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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The advent of trading robots for automated cryptocurrency trading has its ups and down. In this review, we discuss the scam trading software by the name Crypto GPS. Promising its users a minimum of $450 per hour and $10,000 bonus upon registration, this software is a  pure SCAM.  We, however, recommend Bitcoin Code for all your trades as it has been tested to be a working and profitable software.

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    Is the Crypto GPS a Scam? YES!

    InsideBitcoins have researched the Crypto GPS app and observed the following:

    • It claims its members make $450 per hour and a minimum of $10,000 per day which is actually outrageous. If one app could help people make as high as that daily, then everyone on earth would be using it.
    • Its testimonials are actually fabrications put together by internet actors.
    • It claims only 10 slots are available for free on the platform.
    • If you are looking for a legit, profitable which will make you profits, you can try Bitcoin Code.

    The Crypto GPS is an app allegedly used to enrich its users through automated cryptocurrency trading. Created by Jim Heffner, this app promises its users profit of $450 per hour and a daily profit of $10,000. Hosted on, the system claims its service is risk-free and prospective users should hurry as there are only 10 slots available. It also claims the use of the ‘valuable’ comes at no fee attached. This sounds too good to be true actually, but, in the real sense of it, it is a scam.

    The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been on the increase for the past few months and this goes to suffice that trading cryptocurrencies are a sure, big way to make big money. There is a lot of real, profitable software which can help accomplish this such as Cryptosoft, Bitcoin Code etc. However, Crypto GPS doesn’t fall into the class of these trading platforms but it is rather a fake, scam operation introduced by unknown individuals. The system insisted that only ten slots are available for free accounts on its website, however, to test its validity, using different data, we created over 10 accounts on the trading system. This largely reveals how much of a scam it is.

    What is the Crypto GPS, and is it a Scam?

    Going by the information accessible on the website, the advert MAKE AT LEAST $450 PER HOUR! can be seen on its front page. To the right is the registration form with the statement Enter Your Name $ Email and Earn Your First $10,000 TODAY! These are bold statements and it would have been interesting if it were true. However, they are not. It would have been believable should the team have come up with an explanation of how the app works. However, there’s none. It only mentioned how BTC trading is fast and accurate, how the app can scan the market for profitable trading opportunities amongst others. These didn’t really explain how the system as it look doctored, convoluted and useless.

    In trading, having a trading strategy is important, indicators for technical analysis is key. However, none of these is mentioned by the trading software. Thus, our suspicion that the Crypto GPS software is a scam that doesn’t trade any cryptocurrency is valid. Crypto GPS is only out to rob unsuspecting users. As a cryptocurrency web platform, we have received tons of complaints from people who tried the software expecting high ROI only to find out they have been duped.

    To further assert that Crypto GPS is a scam, the claim that the site was accepting only 10 signups was a new piece of information. Before now, some week back, the information they had up on their website was that the information was accepting only 20 sign-ups. This goes to expose the lie that it was the first time in 2 years after launch that free accounts would be given out to users. Also, a quick check to know the details of the registered owner of the domain name showed that the details were private. With little or no personal information about the creators of the software, it leaves us to conclude that Crypto GPS is a SCAM!

    Who founded the Crypto GPS?

    Crypto GPS was founded by an unknown character known as Jim Hefner. From our research, this guy has been promoting scams for quite a long while now. We discovered he was a major promoter of Binary Options scam some years back. Following trends, here he is promoting scam via cryptocurrency trading and investment.

    Why the Crypto GPS is a Scam

    There are a lot of reasons for which we label Crypto GPS a scam. Some of them are categorically listed below:

    False claims about how much you can make

    This claim is very outrageous. There are examples of traders on the best trading systems around the world who don’t make as much daily. Thus, how would anyone without any input expect to generate such revenue? It makes no sense. Making $450 per hour is a big deal and having as much as $10,000 ROI in 24 hours is a good deal. However, this is not valid information.

    Fake Videos

    On the homepage of the website, we find a 14-minute video explaining how Bitcoin is a good currency and can also create wealth. It also claimed Crypto GPS was the best software for making money off cryptocurrency trading. This is however not true. In the video, all the characters used were actually internet actors. The image of Jim Hefner uploaded on the website was actually an image bought on iStock.

    Fake Testimonials

    The testimonial box on the website shows two different personalities identified as TREVOR C. MALLORY & MEGAN J. DELGADO claiming Crypto GPS gave them returns of $2,323,178 & $1,922,718 respectively. However, all these aren’t true. These people are merely internet actors.

    Fake support

    Crypto GPS according to its web platform claims it has fantastic support through which it gives attention to its users. However, none of this true. Opening the Contact Us link on the website, one sees a form which is opened up through which the support ticket would be attached. This also is fake. It was also included that the Crypto GPS software is free to use for all users, however, this is not true as to start trading on the platform, and one would have to pay an access fee.

    Fake rumors and TV claims

    Crypto GPS engages in fake promotions using the identity of Dragons Den actors and investors, Elon Musk, Peter Jones and other TV show host. However, all the claims of the promotion of this phony software by the aforementioned personalities are nothing but false. As a scam, Crypto GPS looks for all options to promote its content and using these media personalities is one of them. However, it is entirely false.

    Fake Parties

    Megan Delgado said Crypto GPS is like a family as they hold wild parties. However, all of these are just hearsays as there is no confirmation to such claims.

    The Signup, deposit and, trade process on Crypto GPS

    The signup process on Crypto GPS is rather an amazing task. With the registration form on the right side of the website, the web platform has an inbuilt feature which allows it to detect the country every visit is from and automatically includes its Zip code when registering. The registration is done in three steps with the following details required (First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Phone Number). After registration, a page is opened which requires the registered user to make a deposit not less than $300 to begin trading. The system promises a secured web payment gateway and efficient process of payment. However, this is a total lie. The software upon entering your Credit Card information (i.e. Card Number, Expiry date, Security code) saves it and would be used by these fraudsters to siphon the money in your account.

    Down to the trade process, this is the most deceptive of them all. After deposit, the system would begin trading and you would see the trades going on well on screen. You might even see your daily profit exceed $10,000 and then when a withdrawal request is made, everything goes down. The money keeps going up but the money can’t be withdrawn. When the support system is contacted, there would be no response as there is no actual customer support. So, you see, everything about Crypto GPS gears towards our initial confirmation that it is a scam. All its acclaimed trading process is fraudulent.

    Have people made money with the Crypto GPS?

    Before writing this review, we did a search on positive reviews on Crypto GPS outside its platform, however, we found none. This goes to justify that the reviews on the site are doctored. There is no way a Bitcoin system would be profitable as Crypto GPS claims and there would be none on the internet outside its circle who reviews it to be so. This shows something is missing. Thus, none of the people who have invested in Crypto GPS made any money. In fact, the most common review on the internet about this software is about this software is that it does make rich as it claims. Nobody has EVER made money with Crypto GPS.

    Recommended robots

    Inasmuch as there are scam trading robots out there, it doesn’t justify that there are no good ones. There are a lot of them e.g. Bitcoin Code, Cryptosoft etc. So, rather than get involved in Crypto robot scams, there are alternatives. With more convincing websites, trading strategy, user testimonials, and media support, we confirm that Bitcoin Code is real and profitable.

    Other good crypto bots can be found on our bitcoin robot page.

    Stay away from these scams:

    Crypto GPS Review: The Verdict!

    This review contains useful information about the Crypto GPS as it seeks to provide valuable information about cryptocurrency trading robots. From all indications, it appears that Crypto GPS is nothing but a scam. With having a domain name registered privately, inconsistent information on its website, an unfeasible return of investment (ROI), lack of customer support system, illegal use of customer credit card information, fake testimonials and so many more, the Crypto GPS trading platform is a scam and should be avoided by all intending investors. Try Bitcoin Code or Cryptosoft today.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Crypto GPS an exchange?

    No, it is not, it is a self-acclaimed automated trading platform. However, it is not an automated trading platform, to say the least, it is rather a phishing site set up by internet fraudsters to rid people of their hard earned money.

    Is earning money through Cryptocurrency Trading real?

    Yes, earning money through Cryptocurrency Trading is real. There are also a good number of exchanges out there who regard Cryptocurrency as a real currency and asset of value and are as well earning through its use.

    Where is Crypto GPS based?

    As earlier stated, when we carried out a research on the web platform using its domain name, the search revealed that the user information of the web domain was placed on private. And thus, we cannot really ascertain where it is from. However, one thing is certain, from all indications, Crypto GPS is a scam.

    Asides Bitcoin Code and Cryptosoft, any other trading platform you can recommend?

    Yes, there are other good and profitable trading platforms asides these. Examples are Bitcoin Profit, Crypto Revolt among others.

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    1. Question

      Avoid this platform.

      • Answer

        Hello xvf363, you are absolutely right, everyone should avoid this platform as they could lose all their investment if they deposited their money in Crypto GPS.

        Inside Bitcoins
    2. Question

      This is a total scam. Do not invest in this software

      • Answer

        Hello nne362, you are absolutely right. Anyone investing in this software would end up regretting their decision as Crypto GPS is a scam platform.

        Inside Bitcoins
    3. Question

      The crypto GPS is total BS. it promises a whole lot and when I used it I was left in disbelief. I was unable to make any gain with the crypto GPS. dont invest your money on this platform for trading. what other options do you have ? is it true that I can make $10,000 a day with some robots?????

      • Answer

        Hello Nart. Crypto GPS didn’t work for you because it is a scam as our review explains. We can recommend you some of the best and most legit crypto bots in the industry – check out our detailed guide on such robots.

        Inside Bitcoins
    4. Question

      The crypto GPS is not a legit cryptocurrency robot, from the look of it’s functionality it us not worth it, also this robot promises a whoop sum upon registration and this is quite confusing because the money is very much and is not even an amount peopleale that easily.

      Don’t get carried away by what you see on the site and you should work hard to earn your own money rather than putting your money where you might not be able to make anything out of it.

      This is a scam and you should not fall for it. All thanks to those who made this review, it is something we all need to serve as a guide for we lovers of cryptocurrency.

      • Answer

        Hello Dominic, you are absolutely right, Crypto GPS is a huge scam and we would not recommend anyone to use this robot as they could lose their entire investment in doing so.

        Inside Bitcoins
    5. Question

      I really thought this was a ponzi scheme, the first question that came to my mind was “why will you give me $10,000 as bonus for registering with you”. No matter how competitive the market was, it was not a thing to do when it is not that they give bitcoin out for free.

      I know this is a scam from the start, it was just so obvious and I think the founder of this strange robot should try again later and look for some other people to scam.

      I love your site and I think I already found myself a place to get information about what I love to do, trading. What is the minimum and maximum investment that you will encourage for a starter? Will you love to give me the best crypto robots our there? I think I need to get better information about the cryptocurrency.

      • Answer

        Hello John, you are right, scam robots like Crypto GPS often make bogus claims to attract unknowing people on the platform and take away their investments.

        Inside Bitcoins

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