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Fast Cash Method: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Fast Cash Method is a trading piece of software that allegedly makes ordinary investors filthy rich within a short time frame. The owners of this app claim that the platform has helped them make over 55 million dollars in less than three years. But is Fast Cash method a scam or legit trading robot?

InsideBitcoins investigations reveal that this trading app is a complete scam. You are likely to lose your money if you decide to deposit it with them. This review will provide the details as to why you should avoid this app and also introduce proven crypto trading robots.

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    Is Fast Cash Method a scam? Yes!

    • Fast Cash Method scores below 20% in our legitimacy score.
    • The testimonials on their website are false.
    • They do not have physical offices or a traceable phone number.
    • Most of the online reviews we have looked at show that this robot is a scam.
    • They do not refund deposits for investors who decide to opt out of trading.

    InsideBitcoins determines a legit trading robot by its level of transparency, consistency and online feedback. Our tests involve firsthand experience and an analysis of online reviews by investors who have tried the system. Fast Cash Method appears to be only interested in mobilizing deposits and nothing else.

    InsideBitcoins has determined that the majority of people who have tried this platform claim to have lost their deposits. Now let us look at how Fast Cash Method compares to some of our proven trading robots.

    Recommended Robots

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    This trading bot guarantees investors an average of $1500 per day in profits. The minimum amount required to trade with this robot is $250. We have tested and verified Bitcoin Trader to be legit.

    The News-Spy

    This trading bot trades events in the crypto market. With this robot, you can make an average of $1000 in profits per day. We have tested and proven it to be legit.

    What is Fast Cash Method?

    Fast Cash Method claims to be a trading robot that relies on sophisticated computer algorithms to make trading decisions. However, we did not find any evidence showing that this robot relies on a legit algorithm. The Insidebitcoins analysis shows that most people who have tried Fast Cash Method have lost their money. The scammers behind the robot seem interested in mobilizing deposits than providing trading infrastructure.

    Generally, automated trading depends on computer software to analyze the markets big data and place corresponding trades. Computer-driven trading and investment have been around for years especially in Forex and Stock day trading. Furthermore, this method is known to be more effective than the traditional trading methods given that computers can accurately analyze big data within microseconds and place matching trades. Accuracy and speed are the most critical factors in day trading.

    InsideBitcoins analysis concludes that Fast Cash Method is some form of scam affiliate site that connects investors to sham brokers. The platform only discloses the partner brokers after you have made the deposit. Our tests reveal that all the brokers in partnership with this platform are unregulated and have a questionable track record. Reputable trading robots only partner with brokers with a proven track record and are willing to disclose their identities before a client makes a deposit.

    Who Founded Fast Cash Method?

    Unlike most scam trading robots, Fast Cash Method has given a face to its founder. John Alves is his name, a self-proclaimed trader with many years of experience in the crypto markets. He has even written a book about the trading app and how it is making poor people overnight millionaires.

    InsideBitcoins could not verify the identity of the alleged founder. Amazingly, this crypto millionaire appears nowhere in the web apart from scam alert platforms. We also analyzed his book and found it to be nothing but a poorly written marketing document.

    Also worth noting, Fast Cash Method does not disclose about the team behind the app. There is a high likelihood that there is no such team and this is just but a one person scam. They also do not have traceable physical offices or a phone number. This means that there is no way to track them if they disappear with your money.

    How does Fast Cash Method work?

    As mentioned earlier, Fast Cash Method is a crypto trading algorithm that makes investment decisions and automatically executes trades. To use this algorithm, you need to create an account by filling your details in a form provided on their homepage.

    Once you have created the account, you are required to deposit not less than $250 to start trading. As we will see below, live trading involves the app carrying out investment research and automatically placing trades. The role of the app users is to open and close trading sessions, an activity that does not require any technical skills to execute.

    Fast Cash Method has made the registration process seamless perhaps to get deposits from as many people as possible. However, people who sign up with this platform end up regretting as their deposit vanishes and the customer service disappears.

    InsideBitcoins has determined that all deposits made through the app go to its partner brokers who in return pay a commission to them. And as mentioned previously, these brokers are unregulated and have a history of stealing from investors. Also worth noting, Fast Cash Method will not let you know about their partner brokers until you make a deposit. This is because they know that people will not sign up if they are aware that these brokers are involved.

    Account Creation

    While the account creation method with this robot is easy, we find it unsafe and not worth a try. First, this trading platform has a poorly built website which is partially SSL secured. This means that it is highly likely for hackers to steal any data transmitted through it. The SSL certificate encrypts all data passing through a website, therefore, ensuring that snooping third parties cannot decipher it.

    Secondly, Fast Cash Method keeps moving from one domain to another. InsideBitcoins concludes they are avoiding being blacklisted by search engines given the many complaints about deposit loss. Thirdly, they seem to share clients’ details with third parties since most people report receiving unsolicited offers after signing up with this robot.

    A legit trading robot is likely to have a static domain and observe strict personal data security measures. For instance, Bitcoin Code, which is among the leading legit trading robots in our list, is SSL and SiteLock secured. Additionally, this robot adheres to GDPR regulatory requirements and allows clients to opt in or out of their mailing list.

    Scam trading robots such as Fast Cash Method are likely to expose your details including billing information to hackers. InsideBitcoins takes cybersecurity seriously and only recommends robots that fully adhere to standard security measures.

    Deposit and Withdrawal

    Fast Cash Method accepts deposits from Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Web Money, and many others. The deposit process is seamless, but you are likely not to make any withdrawals given that there is a zero chance of making money with this trading robot. They also do not refund deposits if you opt out before live trading.

    InsideBitcoins finds Fast Cash Method unsafe in terms of how they handle billing information. First, with the unsecured website, it is possible for hackers to steal any information shared through the site. Secondly, they do not have a clear cut data retention policy. This means that it is highly likely that they store users’ data hence exposing them to hackers.

    Also worth noting, Fast Cash Method does not make any disclosures about its fees. While the app is free to use, the underlying brokers may charge some fees. Either way, the fees do not matter given that you won’t be making any money from this robot and they won’t refund your deposit.

    Most legit trading robots have a money back guarantee and a clearly defined billing data retention policy. With such robots, users can withdraw their money at any time and are assured that their banking details won’t be exposed to third parties. Read our review of the main robot page to learn more about what to look for when choosing a trading robot.

    Live Trading.

    Fast Cash Method claims to be a fully automated trading app that helps investors generate huge profits from crypto trading. With this app, investors are required to monitor their account for at least 20 minutes per day. The earning potentials are endless with traders with an investment of below $1000 making an average of $1500 in profits per day.

    InsideBitcoins has determined that these claims are false and no one has made money through the platform. Our investigation concludes that this platform acts as an affiliate of scam and unregulated offshore brokers. You do not stand a chance of making a dime with this platform.

    Legit crypto trading platforms have a reputation for their platforms and are open about their technology and its’ potential. Similarly, they can show a track record for platform upgrades to meet customers’ expectations. Fast Cash Method seems only interested in getting people to deposit money and does not disclose much about its technologies.

    Why Fast Cash Method is a Scam

    InsideBitcoins concludes that Fast Cash Method is a scam trading robot. Here are some of the reasons as to why.

    • Negative online sentiment – Most online reviews point out that this trading robot is a scam. A lot of previous users claim to have lost money trading with this robot.
    • Fake testimonials – InsideBitcoins tests have determined that the testimonials on Fast Cash Method website are phony.
    • Does not refund deposits – You are likely not to get your money back if you deposit it with this platform. It is also highly likely that you won’t make any profits with this robot.
    • Unresponsive customer service – Their customer service is only interested in you when making deposits. Once they have your money, they won’t respond to your messages.
    • Unproven trading platform – InsideBitcoins was not able to establish whether there are underlying trading algorithms behind this trading robot poorly built web-trader.
    • Unsafe platforms – InsideBitcoins tests have determined that Fast Cash Method platforms are unsecured and therefore likely to expose you to hackers. Their website is not secured and they do not have clearly defined personal data protection measures.

    InsideBitcoins gives this trading robot a legitimacy score of 13% which is among the worst in the trading robots we have reviewed.

    If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy robots, visit bitcoin robot page.

    Fast Cash Method versus Other Robots

    Fast cash method Bitcoin Loophole Bitcoin Code
    ❌Unproven trading platform ✅Legitimacy score of above 80% ✅Most popular bitcoin robot software in the world and legitimacy score over 90%
    ❌Negative online sentiment ✅Very well-reputed robot ✅Thousands of positive testimonials
    ❌Unresponsive customer service ✅Bitcoin Loophole offers 24/7 email and phone support ✅Bitcoin Code offers excellent customer service
    ❌An InsideBitcoins legitimacy score of 10% ✅Legitimacy score over 80% and proven software ✅An InsideBitcoins legitimacy score of over 80%
    Not recommended!

    Is Fast Cash Method Legit? The Verdict!

    Fast Cash Method is a scam trading robot, and you should stay away from it. InsidBitcoins investigation reveals that this platform is nothing but an affiliate of scam offshore brokers. When you deposit with Fast Cash Method, the money goes to unregulated brokers. You stand no chance of making money with these brokers, and there is a high likelihood that they will disappear with your deposit.

    Additionally, Fast Cash Method does not have good cybersecurity practices and therefore exposes you to hackers. Their website is unsecured meaning that hackers can intercept traffic and steal users’ data. We recommend that you stay away from this robot and explore the options provided in this review. InsideBitcoins conducts thorough research of trading robots to help you get the best.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.

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    Are trading robots in general legit?

    Yes! The concept of algorithmic trading is not new and is known to help traders make huge profits in a short period. However, not all trading robots are legit. Read our reviews to know what to look for when choosing a trading robot.

    Is Fast Cash Method Legit?

    Fast Cash Method is a scam trading robot, and you should keep away from it. You are likely to lose your deposit if you sign up with them. This robot scores poorly in transparency, consistency, trading platforms reliability, security and customer service.

    How much can I invest with Fast Cash Method?

    Fast Cash Method requires a minimum deposit of $250. We cannot repeat enough that you will lose your money if you open an account with them. Browse through our website to learn about legit trading robots.

    Does Fast Cash Method allow me to withdrawal my money?

    No! Consider your money lost if you deposit it with them. You won’t make any money with this robot, and they are likely to disappear with your deposit. There are many online complaints about this trading robot disappearing with investors’ money.

    What are the best alternatives to Fast Cash Method?

    We recommend that you read our main trading robots page to learn about our top picks for the best crypto trading robots in 2019. Our top selections include Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Compass, Cryptosoft, and Bitcoin Loophole. Read our comprehensive reviews to learn more.

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      Redundant platform.

      • Answer

        Hello fdl902, you are right, not only is Fast Cash Method a redundant platform, but also a huge scam. We would not recommend our viewers to invest in this platform no matter what.

        Inside Bitcoins
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      I made some trades with this software and I lost all my investment.

      • Answer

        Hello Cja_482, we are extremely sorry for your loss. We write these reviews to keep our readers from harm. There are a lot of crypto bots that are legit and will generate good profits. Check out our Bitcoin robot guide on this topic.

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