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BitQZ Review 2021: Is it Legit or a Scam Auto-trading System?

BitQZ is reviewed by many as a highly profitable tool for trading bitcoin. The trading system applies sophisticated technologies to study crypto markets data and come up with tradable insights.

It’s said to run 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets. Moreover, it has a supposed accuracy rate of up to 90%. The high speed and accuracy justify its supposed profitability.

Some BitQZ users allege earning fortunes within a short time of using this trading bot. The majority of reviewers also report that it’s surprisingly easy to use. But is BitQZ legit, and is there proof of the said profitability?

We have investigated it and found substantial proof to support its legitimacy. There are also enough grounds to prove that this bot is profitable. Read our kickass BitQZ App review to learn more.

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    What is BitQZ?

    You are probably struggling to understand BitQZ if you are new to auto-trading. Don’t worry since it’s easy to understand and you don’t need any specialized skills to use it.

    BitQZ is a computer program used to trade bitcoin automatically. Automated trading means that the computer program carries out all trading functions. The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has made it possible for computer programs to carry out functions once only performed by experts.

    Automation has infiltrated most industries and is expected to take over most professional jobs by 2030. In finance, AI-driven computer programs are taking over both investment and trading jobs. The automated investment programs are known as robo-advisors.

    BitQZ is a trading robot for bitcoin trading. This platform makes money out of short term price movements. It’s equipped with HFT techniques to capitalize on both the rise and fall of bitcoin CFDs prices. BitQZ applies advanced short-selling techniques to make money off falling bitcoin prices.

    You don’t have to worry about the technical language used in this review since you don’t have to understand it to use BitQZ successfully. As mentioned earlier, BitQZ does all the trading for you automatically. You can even automate the withdrawals to happen when a certain level of profitability is achieved.

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    How does BitQZ work?

    BitQZ speculates on the price swings of bitcoin paired against over 60 highly volatile crypto and fiat currencies.

    The financial derivatives known as CFDs are used to speculate on the price swings without owning the underlying asset. You can trade CFDs on nearly any tradable asset, including forex, stock, market indices, and commodities.

    BitQZ trades popular and insanely volatile pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/BCH, BTC/EUR, and BTC/ETH. The trading system uses the scalping technique to trade slight price movements. BitQZ can place up to 20 different trades per minute.

    This trading robot relies on over 15 brokers to access market liquidity. These brokers offer powerful systems for instant order execution. Moreover, they link with the best liquidity providers to ensure instant order execution. A liquidity provider is an institution that matches the “buy and sell” orders.

    When you sign up with BitQZ, you are redirected to the broker to authenticate your account and deposit trading capital. Account authentication includes submitting verification documents as per the global KYC requirements. You will be asked to deposit at least USD250 through the broker to access BitQZ. 

    The trading capital of USD250 is enough to take huge market positions given the level of leverage offered by the brokers. Leverage of 5000:1 means that you could place market orders worth more than $100,000 from a $250 account.

    We can confirm that BitQZ is safe since it only operates through well-regulated and reputable partner brokers. Regulated brokers observe measures such as deposit segregation to ensure that all deposits are only used for the intended purpose.

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    Advantages of trading with BitQZ App

    BitQZ is a top-rated auto-trading system. This platform attracts a lot of attention in 2021 as experts continue to hail it as the best tool for bitcoin trading. Below are the core advantages of trading bitcoin through the BitQZ app.

    High profitability – BitQZ is said to have a profitability rate of up to 80% daily. Users who start with a $250 account are encouraged to compound most daily profits for fast growth. You could grow your trading account to $1 million within months of trading.

    Beginner-friendly You don’t need any investment or trading expertise to use BitQZ. The robot is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms to automatically conduct all the trading functions. Users only need to register and sit back and enjoy life as the robot makes money for them.

    Safe trading environment – It’s safer to trade bitcoin through BitQZ than through the traditional ways. BitQZ is based on blockchain to ensure seamless P2P transactions. Moreover, the bot applies the foolproof Smart Contracts (SC) technology for dispute resolution.

    Regulated partner brokers – BitQZ only works with the industry’s best brokers. We have established that most partner brokers are regulated by tier-one institutions such as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

    BitQZ in the media

    This trading system has gone viral in 2021, with tens of thousands of signup attempts daily. BitQZ is reviewed over 15000 times on Trustpilot alone.

    We have analyzed the reviews and discovered that at least 80% of the reviewers had made money through the platform.

    Moreover, there are over five BitQZ Reddit threads. Each thread has over a thousand participants. Most of the participants report that this auto-trading system is profitable. Experts have also reviewed BitQZ on high traffic crypto review websites.

    Most of these expert reviews hail this trading app as revolutionary. The majority claims that it offers the easiest and most profitable way to invest in crypto. BitQZ is targeted by fake news, as explained below.

    BitQZ in This Morning Show

    A viral Reddit thread alleges BitQZ was introduced in the This Morning show. This Morning is a TV program aired on ITV in the UK. Its hosts include Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

    Holly Willoughby is rumoured to be interested in bitcoin trading. She is said to have disclosed investing in it through the BitQZ app. However, this is a lie!

    The BitQZ team has come forward and earned the public against such claims. It seems that the posts peddling these claims are redirecting clients to cloned websites. You must always verify such news by visiting the official BitQZ website.

    Do not follow registration links from unverified sources. Click here to redirect to the official BitQZ website. This trading robot is transparent and therefore has made crucial disclosures about its trading platform.

    BitQZ App Review – Final word!

    Thorough background checks on the BitQZ app indicate that it’s a trustworthy platform. This platform ensures a transparent trading ecosystem through the blockchain.

    All disputes on the BitQZ platform are solved through the subset of blockchain known as Smart Contracts. The Smart Contracts technology ensures a foolproof dispute resolution process. BitQZ processes all transactions through blockchain technology.

    Like other auto-trading systems, the BitQZ app is powered by robot brokers. We have ascertained that over 15 brokers power this platform. These brokers are reputable, regulated, and safe.

    You will link with one of these brokers on registration. These brokers facilitate all transactions. Partner broker regulation is enough evidence of BitQZ commitment to operating transparently. There is a huge possibility of earning fortunes through the BitQZ trading system.

    Some of its users have reportedly made their first million dollars within months of usage. Trading with BitQZ isn’t risk-free, but the potential payouts make it worth a try. You can try your luck with BitQZ by visiting their website and signing up.

    Click the link below to redirect to the official BitQZ app website. Investment advisors strongly advise against investing more than 10% of your savings in high-risk investments such as BitQZ. Invest wisely.

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    How much should I pay for BitQZ?

    The BitQZ auto-trading system is free. You will only part with 2% of the commissions generated through this platform. Unprofitable accounts do not pay anything.

    Is BitQZ a safe trading platform?

    Yes! BitQZ is secure! This review confirms that it's encrypted through a 128-bit protocol to prevent cyberattacks.

    How do I download the BitQZ app?

    The BitQZ App is only accessible after signup and deposit. Check the BitQZ welcome email for the download link.

    How much can I earn with BitQZ?

    You can generate fortunes within months of using BitQZ and compounding at least 60% of the daily profits. BitQZ is estimated to generate up to 60% in daily profits.