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BitVestment Review – Legit or a Scam?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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As global interest in cryptocurrency grows, crypto trading platforms such as BitVestment have also grown in popularity.

This proprietary trading platform for Bitcoin and crypto investors is fully automated, includes a trade analytics tool, and enables users with no prior trading experience or education to trade the cryptocurrency market profitably.

Our BitVestment review includes all the information investors need to know before investing and its unique features and benefits.

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    BitVestment Summary

    This table contains the fundamental information investors need to understand before trading on this innovative and automated platform.

    Type Automated Crypto Trading Platform
    Minimum Deposit Unspecified
    Fees and Commission Zero
    Claimed Win Rate Unspecified
    Withdrawal Frame 24 hours
    BitVestment App Yes
    Supported Assets BTC, ETH, XRP, BAT, LITECOIN

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    Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

    What Is BitVestment?

    BitVestment is an automated crypto trading platform designed to make it easy for all types of investors to access and trade the cryptocurrency market. The platform is said to be one of the most profitable trading platforms in the industry today because it combines top-tier trading innovations, technology, and analytics tools to execute trades.

    BitVestment Review

    According to our BitVestment review, the main goal of BitVestment is to make trading more convenient, easy, and efficient. To accomplish this, BitVestment has a simplified, intuitive, and user-friendly interface ideal for novice and experienced investors who do not want to spend long hours trading the cryptocurrency market.

    BitVestment stands out among its peers due to its mathematical algorithms and plethora of features. This integration enables BitVestment to analyse the crypto market in real-time, record data, and then recommend and execute calculated trade decisions on behalf of investors. Investors earn a profit when this technology successfully initiates and completes trades, which is then transferred to their trading balance.

    How Does BitVestment Work?

    According to its website, BitVestment employs proprietary trading software that is completely automated. This means that investors don’t need to manually trade the cryptocurrency market because the software does all the tradings for them. All they are to do is follow the basic instructions, and the automated crypto trading platform will take care of the rest.

    This platform includes a demo mode for new investors to test trading strategies with virtual currencies. When investors are ready to try out the real crypto markets, they can advance to ‘Live Trading’. To begin, investors must register and create a new account for free and deposit funds into it.

    Once the deposit is initiated and completed, this innovative platform searches for the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and assists investors in executing them to profit. Profits are then transferred to the trading account balance of investors, from which they can withdraw directly.

    BitVestment Key Features

    Numerous automated trading platforms are available to help investors trade the cryptocurrency market. This section in our BitVestment review explains the key features that make BitVestment a great option to consider when beginning a crypto investment journey.

    Easy Sign Up

    BitVestment new account registration is simple and takes no more than 8 to 10 minutes. Investors can fill out a sign-up form on the BitVestment homepage. Once completed, they are quickly enrolled and can become members of the BitVestment trading platform.

    BitVestment ReviewThis means that investors can request free access to cutting-edge tech, algo trading, and analytics tools for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto assets.

    User-Friendly Interface

    BitVestment was created to make trading easier and more efficient for investors. Whether investors are experienced or have no prior knowledge of the crypto market, the developers claim that they will find the BitVestment app to be simple to use and navigate.

    Execute Trades Simultaneously

    Due to BitVestment’s advanced algorithm technology and artificial intelligence (AI), multiple trades can be processed simultaneously because it initiates and executes trades on behalf of investors. This is good for advanced investors keen on opening over 5 to 7 trades at a go. Once multiple trades are opened and completed, profits are then forwarded to investors’ trading balance.

    Trade Popular Cryptocurrencies

    According to our BitVestment review, this platform allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular cryptos with high liquidity. Due to the BitVestment analytics tool, investors can get signals of market opportunities on these coins and execute trades for massive gains.

    Fast Withdrawals

    Withdrawals will be processed and made within 24 hours after investors initiate a withdrawal and complete the withdrawal form. The developers assert that whenever investors profit off trades through BitVestment, they won’t have to wait for days to receive their funds.

    BitVestment Pros & Cons

    Here are the merits and demerits of the BitVestment trading platform found in our BitVestment review.


    • User-friendly platform
    • Demo account mode available
    • Fast withdrawals
    • The user base appears to be large
    • No trade or commission fees


    • No Customer support until investors register
    • Restricted in some regions

    BitVestment Fees

    The BitVestment automated crypto trading platform is available for free. No fees or charges are associated with registering and opening a trading account. However, BitVestment’s brokers may charge a maker/taker or spread fee and Bitcoin network fees for all withdrawals.

    Account Fees Zero
    Trading Commissions Zero
    Transaction Fees Bitcoin network fees for withdrawing are applicable.
    Account Maintenance Zero
    Hidden Charges Zero

    BitVestment Minimum Deposit

    To gain access to BitVestment’s unique trading features, investors must make a deposit; however, there is no stated minimum deposit amount on the BitVestment website. For brokers used by BitVestment, a minimum trade deposit may be required.

    BitVestment Customer Care Support

    The BitVestment platform includes an efficient customer care integration that handles investor complaints 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Investors can visit the BitVestment website and click on ‘contact us’ to access customer support. BitVestment will then redirect them to a page that provides investors with support and guidance via email or phone before initiating a deposit.

    However, customers’ BitVestment reviews claim that BitVestment provides little to no assistance until an account is created.

    Is BitVestment Legit?

    Investors may wonder, “Is BitVestment legit?” Because of its analytics tools, proprietary algorithm, and artificial intelligence (AI) integrations, BitVestment is regarded as one of the most ground-breaking crypto trading platforms. However, in our BitVestment review, we couldn’t find enough information to confirm the platform’s legitimacy.

    BitVestment claims to have collaborated with Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) brokers to efficiently manage investor accounts and guide them when trading in the volatile cryptocurrency market. This platform also claims that all investor data is encrypted using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

    Although there are currently no unrealistic claims about a very high percentage of successful trades made by BitVestment developers or media outlets, investors interested in trading the cryptocurrency market using this automated platform should only invest what they can afford to lose. Because crypto assets are volatile and not completely risk-free, investors’ capital is always at risk, regardless of which automated crypto trading software is used for trading purposes.

    Get Started with BitVestment

    To get started with BitVestment, investors must first create an account, which is simple and quick. The steps below will walk investors through the process of creating an account in minutes.

    1. Create an Account

    To begin, investors must visit the BitVestment website, click on ‘Register’, and fill out a registration form with their basic information.

    BitVestment Sign-UpThis process is simple; however, investors must provide accurate information because a verification process will be completed for data security.

    2. Initiate Deposit

    Following that, investors must initiate a deposit by funding their trading account. This is an essential step; it allows investors to access and trade the cryptocurrency market using their deposited funds. Our BitVestment review found that deposit methods on BitVestment include bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and online payment processors such as PayPal and Quickteller.

    3. Demo Mode

    After successfully depositing funds into their BitVestment trading accounts, investors will be given a demo account to practise trading strategies, become acquainted with BitVestment features, and much more. BitVestment demo mode incorporates real-time trade reports and other live-trade features, giving the impression that it is a live trade.

    4. Live Trade

    After understanding how BitVestment works and its trading features, investors can progress to the ‘Live Trading’ mode. This mode lets investors define their parameters and begin to trade and buy cryptocurrency in real time.

    BitVestment Review – The Verdict

    BitVestment claims to be a trustworthy and algorithm-powered trading platform that allows novice and seasoned investors to trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto assets on the market. The BitVestment test on the crypto market is said to have a high success rate. Investors can also interact with other BitVestment users through the platform forum community.

    While this trading platform is said to be innovative and efficient, we could not verify its legitimacy, making it difficult to answer the question, “Is BitVestment a scam or legit?” We recommend that investors conduct their research and take all necessary precautions before they invest. Crypto trading, like all investments, is volatile and risky, which is why it may not be best to begin investing with a large sum; rather, invest only a small sum.

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    Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

    BitVestment Alternatives

    A good alternative to BitVestment or other similar trading software is using eToro’s copy trading feature.  This ASIC, FCA, and CySEC-regulated cryptocurrency platform enables investors to replicate the trading decisions of a winning, profitable trader of their choice.

    We recommend that investors diversify their portfolios by allocating a portion of their funds to a reputable platform such as eToro. Investors should avoid putting all their crypto funds into a single software or holding them on a single website because information on BitVestment’s legitimacy is limited.

    eToro - Automated Copytrading

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    eToro exchange
    • Review Traders' Performance, choose from 1 - 100 to Copytrade
    • No Management Fees
    • Free Demo Account
    • Social Media & Forum Community - Trusted by 30 Million Users
    eToro exchange
    Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

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    How do I just BitVestment?

    Investors can join BitVestment at any time and in any region where it is available. First, visit the BitVestment website and fill out the sign-up form with the correct contact information. Afterwards, investors will be assigned an account assistant who will enrol and guide them through the BitVestment programme.

    Who Owns BitVestment?

    We couldn’t find any information about BitVestment’s development team in our BitVestment review. However, this is typical of most automated crypto trading app creators, who frequently conceal their identity for privacy reasons.

    Is BitVestment legit?

    We couldn’t find enough information to determine whether BitVestment is legitimate or a scam. It is critical that investors only spend what they can afford to lose.