This rumour is fake news, according to Profit Horizon. The robot claims to have never taken financing from any angel investor, let alone appear on a TV show. Any Shark Tank bitcoin rumour mentioning Profit Horizon is therefore fake news.

    Did Profit Horizon Appear on Dragons Den?

    Dragons Den follows a similar concept with the Shark Tanks. It’s aired in the UK and Canada through BBC.

    Many crypto-related products have also been pitched on this show, but we didn’t find any Profit Horizon feature.

    As mentioned above, Profit Horizon has released a statement claiming to never raise money from any angel investor. The Dragons Den bitcoin rumours should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

    Did Elon Musk invest in Profit Horizon?

    A viral Reddit post is also alleging that Profit Horizon has received funding from Elon Musk. Background checks reveal that this is fake news.

    Elon Musk has interests in bitcoin, but there is no proof that he has invested in any trading system. It’s therefore highly unlikely that he has put money in the Profit Horizon project.

    Profit Horizon released a statement a few weeks ago advising the public to always confirm the information on its official website. Everything you need to know about this auto-trading system is reportedly published on the website.

    Fake news posts are usually clickbait to get you to sign up on cloned sites. These posts usually include clickbait titles with celebrity names.

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    Profit Horizon Review: The Verdict!

    We have concluded that Profit Horizon is legit and profitable after analyzing all the available data.

    The data includes expert and individual consumer reviews. Profit Horizon is reviewed by experts on tens of high traffic publications in over five countries. The reviews are generally good, with most of the experts concluding that this bot is profitable.

    We are also amazed by the great number of positive individual consumer reviews. Based on the analysis of these reviews, we conclude that there is a 90% possibility of making money with this trading platform.

    The profitability rate is amazing, with most reviewers reporting a steady cash flow from the first day of trading. Most of the reviewers allege that the secret to earning fortunes is in compounding.

    Our compounding calculator shows that it’s possible to hit a million dollars in less than a year of compounding the profits of $250. A daily profitability rate of at least 15% should be maintained for this goal to be achieved.

    Many of the expert reviews claim that Profit Horizon has an average daily profitability rate of 25%. The daily return rate can explode to hit 90% during high volatility periods. Profit Horizon doesn’t guarantee returns.

    Crypto trading is categorized among high-risk investments, and hence you shouldn’t put all your money into it.


    Is Profit Horizon a scam?

    Profit Horizon has all the qualities of a trustworthy trading system. It operates transparently and has secured a partnership with top quality brokers.

    Is Profit Horizon profitable?

    We have analyzed tens of thousands of reviews and concluded that most people find this trading system to be profitable.

    Does Profit Horizon offer a trading app

    Profit Horizon web-trader can install on iOS and Android devices as a hybrid app. You will receive the link to download the app after registration.

    How much do I pay to use Profit Horizon?

    You don't pay any money to register with Profit Horizon. Moreover, you don't pay anything until you start making money.

    Do I pay any hidden fees to trade with Profit Horizon?

    No! Profit Horizon doesn’t charge any hidden fees. You will find every detail about their fee criteria on the trading resources page.

    Do I quit my day job to trade with Profit Horizon?

    You don’t need a lot of time to set Profit Horizon for live trading. As little as 20 minutes daily is all you need to adjust the settings and start a trading session.