Haasbot Review: Scam or Legit Trading Platform.

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Haasbot Review: Scam or Legit Trading Platform.
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Haasbot is a crypto trading bot founded in 2014. This bot allegedly helps investors make thousands of dollars in profits per day trading Bitcoin and other altcoins. The big question is whether Haasbot is a legit or scam trading robot. InsideBitcoins investigation has identified a lot of red flags indicating that Hassbot might be a scam.

This review will look at these tell-tale signs and also introduce proven alternative robots. We recommend that you read our main robot page to learn about our top picks for the best crypto trading robots in 2019.

Is Haasbot trading bot scam? Yes!

  • InsideBitcoins test gives Haasbot a legitimacy score of 51% – Legit trading robots score above 80%.
  • Haasbot does not disclose much about its trading technology.
  • There are a lot of complaints about people losing money with this trading bot.
  • Most of the brokers in partnership with this trading robot are questionable – InsideBitcoins has determined that the majority are not regulated.
 InsideBitcoins legitimacy tests take into account hands-on experience and also feedback from users. The hands-on experience looks at trading platform consistency, accuracy, customer service responsiveness, cybersecurity, and how the bot handles users’ data

As we will see later in this review, Haasbot trading platform is not user-friendly and their customer service is mostly unavailable. Moreover, they do not seem to pay much attention to users’ privacy and security.

While their website is secured, they seem to share users’ data with third parties. You are likely to receive a lot of unsolicited offers after signing up with them. Perhaps this is because they share this data with offshore scam brokers. Here is how Haasbot compares to proven trading robots.

Recommended Robots

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Crypto Cash applies sophisticated computer algorithms to analyze the crypto market and automatically place trades. With this robot, you can make an average of $1000 per day. This trading robot requires a minimum of $250. InsideBitcoins tests find Crypto Cash highly legitimate and worth a try. Our analysis finds this robot to be highly transparent. They also score among the best in reputability and accuracy. Crypto Cash customer service is also among the best.

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  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Credit Card and Sofort

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Bitcoin Code is another proven trading robot on our list. This software allows traders to make an average profit of $1300 per day. InsideBitcoins has tested and determined it to be legit. Bitcoin Code scores best in transparency, consistency, and customer service. This trading bot has an accuracy rate of above 99% which ranks it among the best robots.

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  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort

What is Haasbot?

Haasbot claims to be a trading robot powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Investors are required to buy a license to trade with this platform. The subscription is offered in three levels namely Standard, Simple, and Advanced.

Furthermore, there are license fees to be made with the Standard account holders parting with 0.12BTC while the simple and advanced account holders pay 0.2BTC and 0.32BTC respectively. InsideBitcoins finds this a big red flag given that most crypto trading robots do not charge any subscription fees.

It is important to note that each level comes with its advantages with the advanced subscription being the pinnacle of all. According to Haasbot, traders at this level enjoy free insurances, safeties, and indicators. Also, they do not pay any trading fees and are given a priority by the customer service.

We find this trading robot very complicated for both the beginner and experienced traders. It is a common practice for scam trading robots to complicate their platforms in a bid to avoid scrutiny from investors. InsideBitcoins recommends that you only sign up with a trading bot that is easy to use and has a proven track record. Read our Bitcoin Code review if you are looking for a legit and easy to use trading robot.

Who Founded Haasbot?

Haasbot genuinely reveals information about its founders and support team. Most scam trading bots do not reveal founders. However, Haasbot makes full disclosures and InsideBitcoins has verified that the company listed as the owner is fully registered and operational. Also, the identified founders are real people.

Even so, the bot remains highly suspicious and therefore we do not recommend it. While Haasbot claims to have amassed thousands of users since its inception, there is no much information about it online. The few reviews we found about it were generally negative. As previously mentioned, most of the individual reviewers claim to have lost money trading with this robot.

For the record, a trading robot applies powerful computer algorithms to scan the markets for tradable information and automatically execute trades. Trading robots have become highly popular in day trading given their ability to analyze huge chunks of discrete data and make investment decisions within a split of a second.

The reliance on big data coupled with the speed at which these robots open and close trades makes it possible for them to capitalize on every trading opportunity. The best trading robots can generate thousands of dollars in profits per day from a capital investment of as little as $500.

How does Haasbot trading robot work?

Haasbot claims to apply sophisticated computer algorithms to analyze the crypto markets and make investment decisions. Their trading app is said to be powered by artificial intelligence, a technology that enables machines to learn from data and improve self to make better decisions.

InsideBitcoins did not find any evidence to support these claims. The platform seems to be nothing but a well-built web page with no underlying technology. Hassbot user interface appears very complicated and not reflective of the said underlying technology.

As indicated earlier, you need to pay a subscription fee to start using their platform. The subscriptions comes in three levels namely Standard, Simple and Advanced. Each level requires a subscription fee 0.12BTC and 0.3BTC per year. You can also subscribe quarterly or semiannually a lower price.

InsideBitcoins finds this trading robot suspicious and therefore recommends that you stay away from it. A great number of trading robots in our 2019 best crypto trading robots are free and have a proven track record. We recommend that you read our comprehensive reviews before settling on any given robot.

Registration process

To trade with Haasbot, you need to create an account and download their trading software. InsideBitcoins determines a good sign up process by the amount of user data collected at registration and the measures in place to protect this data. A good trading robot should have secured platforms and should only collect the necessary data. Also, personal data collected through the platforms should be used for the intended purpose only.

We find Haasbot to collect a lot of unnecessary personal details. As indicated earlier, they also seem to share this data with third parties given that most people who sign up with the robot report to receive a lot of unsolicited offers.

On the positive side, InsideBitcoins test finds their website adequately secured. One of the most critical security measures is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) a protocol that ensures all data passing through a site is encrypted. We could not verify how this robot treats billing information given that they do not have a personal data protection policy.

Read our review of Cryptosoft if you are looking for a trading robot with a fully secure signup process.

Sign up form

The signup form comes after you have identified your trading level. This form requires you to provide details such as full names, country, street address, house name, house number, town, city, state, and phone number. In our view, all these details are not necessary. Providing all this information exposes you to harm in the event of hacking. Legit trading platforms only require names, phone number, and email address.


After signup, you are required to pay a subscription fee to continue. The only accepted payment method is BTC. Most legit trading robots do not charge a subscription and the few that do provide multiple payment methods. The fact that this robot accepts Bitcoin only raises a red flag. It seems they are avoiding payment methods that can be traced and disputed.

Download and Installation

After paying the subscription fee, you are redirected to a page where you are required to download and install a desktop trader. After installation, you will need to do the configurations to start trading. Most users report the process to be a bit tedious. Also, you will need some experience in crypto trading to define your trading strategy.

The best trading robots are easy to set up and usually come with materials to guide users through the process. Furthermore, most provide a web trader option meaning that traders do not have to install software to trade.

Haasbot software requires considerable computing resources to operate. To use this app, you will need a Windows computer with 4GB RAM or higher. The app takes almost 1GB of hard disk space.

We found security issues with the software. During our tests, the app was flagged as malicious by our computers. We had to temporarily disable the antivirus and Windows defender to do the installation. Even after installation, the app kept hanging and crashing. There are a lot of similar complaints online with most people claiming that they gave up trading with the app due to problematic software. The customer service is responsive but does not help regarding trading system reliability.

The minimum deposits with Haasbot depend on the selected broker. As mentioned earlier, InsideBitcoins investigation found most of this trading robot partner brokers questionable. A good number are unregulated and are therefore a scam.

Trading robots operate under brokers meaning that it is highly unlikely for a legit broker to partner with a scam broker. When choosing a trading robot, only go for those with regulated partner brokers.

Why you should not trade with Haasbot

In a nutshell, the following are some of the reasons why you should not trade with Haasbot.

  • Unfriendly and unsafe trading platform – InsideBitcoins tests indicate that the Haasbot trading robot is hard to set up and use both for beginner and experienced investors. Additionally, our security system flagged it as malicious, and it could not install until we disabled the antivirus and firewall.
  • Negative online sentiment – There are a lot of negative online reviews about this trading robot. Most people complain that the software is hard to use.  A good number of reviewers report deposit loss before trading.
  • Subscription fee – Unlike legit trading robots, Haasbot charges an annual subscription fee for its trading platform.
  • No proven track record – Even though Haasbot claims to have around for the last three years, it does not have much online presence. There are a few online reviews about this robot, and most of them are negative.
  • No concrete personal data protection policy – While the Haasbot website appears safe, users are not guaranteed that their data is safe. This is because this robot does not have a clearly defined data protection policy. You are likely to get your data shared with third parties if you sign up with this robot.
  • Poor customer service – InsideBitcoins has determined that it takes days to get a reply from Haasbot customer service through email. We tried their phone lines a couple of times without an answer. Unlike most robots, they do not provide a live chat.

Is Haasbot legit? The Verdict!

InsideBitcoins finds this trading robot highly suspicious. Their trading platform is hard to set up, and they do not provide a guide to help users navigate through. We also find their trading app unsafe given that it has severally been flagged as malicious by our security systems. Other users also report having the same experience.

Regarding online sentiment, Haasbot does not have many reviews but the few that are there point that it is a scam. A good number of reviewers indicate that they had to abandon the platform after failing to set it up. Haasbot customer service is mostly unavailable and does not offer much help.

We recommend that you keep away from this robot. InsideBitcoins conducts a thorough investigation to determine the legitimacy of trading robots. The robots recommended in our best trading robots for 2019 are legit, and therefore you should not hesitate to try them out.


Is Haasbot trading robot legit?

No! InsideBitcoins gives this trading robot a legitimacy score of 51%. Legit trading robots score above 80%.


Is Haasbot trading robot a pyramid scheme?

Haasbot is not a pyramid scheme. However, this does not make it a legit trading platform. InsideBitcoins investigation has determined that this trading robot works in cahoots with scam and scam offshore brokers.


How much can I make with Haasbot?

You stand no chance of making any money with Haasbot. Most traders who have tried this platform claim that they have lost money. We recommend that you stay away from it.


How much do I need to deposit to start trading with Haasbot?

The amount you need to deposit to trade with this broker depends on the underlying brokers. Once again, it is important to note that the majority of brokers in partnership with Haasbot are a sham.


What is robo trading?

Generally, robo trading involves the application of computer algorithms to analyze the markets for trading insights and execute trading decisions. The best trading robots have an accuracy level of above 90 percent.


5 Replies to “Haasbot Review: Scam or Legit Trading Platform.”

  1. Haasbot is a total waste of time. I made lots of loss when I used it with no consolation price (at least to make a single gain). I lost over $250 in a day and I am really disappointed in the developers.

    Why are there so many scam robots? How do I know authentic and legit cryptocurrency robots?
    How can I withdraw my remaining cash on the Haasbot software?

  2. You really don’t want to try this type of robot at all. One thing that seems fishy about the robot is that there is nothing about it online, it is more or less like it is not in existence at all whereas it claims to have helped investors to make thousands which is a perfect lie.

    I was really disappointed when I got to know that this cryptocurrency robot is a scam, a very big one at that. It is neither accurate nor good in function. I know that I will be better intellectually if we are to compete on accuracy if possible.

    What are the characteristics of a legit cryptocurrency robot? What are the various examples of legit Softwares for trading?

  3. It feels kinda weird to have such a website for people who wants to trade with ease, do I really need to go through the Haasbot registration stress just because I want to register and account online.
    I am looking for an alternative to this robot that can help to improve my transaction gain possibility as well as my profit on each transaction. I am simply in need of the best robot that can help me have better gain on all my transactions.
    I think the Haasbot founder have to improve its customer service and reduce its service complexity to get more users and potential traders.
    Which robot is the suitable for $500 transactions and how much should I expect if I should invest that much in a trade?

    1. Haasbot is complete crap. I agree with you, Bitcoin Profit and others are legit but they can also result in losses. This is a great review! Perhaps you should do a review on how to make the most of these robots.

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