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iProInvestor Review: Legit or Fraud Robot?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

iProInvestor alleges to be the answer to successful crypto and forex trading. The platform allegedly makes an average of $1k per day. But is iProInvestor legit or another scam robot? Our testing team has been out looking for answers and can confirm that iProInvestor is a scam. Like most scam robots, this platform uses hype and urgency marketing to trick traders into signing up.

This review takes a deep dive on iProInvestor and why we believe it is a terrible scam. We will also look at legit alternatives and offer tips to help you get the most out of trading bots. Read on to learn more or visit a legit robot through the “trade now” button in the table below. Please note that we only recommend robots that are fully tested and proven to be legit.

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    Is iProInvestor legit? No!

    • InsideBitcoins gives iProInvestor a legitimacy score of 3% – Legit trading robots must have a score of above 70%
    • iProInvestor uses lies to get new signups – We have determined that their testimonials are fictitious and their web-trader is fake
    • This robot has an accuracy level of 0% – We lost a deposit of $250 during the live test. The majority of reviews we have analyzed indicate that iProInvestor is a scam
    • iProInvestor operates in opaqueness – They do not disclose crucial details such as legal registration details. They also do not disclose about their partner brokers until you make a deposit
    • Do not allow users to withdraw their trading capital – iProInvestor will never let you withdraw your trading capital
    • Does not take users safety seriously – InsideBitcoins investigation shows that the scammers behind this platform share users data with other scammers

    iProInvestor has all the characteristics of a scam, and we recommend that you avoid it. Never register with a robot without a proven track record. We suggest that you read our Bitcoin Profit review if you are looking for a legit and highly profitable robot. Our live test shows that it is possible to make an average daily profit of above $1k using this robot.

    How does the iProInvestor scam work?

    iProInvestor claims to use algorithms powered by AI and ML to identify and execute trading signals. However, this review confirms that these are lies. This platform is nothing but a trap to get you to sign up with fraudulent brokers. Once you deposit money with them, you are taken to a fake web-trader where you are convinced that your deposit was lost during live trading.

    There are a few good robots that apply these two technologies. One of them is Bitcoin Code, a crypto trading bot with a 99% accuracy level. Our live test shows that this robot can generate a daily return of up to $1.5k from a deposit of $500. Read our Bitcoin Code review to learn more.

    iProInvestor scam; Test Results Explained

    We give iProInvestor a legitimacy score of nearly zero percent given the many red flags showing that it is a fraud. The platform heavily relies on emotional marketing, which can only mean that its target market is the naïve complete beginner. The video introduces the concept of online investing and then goes ahead to show people living in luxury after allegedly stumbling on the secrets to internet wealth.

    Firstly, investing is different from trading in the sense that the former is for the long term, and the latter is for short term gains. Any professional worth their salt will never mix the two. Online investing is a broad term and should not be used by a company that solely provides trading technologies.

    Secondly, any robot that portrays itself as the key to a life of from rags to riches is 99 percent likely to be a scam. Scammers often present testimonials of people bathing in cash and driving expensive cars to lure people in financial desperation. Of course, these testimonials are usually false. Legit robots marketing approach mostly focus on the selling point of their robot and not fluff marketing.

    Here are the red flags we have unearthed about iProInvestor and more reasons at why you should carry out enough research before opening an account with a trading robot.

    Fake web-trader

    iProInvestor is another scam robot that tricks investors into signing up with sham brokers. This robot claims to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in identifying trading signals. However, our test shows that it does not have such technologies.

    We are pretty sure that they do not have any proprietary algorithms. What they present as a web-trader is just a webpage that looks like a web-trader. Legit robots like Bitcoin Profit have proven technologies and provide details about the logic behind their platforms.

    Scam partner brokers

    Like other scam robots, iProInvestor does not reveal its partner brokers until you make a deposit. This is because they are all scammers. We have determined that they lack regulation, and most of them have been flagged as a scam by users.  Furthermore, none of them discloses identifiable information, such as legal registration.

    Consequently, there is no way to report them to the authorities when they steal your deposits. The partner brokers of a robot say a lot about its legitimacy. It is not possible for a scam robot to partner with legit brokers. InsideBitcoins also investigates robots partner brokers when conducting robot reviews.

    The best robot brokers are regulated by leading bodies such as the FSB, ASIC, and FCA. Read our Cryptokartal review if you would like to learn more about legit robot brokers.

    No money back guarantee

    iProInvestor will also not allow you to withdraw your capital if you decide to opt out before your account is wiped out. As mentioned earlier, traders who go for real-time trading lose their money within a few hours. The losses are predetermined since there is no real trading that takes place.

    iProInvestor makes money by tricking people into depositing with sham brokers. As a result, there is zero chance that they will allow you to withdraw your money. Any deposit made through the platform goes to the matched partner broker who in return, pays a commission to the scammers behind iProInvestor. It is therefore correct to conclude that iProInvestor is an affiliate of scam offshore brokers.

    Terrible customer service

    iProInvestor main channel of communication is email. Our live test shows that they rarely respond to inquiries. You are only likely to get an answer from them if your question relates to making a deposit. Like the majority of scam robots we have come across, iProInvestor blacklists traders who insist on withdrawing their trading capital.

    Legit robots provide multiple communication channels and are always ready to respond to customers inquiries. Leading trading bots such as Bitcoin Code provide 24/7 customer service.

    No measures in place to safeguard users’ data

    InsideBitcoins investigation finds iProInvestor to be unsafe. Like other scammers, they do not have any users’ data protection policies. Likewise, they appear to share users’ data with other scammers. You are likely to be bombarded with spam emails and calls after creating an account with this robot.

    We take online safety as an essential measure of the legitimacy of a robot. A trading bot that does not make its users’ safety seriously is likely to be a scam. Visit our bitcoin robot page to learn the metrics we take in place when determining how legit a trading robot is.

    How to identify a legit trading crypto robot

    With the comeback of high volatility in leading cryptos such as bitcoin and Ethereum, this is the best time to invest in a trading robot. Some of the best crypto robots today have the potential to make an average daily profit of up to 20%. For instance, with a robot such as Bitcoin Profit, traders can make up to $200 in profit per day from a deposit as little as $250. Those with deposits of about $1500 can generate an average daily profit of $1k.

    However, good robots are hard to come by with researchers estimating that at least 99% of all trading bots are a scam. It, therefore, goes without mentioning that you must be extremely careful when selecting a trading robot. Here are some of the things we look at when determining the legitimacy of a trading robot.

    Information accuracy

    Scam robots are known to deliberately lie to traders when trying to convince them to sign up. For instance, a scam robot is likely to have faked testimonials. You can determine if testimonials are genuine by conducting an image search of the reviewers’ profiles. Scam bots often use stock images to build fake profiles.


    Legit robots disclose all the crucial details, including legal registration, partner brokers, and charges. Scam robots, on the other hand, are likely to operate in opaqueness often snubbing users on critical questions. As we have seen in this review, iProinvestor blocks clients who insist on making withdrawals. Moreover, their customer service is dodgy on questions relating to the logic behind their technologies.

    Good reputation

    Legit robots must have an excellent online reputation. We determine reputation by analyzing individual users’ reviews on independent review sites such as TrustPilot. We do not encourage you to depend on affiliate reviews since they are likely to be biased. InsideBitcoins provides comprehensive reviews to help you chose the right robot.

    Seamless withdrawals

    Legit robots allow users to withdraw their money whenever they need it. They have a clear policy on withdrawals, and traders can access it before registration. Leading trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush facilitate transactions within 12 hours.

    Is iProInvestor legit? The Verdict!

    iProInvestor is a ridiculous scam robot that targets naïve beginner traders. Our investigation gives it a legitimacy score of below 5%. This is because nearly all the information on their website is false. Furthermore, their primary marketing approach is emotion-based and focuses on fictitious stories about people who made a fortune through the robot.

    InsideBitcoins investigation can confirm with 99.99% certainty that this platform is fake and does not have any trading tech. Moreover, the brokers listed as their partners are not registered and do not participate in live markets. We conclude that the sole objective of iProInvestor is to steal your money.

    InsideBitcoins recommends that you avoid this platform and instead try Bitcoin Profit. We have tested this robot and proven that it is legit and highly profitable.  This robot generates an average daily return of up to 5%.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is iProInvestor legit?

    Yes! iProInvestor is a scam aimed at stealing deposits from unsuspecting users. Any money deposited through this platform goes to the untraceable accounts of offshore fraud brokers. These brokers give a share of the deposit to the scammers behind iProInvestor.

    How much should I deposit with iProInvestor?

    Do not deposit any money with iProInvestor. This main goal is to steal your money. We recommend that you try Bitcoin Profit instead. InsideBitcoins has tested this robot and proven that it can generate an average daily profit of up to 5%.

    How much can I make with iProInvestor?

    iProInvestor is a scam meaning that you have no chance of making a single cent through them. Traders who try this platform make consistent losses from the beginning to the end. This is because there is no live trading that takes place, and the results are predetermined.

    Can I withdraw my money from iProInvestor?

    iProInvestor will not allow you to withdraw your money. This is because they make money by stealing deposits. Do not register with this platform.