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Orion Code: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

If there is an industry that is thriving from the robust growth in technology, it is the investment sector. Today, anyone anywhere around the world has the opportunity to invest in high return assets at the comfort of their homes. While the internet presents a lot of legit money making opportunities, it is also laden with scammers. This review presents evidence that Orion Code is a scam trading robot.

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    Is Orion Code a scam? Yes!

    Orion Code is one of the many ridiculous scam trading robots that we have come across. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that this trading bot is a fake. Our tests show that they do not have any trading technology. We have also determined that their primary goal is to solicit deposits after which they disappear with users’ money.

    Furthermore, the person they present as the founder is a paid actor. InsideBitcoins research reveals that this person has been involved in many other related scam projects. Additionally, this trading bot keeps changing its name – it was previously known as Quantum Code. There are a lot of complaints about this robot shamelessly fleecing investors. Orion Code operates in Cahoots with scam offshore forex brokers.

    • Orion Code lies about its founder – The person presented as the founder is a paid actor.
    • This trading robot operates in cahoots with offshore scam brokers – Legit robots only partner with regulated brokers.
    • There are a lot of complaints about this company disappearing with investors’ deposits.
    • We have determined that this trading robot does not have a legit trading platform – They only present a front end to trick investors into signing up after which they go MIA.
    • InsideBitcoins gives this robot a legitimacy score below 10% – Legit trading robots in our list score above 80%.

    Click here to learn more about our rating criteria and to find a legit robot for 2021.

    What exactly is Orion Code and why is it a scam?

    Orion Code is a scam binary trading robot that claims to help investors make at least $3300 per day from an investment of $250. They also give a false guarantee that anyone who signs up with them will earn $100,000 in 30 days.  The app is said to scan the markets for trading insights and execute trades automatically. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Orion Code is nothing but a webpage designed to lure investors into signing up with scam brokers.

    If you happen to enter your details on their website, you are likely to receive a lot of calls from different numbers asking you to deposit money. Once you make the deposit, you will be given access to what looks like a legit trading platform. InsideBitcoins tests show that the platform is configured to wipe out your deposit automatically. The money goes to the partner scam broker, and the thugs behind the platform receive a hefty commission.

    Another red flag is that their customer service is never available to help. The only channel for communication is a contact page on their website. Our investigation reveals that Orion Code only responds to inquiries about how to deposit money.

    Blatant lies about the founder

    Orion Code is said to have been founded by a developer and Wall Street wizard known as Edward Robinson. This person has allegedly appeared on the Forbes list of top business leaders. Our investigation reveals that the person presented as Edward Robison is a paid actor appearing on several scam websites. Furthermore, his profile theatre page shows that his real name is Jeff Gorham.

    Orion Code is not the first scam trading robot to hire a paid actor to act as its founder. Others such as Lucrosa Method and Cryptohopper are known to do the same. One typical thing with these type of platforms is that they usually do not have any underlying technologies and often focus on facilitating deposits.

    Also, the claims made on the video presented on their website are entirely nonsensical and false. For instance, Edward Robinson claims to help people who will deposit immediately make over $100,000 in one month. He does not explain how but goes further to say that all people who trade with the robot are guaranteed $3300 per day irrespective of how much they invest.

    This fake person also claims that the strategies applied in the robot are what have made him rich. InsideBitcoins can confirm that Edward Robinson is a scammer and he has never been involved in any form of trading. We cannot repeat enough the need to stay away from Orion Code. Browse through our website to read reviews of proven trading robots.

    Why you should not signup with Orion Code

    As mentioned earlier, Orion Code is a scam trading robot. Here are some of the reasons to stay away from it.

    Steals users deposits

    There are a lot of complaints online about Orion code not refunding users deposits. For those who decide to give the trading platform a try, their accounts are wiped out within minutes. We have determined that this platform is configured to make losses automatically.

    Lies about everything including the founder

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that the testimonials and information on Orion Code website are false. Additionally, they have paid an actor to present himself as the founder of the app. This platform does not disclose any information that can lead to the arrest of the people behind it.

    Partners with unregulated brokers

    All the brokers in partnership with Orion Code have no regulation. Furthermore, most have a fraud history and have a poor online reputation. Our investigation shows that Orion Code is a just but a colorful webpage to trick unsuspecting investors into signing up with these brokers.

    No withdrawals

    Once you make a deposit, consider your money as gone. There are a lot of online complaints about Orion Code not refunding users deposits. Read our review of Bitcoin Code if you are looking for a legit platform that offers fast withdrawals.

    Unsafe webpage and web-trader

    InsideBitcoins tests reveal that Orion Code website and web-trader are unsafe. First, their site is not SSL protected which means that hackers can intercept any data passing through it. We have also determined that they do not delete billing details after use which exposes users to cybercrime. They also appear to share users’ data with third-party scam brokers.

    The Signup, Deposit and Trading Process

    Like all scam trading robots, Orion Code signup process is not safe. InsideBitcoins tests reveal that this trading platform shares users’ information with third parties. You are likely to receive a lot of unsolicited offers if you signup with this robot. Their website is also not secure meaning that hackers can snoop and steal data.

    Legit trading platforms usually have an SSL secured website and a defined personal data protection policy. An SSL is a security protocol that encrypts all data submitted through a website. Sites that have no SSL certificate are easy to hack and steal data.

    We also found Orion Code very careless with users’ data protection. They do not have a defined password policy, and they appear to be sharing the data with third parties. InsideBitcoins has also determined that Orion Code does not dispose of users’ billing details. This means that this information is likely to leak in the event of a cyber attack. We found a few complaints about involuntary billing where a user account was charged without their knowledge.

    Legit trading robots have fully secured platforms and clear personal data management practices. Read our review of Bitcoin Compass to learn more about how legit trading platforms protect data.

    Can you make money with Orion Code?

    You stand no chance of making any money with Orion Code. Our investigation reveals that not a single person has made money with this robot. Orion Code is nothing but a platform used by scam brokers to get signups. Once you deposit money with them, you cannot get it back. Also, when you get to real-time trading, your account will get wiped out in a few minutes.

    As mentioned earlier, our test reveals that their trading platform makes losses consistently. There is no underlying technology, and therefore this is a total rip off. Here are some legit trading robots that you should try. You can browse through our website to read full reviews about these robots or click on the trade button in the tables below to start trading.

    Recommended Trading Robots

    The robots recommended here are all legit. Our test takes into account factors such as consistency, reputability, safety, and customer service. A good trading robot should not only have a good reputation but should also be safe to use. They should also have excellent customer services.

    Bitcoin Trader

    This trading robot claims to guarantee investors an average daily profit of $1300. InsideBitcoins has investigated this bot and can confirm that it is legit. Bitcoin Trader requires a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. Bitcoin Trader accepts multiple deposits and withdrawal methods and process transactions within 24 hours. Most legit trading robots facilitate transactions within 48 hours. Also worth noting, this trading robot does not charge any fees.

    Other good crypto bots can be found on our bitcoin robot page.

    Is Orion Code Legit? InsideBitcoins Verdict!

    Orion Code is a scam trading robot. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that this robot lies about almost everything including its founder. The person presented as the founder on their website is a paid actor who has appeared in several scam platforms.

    We have also determined that Orion Code does not have a legit trading technology. What they have is just a front end to trick investors into signing up. This trading platform operates in partnership with offshore scam brokers. These brokers have a reputation for defrauding investors.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Orion Code a scam?

    Yes! InsideBitcoins recommends that you stay away from this trading robot. The alternative robots recommended in this review are all legit. You can try them if you are looking for a legit trading robot.

    How much can I make with Orion Code?

    You stand no chance of making any profits with this trading platform as this trading robot is a scam. The platform is used by scam brokers to trick investors into depositing their money with them. Once you make a deposit, consider your money as lost.

    How much should I deposit with Orion Code?

    Do not deposit any money with Orion Code. If you decide to trade with them, you are likely to lose your deposit within minutes. Also, they won’t allow you to withdraw your money if you opt out before live trading.

    Does Orion Code allow me to withdraw my money?

    No! Once you deposit with Orion Code, consider your money as lost. This robot is a scam. Your deposit is what matters to them.

    Do I need any experience to trade with Orion Code?

    Orion Code is a scam trading robot and is therefore not worth your time. We recommend that you try the alternatives presented in this review.

    What are the alternatives to Orion Code?

    Visit our main robots page to read see our list of legit trading platforms. We determine legit trading robots through a hands-on test and also an analysis of reviews by other users.

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      Unworthy stuff.

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        Hello Ogk980, you are right, Orion Code is a scam software and we would not recommend it. You can use Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Revolution as they are highly secure and legit platforms.

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