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Britcoin System: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Britcoin System is a trading bot that alleges to help traders become overnight millionaires trading Bitcoin. The robot guarantees an average daily profit of $10k. But is it legit? InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Britcoin System is a scam. Apart from the ridiculous earning potential claim, this platform does not have any trading technology.

In other words, it is just a cleverly built webpage set to report predetermined losses. Furthermore, the main aim of the scammers behind the platform is to steal deposits from unsuspecting users. This review takes a deep dive into the Britcoin System scam. Keep reading to learn more or click the ‘trade now’ button in the table below to visit a legit robot.

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    Is Britcoin System a Scam? Yes!

    • InsideBitcoins gives Britcoin System a legitimacy score of 12% – A legit robot must have a score of 70% and above
    • Britcoin System has an accuracy level of zero percent – Their trading platform appears to make predetermined losses
    • This trading platform does not operate in transparency – They do not reveal important details such as legal registration
    • You won’t make any money with Britcoin System, and they won’t even allow you to withdraw your capital.

    InsideBitcoins determines a legit trading robot like Bitcoin Evolution through an in-depth analysis of other users’ reviews and also a live test. The live test involves a hands-on experience on the subject robot trading platform.  In our investigation of Britcoin System, we found a lot of red flags that indicate that it is a scam.

    First, no investment on earth can generate a million bucks in monthly profits from a deposit of $250. Britcoin System ridiculously makes these claims. Our live test reveals that it does not generate any profits. Moreover, almost every trader who has tried this robot ends up losing money.

    We are also convinced that this robot does not care about users’ safety. Consequently, they appear to share personal data with other scammers. Like other scam robots, users’ who register with Britcoin System report receiving a lot of spam emails and phone calls. InsideBitcoins recommends that you avoid this robot. Read our Bitcoin Robot review to learn more about robots like Bitcoin Lifestyle.

    What is Britcoin System?

    Britcoin System claims to be a trading robot for Bitcoin Trading. However, our investigation reveals that it is a blatant scam. You will lose money if you sign up with this platform. This scam aims to confuse traders into believing that it is related to the real Britcoin. For the record, the original Briticoin is the first UK Exchange to enable BTC/GBP trading. There is no relationship between the Britcoin System scam and the exchange.

    Like most scam trading bots, Britcoin System relies on deceptive marketing techniques to get new signups. You are probably here after receiving a spam email promising you endless riches if you signup with this robot. Moreover, this platform also relies on unscrupulous affiliates to get new signups. These affiliates tell all manner of lies to get new signups. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Britcoin System pays the affiliates a commission of up to 50% for every deposit made through them.

    Further research reveals that the Britcoin System scam mainly targets complete beginners. There is a lot of misinformation on their website. Additionally, they focus more on stories of people who have come from rags to riches and little on the technology. This is because they have none. What they provide is a webpage to link unsuspecting traders to scam brokers.

    How does Britcoin System work?

    Britcoin System claims to apply sophisticated computer algorithms for trading research and trade execution. However, InsideBitcoins research indicates that they do not have any trading technology. Britcoin System is a scam platform aimed at stealing traders’ deposit. Our investigation shows that people who try this platform end up losing all their deposit.

    Trading robots apply complex computer algorithms to scan the markets big data for tradable insights and execute trades. Furthermore, top trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush depend on modern technologies such as AI and Machine Learning to conduct trading research. This gives them an accuracy level of nearly 100 percent and consequently high profitability. With Bitcoin Rush, you can generate an average daily profit of $1500 per day from a deposit of as little as $250. Likewise, this robot is fully automatic meaning that you do not need any trading experience to use it. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Rush Review to learn more.

    Who Founded Britcoin System?

    In a video on their website, a man who introduces himself as Jasper Boyle alleges to be the founder. He claims to have made nearly a billion dollar through the robot and can help traders who sign up with the robot do so. However, InsideBitcoins could not verify his real identity and whether he has made such a fortune through the robot. Moreoveer, we are convinced that the Britcoin System is a scam and Jasper Boyle is just a paid actor. Scam trading robots are known to hire actors to present themselves as founders and give testimonials.

    Why you should not open an account with Britcoin System

    Britcoin System has all the characteristics of a scam trading robot, and we recommend that you stay away from it. Furthermore, apart from stealing your deposit, they will also expose you to other scammers, including hackers. Here are the top reasons as to why you should shun this platform.

    Unsafe signup process

    InsideBitcoins determines a safe account opening process by the amount of data a platform collects and how this data is safeguarded. Our investigation shows that the Britcoin System website is unsafe.

    Firstly, they appear to share users’ data with third parties. We can confirm that those who sign up with this robot report receiving a lot of spam emails from scammers. Secondly, their platforms lack encryption. Consequently, hackers can snoop in and copy any data submitted through the platform.

    We recommend that you avoid any trading platform that does not put user safety first. All the robots that we recommend as legit have high data safety standards. Read our Bitcoin Code review for a legit and secure trading robot.

    No money-back guarantee

    Britcoin System is a scam meaning that you won’t make a dime with it. Likewise, they won’t allow you to withdraw your capital if you opt out before depleting your account. People who insist on withdrawing their money end up getting blocked from the platform. This is typical of most sham trading robots. We have also determined that Britcoin System does not handle clients’ billing details with care. There is a high likelihood that they will expose you to cybercriminals.

    Fake live trading platform

    The Britcoin System web-trader appears configured to make predetermined losses. Most people who try it report losing their deposit within a day of live trading. In our live test, we lost a deposit of $250 in less than three hours. Scam trading robots are known to trick traders into believing that they are participating in live trading by providing them with a web-page that mimics a real web-trader. However, there is no underlying technology, and it does not connect to any broker.

    Britcoin System: Key Features

    Unsafe Verification Process

    Unsafe verification process

    Britcoin System verification process is insecure. As mentioned earlier, their website and web-trader are unsafe meaning that hackers can easily steal users’ data. Britcoin System requires users to verify their phone number and email. After the verification, you will receive a lot of calls from third parties with unsolicited offers.

    Zero profits

    Zero profits

    Britcoin System is a scam that steals users’ deposits. You will lose money if you deposit it with this robot. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that their trading platform is fake. Additionally, the majority of those who try this robot report making consistent losses from the beginning to the end.

    No withdrawals

    No withdrawals

    The Britcoin System does not allow users to withdraw their money. Moreover, are likely to be banned from the platform if you insist on withdrawing your trading capital. Britcoin System makes money through deposits meaning that there is no way they will allow you to withdraw.

    Poor reputation

    Poor reputation

    An in-depth analysis of users’ feedback shows that most people are not happy with this platform. There are a lot of complaints about this platform stealing deposits. Furthermore, some users report that Britcoin System customer services are almost inexistent. Our investigation shows that they only respond to questions relating to how to make a deposit.

    Poor Customer Services

    Poor customer services

    As mentioned above, Britcoin System customer service is terrible. The only channel of communication they provide is email. Furthermore, our live test shows that they do not respond to inquiries unless they relate to how to make a deposit. We recommend that you stay away from this platform.

    Scam Partner Brokers

    Scam partner brokers

    All the brokers listed as Britcoin System partners are a scam. They are not regulated, and there are a lot of complaints about most of them defrauding people. Moreover, our investigation reveals that they share deposits with the scammers behind the Britcoin System platform. A robot that partners with unregulated brokers are likely to be a scam. Read our review of the Cryptokartal broker to learn what a legit robot-broker entails.

    What to look for in a trading robot

    Scam trading robots tend to have similar characteristics that are easy to identify for an attentive trader. Here are several things that you should pay attention to when determining if a trading robot is legit.

    • Proven track record – Avoid robots with generally negative online reputation and those with a few perfect reviews. Read consumer reviews on independent sites such as TrustPilot
    • Transparency – A legit robot should reveal crucial details such as legal registration, partner brokers, and ownership. Read our comprehensive reviews to determine if a robot is a transparency. Do not hesitate to contact us if your robot of choice is not on our bitcoin robot.
    • Customer service – Legit trading robots are likely to offer excellent customer services. Read comprehensive and unbiased reviews like this one to determine if a robot has excellent customer services.
    • Accuracy level – A good robot should have an accuracy level of above 90%. InsideBitcoins conducts rigorous tests to determine the accuracy of trading robots. Bitcoin Rush, which comes highly recommended in this review, has an accuracy level of nearly 100 percent. Other top robots such as Bitcoin System and Cryptosoft have a legitimacy score of above 95 percent

    Is Britcoin System legit? The Verdict!

    Britcoin System is a scam robot, and we suggest that you avoid it. This platform not only steals your deposit but is also likely to expose you to scammers. Furthermore, there is a lot of misinformation on their website. If you are looking for a legit trading robot, we recommend that you try Bitcoin Rush. We have tested this robot and proven it to be legit. With Bitcoin Rush, you can make an average profit of $1500 per day from a deposit of as little as $250. Click the ‘trade now’ in the table below to visit their website.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.

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    Is Britcoin System legit?

    Britcoin System is a scam platform. This platform does not have legit trading technologies. We recommend that you stay away from it and instead try Bitcoin Rush. InsideBitcoins has tested this robot and can confirm that it has an accuracy level of above 95%. Furthermore, it is possible to make an average daily profit of $1500 through it.

    How much should I deposit with Britcoin System?

    You will lose money if you deposit it with this platform. Our investigation reveals that they make money by stealing unsuspecting users deposits. Their web-trader and partner brokers are fake. Likewise, they lie about almost everything including the founder. Those who try this trading robot end up losing their money. We recommend that you stay away from it.

    How much can I make with Britcoin System?

    You won’t make a dime through this robot. It is a big scam, and you should avoid it. We recommend that you try Bitcoin Rush instead. With Bitcoin Rush, traders report an average profit of $1500 daily. InsideBitcoins has tested this robot and can confirm that it is legit.

    Can I withdraw my money from Britcoin System?

    Britcoin System does not allow users to withdraw money. This platform is a scam that profits by stealing deposits. Furthermore, it exposes users' personal data to hackers.