Dragons Den Bitcoin: Has Dragons Den Endorsed Bitcoin Robots?


Author: Patrick Webber

Dragons Den is a British reality TV program aired in over 30 countries. The program involves entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to angel investors. There are rumours that some bitcoin robots have been presented on this show and received an investment. But is there any Dragons Den bitcoin robot pitch that went through?

InsideBitcoins finds no evidence to support these claims. It is therefore highly likely that gossip blogs are peddling these unfounded rumours. The said Dragons Den bitcoin robots include Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole, and Bitcoin Future. However, these robots are currently viral on social media and thousands of users have reportedly earned between $1,000-$3,000 per day with them. So are they legit? Read on to learn more about these robots and whether they are worth your time.

Bitcoin Dragons Den – Viral Trend!

The Dragons Den bitcoin robots claims have gone viral in the recent days’ thanks to social media influencers promoting them. We have combed the internet looking for authoritative sources that support these claims to no avail. There is a likelihood that those spreading these rumours are doing so deliberately perhaps to divert bitcoin-related web-traffic to their sites.

InsideBitcoins has determined that some gossip blogs are taking advantage of popular bitcoin-related keywords and popular TV programs to create clickbait titles. People are likely to click through links that combine unrelated but viral keywords.

Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole Bitcoin Evolution, and Bitcoin Future are currently top trending keywords on Google Trends. This may be the reason they have been targeted with fake headlines such as the Dragons Den bitcoin robots rumours. As mentioned in the intro, InsideBitcoins finds these robots to be legit. We highly recommend that you read our top Bitcoin Robot review if you are new in robo-trading.

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a bitcoin trading robot founded during the crypto boom, back in 2016. The robot has gained popularity over the years and is said to be among the best. This robot has allegedly helped over 100 users hit the coveted $1 million mark within a year of trading. We haven’t found any evidence to support these claims, but there are a lot of positive reviews online indicating that it is a top performer.

Bitcoin Trader has alleged daily profitability of up to 400%. Some of the people who have reviewed it allege turning a $250 deposit to $2k in less than a day of trading. We found a lot of reviews that support these claims and hence there is a high likelihood that they are correct.

This robot also has excellent ratings on ease of use, safety, and customer service. The majority of users report using the robot successfully despite not having any prior trading experience. Regarding safety, Bitcoin Trader appears to have military-grade level encryption and is adherent to most data protection policies, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have also tested this robot customer care services and confirmed that they are available for 24/5. You can contact them via the phone number given on their website or live chat. They are also reachable via email, but you may have to wait for up to 24 hours to get a reply. Read an unbiased and comprehensive Bitcoin Trader review here.

Did Dragons Den feature Bitcoin Trader?

As mentioned above, InsideBitcoins has not found any substantial evidence to support the Bitcoin Trader Dragons Den claims. Consequently, we strongly advise that you treat any platform making these claims with a grain of salt. It is always prudent to conduct your research before taking any news as the absolute truth. We help you make informed choices by providing comprehensive and neutral robot reviews.

We have reviewed Bitcoin Trader and found it to be trustworthy. As mentioned above, appear to be popular with all types of users, including beginner and experienced traders. Feel free to give it a try with a deposit of $250 and let us know how you find it in the comment section below.

How do I register with Bitcoin Trader?

This robot is very beginner-friendly. All you have to do to get started with it is to follow the steps below.

  1. Visit Bitcoin Trader homepage and create a free trading account through the form on the top right corner of the page.
  2. You will redirect to the partner broker page where you must verify ID and current address to proceed. The verification process may take up to one hour.
  3. After verification, you will be asked to deposit your trading capital. The minimum requirement is $250. Do not start with more than this amount.
  4. Bitcoin Trader provides a demo account to help users get acquainted with the live platform.
  5. Follow the provided guidelines to set risk and click the live button to start trading. Make sure that you read our full Bitcoin Trader guide for tips to make the most out of the robot.

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is also one of the oldest bitcoin trading robots on the market today. With this robot, you can speculate on bitcoin against other cryptos and paper money such as the USD, GBP or EUR. The robot rides on volatility and hence can generate the alleged returns even when the markets are on a free fall. For the record, traders use a strategy known as short-selling to bet on the bear market.

Bitcoin Loophole has an alleged win rate of 88.9% and can supposedly make $1k per day from a deposit of $250. When compared to Bitcoin Trader, this bot is less risky but can result in significant losses nonetheless. Remember that the higher the risk you take, the higher the alleged earning potential.

However, it is not wise to trade with money you cannot afford to lose. It is stupid to use your retirement money or your children education fund to trade cryptos.

Did Dragons Den feature Bitcoin Loophole?

There is no evidence that Bitcoin Loophole has appeared on Dragons Den and hence you should treat any such rumours as false. As explained severally in this guide, the sites peddling these lies are using clickbait titles to divert web traffic to their sites. Do not fall for their trap by clicking their links. Always get your information from authoritative sources such as InsideBitcoins.

We have analysed Bitcoin Loophole and found it to be likely to be legit. It may be a great idea to give it a shot. Ensure that you read our comprehensive Bitcoin Loophole guide to learn more about this bot. Please share your thoughts about this robot or any other robot in the comment section below.

How do I trade with Bitcoin Loophole?

Bitcoin Loophole is beginner-friendly and does not require any expertise to use. Follow the steps below to start trading with it.

  1. Visit Bitcoin Loophole website and fill the registration form displayed on their homepage
  2. You will be redirected to a local partner broker to verify ID and address. The process only takes a few minutes
  3. Deposit the minimum balance through Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Web Money, Skrill, Neteller, or Bitcoin
  4. Trade with a highly intuitive demo account to get acquainted with the real web trader
  5. Go live by toggling the trade now button. You have an option to adjust the risk settings to fit your risk appetite

Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin Future is not as old as Bitcoin Loophole or Bitcoin Trader but has its fair share of users. This bot applies the same trading approach used by other leading bots. The robot has an alleged daily return of up to 400%. You can read more about it through our comprehensive and unbiased Bitcoin Future review.

Did Dragons Den feature Bitcoin Future?

We have not found any evidence indicating that Bitcoin Future has appeared on Dragons Den. However, we have done an investigation on this bot and can confirm that it is trustworthy. The robot has a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot after 433 reviews. It also has good ratings on other consumer review sites including the ForexPeaceArmy.

With Bitcoin Future, you can speculate on Bitcoin against other digital coins or significant fiat currencies, including the USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, and EUR.

How do I trade with Bitcoin Future?

This bot is also made with the beginner trader in mind. Follow the steps explained below to trade with this robot.

  1. Visit Bitcoin Future website and create a free account as directed. The process takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. Get redirected to a local partner broker where you will be required to verify ID and prove your address
  3. Deposit a minimum of $250 with the broker through the provided methods. This robot accepts Wire Transfer and all major debit and credit cards.
  4. Trade with a demo to familiarise with the features found in the live platform
  5. Click the trade now button to go live

Bottom line

All the Dragons Den bitcoin robots explained in this review appear to be legit. You can give any of them a try and comment about your experience below. Always remember that all forms of trading come at a risk. Trade wisely!

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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