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Filip Hammar Bitcoin – Did he invest?

Filip Hammar is a Swedish celebrity Journalist, writer, and program manager. He is one of the celebrities rumoured to have invested in Bitcoin Trader tools. But are these rumours true? InsideBitcoins has not found any evidence that Filip Hammar has invested in or endorsed a bitcoin system.

Even so, the bitcoin trading tools linked to Filip Hammar appear to be legit. A number of them are viral on social media and search engines and hence make a good target for fake news.

Fake news platforms are known to take of popular subjects to create clickbait titles and hence divert traffic to their sites. Read on to learn more about the popular bitcoin robots alleged to be endorsed by Filip Hammar.

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    Bitcoin Filip Hammar – Viral Trend!

    As mentioned above, there is no Filip Hammar bitcoin robot investment or endorsement. The sites spreading these unfounded claims are mostly gossip blogs. Their main aim is to gain social media milestones by creating fake titles using ranking keywords and celebrity names. You must always verify any information before accepting it as the truth. You should never rely on gossip blogs for decision making. From our comprehensive reviews, the robots linked to Filip Hammer are highly popular and appear to be legit.  Here is a summary of each of them. You can read a detailed review on each through the provided links.

    Bitcoin Code

    Bitcoin Code is a fully auto trading bot founded in 2017. Some reviews indicate that this bot is among the oldest in the industry. Bitcoin Code allegedly generates a daily return of $1500 from a deposit of $250. A closer look at feedback from users indicates that according to users this robot is among the most profitable in the industry.

    InsideBitcoins did not do a live test on this bot and therefore cannot verify if these claims are valid. However, from the reviews, we have seen this bot highly likely to be profitable. The level of profitability may not be as high as stated, but many claim that there is a high potential of making a good income.

    Bitcoin Code is allegedly equipped with artificial intelligence technologies. It is through these technologies that the robot reportedly conducts both the technical and fundamental analysis with a 90% accuracy level. Once again, we cannot guarantee this accuracy level since we have not done a live test. You can read our detailed Bitcoin Code rview or visit their site to learn more.

    Did Filip Hammar recommend Bitcoin Code?

    We did not find any evidence about Filip Hammar Bitcoin Code endorsement. As mentioned earlier, Filip Hammar has not expressed any interest in bitcoin or its trading robots. This review confirms that the sites spreading the celebrity endorsement rumours are gossip blogs looking for link clicks and search engine rankings.

    Bitcoin Code is a viral robot with a lot of great feedback on independent review sites, including Trustpilot. Consequently, this robot is likely to be legit. Keep off the Fillip Hammar Bitcoin Code rumours  – you can try the robot for yourself through the steps below.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Code

    This robot is available in most countries through its partner brokers. Read our Bitcoin robot review if you are looking for alternative robots like Bitcoin Loophole. Follow the steps below to start speculating on crypto through Bitcoin Code.

    1. Create a free account by filling your details on Bitcoin Code homepage
    2. Deposit a little capital of $250 through the partner broker provided by the robot
    3. Trade demo to familiarise with the features found in the live platform
    4. Trade live by clicking the trade now button

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution reportedly has a win rate of about 87%. What this means is that this robot allegedly turns out a profit in every 8/10 trades. Such level of profitability allegedly turns a $250 account to $1000 in less than a week. It is important to note that we have not done a live test on this robot and therefore cannot confirm if these claims are valid.

    Even so, the many excellent reviews that this robot has show that users find it legit and profitable. Most people who have left a review of this robot online report satisfaction with its profitability. Bitcoin Revolution is also ranked high on ease of use, safety, customer service, and withdrawals.

    The technology disclosure guide offered by this bot shows that it depends on advanced HFT technologies such as AI and ML. As explained earlier, these technologies enable the bot to conduct both the technical and fundamental analysis automatically.

    Bitcoin Revolution allegedly trades news with an accuracy level above 90%. The same case applies to trading charts analysis. Furthermore, this robot partner broker is said to have systems in place to ensure instant order execution. For more details, read our unbiased and comprehensive Bitcoin Revolution review.

    Did Filip Hammar invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

    InsideBitcoins did not find any evidence showing that Filip Hammar has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. This can only mean that any site making such claims is spreading lies. As stated earlier, gossip blogs have been all over top-ranking bitcoin robots with fake news meant to attract link clicks.

    If you are looking to trade with Bitcoin Revolution, it is essential that you avoid the celebrity-focused news sites and only rely on comprehensive reviews like the one provided by InsideBitcoins. Bitcoin Revolution is a popular subject on the internet and hence is not immune to fake news.

    How to get started with Bitcoin Revolution

    You need less than 20 minutes per day to use Bitcoin Revolution. As explained earlier, this bot does all the research and trading automatically. The only thing a user needs to do is to open and close trading sessions and also withdraw profits. Here are the steps to operating on Bitcoin Revolution.

    1. Register a free-license account on Bitcoin Revolution homepage
    2. Deposit a $250 trading capital with the matched broker
    3. Trade demo to familiarise with all the features found in the live platform
    4. Click the live button to start trading

    Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Era is another bot mistakenly associated with Filip Hammar. This bot allegedly grows a $250 account to thousands of dollars in less than a week. The high alleged profitability reportedly comes from the trading technologies it applies.

    Bitcoin Era claims to be powered by artificial intelligence and its popular subsets of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technologies allegedly make it possible for robots to read human language with high accuracy. For instance, in news trading, the bot can identify legit news sources and act on them accordingly. Moreover, it can read patterns from trading charts and derive insights from them.

    Also worth noting, Bitcoin Era reportedly works with several robot brokers. These brokers’ responsibilities include handling transactions and facilitating trades. Bitcoin Era is not a financial institution and can therefore not handle deposits. The robot brokers, in partnership with Bitcoin Era, are well regulated and highly reputable.

    Did Filip Hammar endorse Bitcoin Era?

    Once again, the claims about Filip Hammar Bitcoin Era endorsements are false. InsideBitcoins has established that these fake rumours are coming from gossip platforms. These platforms are taking advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin Era and Filip Hammar to create clickbait titles. They aim to get people to click their links hence boost their search ranking.

    Bitcoin Era appears to be legit, given that it has a lot of good reviews.  You must read a detailed review through the link provided above.

    How to register with Bitcoin Era

    The registration process with Bitcoin Era is also simple and straight forward. All you need to do is to register by submitting your details through the form provided on their homepage. You also need to deposit a capital investment of $250 with the matched broker and click the live button.

    1. Register a free account on Bitcoin Era homepage
    2. Deposit a minimum of $250
    3. Go through the demo account to familiarise with the live platform features
    4. Click the live button to start trading with Bitcoin Era

    Bottom line

    Even though there are no Filip Hammar endorsements, this is not to mean that the bots listed here are not legit. From the evidence we have come across, all of them appear to be legit and profitable.

    It is worth repeating that we have not carried any live test and therefore cannot guarantee the profits promised by these robots. Even with the alleged profitability, bitcoin robots come at significant risk. We cannot stress enough on the need only to deposit what you can afford to lose. A deposit of $250 is a high starting point for those looking to test these robots.


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