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Conor McGregor Bitcoin – Did he Invest?

Conor McGregor is a renowned Irish professional mixed martial artist, boxer, and former Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight and featherweight champion. He is also a bitcoin enthusiast and one of the few celebrities who accept payments through bitcoin.

There are rumours that Conor McGregor is one of the investors behind bitcoin systems such as Bitcoin Evolution Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Trader. For the record, a bitcoin system is a robot used to speculate on bitcoin volatility automatically.

While McGregor is a lover of bitcoin, he appears not to have invested or endorsed any Bitcoin system. This review will dispel the Conor McGregor bitcoin systems endorsement rumours and provide clarification on whether the mentioned bitcoin systems are legit.

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    Bitcoin Conor McGregor – Viral Trend

    Bitcoin Systems such as Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Revolution ranks high on Google Trends. This means that they are a sensation on the internet and there is a lot of news about them. As is expected with any viral topic, the trending bitcoin systems are already a target by fake news platforms and gossip blogs. These platforms use the trending keyword to create headlines that they believe will attract traffic to their sites.

    The most effective way to get this type of traffic is to associate the trending keyword with a renowned celebrity. Conor McGregor is a perfect target for trending bitcoin-related keywords given that he is known to be a proponent of cryptocurrencies. Fake keywords are inevitable with any newsworthy keyword, and hence, it is for you to do additional research to differentiate what is real from what is not.

    InsideBitcoins has investigated the Conor McGregor linked bitcoin systems and found a lot of good reviews about them.  We will discuss them in details below to help you determine if they are worth investing.

    Bitcoin Rush

    Bitcoin Rush is one of the trending bitcoin robots today which explains why it has become a target for fake news platforms. This bot was founded in 2017 and is said to be one of the most profitable tools in crypto trading. We have looked at the many online reviews about this robot and confirmed that at least 90% of its users are satisfied with its results. Bitcoin Rush reportedly makes hundreds of dollars per day from a deposit of as little as $250.

    We have not done a live test on this robot and therefore cannot guarantee that you will make money with it. However, from the reviews we have come across, there is a 99% chance that you will find it to be profitable. It may be a good idea that you try it for yourself using the minimum deposit required. We will appreciate if you can let us know about your experience with this robot in the comment section below. Click here for a detailed Bitcoin Rush review.

    Does Conor McGregor endorse Bitcoin Rush?

    Conor McGregor is a lover of bitcoin, but there is no evidence that he has invested in Bitcoin Rush. As mentioned above, Bitcoin Rush is a tool that helps crypto speculators improve accuracy and hence make more money. Conor McGregor is not a bitcoin speculator but an enthusiast of it as a medium of exchange.

    Bitcoin Rush popularity has grown with rising media coverage and great reviews all over the web. The robot can be used by anyone, including those with zero experience in crypto, given that it is fully automatic. We find at least 80% of reviewers to be ordinary people without any crypto background.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Rush

    Live trading with Bitcoin Rush appears to be a piece of cake. The process only takes a few minutes, given its easy and safe verification system. Here are three steps to follow to start trading with Bitcoin Rush.

    1. Register to Bitcoin Rush 
    2. Get redirected to the partner broker page to deposit $250
    3. Trade with the demo to understand the features of the live account fully
    4. Start live trading through a click of a button

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution is another bot falsely linked to Conor McGregor among other celebrities. This robot reportedly relies on artificial intelligence to read data and make decisions. According to people who have tried it, it has an accuracy level of about 90%. Consequently, it reports a profit in every nine out of ten trades. Even so, there are reports about traders who have lost money through this robot. This is not a surprise given that losses are inevitable in any form of trading.

    Rookie traders make the mistake of assuming that they are guaranteed of profits just because they are trading with a highly accurate robot. There are a lot of ridiculous stories out there about people who entrusted all their savings to a trading robot only to lose it all. It is stupid to commit money you cannot afford to lose to a trading robot. We suggest that you start with $250 if you decide to try Bitcoin Revolution.

    Does Conor McGregor recommend Bitcoin Revolution?

    Conor McGregor is also said to recommend Bitcoin Revolution. We have investigated these claims and found them to be false. As mentioned earlier, Conor McGregor is a bitcoin enthusiast but not a speculator. Trading tools such as Bitcoin Revolution are popular with crypto speculators.

    It is worth noting that bitcoin volatility is highly dependent on the speculators. Most people who make money through bitcoin do so through sophisticated trading tools. The best tools depend on advanced technologies, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Bitcoin Revolution is reportedly powered by these technologies.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution ranks highly on profitability, ease of use, customer service, and safety. Here is how to create an account and start trading with this tool.

    1. Register to Bitcoin Revolution
    2. Redirect to a partner broker where you will deposit a trading capital of $250
    3. Familiarise with the live account through demo trading
    4. Start live trading

    Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader is another trading bot said to be in the portfolio of Conor McGregor. However, our investigation confirms otherwise. Conor McGregor may be a big fan of bitcoin, but he has not invested in Bitcoin Trader. Any platform stating otherwise is either a gossip blog or a fake news platform. Just like Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader is popular with crypto speculators. McGregor has never openly stated that he makes money through crypto.

    Bitcoin Trader also relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to ride on bitcoin volatility. These technologies allegedly make Bitcoin Trader highly accurate. We found a lot of great feedback about this robot with reviewers ranking it among the most profitable robots. InsideBitcoins has not conducted a live test on this bot and therefore does not guarantee that you will earn money through it. However, we believe that it is worth trying.

    A small deposit of $250 is enough to test the waters with this bot. We encourage you to post your experience with Bitcoin Trader in the comment section below. Read more about Bitcoin Trader here.

    Does Conor McGregor endorse Bitcoin Trader?

    Conor McGregor has not invested or endorsed Bitcoin Trader. Once again, any claims about such an endorsement are fake news. Bitcoin Trader is a trending bitcoin system which explains why it is a target for fake news. Conor McGregor is a well-known celebrity and bitcoin proponent and therefore an excellent target for bitcoin-related gossip.

    InsideBitcoins has analysed hundreds of reviews that indicate that Bitcoin Trader is legit. However, we have not tested the robot and can’t guarantee with 100% certainty that you will make a profit with it. However, we believe that it is worth a try.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader runs on autopilot and hence does not require any skill to use. Here are the steps to follow to start trading with this bot.

    1. Register to Bitcoin Trader
    2. Deposit your trading capital with the underlying broker
    3. Get a feel of the real platform through a demo account
    4. Go live by clicking the trade now button


    Conor McGregor is a bitcoin lover, but he has not invested in any bitcoin system. This means that any platform spreading rumours about Conor McGregor bitcoin endorsement is probably a gossip blog or a fake news platform. The bitcoin systems presented in this review appear to be legit and profitable. We cannot confirm whether this is true since we have not tested any. You can go ahead and try any of them and get back to us with your results.

    It is worth noting that bitcoin systems perform optimally during periods of high volatility. Consequently, it is essential to follow bitcoin news when using them. Moreover, the best time to run a bitcoin robot is during Eastern Daylight Time. This is the period when the markets are open in New York. Read our bitcoin robot guide to learn more about systems like Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Code.

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