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In this review, we discuss a trading software called Bitcoin University. Bitcoin University is a self-acclaimed online training school that teaches its members everything to know about Cryptocurrency. Created by a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency expert called Brian Hawkins, Bitcoin University requires a minimum of $100 investment to make a minimum of $2,000 profit on the first daily trade and higher profits in subsequent trades. Is this a scam? YES, IT IS! However, we advise our readers to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle instead.

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    Is the Bitcoin University a Scam? YES!

    Extensive research on this exclusive software birthed the following observations:

    • Bitcoin University is a cryptocurrency school supposedly equipped with resources i.e. lecture notes, videos etc. with which anyone can learn the rudiments of cryptocurrency.
    • An investor can earn a minimum of $2000 on the first daily trade with a minimum initial investment of $100. The investor can also make as much as $100,000 monthly.
    • The testimonials on the web platform about the trading are fabricated evidence as none of them are from confirmed sources.
    • There is no real, explainable trading strategy employed by Bitcoin University to churn out huge profits for its users. This confirms the software a scam.
    • In place of Bitcoin University, there are other trading software which are real and profitable. e.g. Bitcoin Code.

    From all indications, InsideBitcoins can authoritatively confirm that Bitcoin University is a scam. Most people who got acquainted with this fraudulent trading software did so via emails sent asking them to join an online school where they would learn the rudiments of cryptocurrency and as well make thousands of dollars daily. Some, however, got to know about the software through adverts. Cryptocurrency trading and investment is sure a cool way to earn more money with the exponential rise in the price of Bitcoin being witnessed every time.

    However, is Bitcoin University really a trading tool or just a software built to steal funds? Having done a lot of research, it was observed that this software is not what it claims to be. A quick observation would suggest that this software is legit but in actual sense, it is not. Appearing on the homepage of the web platform reads this enticing note “Here’s how to earn $86,931.48 in only 30 days and at least $2,000 in your first daily trade “. This seems exciting, right? But, truth is, it is another scam creamed up with sweetness.

    Bitcoin University exists in two forms. There is a part which promotes the educational aspect (i.e. investment course) of the software to lure unsuspecting individuals and there’s the part that promotes the software claiming the software has an inbuilt algorithm which analyzes and makes accurate predictions about tokens in the market hereby giving profitable trading signals. Brian Hawkins, who is the mastermind behind this program claims that by reading his course, anybody can sure well know how to optimize his/her trades. He boasted saying anyone who reads and studies his educational materials can turn a $100 investment to tens of thousands of dollars.

    What is Bitcoin University, and is it a Scam?

    In a calculated attempt to scam people, Bitcoin University claims two positions. One as a Cryptocurrency trading and investment educational platform, and as a trading software that can help people trade. On the homepage of the website, the platform claimed that registration would be up only for a few days to give access to a few and close the portal thereafter. But, in actual sense, this is only a marketing gimmick as the website is still up and running days after. This is an old time trick of cajoling people to register but it wasn’t working. Of a truth, if the software is working perfectly as acclaimed, its inherent members would personally refer the program to more people to sign up.

    A lot of evidence confirms that this software is nothing short of a scam. Starting from the video, one would expect the video to contain tangible information about the software and how the trading strategies work but rather, it was just a recording of internet actors put together to speak generally about Bitcoin suggesting that after signup, the users would have access to the educational materials for free. Personally, lack of transparency is a big sign that a program is shady and this is exactly what Bitcoin University portrays by not explaining how its trading process works.

    In like manner to other fraudulent software such as Crypto GPS and Crypto Genius, Bitcoin University is another fraudulent one should be wary of. Running a check on the domain name of the web platform to find out information about the owner of the platform, it was observed that these details were kept on private. Also, the picture used as the founders’ doesn’t have any link to any existing human. This goes to explain further that the software is a scam. This program is set up by scammers who seek to take advantage of the cryptocurrency boom to fill their pockets. Bitcoin University is a SCAM!

    Who founded Bitcoin University?

    This program was founded by an unknown identity called Brian Hawkins. He is supposedly an experienced Cryptocurrency trader who wants to teach others how to earn via investment trading. Running a background on this personality, no information was found on the internet about this man. This goes to indicate that this identity is fake. The name had no link to anyone neither does the image. In the video, the characters used are internet actors. So, the whole Bitcoin University program is a scam put together by thieves to rip people off their hard earned money.

    Why Bitcoin University is a Scam

    There are a lot of valid reasons to justify that Crypto Genius is a scam. These shreds of evidence are so evident that it was so easy digging them out. Some of them are:

    False claims about how much you can make

    One interesting thing about this software is that it disguises as both a Crypto school and a trading tool. Bitcoin University claims it has an inbuilt algorithm in the software which enables it to analyze the markets, filters news, etc. to give accurate trading signals. Bitcoin University claims a newly joined member can make $2000 on his/her first daily trade and as high as $90,000 in a month. This is not true in any sense. Imagine two traders investing different amounts of money i.e. $250 & $950. Would both of them with varying investment ratio now have the same $2000? That profit is unevenly distributed. Asides that, making that amount of money daily in most cases is unrealistic. There are different traders who don’t make half of that claim monthly.

    Fake Videos

    The video displayed on the web platform portrays so many lies about the activities of the platform. The video depicts interviews being conducted by media houses, and members of Bitcoin University were there present. It might interest you to know that all those characters seen in the video are merely internet actors. Also, all the information passed on the video is untrue as Bitcoin University is neither a school for learning cryptocurrency trading and investment nor a trading tool.

    Fake Testimonials

    On the website, there is a testimonial box which shows the testimonies of the members. One member was quoted saying he has earned over $427,000, another said with the money realized from trading with Bitcoin University, he was able to offset all his debts and mortgages. These testimonies are not true as these people are merely internet actors sourced from different freelancing platforms online. Also, none of the clips in the video can be traced to any media house.

    Fake rumors and TV claims

    One thing among others that Bitcoin University uses to deceive the general public is the promotion of their software by top-notch shows, events, brand names, and celebrities. There are rumors in the public domain suggesting that Elon Musk is a supporter of cryptocurrency trading and investment with the former suggesting that he has resigned from Tesla in a bid to continue business in the automated industry having bought shares.

    Misleading Information

    Claiming to be a site where cryptocurrency education is learned, Bitcoin University is actually such. All the content shown in its site is false.

    The Signup, deposit, and trade process on Bitcoin University

    As a new user on the Bitcoin University platform, there are four key phases on the website. First is the registration process. Situated on the right hand of the home page of the platform, the registration form can be completed in three steps. The first step requires the user to input First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. In the second stage, a password would be required of which Password is not less than 6 characters consisting of alphanumeric characters. Lastly, phone number would be needed. After all of this has been inputted, click Earn Your First $2000 here to finish registration.

    After registration, the web browser redirects to a page where a broker would be attached to the account. As should be guessed, the broker is an unlicensed one. So, the user would be asked to make payment using on this broker site using different payment methods. Ultimately, the platform wants every user to use their Credit Cards for payments. Thus, after the payment is made, unbeknownst to the user, the fund deposited is the fraudsters account but as usual, it would reflect on the account that the money has been deposited and the user can start trading.

    Having traded some cryptocurrency tokens, it would be observed that the software keeps churning in profits. However, this is where it now becomes obvious that Bitcoin University is a scam. After initiating a withdrawal request on the account, the request can go unattended to for weeks and the profits keep coming in. In case of complaints, sending a message through the Contact Us link to Bitcoin University is a dead end. This goes to validate that the software is a big scam as its trading processes are shady.

    Have people made money with Bitcoin University?

    From our research, there is no concrete information suggesting that people have made money with this software. The only positive testimonials about this automated trading software are only available on its web platform. If people have made money using this software, there would be a concentrated number of reviews on the internet just like Bitcoin has many proponents even as a new innovation. However, instead of having testimonials of people who have made money with this software, the reviews spread across the internet are negative. This goes ahead to assert that Bitcoin University is not a reliable software. Rather, it is a SCAM!

    Recommended robots

    Despite the presence of several fake cryptocurrency trading robots across the internet, there are still quite a few that are trustworthy which can be used to trade cryptocurrencies and make real-time money. Examples of such trading robot is:

    • Bitcoin Code: As its name implies, this software used for trading cryptocurrencies is real and profitable. This software has a trading signals accuracy of over 90% and it is one of the best trading software of 2019. To have further knowledge about this software and register, click the link below.
    There are many other robots like Bitcoin Trader you can make money on. Check out our bitcoin robot page to see what they are.
    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    Free to use
    • 87% claimed win-rate
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts credit card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk

    Bitcoin University Review: The Verdict!

    We have reviewed this software and check out all its loophole to clarify it is a scam. This software is not a recommendable app in any respect. It has no official database, it has no known founder, and there is no credibility to the trading strategies it employs to trade. Thus, our stand still remains. Bitcoin University is a scam trading software.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Are Credit Card payments safe on exchanges?

    This is not an advisable way of making deposits on exchanges presently as there are exchanges that have access to card’s private information upon using it to make payments on their platform.

    Are cryptocurrency trading software operations regulated?

    No, their operations aren’t regulated by any government agencies.

    How advisable is it to trade using automated trading software?

    It is very advisable. Just make sure you are trading with real software.

    Are there any other trading robots that can generate real profits? If Yes, name them.

    Yes, there are other trading robots that can be used for real trading. Example of such robots is Bitcoin Compass, Ripple Code, Bitcoin Profit, Crypto Revolt etc.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    A cryptocurrency and trading writer and editor, I specialise in algorithmic trading. I’ve written about every type of automated trading tools - from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors. My goal is to write honest reviews about automated trading tools in order to help users understand which software are trustworthy and which ones they should stay away from. I am constantly analysing and scrutinising the up and coming trading apps so if you are seeking advice or if you would like me to write a robot review in particular don't hesitate to get in touch – I’m happy to help!


    1. Bitcoin University is a lie and it steals your money. After some time when you invest large amounts they will take it away instantly. There are some good robots too but I don’t know how to find them.

      1. Hello Josephine67, you are right, robots like Bitcoin University show fake profits to new users to encourage them to invest more money in the robot. Some of the most legit and secure robots in the industry include Bitcoin Formula and Crypto Revolt.

    2. Its a lie.My aunt lost $500 on this robot. Its fake and they will try to make you fool by showing fake money in your account.How can they mess up your accounts digits on their app?

      1. Hello Lydia43, we are sorry to hear about your aunt’s loss. Since the app is designed by them, they have backdoor access to these apps which is used to show fake profits. This is why we recommend your viewers to only invest in legit and secure crypto bots that we have listed in this Bitcoin Robot guide.

    3. This Robot is fake and scam. I had to lose my investment because of the paid fake testimonials, they are fraudulent people. Is there a way to find out which robot is good and which ones a bad robot?

      1. Hello Emery, we are extremely sorry to hear about your loss. Our experts have tested and reviewed a number of popular crypto bots and identified the legit ones. You can use our Bitcoin Robot guide to check which one is legit and which one is not.

    4. I have lost my $2000 on this robot after watching fake videos, I got convinced and made an account, after that there was no report and no updates on my account. Will I ever get back anything?

      1. Hello Rory57, we are so sorry to hear that you lost your hard-earned money. Bitcoin University is a scam robot and has caused a lot of damage to a lot of people. We would recommend you to only use legit robots like Bitcoin Formula and Crypto Revolt.

    5. Scam robot. Its not even a robot there is no algorithm working on its back end. How does this suppose to calculate anything?

      1. Hello Arianna, Bitcoin University is not designed to work at all because it is built for the sole purpose of scamming unknowing people. This is why recommend our viewers to only use legit and secure crypto bots that we have listed in this Bitcoin Robot guide.

      1. Hello mbg@sff, you are absolutely right. Bitcoin University is a huge scam and has caused a lot of financial damage to a lot of people. We would highly recommend you to use legit and secure crypto bot like Bitcoin Formula and Bitcoin Revolution instead.

      1. Hello Elliot56, we would strongly recommend you to pull any investment you have from Bitcoin University as your money could be lost any minute. Bitcoin University is a scam bot and it shows fake profits to new users to make them invest even larger amounts. Instead, we would recommend you to invest in legit and secure crypto bots like Bitcoin Revolution and Cryptosoft.

      1. Hello slq_001, you won’t be able to earn money on Bitcoin University as it is a scam platform. On the other hand, you can invest your money in Cryptosoft or Bitcoin Revolution as they are highly secure and legit platforms in the industry.

      1. Hello Ckf601, no, Bitcoin University is not legit at all and we would highly recommend you to not put your money on the line on this platform. Instead, you can try Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Profit – these have a proven algorithm that will make you great profits.

      1. Hello Martin, you are absolutely right. Bitcoin Trader is a far better crypto bot than Bitcoin University and we would highly recommend Bitcoin Trader to our users.

    6. Don’t ever think about investing anything on this robot. Its a complete scam and waste of your energy. How to find a robot that is not bad and gives real profit margins?

      1. Hello Piper90, you are absolutely right, we would not recommend Bitcoin University to anyone. As for your question, we have listed the most legit and secure crypto bots in this Bitcoin Robot guide.

    7. everything they say is a lie. there is nothing to gain from this robot.

      Also, it is different from the other legit cryptocurrency bots because all the reviews, comments, and even the developer were fake identities that were not real. I guessed as much when I was totally unable to make any sufficient gains from my investment. read carefully before investing and losing everything you have!

      1. Hello Lily, we are happy to hear that you caught on to the scam before losing your money completely. Many scam robots like Bitcoin University use fake identities to comment and review their robots which attract unknowing people to the platform.

    8. When I got to know about Bitcoin university, I was so happy that I was able to find a platform that could put me through the rudiments of cryptocurrency.
      I thought with my investment of $100 I could make myself some cash not knowing that I was digging a pit for myself. After trying to get the best out of the Bitcoin university robot and it didn’t work out, I decided that I was not going to do bitcoin until I can find someone who will put me through.
      Fortunately for me, I stumbled on your site and I have been going through it and I think you have really tried. Do you recommend that I get to practice the cryptocurrency business more before investigating fully in any reasonable platform?
      Can you help me with a site where I can get the prerequisite of cryptocurrency trading? Is there any good bitcoin robot that provide the rudiments of cryptocurrency rather than the bitcoin university?

      1. Hello Blake, it is always good practice to do your research before investing a large amount of money on a crypto platform. We regularly post analysis and latest crypto news on our website so that you can be aware of the market’s status. As for bitcoin robots, here is a Bitcoin Robot guide on legit and accurate bitcoin bots that we recommend.

    9. I heard about this robot from an internet website that was obviously paid to scam and trap innocent people and invested some of my money but now I am unable to get it back. Is there a way to get my money back from them?

      1. Hello Luke77, we are sorry to inform you but your investment is probably lost and there is no way of retrieving it. This is why we recommend our users to only invest in legit and secure crypto bots like Ethereum Code and Crypto Revolt.

    10. Not a good robot. They will trap you and will make you fool and eventually you will lose your money.

      1. Hello Frankie, you are absolutely right, Bitcoin University is a scam and anyone investing in it will soon lose their money. This is why recommend our viewers to only invest in crypto bots that are legit and secure. Our top recommendations are listed in this Bitcoin Robot guide.

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