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Daniel Craig Bitcoin – Did he invest?

Daniel Craig is a famous English actor known for the James Bond film series. He is one of the world’s richest actors with an estimated worth of $130 million. There is a rumour going around on social media claiming that David Craig has invested in bitcoin through trading bots. The rumour is viral on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. But is it true that Daniel Craig has invested in Bitcoin Trader robots?

InsideBitcoins finds no evidence of Daniel Craig investing in bitcoin and its trading robots. We have contacted Daniel Craig to confirm the claims, but he hasn’t responded. Moreover, an analysis of the sites making these claims affirms that they are mainly gossip blogs.

The robots targeted by this rumour include Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Lifestyle, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Era. These robots are highly popular and hence attract all manner of stories, including gossip. In this review, you will learn about each of these robots and how you can trade with them successfully.

Bitcoin Daniel Craig – Viral Trend!

The rumour about Daniel Craig investing in bitcoin robots has gone viral on social media. Those spreading these rumours allege that the actor has nearly doubled his wealth since he started trading with bots like Bitcoin Evolution. As mentioned in the introduction, this rumour appears to be false given that Craig hasn’t confirmed it and there is no authoritative source that has made such claims.

We can confirm that the claims are mostly from fake news platforms and gossip blogs. The association of a trending bitcoin-related keyword with a celebrity name is a black hat marketing technique used to divert web-traffic to fake news platforms. These sites take advantage of the fact that people are likely to respond to headlines that associate ranking keywords with celebrity names.

The three bitcoin robots mentioned alongside Daniel Craig are top ranking on Google trends which explains why they are a prime target for gossip blogs. We have reviewed Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Era and confirmed that they are legit robots. If you are new to Bitcoin trading, you must read our comprehensive bitcoin robots 2020 guide before trying any robot.

Bitcoin Code

This robot was founded in 2014 and has since then grown in popularity to become a leading name in bitcoin robots. Bitcoin Code is estimated to have over 300k users and have allegedly helped over 1000 users join the coveted millionaire club. The robot has an alleged win rate of up to 400% and can supposedly turn a deposit of $250 to over $1500 in less than a day of trading.

But is Bitcoin Code legit? We have investigated it and confirmed that it is legit. Most people are sceptical of Bitcoin Code due to its high alleged profitability. However, the technology and strategies that it relies upon justifying the high win rate. Bitcoin Code is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its branches of Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

These technologies are popular in scalping on the forex and stock markets. Bitcoin Code is among the first robots to apply them in the bitcoin market. The robot also uses the blockchain technology to ensure high transparency. This means that users can monitor and verify all that takes place in the background. For the record, Bitcoin Code is 100% auto, and hence users do not need any skill to trade with it.

Did Daniel Craig invest in Bitcoin Code?

We haven’t found any evidence supporting the Daniel Craig Bitcoin Code investment claims. As mentioned in the intro, we have tried contacting Craig to verify the allegations, but he is yet to get back to us. You should treat the rumour as false until there is concrete evidence to support the claims.

However, it doesn’t matter whether he has invested or not. We have investigated Bitcoin Code and are convinced that it is legit. The robot operates transparently and has excellent reviews on TrustPilot. Moreover, it is easy to use and have proper measures in place to ensure users safety.

Even when this bot is easy to use and has high alleged profitability, it is not risk-free. There is a high likelihood of losing invested capital when trading with this bot. You should only trade with what won’t devastate your life if you lose it.

How to trade with Bitcoin Code

Trading with Bitcoin Code takes place at a single click of a button. However, the trader has an option to adjust risk settings to match their risk appetite. We recommend that you leave the risk settings at default if this is your first time trading with a robot. Remember that a small change in risk settings can significantly impact your trading results.

  1. Register a free trading account on Bitcoin Code homepage – This should only take you less than five minutes. Ensure that you provide correct details to avoid problems during verification.
  2. Deposit a minimum of $250 – You will be taken to a partner broker page where you must verify ID before deposit. Remember that you can’t withdraw funds until your ID is verified. You can deposit through Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and a few more methods.
  3. Trade demo or go live – After deposit, you can access the Bitcoin Code web-trader. You have an option to practice through a demo before going live.

Bitcoin Revolution

This robot is similar to Bitcoin Code only that it allows users to bet on BTC against other cryptos and fiat currencies. With Bitcoin Revolution, traders can speculate on bitcoin against the USD, GBP, and EUR. You can also trade ETH, XRP, BCH, among other significant cryptos. The bot is also auto, and hence anyone can trade with it.

Bitcoin Revolution is highly recommended to anyone looking to benefit from crypto without having to invest in trading education. Buying bitcoin directly involves a lot of hustles and is hence out of reach for most people. However, buying and selling BTC through Bitcoin Revolution only involves a few steps and doesn’t require users to hold crypto wallets and cram complex codes.

This bot is also based on artificial intelligence and hence reports almost similar results as Bitcoin Code. The robot has a supposed win rate of up to 300% daily. Read more about Bitcoin Revolution here.

Did Daniel Craig invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

The Daniel Craig Bitcoin Revolution claims are false. We recommend that you avoid gossip news by relying on comprehensive reviews like this one for decision making. We have investigated Bitcoin Revolution and confirmed that it is a trustworthy robot. This means that it doesn’t matter whether Daniel Craig has endorsed it or not. Never subscribe to a product just because a celebrity has endorsed.

Celebrities are also humans and can be duped into endorsing scam products. It happened in 2017 when 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were tricked into recommending scam ICOs.

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is automatic and can be used by anyone, including those with zero background in crypto trading. All you need to trade successfully is to follow the provided trading guide religiously. Here is a guide to registering and trading with Bitcoin Revolution.

  1. Register a free account and verify your phone and email as instructed. You also need to create a strong password at this stage.
  2. Deposit a minimum of $250 through the provide methods. You need to verify identity through a government ID check before deposit. This measure is vital since it is a guarantee that your money is safe.
  3. Trade with the demo or go live – After deposit, you can choose to practice through a demo before going live. This is highly recommended since you need to master all the trading functions of the bot before going live. You need to learn to adjust risk before going live.

Bitcoin Era

This robot is similar to the Bitcoin Revolution in nearly all ways only that it has a lower earning potential and risk. We recommended it for the risk-averse traders. You can read more about Bitcoin Era here.

Did Daniel Craig invest in Era?

We didn’t find any evidence supporting the claims that Daniel Craig has invested in Bitcoin Era. Those making these claims are likely to be lying. It is essential that you keep off gossip platforms and only rely on verified sources of information.

How to trade with Bitcoin Era

You need a few minutes to set up an account and get started with Bitcoin Era. Follow the steps below to get started with Bitcoin Era.

  1. Register a free account on their website and create a strong password as directed
  2. Deposit a minimum of $250 with the underlying partner broker. Your money is safe given that all Bitcoin Era partner brokers are adequately regulated.
  3. Go live by clicking the trade now button

Bottom Line

Daniel Craig has not invested in Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Revolution. However, this is not to mean that these bots are not legit. You can try any of them and let us know how you find it by leaving us a comment below. Remember that all trading involves significant risk.



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