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Global Crypto App Review: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Global Crypto App is one of those scam robots that claim to be the key to a millionaire lifestyle. The scammers behind the robot bait traders with promises of an average daily profit of $5k from a deposit of $250. Of course, these are blatant lies, and you stand no chance of making a single cent through this platform.

In this review, we will provide an in-depth analysis of Global Crypto App and why we believe that it is a terrible scam. We will also offer tips to help you identify legit trading robots. InsideBitcoins provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews.

While we do receive a little incentive for endorsing robots, we ensure that we only recommend the legit ones. Consequently, all robots in our approved list have been tested and proven to be legit. Click the ‘trade now’ button in the table below if you would wish to go straight to a legit robot.

Is Global Crypto App legit? No

  • Global Crypto App has an accuracy score of zero percent – People who try it report making consistent losses.
  • InsideBitcoins gives this platform a legitimacy score of 2% – There is a lot of misinformation on their website
  • Global Crypto App appear not to have legit trading platforms – Their web-trader seems configured to make losses
  • Read our Bitcoin Trader Review for a legit robot or keep reading to learn more about the Global Crypto App Scam

Our research reveals that Global Crypto App is a fake platform. We conducted a live test by depositing $250 with this robot and going to live trading. The live test shows that Global Crypto App is set to make consistent losses.

Moreover, an in-depth analysis of users’ reviews shows that the majority of people who try it lose their deposit within a day of live trading.

Just like other scam robots, Global Crypto App does not have any trading technology. There is a high likelihood that it is only a website that tricks traders into signing up with scam brokers. These brokers in return pay a commission on every deposit to the scammers behind the platform. Your deposit gets shared between the scam brokers and the scammers behind Global Crypto APP. Meanwhile, you are made to believe that you lost your deposit through live trading on the fake web-trader.

When you deposit money with the Global Crypto App scam, there is no way to recover it back. Firstly, they do not allow traders to withdraw their capital. Secondly, there is nowhere to raise a dispute given that their partner brokers are all unregulated. Read our Bitcoin Robot review for legit trading robots like Bitcoin Code.

What is Global Crypto App?

Global Crypto App is a big scam, and we recommend that you avoid it. In general, trading robots rely on powerful computer algorithms to scan the markets for insights and place trades. The algorithms either scan the markets big data for insights or identify professional traders and copy their trades.

In big data powered trading, the best robots apply advanced technologies in AI and Machine Learning to identify trading signals. Top ranking robots such as The News-Spy utilize these technologies to detect tradable news as they emerge and execute corresponding trades before the markets can react. This makes them highly profitable. For instance, the News-Spy report profits of up to $5k per day. Read our review of the News-Spy to learn more.

How does Global Crypto App work?

Global Crypto App is a scam webpage that masquerades as a crypto trading robot. Our investigation shows that this platform is used by scam brokers to get signups. In other words, Global Crypto App is simply an unscrupulous affiliate of scam brokers.

Traders are made to sign up with this platform, believing that it is a legit trading robot. Any deposit made through the robot goes straight to the scam brokers. As mentioned previously, the scam brokers then give a share of the deposit to the scammers behind the fake robot. Global Crypto App depends much on affiliates for marketing, meaning that they also provide a percentage of what they receive to the referring affiliate.

Case in point, assume that you deposit $250 with Global Crypto App. The money goes straight to a scam broker. The most popular broker with this platform is Globalix, an unregulated entity that claims to be from the Marshal Islands. This broker in return gives 70% of the deposit to the scammers behind the fake robot. The scammers keep 70% of what they receive and pay 30% to the referring affiliate.

As you can see, the trading robots scam is an intricate and highly lucrative business. Consequently, it is essential to always carry out enough research before settling on a trading robot. InsideBitcoins makes the analysis easier for you through comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Read our Bitcoin Code for another top ranking legit crypto-trading robot.

Why you should not open an account with Global Crypto App

Global Crypto App has all the characteristics of a scam trading robot. We are 100 percent certain that you will lose money if you sign up with this platform. Here are more reasons as to why you should avoid this scam platform.

Unsafe website and trading platform

Like all scam platforms, Global Crypto App does not pay any attention to users’ safety. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that they share users’ data with third-party scam brokers. You are likely to receive a lot of spam emails and calls from these brokers after signing up. Furthermore, there are complaints about their spam emails containing malicious links. As mentioned earlier, Global Crypto App uses spam emailing as the primary marketing mode. Spam emails are known to be the number one vector of phishing attacks.

Zero profits and no money-back guarantee

Global Crypto App is a scam, and you won’t make any money with it. Moreover, they will not allow you to withdraw your trading capital if you opt out before your account depletes. Our research reveals that their customer service is only available when the question is about making a deposit. There are a lot of complaints that they ignore traders who demand to withdraw their trading capital. As mentioned earlier, the scam brokers behind this robot are unregulated, and therefore, there is no way to hold them accountable for deposit loss.

Fake live trading platform

The Global Crypto App web-trader is nothing but a webpage set to show predetermined losses. Scam trading robots are known to use such platforms to bait unsuspecting traders. When you sign up with them, you are redirected to the fake web-trader as your money is siphoned from your account. Global Crypto App is among the ridiculous scam robots out there using this technique. We recommend that you avoid it and instead try Bitcoin Trader, a top ranking trading robot for 2019. InsideBitcoins has tested this robot and can confirm that it is possible to make a daily return of up to $1500.

How to identify a legit trading robot

InsideBitcoins takes into account several factors when determining the legitimacy of a trading robot. These include;

  • Transparency – A legit trading robot should not shy away from revealing crucial details such as its legal registration and partner brokers. The information provided by these robots should be truthful and correct. Our investigation involves verifying the information provided by trading robots.
  • Reputation – A good robot should be highly reputable. We determine reputability by conducting an in-depth analysis of users’ reviews on sites such as TrustPilot.
  • Customer Service – Legit robots provide top-level customer service. They must have multiple communication channels, and they should respond to inquiries fast.
  • Safety – A legit robot should have a secure website and trading platform. We carry out rigorous tests to determine the safety of a trading robot.

Is Global Crypto App legit? The Verdict!

Global Crypto App is a scam, and we recommend that you avoid it. This platform not only steals deposits but also sells your data to other scammers, including hackers. InsideBitcoins suggests that you try Bitcoin Trader instead. We have tested this robot and can confirm that it is legit. Furthermore, it is possible to make an average daily profit of $1k with this robot. Click the “trade now” button in the table below to start trading with this robot.


Is Global Crypto App legit?

No! InsideBitcoins investigation shows that Global Crypto App is a scam. You will lose money if you open an account with this platform.

How much should I deposit with Global Crypto App?

Do not deposit any money with this scam platform. Instead, try Bitcoin Trader through the link provided above. We have tested this robot and proven that it is legit.

How much can I make with Global Crypto App?

Global Crypto App is a scam, and you won’t make a dime through it. The goal of the scammers behind this platform is to steal your deposit.

Can I withdraw my money from Global Crypto App?

No! Once you make a deposit, consider your money as lost. Global Crypto App does not allow users to withdraw their trading capital.