Crypto Shield: Scam or Legit Trading Bot?

Author: Patrick Webber

If you have been into automated crypto-trading for long, it is highly likely that you have stumbled upon Crypto Shield. This trading bot has been around for almost two years now and has become famous for all the wrong reasons. InsideBitcoins investigation confirms that Crypto Shield is a scam.

In this review, you will learn why you should keep away from this bot and also get recommendations for proven bitcoin trading robots such as the Bitcoin Loophole, where you can trade below.  Read on to find out why you should stay away from Crypto Shield.

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    Is Crypto Shield Scam? Yes!

    • InsideBitcoins has found that Crypto Shield is a scam with only a 15% legitimacy score.
    • Crypto Shield has a generally negative online sentiment.
    • This trading bot works in cahoots with unregulated, scam offshore brokers.
    • Most of the information on their website is false. The images used for testimonials are stock photos.
    • Crypto Shield is likely to disappear with your money if you sign up with them – there are a lot of complaints about lost deposits.
    • We recommend the robot Bitcoin Loophole instead, with which you can actually make good profits.

    InsideBitcoins determines a legit trading robot by its consistency in performance, online sentiment, ease of use, safety and customer service. Our investigations reveal that Crypto Shield is highly unreliable and unsafe. Most people who have tried this robot have lost their money. Their customer service is pathetic and won’t help you especially if you want to withdraw your deposit.

    InsideBitcoins has determined that Crypto Shield customer service only responds to questions related to deposits. Once a user makes a deposit, they are likely not to get any help from them. Perhaps this is because their primary goal is to run away with deposits. As mentioned earlier, most Crypto Shield partner brokers are unregulated and have all the characteristics of a scam.

    What is Crypto Shield?

    Crypto Shield claims to be a trading robot with a potential of making thousands of dollars in profits per day. InsideBitcoins has determined that these claims are nothing but lies. Crypto Shield is a big scam aimed at stealing from investors by tricking them into signing up with sham offshore brokers.

    Our analysis of online reviews reveals that the majority of those who have tried this trading bot have lost their money. Apart from having an accuracy level below 10 percent, Crypto Shield does not refund deposits. Once you deposit with them, you have zero chances of getting your money back. We found many complaints about deposits being wiped out in the first few minutes of trading.

    There are also several complaints about the trading bot switching itself on into live trading. In our view, there is a high likelihood that Crypto Shield does not have any underlying trading technology. There is a high possibility that they do not have an algorithm in place. Perhaps what they provide is a user interface to trick investors into believing that they do have legit trading robots.

    We cannot repeat enough on the need to keep away from this trading bot. Browse through our website for tested and proven trading bots.

    Who Founded Crypto Shield?

    Crypto Shield is said to have been founded by a person called Antony Hopkins. Our investigation reveals that these are blatant lies. The photo of Hopkins as provided on their website is from stock images. We can confirm that there exists no such person in connection to this trading bot.

    The fact that this Crypto Shield is willing to lie about its founder is enough evidence that it is a scam. InsideBitcoins investigation has also determined that this trading robot has no backing team. There is also no physical office or a traceable phone number. This means that there is no way for users to hold them accountable when they disappear with deposits.

    While not all legit trading bots reveal about founders, only a scam robot would lie about the same. Also, legit trading robots are likely to provide details about the supporting team, physical location and also a traceable phone line. All the trading bots in our recommended list have been proven to be legit. Read our review of Bitcoin Code, a top trading bot in our list for the best bots in 2019.

    Why is Crypto Shield a scam?

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Crypto Shield is a scam. Here are some of the reasons you should keep away from this trading robot.

    Fake testimonials and founder’s profile

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that the testimonials provided on Crypto Shield website are false. The founder’s profile is also untrue. We can confirm that the photos used on their site have are from the internet. Furthermore, the person speaking on the video on their website is a paid actor.

    As mentioned earlier, the fact that Crypto Shield is willing to lie about its founders is enough evidence that it is a scam. The real founders seem determined to hide their identity perhaps because they fear being apprehended for conning people.

    This trading bot provides very colorful testimonials on its website. However, our investigation reveals that they are all false. Furthermore, the reviewers are not real. The photos used in reviewers’ profiles are from stock images websites.

    Sham offshore partner brokers

    This review has also determined that the majority of brokers in partnership with Crypto Shield are unregulated. Additionally, the majority are a complete scam interested in nothing but mobilizing deposits. Even worse, Crypto Shield only discloses its partner brokers list after you have made a deposit.

    InsideBitcoins warns that there is a likelihood that Crypto Shield is nothing but a trap to get users to sign up with scam brokers. Our investigation did not find any evidence that they have algorithms capable of the results they claim to offer.

    Also worth noting, there are numerous complaints about this broker sharing users’ data with third parties. This is typical of any scam trading bot working in cahoots with sham brokers. These brokers are not only likely to steal your deposit but will also sell your data in the black market.

    Unproven trading technologies

    Most people who have tried using Crypto Shield report experiencing huge losses. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that this trading bot has an accuracy level below 10%. Additionally, it does not show consistency in performance and never reports any profits.

    As mentioned earlier, we could not establish whether this trading bot has the algorithm it claims to have on its backend. However, from the results we are getting, it is highly likely that Crypto Shield is just but a trap to get investors to sign up with scam trading bots.

    Legit trading bots have a proven track record and usually explain the basics of the logic behind its trading technology. Crypto seems only interested in getting people to sign up. You are likely not to get any help from their customer service after making a deposit.

    Poor online sentiment

    Most of the online reviews we have looked at reveals that most people who have used Crypto Shield have had a bad experience. Most complain about experiencing huge losses and not being able to withdraw their deposit. There are also a lot of complaints about their trading technology not working. A considerable number of reviewers claim that their accounts were wiped out a few minutes after initiating live trading.

    Furthermore, most previous users report that Crypto Shield customer service is almost inexistence. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that this trading robot only responds to inquiries regarding how to make deposits. Most users realize that they have fallen into a con trap after making the deposits, but unfortunately, they are not able to withdraw their money.

    Unsafe personal data practices.

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Crypto Shield shares users’ data with third parties. This is not uncommon with most scam trading bots. This bot is not only likely to steal your money but will also expose you to hackers.

    Proper personal data management practices entail using users’ data for its intended purpose only and disposing of it once this purpose happens. Moreover, organizations must protect any data passing through their platforms by encrypting it. This is possible through a protocol known as SSL among other tools.

    One of the metrics used by InsideBitcoins to rank legit trading bots is cybersecurity. Read our review of Bitcoin Compass if you are looking for a foolproof trading bot.

    Crypto Shield scam Signup Process

    The signup process with this scam trading bot involves filling a form on their homepage and making a deposit of $250.

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that this trading bot is a scam and you should stay away from it. As mentioned earlier in this review, the majority of people who have tried Crypto Shield report losing their deposits.

    This trading bot is highly inaccurate, and they do not have a money back guarantee. Moreover, the information provided on their website is false. Also, they appear to share users’ data with third parties hence exposing them to cyber attacks. Legit trading bots have policies in place to protect users’ data.

    Recommended Robots

    InsideBitcoins conducts thorough investigations to determine legit crypto trading bots. Our tests take into account factors such as transparency, ease of use, reputability, consistency and customer service. A good robot should give consistent results and should be transparent about the logic behind its trading platform.

    Scam trading bots like Crypto Shield tend to emphasize on the amount a trader can make and are dodgy about the technology. We recommend that you avoid such robots since you are likely to lose money if you deposit with them. The robots listed below have been thoroughly vetted and determined to be highly legit.

    InsideBitcoins can guarantee that you will make money with these robots. However, the profits may not be as high as they promise. We recommend that you start small and upgrade your account as you get comfortable with the trading platform.

    The News-Spy

    The News-Spy trading bot scans the market for tradeable news and executes trades accordingly. The crypto markets are very much affected by news which means that there are massive opportunities in news trading. With News-Spy, you can make an average of $1500 in profits daily from an investment below $500. This trading bot is best suited for both beginner and experienced traders.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    The Best Choice
    • 88% Claimed Win Rate
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Credit Card
    All trading carries risk.

    Crypto Revolt

    Crypto Revolt reports an average profit of $1000 per day from a minimum deposit of $250. InsideBitcoins gives this trading bot an 88% legitimacy score, which is among the best. Crypto Revolt scores best in reputability and customer service. The majority of reviews we analyzed point out that there is significant profit-making potential in this robot. However, be warned that there is a degree of risk and therefore you should not invest an amount you cannot afford to lose.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Properties
    • Trade
    The best choice
    • 88% Claimed Win Rate
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Credit Card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk.


    Other good crypto bots like Bitcoin Lifestyle can be found on our Bitcoin Robot page.

    Is Crypto Shield Legit? The Verdict!

    Crypto Shield is a scam trading bot, and you should stay away from it. Our investigation reveals that this platform is used as bait by scam brokers to get deposits from unsuspecting investors. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that most of the information on this trading robot website is false. The testimonials and images are all from the internet. Crypto Shield has a reputation of disappearing with users’ deposits.

    For those who opt to trade with their platform, it takes a few minutes for their accounts to get wiped out. We suspect that Crypto Shield does not have any trading technology and their platform is nothing but a frontend aimed at tricking investors into signing up. Click the button below to read our review of legit trading bots.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Crypto Shield Legit?

    No! InsideBitcoins has determined that Crypto Shield is a scam trading bot. Read the reviews of the alternative robots provided above to learn more about legit robots.

    Is Crypto Shield safe?

    Crypto Shield shares users’ data with third parties and is therefore not safe. You will receive a lot of unsolicited offers from scam offshore brokers if you sign up with them.

    Is Crypto Shield a pyramid scheme?

    Crypto Shield is worse than a pyramid scheme. This platform is bait for scam brokers to get you to sign up with them.

    How much can I make with Crypto Shield?

    You stand no chance of making any money with this trading robot. Most people who have tried Crypto Shield report losing money. Your account is likely to go to zero in the first few minutes of live trading.

    How do I determine a legit trading robot?

    Read our main robot page to learn about what to look for when determining a legit trading bot. The alternative bots provided in this review are verified to be legit regarding transparency, reputability, consistency, ease of use and customer service.

    What robots do you recommend?

    InsideBitcoins recommends that you start with well-established robots such as Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution, and Crypto Revolt. Follow the links provided in this review to sign up with them.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    A cryptocurrency and trading writer and editor, I specialise in algorithmic trading. I’ve written about every type of automated trading tools - from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors. My goal is to write honest reviews about automated trading tools in order to help users understand which software are trustworthy and which ones they should stay away from. I am constantly analysing and scrutinising the up and coming trading apps so if you are seeking advice or if you would like me to write a robot review in particular don't hesitate to get in touch – I’m happy to help!

    24 thoughts on “Crypto Shield: Scam or Legit Trading Bot?

    1. im looking for legit robots. no luck so far and ahve already lost over $5,000! this is the last time im trying,

      1. Hello Letsinvest, we are extremely sorry to hear about your loss. $5,000 is a huge amount that you don’t even have to invest all at once on a crypto bot. There are many robots out there that can get you great profits with an initial investment of just $250. We would recommend you to try Bitcoin Revolution and Ethereum Code.

      1. Hello Paulos, you are an absolute right. Crypto Shield is an absolute scam and we would not recommend anyone to use it. Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Revolution are far more legit and secure crypto bots than Crypto Shield. We would recommend you to try them.

    2. I will say that I am a bit skeptic about this review. a lot of reviews on their website are very positive. how can they be earning money if the robot is a scam?

      1. Hello Fitgirl, scam platforms like Crypto Shield hire writers to write fake reviews and testimonies to attract inexperienced crypto traders towards the platform. An expert can easily look through the lies and can see if the robot is actually legit or not. This is why we would not recommend you to invest in it.

    3. i’m tired of losing my money in crypto bots. I just want to buy cryptocurrencies and starting earning on my own. can you suggest me a good cryptocurrency broker and exchange?

      1. Hello Sabrina, we are sorry to hear that you have had such poor experiences with crypto bots. As for your question, we would highly recommend you to use eToro as it is one of the most secure and diverse digital assets brokers and crypto exchanges in the world. With eToro, you don’t have to find a separate broker because eToro plays the role of a crypto exchange as well as a broker.

      1. Hello Wantedgal, we perform multiple tests on a robot to evaluate its integrity, security, and accuracy. We also put our own money on the line and observe how the robot deals with our investment. This helps us to be very sure whether a robot is a scam or legit.

    4. can you please tell me about some crypto bots that are legit and will actually earn me money?

      1. Hello Fordislove, there are a number of crypto robots that are not only legit and secure, but highly accurate as well. We would recommend you to check out Crypto Cash and Bitcoin Formula as they are among the most lucrative robots out there.

    5. I have been looking for legit robots for quite some time now and still haven’t had a lot of luck. can you please help me guys? you obviously know a lot about this field. please help me

      1. Hello Shelby, we are happy to hear that you are doing proper research before putting your money on the line. Yes, we have tested a number of crypto bots in the industry and identified the legit ones from the rest. Check out our Bitcoin Robot guide on the topic.

    6. never invest in robots like these as you will use your money. I have already lost my investment and still haven’t found a legit robot. im starting to think that this whole crypto robot thing is a scam

      1. Hello Blueshack, we are sorry to hear that you have had such poor experiences with crypto bots. There are a number of crypto bots out there that are legit and secure, but the scams out there are just overwhelmingly large. We would recommend you to check out our detailed guide on the topic.

    7. is it possible for me to spend some extra time so taht I can make more money from this software?

      1. Hello Ash991, there is no scenario for this robot where you can earn money by investing in this robot. The thing is that it has not functionality whatsoever. It is only designed to steal people’s money. We would not recommend you to deposit a single penny in Crypto Shield.

    8. I am so thankful that I listened to Inside Bitcoins advice and didn’t invest in this robot as my friend who didn’t listen to them lost his $500 investment. now we’re looking for a legit robot to invest our money on. Inside Bitcoins, can you help us?

      1. Hello Walker, we are glad to hear that you didn’t lose your money and we are very sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. We can definitely help you find a legit and secure crypto bot to invest in. Please check out our detailed guide on the topic, it also contains our top recommendations.

      1. Hello esd241, you are absolutely correct, Crypto Shield is among the worst scam robots in the industry. We would not recommend anyone to invest their hard-earned money in this platform

      1. Hello Mal802, we would highly recommend that you don’t invest your money with Crypto Shield as it a scam. We have tested and reviewed a number of popular crypto bots and these are the most legit ones out there.

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