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GigaFX Review: Scam or Legit Broker?

InsideBitcoins investigation shows that GigaFX is a legit broker. We recommend that you give it a try but only through a trading robot. The trading conditions offered by this broker are only suitable for high-frequency trading. Our test shows users claim to make an average daily profit of $1500 through this broker. The broker requires a minimum deposit of $250.

This review takes a deep dive on GigaFX. We will also provide tips on how to make the most out of this broker through Bitcoin Revolution. For the record, Bitcoin Revolution is among the most popular crypto robots today. The robot is fully automatic meaning anyone including complete beginners can use it. Keep reading or start trading by clicking the trade now button in the table below.

What is GigaFX?

GigaFX is a fast-growing crypto and forex broker founded in the Dominican Republic. The broker has operations across the globe and is regulated in most jurisdictions. In the Dominican Republic, it operates under Four Square International Venture Limited. GigaFX is popularly known for supporting algorithmic trading platforms.

As mentioned previously, this broker is synonymous with a robot known as Bitcoin Revolution. Read our Bitcoin Revolution review to learn about the robot. GigaFX is a dealing desk and non-dealing-desk broker commonly known as an STP. An STP broker is more transparent than other types of brokers such as Bitcoin Future. Furthermore, GigaFX charges a small commission on profits that traders make through the platform.

GigaFX trading leverage and spreads are perfect for algorithmic trading. Their spreads can go as low as 0 pips when trading through a robot. Likewise, they offer leverage of up to 1:200. High leverage means high risk and therefore claims to call for high accuracy in trading. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Revolution claim to have an accuracy level above 99%. Many users report that this robot makes money in every nine out of ten trades.

GigaFX regulation

InsideBitcoins investigation finds GigaFX to have adequate regulation. We have determined they have FCA and ASIC among their regulators. These two bodies have the best reputation across the globe. Furthermore, GigaFX operates under Four Square International Venture limited. We can confirm that this company has full registration in the Dominican Republic.

Regulation is among the key determinants of a legit broker. Regulators require brokers to segregate deposits and only use them for their purpose. Consequently, traders have an assurance that their money is safe. Furthermore, the best regulators require brokers to adhere to strict reporting requirements. This makes it nearly impossible for the broker to engage in fraud.

GigaFX handles all the deposits that traders make through Bitcoin Revolution. As a result, the broker takes responsibility for any dispute that arises. Our investigation shows that his broker is trustworthy.

Is GigaFX scam or legit?

GigaFX is a reputable and well-regulated broker. InsideBitcoins investigation can confirm that this broker is legit. A closer look at users’ reviews reveals that many invetors report that GigaFX is highly profitable. Traders report over a thousand in profits per day when using this broker through the Bitcoin Revolution robot. It’s also appeared as a broker in our review of the Bitcoin Era.

InsideBitcoins takes into account factors such as regulation, reputation, trading conditions, safety, and customer service. GigaFX regulators include the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. These two are the most respected regulatory bodies worldwide.

Regarding trading conditions, GigaFX offers a leverage of up to 1:200. Additionally, they provide floating spreads of between 0 to 2 pips. This is below the industry average. As mentioned earlier, traders who use the Bitcoin Revolution robot enjoy the best pricing. Furthermore, we have determined that GigaFX trading platforms are safe. When trading through Bitcoin Revolution, traders have an assurance that their data is secure.

Trading Platforms

GigaFX provides the famous MT4 and also the MT5. These trading platforms are available both as a web-trader and a mobile app. You will need to master these platforms to trade without a robot. Please note that manual trading comes at high risk with this broker.

Most traders trade with this broker through a robot. Bitcoin Revolution is one of the most reliable choices given their high claimed accuracy level. Even better, you do not need any trading experience to use this robot. Likewise, the robot is fully automatic meaning that you do not need to keep monitoring your account.

The Bitcoin Revolution trading system connects to the GigaFX MT4. Additionally, it is highly intuitive and comes with a guide to help beginner traders.

How to trade with GigaFX through Bitcoin Revolution

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Revolution is a fully automatic robot. What this means is that the robot does all the research and trading. The roles of a trader with this robot are to open and close sessions and also harvest any profits. You do not need any technical expertise to use GigaFX through this robot. The following are the steps to trading with Bitcoin Revolution through GigaFX.

Step 1: Registration

The registration process with this platform is simple and highly secure. All you need to do is to fill in your details on a form on their website. These details include name, email, and phone number. Bitcoin Revolution requires all applicants to verify their phone number and email address. Bitcoin Revolution only accepts registrations from countries where GigaFX is regulated. Try the registration process here to determine if this robot is available in your country.

Step 2: Deposit

You need to make a deposit to access the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform. As noted earlier, all deposits made via Bitcoin Revolution go to GigaFX. This broker is under tight regulation, and therefore traders have an assurance that their deposit is safe. GigaFX requires a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. Our analysis shows that some users have reported a profit of up to $500 per day with the minimum deposit with Giga FX through Bitcoin Revolution. Bitcoin Revolution reports an average daily profit of $1500 for a deposit less than $1k.

Step 3: Demo trading

The Bitcoin Revolution demo trading platform uses data from GigaFX for back-testing. Furthermore, it has all the features found in the MT4 auto-trader. We find the platform to be fast and highly intuitive. Moreover, Bitcoin Revolution provides a comprehensive users guide.  Please note that demo trading is for illustrative purposes only. The results you receive with this account do not reflect what you will get in live trading.

Step 4: Live Trading

Live trading with GigaFX through Bitcoin Revolution is simple and straight forward. The robot provides a manual to help you set up your trading account. Once the account is ready, all you need to do is to switch the live trader on and off. InsideBitcoins recommends that you check your account at least three times per day. Ensure that you withdraw any profits as soon as you earn them. Also, do not leave trading sessions open overnight. There is a likelihood of unexpected losses if you do so.

GigaFX: Trading Conditions


GigaFx provides a leverage of up to 1:200 which is good for high claimed accuracy trading bots. Bitcoin Revolution claims to have an accuracy level of 99.4%. High leverage means allegedly highly magnified profits and losses. Human traders according to financial experts tend to be less accurate than robots and are therefore supposedly likely to receive huge losses when trading with high leverage. A trading account with a deposit of $250 can place trades of up to $50,000 when trading with a leverage of 1:200.

Commissions and spreads

GigaFX through Bitcoin Revolution offers low spreads and commissions. Traders using Bitcoin Revolution enjoy a spread of as little as 0 pips and a small commission on any profits. Bitcoin Revolution is a free app, but there is a likelihood that a fee in the future. The robot appears to be in high demand as more and more people continue realizing its potential.

Account types

GigaFX provides four account types. These include Starters, Silver, Gold, and Premium. When trading through Bitcoin Revolution, you can access the advantages of the premium account with a deposit of $250. The Bitcoin Revolution robot is fully automatic and therefore available to everyone.


GigaFX through Bitcoin Revolution allows fast and secure withdrawals. All you need to do to withdraw is to fill in a request form. This broker facilitates all transactions within 24 hours.

Customer Support

Bitcoin Revolution provides excellent customer services. You can contact them either through phone, live chat and email. Our live test reveals that it takes less than a minute to reach an agent through telephone and live chat. We have also determined that they work in collaboration with GigaFX customer services.

Why trade with Bitcoin Revolution through GigaFX broker

InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that GigaFX is a legit broker. We have found reports from users claiming that they have made $1500 per day using this broker through the Bitcoin Revolution robot. GigaFX is under the regulatory mandate of the FCA and ASIC meaning that traders have an assurance of deposit protection. The minimum balance to trade with this broker through Bitcoin Revolution is $250.


Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.

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Is GigaFX legit broker?

Yes! InsideBitcoins finds this trading bot to be legit. We recommend that you try them through Bitcoin Revolution.

How much can I make with GigaFX?

With GigaFX via Bitcoin Revolution users report it is possible to generate returns of up to $1500 per day. Your earnings allegedly depend on how much you deposit.

How much should I deposit with GigaFX?

The minimum deposit with this broker is $250. We suggest that you start small and grow your account gradually.

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