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Mel Gibson Bitcoin – Did he invest?

Mel Gibson is a renowned Australian-American filmmaker and actor known for his roles in Post-Apocalyptic action series Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. He is one of the celebrities that is rumoured to have invested heavily in bitcoin robots. But is it true that Mel Gibson has invested in bitcoin robots?

This review will answer this question and also provide tips on how to identify and trade with legit bitcoin bots. With nearly 90% of all trading robots being a scam, it is important to always conduct enough background check before settling on a robot.

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    Bitcoin Mel Gibson – Viral Trend!

    You are probably here after hearing the rumour that Mel Gibson has invested in Bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Evolution. The rumour has gone viral, especially with gossip blogs. But are these rumours true? InsideBitcoins has not found any proof that Mel Gibson has invested or endorsed any bitcoin robot. Consequently, the sites making these rumours should not be taken seriously.

    The robots that are a victim to these rumours include Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Aussie System, and Bitcoin Trader. These robots are currently an online sensation which explains why gossip blogs are making up stories about them. We have tested them and confirmed that they are legit. Read on to learn more about each of these robots and why they are falsely associated with Mel Gibson.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution is one of the leading bitcoin trading robots on the market today. This robot allegedly makes up to $2k per day from a deposit of as little as $250. Moreover, the bot supposedly has an accuracy level of above 90%. Consequently, it is said to beat the markets most of the times. Bitcoin Revolution allegedly relies on advanced trading technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It is through these technologies that the bot can conduct both the technical and fundamental analysis with such a high alleged win rate.

    Bitcoin Revolution is 100% auto. This means that you do not have to be a crypto guru to trade with it. Our investigation reveals that at least 95% of those who use this robot have no prior trading experience. Furthermore, all Bitcoin Revolution partner brokers are regulated by reputable bodies. This means that traders should not worry about the safety of their funds when trading with this robot. Bitcoin Revolution adheres to strict security measures to ensure users data safety. Read our kickass Bitcoin Revolution review to learn more.

    Did Mel Gibson invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

    Some blogs claim that Mel Gibson has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. However, we have not found any evidence supporting these claims. This review can confirm that Mel Gibson has not invested in or endorsed Bitcoin Revolution. As mentioned in the introduction, the gossip platforms making these claims are doing so to get link clicks and web visits.

    It has become a habit in the tech space for unscrupulous marketers to falsely associate trending products with celebrity names in creating clickbait titles. Bitcoin Revolution is currently a trending subject which explains why it is a top target for fake news. Mel Gibson is a celebrity which means that most people are likely to click on a link that includes his name.

    Bitcoin Revolution appears to be legit given that it has excellent reviews on many review sites including TrustPilot and Forex Peace Army.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    You can get started with Bitcoin Revolution through the steps below.

    1. Open a free account on Bitcoin Revolution homepage
    2. Verify your identity with the underlying broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250 (This is your trading capital)
    4. Adjust risk settings and click the live button

    All forms of robot trading involve a significant degree of risk. Consequently, do not trade with an amount you can’t afford to lose.

    Bitcoin Aussie System

    Bitcoin Aussie System is another popular bitcoin trading robot. This bot is said to rely on artificial intelligence technologies to ensure high performance. Bitcoin Aussie System has an alleged win rate that is twice as high as that of an expert bitcoin trader. With this bitcoin robot, traders can supposedly make up to $1500 per day from the minimum deposit. Some users allege making $2500 in the first 24 hours of trading and from a deposit of $250. We have only done a demo test on this robot and therefore cannot vouch for these claims.

    However, with most users giving positive feedback, there is a big chance that Bitcoin Aussie System is what it claims to be. Furthermore, we can confirm that this bot relies on real technologies. Bitcoin Aussie System applies a trading approach known as high-frequency trading (HFT). The HFT approach involves the bot placing a large number of orders at supersonic speed. This makes it possible to generate high alleged profits per day.

    It is supposedly possible to grow a $250 account to hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a year through the power of compounding. Bitcoin Aussie System operates in partnership with well-regulated brokers. These brokers provide a trading leverage of up to 1:2000. This leads to high returns but can also translate to catastrophic losses. We cannot stress enough on the necessity of only depositing what you can comfortably lose. Read a more detailed Bitcoin Aussie System review here.

    Did Mel Gibson invest in Bitcoin Aussie System?

    We have also found rumours that Mel Gibson has invested in Bitcoin Aussie System. However, there exists no evidence to support these claims. This means that any platform making these claims is spreading fake news. As mentioned above, gossip blogs are nowadays creating fake headlines that associate a celebrity to a trending subject.

    Research shows that people are likely to click links that have celebrity names in them. Consequently, the platforms spreading the fake news aim is to trick people into visiting their sites. You must verify the legitimacy of any news source before taking it as the truth. InsideBitcoins makes research for robots easier for you by providing unbiased and comprehensive reviews.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Aussie System

    Trading with Bitcoin Aussie System takes a few simple steps. Please note that this bot is 100% auto, and hence no trading experience is required to use it. Follow the steps below to get started with this bot.

    1. Register a free account
    2. Verify ID and Address with the underlying broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250
    4. Practice through a demo account
    5. Set the desired level of risk and click the live button

    Please note that margin trading involves risk. Never trade with what you cannot afford to lose.

    Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader is another top trading robot. This bot has alleged profitability of up to $1000 per day from a deposit of as little as $250.

    Moreover, it is 100% auto, and hence anyone, including those looking for a passive way to earn online, can use it. InsideBitcoins has not done a live test on Bitcoin Trader and therefore cannot guarantee how valid these claims are. However, from users’ reviews, there is a likelihood that Bitcoin Trader is everything that it claims to be.

    Like all other leading robots, Bitcoin Trader is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subsets of Deep Learning (DL), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML). It is through these technologies that the bot is supposedly able to beat the markets in every nine out of ten trades. Bitcoin Trader partner brokers are all well-regulated and offer the best trading conditions for robot trading. For instance, they provide leverage of up to 1:2000, which makes it possible for users to place trades worth up to two thousand times their capital. While high leverage can lead to great returns, it can also result in catastrophic losses. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Read a detailed Bitcoin Trader review for more information.

    Did Mel Gibson invest in Bitcoin Trader?

    Some gossip blogs claim that Mel Gibson is one of the investors behind Bitcoin Trader. However, our investigation reveals otherwise. Mel Gibson is not a fan of bitcoin let alone bitcoin trading platforms. Any site making such claims is misleading. There is a lot of fake news out there, which means that it is prudent to always verify any info before taking it as the truth. InsideBitcoins provides detailed reviews to help you make informed choices.

    How to register with Bitcoin Trader

    Follow the steps below to create a free account and trade with Bitcoin Trader.

    1. Register a free account on Bitcoin Trader website
    2. Verify your details with the underlying broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250
    4. Trade demo for practice
    5. Go live by clicking the live button

    The Bottom Line

    We did not find any evidence that Mel Gibson has invested in any of the trading robots mentioned in this review. However, this is not to mean that the bots are not legit. We have tested them and confirmed that they are highly likely to be legit. You can go ahead and try any of them and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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