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BitPal Trading App Review – Is it a Scam or Legit System?

You could be a millionaire in the next few months if you invest in bitcoin through the BitPal App. This computer program has been an online sensation since last year as reports emerge about its incredible profitability.

BitPal uses powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to place bets on bitcoin price swings. The bot is superfast and can place up to 20 trades per minute. At least 90% of these trades are supposedly profitable.

You will find it quite easy to operate since most of the trading functions are automated. Also, you need not worry about spending most of your time operating it. BitPal runs on autopilot, and therefore you can do other stuff as it trades for you.

But is BitPal legitimate? Also, is it as lucrative as some users claim? As usual, we have done the heavy lifting for you and presented all the facts in our comprehensive review. We may use some technical terms to explain some key concepts.

Do not worry if you do not understand the technical terms since you don’t need any know-how to use BitPal. Remember that all trading is automated.

Is BitPal a scam? No!

Before we take a deep dive into BitPal, let’s look at some of the things we have looked at to conclude that it’s legit.

We determine legit and safe trading platforms by analyzing factors such as transparency, reputation, safety, regulation, and customer support. BitPal scores amazingly well on transparency since it’s based on blockchain.

This trading bot is one of the few auto-trading platforms that run on the blockchain. Blockchain tech is the mother of transparency, given that all transactions on it are published on a public ledger.

Moreover, the technology offers a foolproof and easy dispute resolution process through its subset of Smart Contracts. Global conglomerates are already adopting smart Contracts as a strategy to improve engagement with clients.

We have checked the BitPal website and ascertained that all the crucial information is in the public domain. This includes the robot’s fee criteria and the identities of its fifteen partner brokers. Moreover, the bot has revealed its phone lines and offices. Scam auto-trading systems do not reveal such information.

Regarding reputation, BitPal is generally positively reviewed. For instance, it has a 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot after thousands of reviews. Most of the reviewers agree that it’s a top-performing auto-trading system.

BitPal further secures its website through powerful encryption. Further background checks reveal that this bot has a comprehensive data privacy policy in place. This policy is in line with global data privacy laws.

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What exactly is BitPal?

BitPal is a powerful automated trading system founded by the BitPal International Group. The BitPal Group is a renowned global conglomerate providing white label trading software solutions. BitPal is its first B2C trading software.

The trading system reportedly developed to help ordinary people trade bitcoin easily and profitably. The first version of BitPal was released in May 2019. Its popularity picked pace immediately, with record 50,000 users signing up within the first three months.

BitPal popularity has skyrocketed in 2021 as experts continue to review it as revolutionary. The bot already boasts over 300k active users. About 70% of these users are reportedly making handsome profits.

As is evident from the reviews, a significant number of users have earned their first million dollars through this bot. BitPal utilizes sophisticated HFT techniques, including arbitrage trading, scalping, and advanced short selling. We will discuss these techniques later in this review.

BitPal automates all trading. As a result, no trading skill is required to operate it. You only need to watch its 15-minute introduction video and take a tour of the demo to learn how to set it for live trading. All the instructional materials are in layman’s terms and, therefore, easy to follow.

BitPal has reportedly made a lot of people rich. However, some of the users have also lost money. You should take it as a high-risk investment option and only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

  • Founded by a renowned company
  • Conducts trading research through AI
  • Has a user base of over 300,000
  • Applies sophisticated HFT trading techniques


How does it work?

BitPal is a computer algorithm founded on the trading techniques used by institutional traders to trade bitcoin CFDs profitably.

An algorithm is simply a set of rules programmed to be followed by a machine. The set of rules programmed into BitPal include HFT strategies such as scalping and arbitrage trading. According to Investopedia, the scalping technique involves profiting off small price changes and making a quick profit off reselling.

On the other hand, the Arbitrage technique involves buying an asset in a low-priced market and selling it in a high-priced market. This technique can be insanely lucrative when executed by fast-paced and highly accurate trading systems.

BitPal also utilizes advanced short-selling techniques to make money when the bitcoin price is falling. Short-selling is also highly profitable when implemented accurately. George Soros, the world most successful trader, is known to have made over $1 billion in profit on a single day through short-selling.

Nearly all the expert reviews that we have studied conclude that BitPal is the best bitcoin trading platform. But being the best doesn’t mean that profits are guaranteed. The trading outcome is largely dependent on luck, among other factors.

  • Rated by many as a high-performance trading bot
  • Reviewed by experts as the best trading robot for shorting bitcoin
  • Applies arbitrage techniques to maintain performance during low volatility
  • Attractive to both beginner and experienced traders

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BitPal Partner brokers

When you sign up on the official BitPal website, you are assigned to one of its 15 partner brokers. The assigned broker is regulated in your jurisdiction.

But what is the role of a broker in auto-trading? All automated trading platforms rely on brokers as the link to liquidity providers. The ‘buy and sell’ trades can only be executed through the liquidity providers.

Automated trading systems such as BitPal generate trades and automatically send them to the partner brokers for execution. BitPal is in partnership with the industry’s leading brokers to ensure instant order execution. The best brokers connect to quality liquidity pools to ensure instant execution.

A delay in order execution can lead to negative slippage. Negative slippage occurs when an asset price is delayed and executed at an unfavourable price. Slippage can be positive, i.e. where a delay leads to execution at a far much better price. However, the outcome of a delayed order is highly unpredictable. Consequently, the best way to avoid negative slippage is to completely avoid slippage.

BitPal also depends on its partner brokers to receive deposits and process transactions. This makes a lot of sense, given that all orders happen through the broker. BitPal partner brokers also provide leverage to help clients place large orders using little capital.

We have done preliminary checks on each of the BitPal partner brokers and found them to be reputable. Moreover, they are well regulated and, therefore, safe. With a regulated broker, you are assured of deposit safety even in the event of bankruptcy.

  • Only works with highly reputable brokers
  • Partner brokers facilitate all transactions on behalf of the bot
  • The brokers offer powerful systems to ensure instant order execution
  • You can trade at incredible leverage of up to 5000:1

BitPal Review Verdict!

We are confident that BitPal is legit and probably a perfect tool for anyone interested in making money online.

You don’t have to be a crypto enthusiast or expert to use this bot. This is because no trading background is required to use it. BitPal uses AI to automate bitcoin trading. As stated above, it links to top-quality brokers to access the global liquidity pools.

BitPal is reviewed by many as a top performer. Thousands of its users have come forward and reviewed it extremely well on sites such as TrustPilot. The bot could be a money minting machine, but performance isn’t guaranteed.

Profitability is subject to market volatility, risk settings, and luck. As such, we recommend that you treat BitPal as a high-risk trading tool. It’s worth a try, but not with all your savings. As a rule of thumb, crypto trading should NEVER take more than 10% of your savings.

You could earn fortunes with BitPal by investing as little as USD250. The secret to growth is in compounding the daily profits.


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Is BitPal a PayPal product?

No! BitPal was founded by the BitPal International Group, a company specializing in trading software solutions.

Can I access BitPal in Canada?

Yes! BitPal is available in Canada but not in the US. You will only be able to use this platform in countries that support retail CFDs trading.

How much does BitPal cost?

BitPal is license-free. You will only pay a 2% commission on any profitable trade placed through this bot.