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Cillian Murphy Bitcoin – Did he invest?

Cillian Murphy is a famous Irish actor and musician. Several platforms have mentioned him as one of the investors of bitcoin and its trading systems. But are these claims valid?  We did an investigation and revealed that Cillian Murphy has not invested in bitcoin system.

The bitcoin systems said to be endorsed by Cillian Murphy include Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Trader. These robots are currently viral, which explains why gossip blogs are all over them with fake stories.

Even so, the robots appear to be legit since they have a lot of good reviews online. Read on to learn more about the Cillian Murphy bitcoin systems investment rumour and why the mentioned robots are a target.

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    Bitcoin Cillian Murphy – Viral Trend!

    The Cillian Murphy bitcoin systems investment rumour has gone viral thanks to the popularity of the mentioned robots. Gossip blogs always take advantage of trending subjects to create clickbait titles and hence divert traffic to their sites.

    A Google Trend research shows that Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Code, and Bitcoin Trader are currently top trending keywords. This explains why they have been targeted by the sites spreading the Cillian Murphy bitcoin systems investment rumours.

    Headlines tend to attract more traffic when they consist of a popular keyword and the name of a celebrity. Cillian Murphy is among the many celebrities that have found themselves targeted by fake news sites. It is important to always conduct a background check on the information before taking it as the truth.

    Below is a preview of each of the robots linked to Cillian Murphy. Visit our Bitcoin robot review for more information about legit robots like Bitcoin Loophole.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution allegedly makes money for its users by speculating on crypto volatility. This robot is said to be powered by advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The two technologies are said to give this robot a win rate of up to 90%. Users’ feedback on platforms such as TrustPilot indicates that this robot allegedly makes up to $1k per week from a deposit of as little as $250.

    It is worth noting that we have not done a real-time test on this robot and therefore, cannot guarantee its profitability. However, from the data, we have managed to amass and analyse, Bitcoin Revolution appears to be legit and profitable. A test on its demo account indicates that it is safe and easy to use.

    We have also tested its customer services and confirmed that they are excellent. Our test shows that they respond to live chat and calls almost instantly but can take up to 48 hours to reply to emails. Moreover, this robot offers 24/7 customer service in collaboration with its partner brokers. Consequently, customers can get help anytime and from a single call. You can learn more about Bitcoin Revolution by reading our comprehensive review.

    Did Cillian Murphy endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

    This review finds no evidence about it having endorsements as a Cillian Murphy or Holly Willoughby Bitcoin systems. It is therefore right to say that any platform claiming otherwise is spreading fake news. As explained earlier, fake news platforms have picked a habit of using trending keywords and celebrity names to create clickbait titles.

    Bitcoin Revolution is currently viral on social media and is, therefore, a top target for gossip and unfounded rumours. Moreover, Cillian Murphy is famous in both the West and Asia and is, therefore, a good target for sites looking for web visits from these regions.

    From our perspective, Bitcoin Revolution appears to be legit given that it has a generally positive online feedback. Even so, it comes at significant risk and hence, it is prudent to only trade with what you can afford to lose.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    1. Register a 100 percent free account on Bitcoin Revolution website
    2. Deposit a minimum of $250 with the partner broker that Bitcoin Revolution matches you with
    3. Trade demo to get familiar with the real web-trader
    4. Go live by clicking the live trading button

    Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Era was founded in early 2016 and has reportedly made people rich trading crypto. The robot claims to rely on advanced HFT technologies hence its alleged high accuracy and profitability.  Moreover, the algorithm is said to rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve itself. The machine learning technologies enable the robot to learn from its interaction with data and keep upgrading its powers.

    Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Natural Language Processing enable the robot to understand the human language. Consequently, it can automatically derive insights from news and trading charts and execute them. Moreover, it can do this with supersonic speed hence taking advantage of all trading opportunities that present.

    From the Bitcoin Era reviews we have come across, this robot can make up to $1500 per week from a small deposit of $250. Moreover, it is said to have the power to turn a small $250 trading account to hundreds of dollars in less than a year when the powers of compounding are taken into account. InsideBitcoins did not conduct a real-time test on this robot and therefore, cannot guarantee if these claims are true.

    You can test the robot for yourself and let us know about your experience in the comment section below. Read our detailed Bitcoin Era review to learn more.

    Did Cillian Murphy invest in Bitcoin Era?

    Some news sources also report that Cillian Murphy has invested in Bitcoin Era. However, our background investigation confirms otherwise. Cillian Murphy has not invested or expressed any interest in Bitcoin Era. He is an actor and a musician and does not involve in anything related to bitcoin.

    Once again, fake news platforms are taking advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin Era and Cillian Murphy to divert traffic to their sites. We suggest that you keep off such sites and only get information from reputable sources. InsideBitcoins makes the robot research easier for you by providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Our conclusion on Bitcoin Era is that it appears to be legit.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Era

    1. Register a license-free trading account on the Bitcoin Era homepage
    2. Deposit a minimum of $250 with the matched broker
    3. Trade with the demo account to get a feel of the real platform
    4. Click the trade now button to start live trading

    Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader is another robot associated with Cillian Murphy. This bot claims to rely on sophisticated trading algorithms to analyse the bitcoin market and make winning trades. Bitcoin Trader has an alleged win rate of 85%. The majority of those who have reviewed this robot claim earning up to $1k per week from an initial deposit of $250. Bitcoin Trader can reportedly make up to a million per year from the same amount of deposit when users plough back all profits. We cannot confirm the truthfulness of these claims given that we have not conducted a live test on this robot.

    Bitcoin Trader relies on artificial intelligence to conduct research and execute trades. This robot is 100 percent auto and hence can be used anyone including complete beginners. Read a comprehensive Bitcoin Trader review to learn more.

    Did Cillian Murphy endorse Bitcoin Trader?

    We have determined that the Cillian Murphy Bitcoin Trader endorsement claims are false and you should not rely on them. As explained earlier, gossip blogs have been all over popular robots with fake stories meant to attract web visits. It is advisable to always rely on reputable sources for information.

    When it comes to trading robots, InsideBitcoins provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews. A series of tests and also feedback from individual consumers who have tried the robot shows that this robot is likely to be worth a try. While Bitcoin Trader appears to be legit and profitable, it is not risk-free. Users should, therefore, deposit only what they can afford to lose.

    How to register and trade with Bitcoin Trader

    1. Register a license-free trading account on Bitcoin Trader website
    2. Confirm your email and phone number
    3. Deposit a minimum capital of $250 with the underlying broker
    4. Practice with the demo to familiarise with the features found in the live platform
    5. Go live by opening a trading session

    Bottom line

    Cillian Murphy has not invested or shown interest in bitcoin or tools that trade it. You should, therefore, treat any platform making such claims as untrustworthy. From an analysis of users’ reviews, the robots mentioned alongside this celebrity appear to be legit. Nearly all report an alleged accuracy level of above 90%. It is worth noting that robot trading is risky, and you should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.


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