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Peter Lim Bitcoin Systems – Did He Invest?

Peter Lim is a renowned Singaporean business magnate, entrepreneur, and investor. He is named as one of the ten wealthiest people in Singapore in 2019 by Forbes Magazine.

There are rumours that Peter Lim has invested in several bitcoin systems. But are these claims true? InsideBitcoins investigation confirms that these are lies. Most sites making these claims are gossip blogs. Peter Lim has not invested in bitcoin, let alone systems that automatically trade bitcoin.

For the record, a bitcoin system is a robot-like Bitcoin Era that automatically speculates on crypto. The best bitcoin robots claim to have a win rate of 90% or more. Read on to learn about popular bitcoin robots and whether they are legit.

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    Peter Lim Bitcoin – Viral Trend

    Peter Lim Bitcoin Systems endorsement is a viral rumour being spread by gossip blogs. We have determined that these blogs are doing this to gain link clicks and subsequently improve their search ranking. Gossip blogs use viral keywords to generate clickbait titles and divert web traffic to their sites.

    Bitcoin systems are currently an online sensation and hence attract all manner of fake news including the celebrity endorsement claims. Peter Lim is also famous and therefore a ripe target for fake news. It always prudent scrutinise any piece of information before taking it as the absolute truth.

    The Bitcoin Systems mentioned by these gossip blogs appear to be highly revered, which explains why gossip blogs will continue making fake stories about them. In this review, we will take a snapshot of popular bitcoin systems such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Loophole, and Bitcoin Code.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    bitcoin revolution logoBitcoin Revolution is allegedly an algorithm that automatically speculates of bitcoin volatility and delivers excellent returns to users. The bot relies on the trading approach applied by the world best crypto traders. People who have reviewed Bitcoin Revolution on sites such as TrustPilot report that it is profitable.

    We found a couple of reviews indicating that it is possible to make hundreds of dollars per day from a capital investment of $250. However, we are not in a position to verify if this is true and therefore, extra precaution should be taken. Bitcoin Revolution reportedly trades on margin hence the enormous profits. It is worth noting that high leverage trading comes at additional risk, which means that there is a likelihood of blowing your account. Consequently, avoid trading with what you cannot afford to lose. Read a detailed Bitcoin Revolution review for more.

    Does Peter Lim endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

    Peter Lim has never endorsed or expressed interest in Bitcoin Revolution. As explained in the intro, the rumours about his involvement are false. As explained above, gossip blogs are taking advantage of the popularity of bitcoin systems such as bitcoin revolution to get link clicks. A fake headline with a combination of a celebrity name and a popular keyword is undoubtedly a smart trick to get website hits. These black hat marketing trick have become rampant recently with popular crypto projects, including the Bitcoin Revolution, becoming a top target.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    From the feedback we get from users, opening an account with Bitcoin Revolution is a walk in the park. Bitcoin Revolution reportedly provides guides and a dedicated account manager to help users through the process.

    1. Visit the Bitcoin Revolution homepage
    2. Deposit your trading capital as instructed
    3. Get familiar with the platform through a demo account
    4. Go live by toggling the trade now button

    Bitcoin Rush

    Bitcoin Rush is another trading bot that reportedly rides on the bitcoin craze and automatically generates good profits for its users. At least 80% of the reviews we have come across indicate that this bot is easy to use, secure, and profitable. Even so, there are a few reviews indicating losses. It is essential to take extra precaution before participating in any form of margin trading.

    We have found sad stories about people who lost their retirement money in trading. You can achieve a lot by starting with a mere $250 and growing the size of your account by reinvesting profits. Bitcoin Rush is allegedly a high accuracy robot and therefore may be a good choice for anyone looking to try their luck in trading. Read our detailed review of Bitcoin Rush for more information.

    Did Peter Lim invest in Bitcoin Rush?

    Peter Lim is a conservative investor and is therefore not likely to participate in bitcoin-related investments. As a result, any site making such claims is likely to be a gossip blog aiming to use the popularity of Bitcoin Rush to get link clicks. As explained above, fake news platforms and gossip blogs often use viral keywords to make false but attractive headlines. Their aim is to get people to click their links and improve search ranking. With the rate at which fake news spread, it is always important to scrutinise any piece of news before taking it as the truth.

    InsideBitcoins top bitcoin robot 2019 review provides unbiased information to help you understand how bitcoin systems like Bitcoin Profit work. It is essential that you only depend on authoritative sources when looking for information about bitcoin systems.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Rush

    Bitcoin Rush claims to be among the easiest robots to use in the market today. Live trading with this bot reportedly happens at a click of a button. Here is a snapshot of Bitcoin Rush registration and trading process.

    1. Register a free account on Bitcoin Rush homepage
    2. Deposit $250 with a regulated underlying broker
    3. Trade through a demo account to familiarise with the platform
    4. Toggle the live button to start trading

    Bitcoin Loophole

    The Bitcoin Loophole trading system applies similar trading techniques as others but is said to be more accurate. This robot claims to depend on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ensure such high accuracy. For the record, AI enables robots to learn from data and hence avoid repeating mistakes.

    As usual, we have analysed the hundreds of reviews about Bitcoin Rush on independent consumer feedback sites. From the many good reviews, the robot appears to be legit and profitable. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to give it a try but with a deposit of not more than $250. You can read an in-depth Bitcoin Loophole review here.

    Does Peter Lim endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

    We found no evidence that Peter Lim has endorsed Bitcoin Loophole. As usual, we attribute the rumours about the endorsement to fake news sites. As mentioned above, Peter Lim is a traditional investor and is not likely to invest in bitcoin.

    Bitcoin trading systems such as Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Trader apply aggressive investment techniques and therefore, do not appeal to conservative investors. Moreover, bitcoin does not fall anywhere near what this type of investors classify as assets with intrinsic value. It is therefore unlikely that Peter Lim has endorsed Bitcoin Loophole.

    How does Bitcoin Loophole work?

    Bitcoin Loophole setup and live trading take four simple steps. According to those who have tried this robot, it takes less than 15 minutes to register and begin trading. The measures include;

    1. Registration of a free account on Bitcoin Loophole
    2. Depositing a minimum trading capital of $250 with the underlying broker
    3. Familiarising with the web-trader through demo trading
    4. Real-time trading by clicking the live button

    Bitcoin Code

    Bitcoin Code is allegedly the most profitable robot in the market today. The reviews we have come across also point out that it is secure and easy to use. At least 80% of reviewers on TrustPilot report making a good daily income trading with this robot. Bitcoin Code is a computer algorithm that is based on bitcoin speculation strategies reportedly used by crypto trading gurus. Read a detailed Bitcoin Code Review to learn more.

    Does Peter Lim endorse Bitcoin Code?

    This review confirms that Peter Lim has not invested in Bitcoin Code. As explained above, gossip blogs are taking advantage of the popularity of bitcoin systems by creating fake headlines revolving around them. The goal is to get link clicks and improve ranking on search engines. People tend to respond more when a popular keyword is associated with the name of a celebrity.

    How does Bitcoin Code work?

    Trading with Bitcoin Code takes three simple steps as follows

    1. Create a free account on the robot’s homepage
    2. Deposit a minimum of $250 with the underlying broker
    3. Trade with a demo account to familiarise with the live platform
    4. Click the live button to initiate live trading


    Peter Lim has not invested or expressed interest in any bitcoin system. Any site making such claims is spreading fake news. The bitcoin systems falsely associated with this celebrity are popular. This explains why they are a top target for fake news.  Bitcoin systems are reportedly highly profitable and easy to use, even for those with zero crypto skills. InsideBitcoins recommends that you take extra precaution if you decide to try any of them.

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