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Joseph Prince Bitcoin: Did he invest?

Joseph Prince is a Singaporean celebrity preacher and senior pastor of the New Creation Church. He is one of the wealthiest preachers with an estimated net worth of $5 million. There are rumours that some of his wealth comes from his investment in bitcoin through trading robots. But are the Joseph Prince Bitcoin systems investment claims valid? Read on to find out the truth.

Bitcoin Joseph Prince – Viral Trend!

There are a lot of posts on Pinterest and Twitter alleging that Joseph Prince has invested in bitcoin robots. There are also gossip posts on Medium and private blogs, making these claims. We have contacted Joseph Prince to clarify these claims, and he hasn’t replied by the time of publishing this post.

However, we are sceptical about these claims since Joseph Prince has never expressed any interest in bitcoin. Moreover, no mainstream media has picked this story. This means that no credible sources have supported the Joseph Prince bitcoin system allegations.

For the record, the said robots include Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Evolution, and Bitcoin Code. We have reviewed these bots, and they appear to be legit. Moreover, they are all highly popular, as evidenced by their ranking on Google Trends.

However, we haven’t found any evidence that Joseph Prince has invested in any of them. The rumours are mostly from gossip blogs and hence should be taken with a grain of salt. It is not out of ordinary for gossip blogs to cook-up stories revolving around popular subjects.

It is imprudent to rely on celebrity rumours when making an investment decision. This is because celebrities are also human and can be duped into bad investments. Read our top bitcoin robot 2020 review for a step by step guide to investing in bitcoin robots.

However, we have tested these bots and find them to be legit and working. Below, we present each of those bots, how to sign up with them, and whether they have received investment from Joseph Prince.

Bitcoin Trader

This robot ranks among the top 3 bitcoin-related keywords on Google trends. Consequently, it is among the most popular crypto trading bots today. But is Bitcoin Trader legit? InsideBitcoins determines legit bots by how users review them online and the trading technologies they use.

Bitcoin Trader has over 2k reviews on TrustPilot and a rating of 4.5/5. This makes it among the best-rated robots in this category. It has excellent reviews on all the areas that matter, including performance, ease of use, withdrawal process, customer service, and safety.

Moreover, Bitcoin Trader appears to rely on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Our technical team has conducted a battery of tests on their web-trader and confirmed that these technologies indeed power it. We strongly advise that you read our comprehensive Bitcoin Trader review to learn more.

Did Joseph Prince invest in Bitcoin Trader?

There is no evidence to support these claims, and hence you shouldn’t take them seriously. Bitcoin Trader keeps the identity of its investors secret and therefore it is highly unlikely that they would disclose a celebrity investor.

Joseph Prince is also not vocal about his investments. He is a pastor and motivational speaker and hence is highly unlikely to indulge in investment-related topics. From our investigation, Bitcoin Trader appears to be legit. It also has an extremely high supposed win rate and can allegedly convert a $250 investment to over a thousand in less than 24 hours of trading.

However, this doesn’t imply that it is risk-free. We have come across reviews indicating that it is possible to lose all the invested capital in hours. This is because the bot trades on the leverage of up to 3000:1. High margin trading is a double-edged sword that magnifies both losses and profits.

All margin trading bots come at a risk, and hence you should only deposit what you are willing to lose.

How do I trade with Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is beginner-friendly and can be used by anyone irrespective of their career or economic background. You do not need to invest in trading education to use this robot. Follow the guide that comes with the robot, and you are good to go. Here is how to trade with Bitcoin Trader.

  1. Open a trading account on Bitcoin Trader homepage as instructed and verify email and phone number.
  2. Deposit 250 USD through methods such as debit or credit cards, wire transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill, and Neteller.
  3. Get familiar with Bitcoin Trader key features through a demo account. The demo simulates real market happenings using historical data.
  4. Select the pairs you want to trade, e.g. BTCETH, BTCXRP, BTCBCH, or BTCUSD, BTCGBP, BTCEUR and click the trade now button.
  5. Trade for at least 8 hours daily and withdraw earnings through the provided form. Bitcoin Trader through its partner brokers facilitates withdrawals within five hours.

Bitcoin Evolution

This bot has the same trading technologies as Bitcoin Trader only that it applies top-level risk management features. Consequently, the supposed profitability is lower. Bitcoin Evolution is also top-rated on TrustPilot with over 1k reviews and a rating of 4.6/5. Moreover, it relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies.

It is through AI that the bot reports such a high alleged accuracy level. The blockchain technology, on the other hand, creates a transparent trading environment. Such an environment ensures that traders can monitor all aspects of their trading accounts in real-time. Moreover, they can raise disputes, and they are solved through smart contracts.

Beginner traders shouldn’t worry about the trading lingo used in this review since they do not need it in trading. Bitcoin Evolution only requires little human input in trading. Read a kickass Bitcoin Evolution review before signing up.

Did Joseph Prince invest in Bitcoin Evolution?

We haven’t found any proof of Joseph Prince Bitcoin Evolution investment claims. Once again, it seems that these rumours are celebrity gossip. We haven’t found a shred of evidence that they may be true.

Either way, it doesn’t matter whether Joseph Prince has invested in Bitcoin Evolution. What matters is that the bot seems to be legit. Furthermore, it is highly popular, and hence it is not unexpected that gossip blogs are targeting it with all manner of lies.

Bitcoin Evolution has come forward and warned the public about the fake news going around about it. Users are encouraged to always confirm any news on its website. Bitcoin Evolution does not disclose the identity of its users and investors.

How do I trade with Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution provides a straightforward signup and trading process. Observe the process below to register and trade with this bot.

  1. Visit Bitcoin Evolution homepage and create an account using the provided client intake form.
  2. Use any of the provided deposit methods to commit a trading capital of at least $250. Please note that an underlying broker facilitates all deposits.
  3. Use the demo account to learn about the various functionalities of Bitcoin Evolution live web-trader
  4. Select the pairs you want to trade and define risk as instructed. Click the live button to start a live session.

Bitcoin Code

This robot is among the oldest crypto trading bots in the market today. It was founded in 2015 at the onset of the crypto boom. Since then, it is said to have generated over one hundred crypto millionaires.

Bitcoin Code is also AI-based even though it takes an entirely different trading approach. Unlike Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Trader, this robot only trades news. This means that it is equipped with technologies that enable it to read human language.

News trading is highly lucrative but also comes at a risk. Bitcoin Code supposedly has a 10% chance of making a wrong move resulting in losses. This means that while the potential is huge, there is also a possibility of making losses. Read our detailed Bitcoin Code review to learn more.

Did Joseph Prince invest in Bitcoin Code?

Joseph Prince has not invested in Bitcoin Code. As explained above, gossip blogs are taking advantage of the popularity of Joseph Prince and the mentioned robots to create false clickbait titles. Do not fall for their lies. We find Bitcoin Code to be legit and maybe worth a try.

How do I invest with Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is also auto and hence completely beginner-friendly. Follow these steps to start trading.

bitcoin code registration

  1. Register on their website using the provided form. Verify email and phone number as requested.
  2. Deposit a minimum of 250 USD as your trading capital. Please note that all deposits are processed by the underlying local broker.
  3. Practice through a demo to avoid costly mistakes during live sessions
  4. Go live through the trade now button

Bottom line

Joseph Prince has not invested in any of the robots mentioned above but this is not to mean that they aren’t legit. They all seem to be legit and many people use them for trading on a daily basis. Even so, there is a significant risk of losing the invested capital when trading with a margin robot. Only invest what you can afford to lose.