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Immediate Fortune review – Genuine Trading Platform?

Earn a quick fortune through the world’s most intelligent crypto software” – these are the claims Immediate Fortune has made when describing its crypto trading offerings.

The platform claims to deliver high-profile trading features that combine autonomous and manual trading to give investors an edge when trading crypto. It says that its interface is accessible to all – beginners and skilled traders, who can apparently use its features that include educational resources and trading signals to earn big while trading crypto. But how many of these claims are actually true?

This Immediate Fortune review will explore the various features of this platform and finds out if there is some truth to them or if it is another scam site that readers should be wary of.

Immediate Fortune Summary

Below is the breakdown of all the key details of Immediate Fortune.

  • Product Type – Crypto trading platform
  • Mobile App – No mention of a mobile applications
  • Trading Commissions – Not specified
  • Multi-Currency Support – Yes
  • Claimed Success Rate – Not specified
  • Customer support – Accessible 24/7 for registered users – unregistered users can reach out to the support team via email five days a week.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Fortune?

Immediate Fortune bills itself as a crypto trading platform that offers multiple trading opportunities that “unlock a range of opportunities” for traders. The site advertises that whether you are an experienced trader looking to improve your portfolio or a beginner trying to explore different markets – Immediate Fortune can deliver.

Immediate Fortune Review

According to the website’s advertising copy, both autonomous and manual trading systems are available for traders of all skill levels. The former system employs a crypto trading bot that executes trades based on predetermined strategies, and the latter allows users to have full control of their crypto trading.

Both of these features are apparently supported by a user interface that is both simple to use and rich with tools. The platform states that seasoned traders can use the platform as a resource to expand their crypto portfolios, and beginners can tap into educational resources to learn more about the nuances of crypto trading.

These features, according to Immediate Fortune, come in handy when trading multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. With manual trading, the platform says that users won’t be alone as they will have access to trading signals they can rely on.

Attractive as these features are, there is not much information about them available. But you can inquire about them via the email given on the contact us page – which makes this platform one of the few to provide a way for non-registered users to talk to the customer support team.

Immediate Fortune – Pros and Cons

Listed below are the pros and cons of using Immediate Fortune.


  • Offers a fast-sign up process
  • Advanced trading features that cover autonomous and manual trading system
  • Multiple crypto assets supported
  • Simple-to-use UI
  • Educational tools available for beginners
  • Non-registered users can contact the customer support team via email


  • No information about the win rate
  • There are no details available about the founders of the website
  • No details about how much it costs to start using Immediate Fortune’s facilities

How Does Immediate Fortune Work?

Immediate Fortune claims to provide both hands-free and hands-on trading features. With the first one, one may be able to access a window that provides technical analysis and charting tools that investors can leverage to make better trading decisions.

With the hands-free trading system, users apparently can get access to a Bitcoin robot that they can customize before turning it on to scan the market and execute trades. If it works, this system would allow users to generate profit without having to monitor the market conditions.

According to Immediate Fortune, users can also engage in leverage trading, allowing them to boost their earnings through borrowed funds. However, such a form of trading comes with equally inflated risks, which is why Immediate Fortune also claims to offer them educational resources to learn about leverage trading.

The platform also claims to provide a market analysis that facilitates faster trade executions on the partner broker platforms. The name of these service providers hasn’t been provided to us yet.

While these features sound exciting, note that there are no third-party reviews or customer reviews available on this platform at press time. Therefore, we recommend that you do your own research before engaging with its trading features.

Immediate Fortune – Key Features

Here are the key features that Immediate Fortune claims to provide.

Hybrid Trading Utilities

Immediate Fortune states that users don’t need to limit themselves to only autonomous or only manual trading tools. They can use both. According to the advertising copy of the website, users can use the hands-free trading features to set parameters that allow the platform to trade on behalf of traders. And with manual mode, the platform says that users would have full control over their crypto trading.

Leverage Trading

Immediate Fortune claims that users can get access to leverage trading on the platform. Through this utility, users can borrow assets to trade in a bid to maximize their profits. But the platform does not provide info about the leverage ratio.

Access To Trading Signals

Immediate Fortune claims that its “cutting edge” technology is used by its AI trading bot to generate trading signals after constantly monitoring not just the price action of a crypto asset but also news articles about it. That approach apparently allows it to consider technical and sentimental indicators when deriving trading signals.

Demo Trading Account

Immediate Fortune says that users can get access to a demo trading account before switching to live trading. A demo trading account is crucial for beginners as well as veterans seeking to test a platform’s utility before trading using real money. Getting access to this feature, however, requires one to create an account.

Simple-to-Use Features

Immediate Fortune claims that most of its features are simple to use. Beginners and veteran traders can apparently use all of them in order to trade meticulously, even under volatile conditions. However, the platform hasn’t told us much about what those features are.

Customer Support for Unregistered Users

Unlike the other trading platforms that we have reviewed in the past, Immediate Fortune is the first we have come across that provides customer support to unregistered users. We found on Immediate Fortune’s contact us page that there is an email ID to which users can send a message to get their issues fixed.

Support for multiple Asset

Immediate Fortune states that it supports popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. There could be more, but the platform hasn’t shone a light on them.


According to Immediate Fortune, the primary priority of Immediate Fortune is to safeguard traders’ transactions and deposits. For that purpose, it apparently employs cutting-edge technology that protects users’ personal information. The site says that it employs SSL encryption and other standard tools to provide data security.

Immediate Fortune Fees

Immediate Fortune hasn’t said anything related to its fee structure on the official website. However, considering how similar it looks when compared to the other trading platforms we have reviewed, there might not be a transaction fee, a trading fee, a maintenance fee, or a deposit fee. But we can’t say the same for the brokers that Immediate Fortune has partnered with.

Account Opening Fees None
Maintenance Fees None
Trading Commissions None
Deposit Fees None
Withdrawal Fees None

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Is Immediate Fortune Safe or a Scam?

Immediate Fortune offers a clear idea of what it could do for the users. But when you dive a little deep into the website’s content, you will realize that it doesn’t tell us the features it provides. Its security features seem standard, and the tools that it is said to deliver don’t seem that unique.

Also, even though the site claims to provide a simple user interface, there is no way for us to confirm it since checking it requires account creation. And account creation requires a minimum deposit. Another factor to consider is that there are no customer reviews or third-party reviews of this platform available yet. That would indicate that Immediate Fortune has just been made. But there is no information about who made it.

The “About Us” page of the platform points out that it has been created by a “community of passionate traders”. While it would ideally hint at the platform’s decentralized origin, we can’t say that for certain either.

These factors don’t tell us whether it would be safe to use the website. But since the website is working and gives us an idea of how the trading platform works, we can’t say that it is a scam either.

Minimum Deposit

Immediate Fortune doesn’t tell users about the minimum deposit via its home page. However, sending an email via the support page revealed to us that one needs to deposit $250 to create an account. This requirement can be a bit much, especially for beginner-level traders. However, if the site works as advertised, $250 isn’t a bad deal.

But whether the site works as intended or not, the crypto market is still volatile. Profits are never a guarantee, and you must always be wise about how much you want to invest.

How to Use Immediate Fortune?

Listed below are the steps to start trading on Immediate Fortune.

Step 1 – Create an Account

Visit the Immediate Fortune website and start creating an account. Enter your email, name, and phone number to initiate the process. An account manager will reportedly then reach out to you and complete the rest of the process.

Create an Account on Immediate Fortune

Step 2 – Deposit the Amount

Immediate Fortune states that you can pay the minimum deposit through a variety of means. Use them to deposit the minimum amount required, which would likely be $250. Otherwise, you can ask your account manager about it.

Step 3 – Checkout the Demo Account

Access the demo trading account – if available – to check out Immediate Fortune’s autonomous and manual trading features.

Step 4 – Start Trading

Once you are satisfied with the results of demo trading, switch to live trading and start investing. But remember to trade using only the minimum amount when starting.

Is Immediate Fortune Legit – A Verdict

Immediate Fortune is a crypto trading platform that claims to help you create a better community by increasing your wealth quickly. It reportedly offers both hands-free and hands-on trading features via a simple-to-use UI that is suitable for veteran and novice traders. But there is still a lot not told by the official website.

There is no one on social media platforms talking about it. There are no customer reviews or third-party reviews available yet. And there is not much information available that could help us verify the platform’s offerings. Due to these varying factors, we recommend that you only use this platform after doing our due diligence.

Immediate Fortune Logo

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

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What is Immediate Fortune?

Immediate Fortune is a crypto trading platform that claims to provide a combination of hands-free and hands-on (autonomous and manual) trading features to help beginner and novice level traders navigate the crypto market and generate profits.

Is Immediate Fortune legit?

Immediate Fortune only claims to provide a robust set of utilities for traders. It makes no claims about its profitability, and doesn't talk about how it has been helpful for other traders. Long story short, the site seems to be new and from the looks of its content, is transparent about its capabilities. However, investors must still do their own research before considering it a legit trading system.

How to join Immediate Fortune?

Immediate Fortune has a traditional sign up system. Users only need to enter their name, email and phone number and submit these details. An account manager will then reach out and help users complete the process.