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Olav Thon Bitcoin – Did he invest?

Olav Thon is a Norwegian real estate professional, and one of the Forbes listed billionaires. There are rumours that he is one of the investors behind robots such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Code, and Bitcoin Revolution. Some sites claim that his wealth has grown tremendously due to the returns generated from these robots.

However, InsideBitcoins finds no evidence that Olav Thon has invested in bitcoin or bitcoin trading robots. Moreover, we did not find any reputable source of information suggesting that he has interests in bitcoin Era trading robots.

This can only mean that the sites spreading these rumours are fake news platforms. It has become a common habit for these sites to associate trending subjects with celebrity names. Their goal is to get you to click links to their websites and hence improve their search ranking.

Trading robots such as Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Code are currently ranking top on Google Trends, which explains why these sites are taking advantage of them. Keep reading to learn if these robots are legit and why fake news sites are associating them with Olav Thon.

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    Bitcoin Olav Thon – Viral Trend!

    The rumour about Olav Thon investment in bitcoin robots has gone viral especially in Norway. A background investigation reveals that most of the sites making these claims are not reputable. As explained above, gossip blogs are nowadays using a black hat marketing technique that involves creating clickbait titles using trending topics and celebrity names.

    The bitcoin robots mentioned alongside Olav Thon are popular topics in crypto circles. This explains why they are targeted by fake news. Olav Thon, on the other hand, is a renowned celebrity in Norway and hence makes a good clickbait keyword for people in that region.

    It is important to note that all the bitcoin robots falsely associated with Olav Thon are legit. They have great reviews on sites such as TrustPilot and Forex Peace Army, which means that most users have excellent experience trading with them. You can read our top bitcoin robot 2019 review for more information about bitcoin trading robots.

    Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Era is a top bitcoin trading robot founded in 2016. This robot allegedly generates up to $2k per day from as little as $250. We have done a demo test on Bitcoin Era and found it to be easy to use. For the record, the bot is entirely auto, and hence anyone can use it irrespective of the level of their crypto trading experience. A background investigation reveals that most people who use this robot are happy with its performance.

    Bitcoin Era has an alleged win rate of above 90%, which implies that it can beat the markets in every nine out of ten traders. The world best trader has a win rate of about 50%. Bitcoin Era alleged accuracy is a result of the trading technologies that it relies upon. Our investigation confirms that this bot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

    These technologies enable the robot to conduct both technical and fundamental analysis supersonically and with high alleged accuracy level. You can read our in-depth Bitcoin Era review to learn more about this trading robot.

    Did Olav Thon invest in Bitcoin Era?

    There are rumours that Olav Thon is one of the investors behind Bitcoin Era. However, we did not find any evidence supporting these claims. Olav Thon has not invested in bitcoin, let alone a robot that trades bitcoin. As mentioned earlier, gossip blogs are nowadays falsely associating trending topics with celebrity names in a bid to gain search engine milestones. Bitcoin Era is a top-ranking keyword on Google Trends which explains why these unscrupulous sites are using it in the clickbait titles.

    InsideBitcoins review finds Bitcoin Era to be highly likely to be legit. This robot ranks among the best on TrustPilot. This means that most users report a great experience with it. We suggest that you try Bitcoin Era and update us about your experience in the comment section below.

    How to register with Bitcoin Era

    Registering a trading account with Bitcoin Era does not take more than 10 minutes. Follow the steps below to get started.

    1. Open a free account on Bitcoin Era homepage
    2. Verify your details with the underlying broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250
    4. Practice through a demo account
    5. Click the live button to start trading

    Bitcoin Code

    Bitcoin Code is another trading bot that is trending on Google Trends. This robot is alleged to have the potential to turn a small deposit of $250 to over $1k in less than 8 hours of trading. We have not done a real-time test on Bitcoin Code and therefore cannot guarantee if this level of profitability is true. However, this robot has great reviews on Trustpilot, and hence there is a high likelihood that its alleged win rate is true.

    Bitcoin Code is said to rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain (DLT) to maintain the supposed profitability. A subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) enables the bot to learn from data and hence boost accuracy. Another subset known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows Bitcoin Code to read human language and derive insights from it. This means that this robot can trade fundamentals, including news. Crypto volatility is highly driven by news, and hence a robot that can trade news is an asset. DLT technology ensures transparency in the whole trading process. Read our kickass Bitcoin Code review to learn more about this trading bot.

    Did Olav Thon invest in Bitcoin Code?

    Olav Thon is also said to have invested in Bitcoin Code. However, our investigation reveals that these rumours are false. Olav Thon has not invested in bitcoin or any of its trading tools. Moreover, he has never expressed any interest in cryptocurrencies or even the underlying blockchain technology.

    The sites making these claims are therefore spreading fake news with an ulterior motive of attracting link clicks to their sites. This black hat marketing technique has become popular with tech products, especially in the crypto arena. We recommend that you always scrutinise any piece of news before taking it as the truth.

    Also, it is important to always rely on well-established platforms for information. InsideBitcoins is your one stop shop for all information relating to crypto trading robots like Bitcoin Evolution.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Code

    You need less than ten minutes to setup an account and start trading with Bitcoin Code. This robot is free and makes money by charging a commission on earnings generated through it. Follow the steps below to get started with Bitcoin Code.

    1. Register a free account
    2. Verify identity via the underlying broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250
    4. Practice trading through the demo account
    5. Go live by clicking the trade now button

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution is another trading robot that is rumoured to be backed by Olav Thon. This robot is one of the oldest in the industry and has an alleged win rate of 88%. Some users allege earning up to $2k per day from a deposit of $250. Like all other popular robots, Bitcoin Revolution is said to be powered by powerful algorithms coded from the trading strategies of some of the world best crypto traders.

    The algorithms depend on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its popular subsets of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Consequently, Bitcoin Revolution is a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) robot. According to Investopedia, HFT is characterised by high trading volumes and speed.

    Bitcoin Revolution is in partnership with several well-regulated brokers. These brokers offer favourable trading conditions, including leverage of up to 1:2000. Trading on such level of leverage increases the chances of generating huge earnings but can also result in big losses. Read our in-depth Bitcoin Code review to learn more.

    Did Olav Thon invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

    Olav Thon has not invested or expressed interest in Bitcoin Revolution. Those making such claims are lying.  It is crucial to always verify any information before accepting it as the truth. InsideBitcoins presents comprehensive robot reviews and news to help you stay up to date and make informed choices. We suggest that you keep off any site that reports Olav Thon Bitcoin Revolution investment.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    It takes a few minutes to set up an account and starts trading with Bitcoin Revolution. Follow the steps below to get started.

    1. Visit Bitcoin Revolution website and create a free account
    2. Verify details with the underlying broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250
    4. Trade demo
    5. Go live by a click of a button

    Bottom Line

    Olav Thon has not invested in any of the bitcoin robots presented in this review. However, this is not to mean that they are not legit. This investigation finds all to be trustworthy. You can try any of them and update us about your experience in the comment section below.


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