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Elon Musk Bitcoin – Did He Invest?

Elon Musk is an engineer, a celebrity entrepreneur, and the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. He is a big fan of emerging tech, especially in artificial intelligence and blockchain. Elon Musk has also expressed interests in cryptocurrencies and has disclosed that he owns bitcoin in his portfolio.

But has Elon Musk invested in any bitcoin system? InsideBitcoins finds no evidence about Elon Musk investing in bitcoin robots. For the record, a bitcoin robot is a piece of software that automatically carries out the functions of a professional crypto trader.

Unlike humans, the best robots beat the markets consistently. In this review, we will discuss some of the robots alleged to have the highest profitability in the market today. We will also demystify the myth that Elon Musk interests in artificial intelligence also include these robots.

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    Bitcoin Elon Musk – Viral Trend!

    Elon Musk love for blockchain and cryptocurrencies is evident from the many times he discusses them. He is also known to be a big fan of artificial intelligence technology and its products, including high-frequency trading technologies. For the record, top Bitcoin Trader robots like Bitcoin Loophole claim to rely on the same techniques used in high-frequency trading.

    It is therefore correct to say that Musk is interested in the technologies that power top bitcoin trading robots. However, Elon Musk has not expressed interest in any bitcoin robot. Consequently, the rumour that he has invested in the likes of Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Profit is unfounded. We have investigated the source of this rumours and determined that they are from gossip blogs.

    These blogs take advantage of any trending keyword and a celebrity name to create clickbait titles. The goal is to divert traffic and hence improve their search ranking. Robo trading systems such as Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Evolution, and Bitcoin Profit, rank top on Google Trends and thus attract all manner of news, including fake news.

    Bitcoin Profit


    Bitcoin Profit is said to be among the few robots that are fully auto and can make a daily profit of up to 25%. We have come across a lot of reviews that show that this robot is legit. Most reviewers on platforms such as TrustPilot indicate that Bitcoin Profit is highly profitable. There are also a lot of positive reviews about this bot easy to use the platform, excellent customer services, and seamless withdrawal process.

    Bitcoin Profit reportedly has an accuracy level of above 90%. This means that it turns out a profit in at least 9 out of 10 trades. Those who have tried it say that it is possible to make over 150 trades per day using this robot. The high accuracy and speed imply that it is nearly impossible to make a net-loss with this robot when the risk per trade is at 10%. A risk per trade that is higher than 10% is likely to result in net losses.

    InsideBitcoins has not tested Bitcoin Profit and therefore cannot guarantee that you will make a profit through it. We suggest that you give it a try but with a deposit of not more than $250. You can read a detailed Bitcoin Profit review here to learn more about this robot.

    Did Elon Musk invest in Bitcoin Profit?

    Now that we know about the alleged potential of Bitcoin Profit, did Elon Musk invest in it? As explained in the introduction, this entrepreneur has not expressed a direct interest in trading robots. Consequently, any platform spreading Elon Musk Bitcoin Profit investment rumours are gossip blogs.

    Elon Musk has stated that he holds bitcoin in his portfolio but has not said that he uses robots to trade bitcoin. His interests are in the technology and the potential of cryptocurrencies transforming the global economic system. Elon Musk has been quoted severally saying that bitcoin is a brilliant idea and it is better for value transfer than fiat money.

    Our analysis shows that most Bitcoin Profit investors are crypto traders. The robot is allegedly an invention of two software engineers and guru crypto speculators. Bitcoin Profit reportedly relies on AI and ML, two technologies that have always excited Elon Musk. These technologies have the potential to transform all industries from finance to medicine to transport.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

    This robot is entirely auto, and hence, it does not require any skill to use it. Follow the steps below to start trading with this bot.

    1. Register for free on Bitcoin Profit webpage
    2. Deposit a minimum of $250 with the matched broker
    3. Try the platform through a demo account
    4. Go to live trading

    Bitcoin Evolution

    Bitcoin Evolution has also been wrongly associated with Elon Musk. This robot reportedly has a win rate of 93%. Consequently, it ranks among the most profitable robots in the world of crypto speculation. We have not tested it, but from the feedback we get from those who have, we find it likely that it is profitable.

    At least 90% of consumer reviews indicate that it is possible to grow a deposit of $250 to more than $1000 in one week. We also found a lot of reviews showing that Bitcoin Evolution has an easy to use platform, and excellent customer services. Moreover, most users are happy with its seamless withdrawal process.

    We suggest that you give Bitcoin Evolution a try with a deposit of $250. Starting with little capital will give you the peace of mind to observe trends and determine its potential. Peruse through our detailed Bitcoin Evolution review for more information.

    Did Elon Musk recommend Bitcoin Evolution?

    We did not find any evidence that Elon Musk has endorsed Bitcoin Evolution. As stated before, this entrepreneur has never expressed interest in trading robots. It is true that he has some bitcoins in his portfolio and has openly admired the bitcoin concept. However, he has never shown any interest in bitcoin trading bots. Any Elon Musk Bitcoin Evolution endorsement claims are therefore false.

    Gossip blogs have been all over this entrepreneur with fake news about his involvement in various trending bitcoin technologies. Our investigation reveals that the motivation behind these fake headlines is to divert web traffic from the ranking keyword to their platforms. Bitcoin Evolution is currently trending and is, therefore, a top target for fake news. We recommend that you treat any news about bitcoin systems celebrity endorsement with a pinch of salt.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Evolution

    Bitcoin Evolution is also fully auto and hence easy to use. The registration process with this robot is straightforward and secure. You only need 15 minutes to create an account and start trading.

    1. Register for free on Bitcoin Evolution website
    2. Deposit a minimum capital of $250 with the matched broker
    3. Get familiar with the robot’s features through a demo account
    4. Click the live button on the real web-trader dashboard

    Bitcoin Code

    Bitcoin Code is another bot that rides on bitcoin volatility with alleged profitability of over 20% per day. We have analysed the many online reviews about this robot and confirmed that it is well revered by many. At least 90% of those who claim to have tried Bitcoin Code report that it is consistently profitable. There are also good reviews about its easy to use and safe platforms and excellent customer services.

    We cannot guarantee these claims since we have not tested the robot ourselves. However, from the excellent feedback on top consumer review sites, there is a high likelihood that this robot is profitable. We find this robot worth trying but with a small deposit of $250. Read a detailed Bitcoin Code review for more information.

    Did Elon Musk endorse Bitcoin Code?

    Bitcoin Code is another viral robot being associated with Elon Musk. However, there exists no evidence that this entrepreneur has an investment in any bitcoin robot. Any platform reporting a Bitcoin Code Elon Musk endorsement is a fake news platform. The fake headlines associating celebrities with Bitcoin Code seems to be growing with the rising popularity of this robot.

    Fake news platforms are nowadays using a black hat marketing technique that involves generating clickbait titles by associating a celebrity with trending keywords. The combination of a viral keyword such as Bitcoin Code and the name of a celebrity in a headline attract a lot of link clicks and hence improves search ranking.

    How to register with Bitcoin Code

    • Visit Bitcoin Code website to create a free account
    • Deposit a small deposit of $250 with the partner broker
    • Try the demo account to learn about the web-trader features
    • Click the live button to start trading

    Bottom line

    Elon Musk is one of the few entrepreneurs who have expressed great interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, there exists no evidence that he is interested in bitcoin trading systems. We suggest that you treat such claims as gossip. As explained in this article, gossip blogs are taking advantage of the popularity of some bitcoin systems to divert web traffic to their sites. These platforms create clickbait titles using trending keywords and celebrity names to get link clicks.

    It is important that you avoid such platforms and only get information from tested and verified sources. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin robot 2020 review to learn more about Bitcoin Lifestyle and more.


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