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Dick Smith Bitcoin – Did he invest?

There are rumours that Dick Smith, the Australian multi-millionaire, has invested in bitcoin robots. But are these rumours legit?

From our investigation, it seems that Dick Smith hasn’t invested in bitcoin or any of its trading tools. However, all the said Dick Smith Bitcoin systems appear to be legit and are highly popular.

These robots include Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Pro, and Bitcoin Loophole. Read this guide to find out more about Dick Smith bitcoin associations and to discover these Bitcoin Trader robots.

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    Who is Dick Smith?

    Dick Smith is an Australian multi-millionaire and the founder of Dick Smith Electronics. He has various business interests and is worth about $60 million.

    Some of his investments are in tech. This explains why gossip blogs are speculating that he has invested in bitcoin through cutting edge technologies. However, there is no evidence of Dick Smith investing in Bitcoin or any of its trading bots.

    The said Dick Smith Bitcoin robots seem to be highly popular and hence a prime target for gossip.

    Bitcoin Dick Smith – Viral trend!

    You have probably come across the rumours on social media. Gossip blogs are spreading them through Pinterest and Twitter posts with links to their websites.

    The association of popular keywords with celebrity names is not new in the world of black hat marketing. Gossip blogs with fake celebrity headlines have targeted almost every popular crypto product, including the anticipated Libra Coin.

    These platforms aim to get people to click on the link in the headlines and visit the gossip blogs. They do this to trick search engines into believing that their blogs are popular with users.

    We have conducted in-depth background checks on the said Dick Smith Bitcoin robots. Check the platforms linked to Dick Smith Below, or read our top Bitcoin Robot for general information about auto-trading bots.

    Bitcoin Evolution

    Bitcoin Evolution is a well-known robot which allegedly makes up to $5000 in daily profits from a deposit of as little as $500. You need a minimum of $250 to trade with it.

    Bitcoin Evolution is beginner-friendly and safe. Apart from partnering with well-regulated brokers, this robot has invested in 128-bit key encryption to ensure cyber safety. Consequently, you need not worry about losing personal data when trading with this robot.

    Cyber safety and broker regulation are some of the critical determinants of a legit robot. A robot that observes strict data safety measures is unlikely to engage in fraudulent activities. Moreover, the partnership with a regulated-broker is enough sign that the robot is willing to operate in transparency.

    Good robot brokers like Bitcoin Pro are regularly audited by regulators such as the UK FCA and Australia’s ASIC. They also must adhere to data safety measures, including the stringent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Bitcoin Evolution trades BTC CFDs. A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a form of financial derivative which allows volatility trading without owning the underlying asset. CFDs tend to have high profitability potential, but they also come at a risk. Bitcoin Evolution applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance potential and minimize risk.

    Did Dick Smith invest in Bitcoin Evolution?

    Dick Smith hasn’t mentioned anything about investing Bitcoin Evolution. There is also no proof that he is interested in crypto trading.

    The Dick Smith Bitcoin rumours are therefore blatant lies being spread by gossip blogs. As mentioned earlier, these blogs are using the rumours as a black hat SEO technique aimed at driving traffic to their sites.

    Celebrity gossip should inform an investment decision. It is always crucial to carry out enough due diligence before signing up with any robot. InsideBitcoins makes the search easier for you by providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews.

    We have investigated Bitcoin Evolution, and it appears legit. However, we suggest that you read our comprehensive Bitcoin Evolution review before signing up with this robot.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Evolution

    Trading with Bitcoin Evolution should be easy if you read the provided instructions carefully. There is also a demo account to help you master the platform before going live.

    Bitcoin Evolution also connects new users with a dedicated account manager to assist them through setup and trading. Follow the steps below to begin trading BTC CFDs through Bitcoin Evolution.

    1. Go to Bitcoin Evolution homepage and create a free account using the provided form. Verify details with the robot and the underlying broker.
    2. Deposit a trading capital of 250 USD. Please note that this is the amount you will use to buy BTC CFDs. Bitcoin Evolution is a free app, and hence you won’t need to pay a license fee. However, a maintenance fee of 0.5% is charged on any earnings generated through the robot.
    3. Read the trading guide and trade with the demo account for practice. You should also engage the dedicated account manager during this phase.
    4. Adjust the trading settings as per your preferences and click the trade now button.

    Bitcoin Pro

    BitcoinPro is another bitcoin trading robot which also applies AI technologies to conduct trading on behalf of users. It trades BTC CFDs with a supposed daily ROI of nearly 200%.

    Popular CFDs pairs you can bet on using this robot include BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, BTC/AUD, and BTC/EUR. You can also trade crypto to crypto pairs, including BTC/ETH, BTC/BCH, and many others. In total, Bitcoin Pro offers over 45 BTC CFDs pairs.

    This allegedly makes it the best bet for traders looking for a variety of options. Bitcoin Pro is also an AI robot that relies on Machine Learning (ML) technologies to ensure the supposed returns. ML enables robots to improve themselves as they interact with diverse data.

    Bitcoin Pro also applies High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and scalping techniques. HFT involves robust computer programs transacting a large number of orders in a split of a second. Scalping is a trading style that consists of making bets on small price changes.

    Bitcoin Pro can allegedly place up to 50 trades per day. Moreover, its brokers offer a leverage of up to 3000:1 hence magnifying trades and supposed profits. It’s important to note that this technique also increases the chance of blowing a trading account. As a rule of thumb, it is always important to trade with what you can afford to lose.

    Did Dick Smith invest in Bitcoin Pro?

    We haven’t found a dependable news source confirming these claims. You should, therefore, treat them as a mere gossip not worth paying attention to.

    However, Bitcoin Pro is reputable and likely to be legit. It is popular on the internet, and hence it is not unexpected that it is attracting gossip. As explained earlier, gossip platforms combine celebrity names with trending keywords to create clickbait links.

    This form of black hat marketing is becoming increasingly popular and is fuelled by the mass investment incryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin Pro seems legit and popular and hence a prime target for black marketing techniques.

    Find out more about this robot in our Bitcoin Pro review.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Pro

    Live trading with Bitcoin Pro is easy for all, including those with no prior trading experience. All you need to operate this bot successfully is to go through the provided guide and practice through the demo account.

    Here are the steps to follow to get started with Bitcoin Pro.

    1. Signup with Bitcoin Pro here and verify your details with the robot and the underlying broker.
    2. Fund your trading account with at least 250 USD using your debit/credit card, wire transfer, e-wallet, or bitcoin wallet.
    3. Watch the Bitcoin Pro trading tutorials and try the functions of the web-trader through the demo trader.
    4. Open a live session once comfortable with all the features of the demo trader.

    Bitcoin Loophole

    This robot is also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It is easy to use and has a supposed profitability of up to 300% daily.

    Bitcoin Loophole trades BTC CFDs through what is known as news trading. The robot applies the ML technologies to scan the internet for tradable news and take positions 0.0001 seconds ahead of the markets.

    This allegedly enables it to maintain the supposed daily win rate of 95%. You can read more in our Bitcoin Loophole review.

    Did Dick Smith endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

    We have combed the internet for evidence about Dick Smith investing in Bitcoin Loophole and did not corroborate any association. You should keep off the celebrity rumours by reading our unbiased bitcoin robots reviews. We have analysed Bitcoin Loophole, and it seems to be legit.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Loophole

    Registering and trading with Bitcoin Loophole should be easy if you read and follow the provided instructions.

    1. Create a Bitcoin Loophole trading account here and verify personal details as instructed.
    2. Deposit a minimum of 250 USD as your trading capital. You can deposit more money for high supposed returns, but you should be careful since there is also a significant risk in trading with this robot.
    3. Practice trading through a demo and read the Bitcoin Loophole trading guide thoroughly.
    4. Click the live trading button to start running the Bitcoin Loophole web trader.

    Bottom line

    While Dick Smith hasn’t invested or endorsed any of the above robots, they all seem to be softwares that investors around the world are using daily to trade cryptocurrencies. You can try any of them through the provided links and let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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