Bitcoin Secret: Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed

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Today, we are reviewing an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading bot platform: Bitcoin Secret. However, before we dive deep into our Bitcoin Secret review, let’s talk a bit about automated or algorithmic trading in the case of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Automated trading platforms utilize crypto bots that do all the trading for the user. You only need to set these systems up – tweak if needed -, then do bots will work fully automatically, trading coins using different algorithms, strategies, and indicators. After turning them on, you only have to monitor the performance of the bots. These solutions have been present in the fiat world for a while, and many traders in that space use the bots to generate profits on stocks, bonds, ETFs, fiat currencies, and more.

When Bitcoin was created in 2009, such services were not present on the cryptocurrency market. As the crypto industry has evolved, new coins and new, innovative solutions have appeared. Traders started to realize that some good things from the fiat world should be implemented in digital currencies. And one of these was algorithmic trading. Now, 10 years later after Bitcoin was born, plenty of solutions have emerged offering digital currency trading via crypto bots. Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading has become a trending thing in the space.

Why did algorithmic solutions become a trending way to trade coins? What are the benefits? These services cut out the human from the process. Therefore, the crypto bots eliminate every possibility for human error. Traders use technical analysis – utilizing different indicators such as the moving average – to determine the best points to enter and exit trades, in the hope of generating profits. In case a trader is deploying his own analysis “manually” – not using a bot or any other automated solution – there’s always a chance he or she can be wrong. Especially, in cases when the trader is a newbie.

Furthermore, when we are making important financial decisions, we are often ruled by our emotions. We don’t want to lose money – but the opposite -, we seek to generate as much profits as we can. Traders fear that they will lose a part of all of their funds in a trade, while they can also become greedy when they see that their coins are going to the moon. Due to these emotions – along with others as well -, investors and traders can make bad decisions that could result in heavy losses. No wonder why expert traders recommend newbies to eliminate their emotions when they are trading. Without fear and greed, traders and investors can enter and exit positions at the right time.

Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading solves both human error and the emotional issues of trading. The trader has to do two things: set up the bots and monitor their performance. No more than that. The crypto robots will do all the trading using either the platform’s or the trader’s strategies and indicators. No emotions and not even a slight chance for human error.

Before continuing with our Bitcoin Secret review, let’s talk about the risks. And the risks of automated cryptocurrency trading are really high. That’s because of two reasons. Firstly, digital currencies can become highly volatile at times. In such periods, their price can increase or decrease by over 10% in as little as an hour, which is risky for even expert traders and investors. You don’t know if the coin you are holding or trading will go up 10% or down 10%. And no one can predict the short-term movement of cryptocurrencies. Secondly, a part of the automated cryptocurrency trading solutions is not legit, which is rather unfortunate. The scam platforms are solely after taking your money without delivering you the service they promised.

But you can avoid the scammers by doing research and reading reviews – like this one – on the algorithmic cryptocurrency trading solutions. So, as you now know the risks, let’s proceed to our review on the Bitcoin Secret system.

What is Bitcoin Secret?

Bitcoin Secret is a platform where users can sign up, deposit funds, start their bots, which will trade cryptocurrencies for them, fully automatically. When we were on the Bitcoin Secret website, the first thing we noticed is the pop-up message stating that the app is exclusive to the citizens of the country where we are located. In the top right corner, we can saw the names and images of traders who have just made a certain amount of profits using the platform (allegedly).

We were a bit skeptic about the exclusivity of the platform, so we have decided to investigate that statement. Firstly, we connected to a Swiss server via VPN and opened the Bitcoin Secret website. It showed that the crypto trading bot app is exclusive in Switzerland. But when we connected to a Danish server, the website stated that only traders from Denmark could use the platform.

As we have identified this not-so-professional and honest tactic of the operators, we have started to become more skeptic of the algorithmic cryptocurrency trading service. And as we have further analyzed the service, the more skeptic we have become.

In the middle of the homepage, there are three sections providing information on the Bitcoin Secret app. The first strange thing we noticed was the “accuracy level” of 99.4% of the crypto bots. We presume that the operators have meant the success rate of the bots, a metric showing the percentage of the cases when a trade resulted in profits. Now, a success rate of 99.4% would mean that if you make 1,000 trades, you’ll make profits in 994 instances. You only lose money 6 times out of 1,000. If that claim was true, all of the investors on Wall Street and all over the world would start to pour money into Bitcoin Secret. Furthermore, with a performance like that, the Bitcoin Secret system should worth over million (if not billions) of dollars. But the creators of the Bitcoin Secret app is offering it for free with limited places – that refresh if you open the website in another browser.

In addition to claiming that the Bitcoin Secret app is using “the most advanced programming the trading world has ever seen,” the creators also state on the bot platform’s website that Bitcoin Secret is ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. Wait, what? How can be an algorithmic trading platform ahead of the market? If one of the features of Bitcoin Secret is time traveling, we’re alright with that statement. But as we did not see that feature advertised on the website, we do not believe that the Bitcoin Secret app is capable of passing the market by 0.01 seconds.

In the third section, the creators state that the Bitcoin Secret system has received multiple awards, including being first in the trading software category of the US Trading Association. If that is true, it would mean great news for Bitcoin Secret. However, it isn’t. We checked the internet, searching for any details on the awards, but we couldn’t find anything neither on Bitcoin Secret’s awards nor the “best trading software” category of the US Trade Association.

Along with using only stock photos on the platform – which is okay -, the video used on the top of the homepage has a “Zebpay” logo in the top right corner. And the India-based cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay do not have any partnerships with Bitcoin Secret (we checked). Also – a funny thing we noticed – is that the operators of the service did not refresh Bitcoin’s price, which is standing at $326 and $329 (bid and ask price) according to the website. And when we refreshed the website after 20 minutes, the displayed price did not change on the platform.

It is crucial to evaluate that the crypto robot we are reviewing today is legit. The short answer for that is no. Due to the numerous factors, we believe you shouldn’t trust the Bitcoin Secret app with your money. We have compiled a list of these factors that have resulted in us making this decision:

  • On the top of the homepage, the operators of the platform state that the service is exclusive to our country of residence. However, when we switch location with a VPN, the site shows that the Bitcoin Secret app is exclusive in the country we have just switched to.
  • After creating an account, the Bitcoin Secret app redirected us to the dubious cryptocurrency exchange Crypto All Day. The aforementioned platform does not offer automated crypto trading.
  • The site uses a video on its homepage that it does not own. The video belongs to Zebpay, an India-based crypto exchange.
  • The Bitcoin price on the Bitcoin Secret website is outdated by years.
    The 99.4% success rate promised by the service sounds too good to be true and extremely unrealistic.
  • The operators of the platform claim that the Bitcoin Secret app is ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. No software is capable of that.
  • While claiming an award-winning app, Bitcoin Secret did not receive any awards.

We are almost absolutely sure that the whole service is a fake and there’s a Bitcoin Secret scam. The cryptocurrency exchange – where the site redirects us after creating a Bitcoin Secret account – Crypto All Day has plenty of negative reviews. Most of the reviewing users stated that the operators of the Crypto All Day platform had taken their funds they have invested in cryptocurrencies.

As there’s no real Bitcoin Secret app and that the site redirects us to a scam service, we can say that the automated cryptocurrency trading platform is completely fake.

Is it a scam?

  • When we have created an account on the platform, it redirected us to a completely different service where we found no crypto bots.
  • A Bitcoin Secret scam is very likely as the platform is full of unrealistic statements and there’s no automated cryptocurrency trading app after signing up.
  • We recommend using a trustworthy service, CryptoSoft.
  • You can create an account at CryptoSoft right away by clicking this link or stay with us to read our step-by-step guide on how to use the service.

Who founded Bitcoin Secret?

We have checked everywhere on the Bitcoin Secret website, but we did not find the person or group of persons who created the app. However, this is not an important question as we are absolutely sure that the whole Bitcoin Secret platform is not legit. It is operated by scammers whose only goal is to steal your funds after you have deposited money into your account.

How does the Bitcoin Secret system work

What can we say… The Bitcoin Secret website did not impress us. If we have based our review solely on the website – without registering an account and testing the platform itself -, we would almost be sure that there is a Bitcoin Secret scam. But now, let us try the Bitcoin Secret app in the hope that it will be different than our impressions so far.

We proceeded with fill out the form on the right page of the service. The platform required a name, email, phone number, and the currency we sought to trade on the service from us. However, when we clicked the button at the end of the form, something unexpected happened. Bitcoin Secret redirected us to another service, Crypto All Day, a dubious cryptocurrency exchange.

After thoroughly analyzing the Crypto All Day platform, we did not find any reference for automated digital currency trading. We tried to register an account again at Bitcoin Secret, but this time was the same as our first attempt – we got a Crypto All Day account instead. Therefore, we can’t even talk about the Bitcoin Secret app as there is no such thing. The whole platform is set up to redirect visitors to Crypto All Day, generating traffic for the cryptocurrency exchange.

We haven’t heard much about Crypto All Day, so we had to take a look at the reviews. As soon as we Googled the exchange, almost all the results have stated that the service is a scam or likely a scam. Going up on TrustPilot, we could only see one positive review; all the others were negative or neutral. Most of the users stated that, at a certain point, they were not able to log in to their accounts. After they were able to log in, the users have witnessed their balances gone.

We can say that the Bitcoin Secret system takes its users to a scam site. So, we advise you not to use the service.

The aforementioned trustworthy service is CryptoSoft. Instead of doing a Bitcoin Secret sign-up, we are advising you to create an account at CryptoSoft. For that, we have compiled you a detailed step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the processes of registering to the service, using the demo trading platform to test the bots, depositing funds, and live trading via the algorithmic crypto bots of the service.

How to place trades on CryptoSoft?

Step 1: registration

Firstly, navigate to the website of the crypto trading bot platform. On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see a form where you have to type in your name and email. Click “Get Start Now.” You need to fill out another form with new details on the next page. Enter your full name, email address, password, the country of your residence, and your phone number, then proceed with clicking the button at the bottom of the form.

Step 2: demo trading

Before depositing any funds into your newly created CryptoSoft account, it is crucial to test whether the service is legit and that the bots are performing well. Fortunately, CryptoSoft has a demo trading platform where the platform’s users can use virtual money to analyze the performance of the crypto bots without any risks.

To head to the CryptoSoft demo trading platform click “Go to Demo” in the menu on the left. The first thing you’ll see is a message from the admins that your account has been credited with $1,500 worth of virtual money. Use these funds to load your bots and simulate automated cryptocurrency trading. To start your crypto robots, click the red “Off” button next to “Auto Trade.” A few seconds after clicking the button, you’ll notice that the bots have started, creating multiple trades.

Wait at least 10-20 minutes and analyze the performance of the bots. If you are satisfied with the results, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: deposit

Now, it’s time to fund your account. Head back to the Trading Room. You’ll find a green “Deposit” button in the “Current Brokers” section. After clicking it, a message will pop up stating that the website administrators will contact you soon with the payment details. Wait until they contact you, then follow their instructions to deposit funds into your CryptoSoft account.

Step 4: trading

As soon as your funds have arrived into your account, you can start trading. If you have not done it already, click “Go to Live” on the left side menu. The process to start your crypto bots is the same as it was at the demo trading platform. On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see a large red button under “Auto Trading.” Click it to start up your bots. Now – as your bots are doing the trading – sit back and relax while monitoring the performance of the crypto robots.

Is the Bill Gates Bitcoin Secret endorsement true?

When we were on the Bitcoin Secret website, we have seen a statement mentioning Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Now, let’s see both persons one by one.

One of the first names that you think of is Bill Gates when Microsoft is mentioned. The former Microsoft CEO, business magnate, and humanitarian has a net worth of $95.6 billion. He had made multiple statements concerning Bitcoin. But did he talk about automated trading solutions also? Did Bill Gates mention Bitcoin Secret? While the operators of the algorithmic crypto trading platform have featured the Microsoft CEO on the top of their homepage, there’s no official connection between Bill Gates and Bitcoin Secret.

Is the Richard Branson Bitcoin Secret mention true?

Richard Branson, the owner of the conglomerate Virgin Group that controls over 400 companies, is also featured on the homepage of the Bitcoin Secret website. Similarly to Gates, Branson has made multiple statements about cryptocurrencies. However, his last one was about scammers using his name to market their services with false statements and articles.

While Bitcoin Secret did not make any fake statements about Richard Branson, the operators of the crypto bot solution have featured the business magnate on their homepage, implying that he is a supporter of the platform. But that is not the case as Richard Branson does not support Bitcoin Secret. Therefore, if you see any ads or statements about Branson supporting the algo trading app, do not believe them.

Can you make money with Bitcoin Secret?

No, there’s no way you can make money with Bitcoin Secret. Unless you are one of the operators of the platform that want to scam crypto users. As mentioned before in this Bitcoin Secret review, the creators of the app are using the service to redirect users who just created their accounts to another platform, Crypto All Day. And we have checked, Crypto All Day does not offer any form of algorithmic cryptocurrency trading. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto All Day has plenty of negative reviews. Almost all of the users who have left negative reviews stated that the operators of the exchange stole their funds and never returned their investment.

The Verdict: Bitcoin Secret is a scam, do not use it!

Let’s summarize the key points of our Bitcoin Secret review. Firstly, we have analyzed the website of the automated cryptocurrency trading platform. The Bitcoin Secret website is full of false, incorrect, and unrealistic statements and promises. When we tried to do a Bitcoin Secret sign-up to test the platform, the site took us to the scam cryptocurrency exchange Crypto All Day. While the algo coin trading platform was not mentioned in any popular TV shows, Bill Gates and Richard Branson were featured in a video at the homepage of the service. Neither Gates nor Branson mentioned the Bitcoin Secret app.

We think the Bitcoin Secret app is not legit: it is operated by scammers who want to steal your funds. Instead of using this untrustworthy service, we recommend you to check out one of our top-tier algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platforms, CryptoSoft. Read back to see our step-by-step guide on the crypto robot platform.


How to trade cryptocurrency via Bitcoin Secret?
As the Bitcoin Secret app is fake and operated by scammers, you can’t trade coins via the platform’s crypto robots. After signing up for a legit algo coin trading app, you need to deposit funds first. After you are ready with that, you can proceed with setting up your bots. After that, you only need to monitor the performance of the bots. To test the platform without any risks, we advise you to use the demo trading app (if the platform you are using has one) before funding your account.
Can crypto robots accurately predict the price of Bitcoin?
No, they can’t. While there are plenty of expert traders and investors in the crypto space, no one can provide an accurate Bitcoin price prediction, especially in the short-term. If you see any of the automated cryptocurrency trading platforms – or any other crypto project – claiming that its solution can provide a precise Bitcoin price prediction, leave the site immediately. The operators of the service are either exaggerating or are running a scam/fake platform.
Automated trading is not my thing; I’m interested in holding Bitcoin instead. What’s the best crypto wallet?
No problem! Everyone has his or her taste, preferences, and interests. We have tested many services; we can’t choose you the best crypto wallet as we couldn’t select a winner from all the great apps we have tested. So, instead of writing the name of the best crypto wallet, we have compiled a list of the best wallet app solutions. But before that, we think it’s time to emphasize the security of your coins. As you are holding (or planning to hold) digital currency in a wallet, the coins have to be kept on a safe wallet as hackers are highly targeting the crypto space. But don’t worry: if you choose a secure wallet, you won’t have any problems with attackers. Our selection of the best crypto wallet solutions starts with hardware wallets. These solutions offer the highest security for the users as the wallets come with a hardware device. Every time you seek to log into your wallet or send outgoing transfers, you need to verify both activities with a PIN via the hardware device. This guarantees you a high level of security. The hacker has to steal your hardware device, acquire your PIN, and breach the software side of the hardware wallet in order to succeed. It sounds like a tough job, doesn’t it? Because it is. We can recommend three trusted hardware wallet brands: Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey. All of them has their pros and cons compared to each other, so it is advised to check out all of them thoroughly before choosing one of the options. If you prefer a software wallet instead, we recommend checking out the eToro Wallet, Hodly, and/or Exodus.
What’s the best cryptocurrency trading platform to buy Bitcoin at?
In case you are more interested in buying Bitcoin than using a crypto robot app, our top pick would be eToro for the best cryptocurrency trading platform. eToro is a broker – specializing mostly in CFDs – with over 12 years of experience. With a regulated service, the broker offers outright cryptocurrency trading. It means that you actually own the coins you are trading. And it also means that your coins will be held on a wallet. If you are afraid of hacker attacks, you shouldn’t worry as eToro is a regulated company that uses high-grade security to store your digital assets safe. According to our guide on how to buy Bitcoin, we have rated (in addition to eToro) Plus500, Binance, and Changelly as the best cryptocurrency trading platforms to buy BTC at. While the first service offers CFD trading, Binance and Changelly are cryptocurrency exchanges where you are the actual owner of the coins you buy.

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