Bitcoin Secret: Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed

Author: Patrick Webber

Bitcoin Secret is an auto-trading robot that has recently been gaining popularity among crypto users. A question that is often is raised about robots of this kind is whether they are legit or scam. Finding fair information and unbiased reviews online is always a challenge and we are perfectly aware of that. You can find lots of reviews calling it a scam but many others referring to it as a profitable and sophisticated platform. That is why we decided to test and review the robot. We want to tell you what to expect from it and give you some tips to point you in the right directions. The first thing we would like you to know is that our test has revealed that Bitcoin secret is a scam. There are much better bots out there that you actually can make money on.

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    Is Bitcoin Secret a scam? YES!

    • 1). When we created an account on the platform, we were redirected to a completely different service where we found no crypto bots.
    • 2). A Bitcoin Secret scam is very likely as the platform is full of unrealistic statements and there’s no automated cryptocurrency trading app after signing up.
    • 3). We recommend using a trustworthy platform like CryptoSoft or Bitcoin Revolution.
    • 4). You can create an account on CryptoSoft right away by clicking on this link or stay with us to read our step-by-step guide on how to use the service.

    What is Bitcoin Secret, and is it a scam?

    Bitcoin Secret is an automated crypto trading platform. Robots like this one are meant to help inexperienced users to make profits on this kind of market. They basically trade automatically with the funds you place into your account. So once you have placed funds into your account all you have to do is wait for the robot to make investments and then notify you as to whether or not you made profits. While some of these platforms really do allow you to make significant profits, Bitcoin Secret does not.

    Right from the start we could see a few signs suggesting that the platform may be a scam. One of the first things you see when you access the robot website is that the platform is claimed to be a service reserved to citizens of the country you are located in. That sounded a bit strange, so we decided to try and switch to a Swiss VPN and the website was claiming the same thing. Again, the exact same happened when we switched to a Danish VPN. That was a first red light.

    On the top right of the registration page, you will also be able to see how much other users are making in real time. That sounds wonderful, if only it were real. On the top left instead, the website claims that there is a limited number of free registrations available. That is just a strategy to push you to sign up quickly. There actually is no limit, because the same number remains if you access the platform at any point in time. Even if you change VPN, the number of “available free spots” does not change. These are only a few of the scammy aspects of the robot. Keep on reading to find out more about it.

    Who founded Bitcoin Secret?

    Another suspicious thing about this robot is that the identity of the person who created it remains unknown. There is no sign of a name online or on the official Bitcoin Secret website. That makes us wonder why the developer of such a “sophisticated” robot would want to hide their identity. The only reasonable explanation we can think of is that they do not want to be held accountable for having created a robot designed to take your money and tricking you into thinking that you are going to make great profits when you are actually not going to.

    Why Bitcoin Secret is a scam

    There are several reasons why Bitcoin Secret is a scam. We came up with a list of four main aspects of the platform that prove it.

    Software Accuracy

    First of all, it claims to be accurate 99.4% of the time. As we said before, we have tested the platform and to do that we deposited $250, the minimum amount required to start trading. We had no returns at all. Our money was gone within minutes. We had tried the demo account before and it seemed like the software really did guarantee profits. As soon as we started trading with real money though, we started losing funds on every single trade.

    Fake Testimonials

    While browsing the website, we also ran into a section dedicated to the user testimonials. There are a few pictures of different people and on each picture is also stated the profit that each of the users made by trading on Bitcoin Secret. When clicking on each of the pictures, their statements about their trading experience also appear. However, we noticed that all the statements are exactly the same. They all go: “I finally know what it’s like to live the dream. I no longer feel like I’m on the outside looking in while everyone else has all the fun. The Bitcoin Formula has allowed me to retire early and live the 1% lifestyle”. The website designers did not even make the effort of thinking about different sentences to pass off as real user reviews!

    Fake Celebrity Endorsements

    The Bitcoin Secret website mentions Bill Gates and Richard Branson, making it seem like the two celebrities are supporting the platform. Microsoft’s CEO and the Virgin Group owner have never expressed support for Bitcoin Secret. Both have actually warned against scammers using their names to advertise their products. Bitcoin Secret clearly tried to use the images of the two celebrities to promote the platform just to try and get a few more users to sign up on it. Do not fall for it.

    False Claims about how much money you can make

    Bitcoin Secret states that users can expect an average profit of at least $1,300. Similar profits are promised on a few reliable robots such as Bitcoin Lifestyle and Bitcoin Loophole. While on Bitcoin Loophole you can make this much money if you increase your investment amounts and follow a few simple tips, on Bitcoin Secret there is no way you will see such high returns. In fact, there is no way you will see your money ever again.

    The sign-up, deposit and trade process on Bitcoin Secret

    Signing up is pretty simple like it is for any other of our reliable robot. You are only required to type in your full name, email address, password and phone number. At that point, you will be able to access the trading platform. You will be asked whether you want to start trading or try the demo version first. When we test platforms, we always start from demo mode and that is what we suggest new users to do as well. Trading with demo is fairly easy as well but it is also where the problems begin. The software claims to have an accuracy of almost 100% and it seems like it when trading in demo mode. All or almost all of the trades placed while auto-trading are successful. That is a strategy to convince you to place real funds into your account. For the sake of the test, that is what we did.

    On the deposit webpage, you will be presented with the payment methods available. While reliable robots usually offer a great variety of payment options in an attempt to satisfy customer needs, Bitcoin Secret only offers Credit and Debit cards. In the past, we have reviewed robots offering options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebPay and many more. The fact that Bitcoin secret offers none of these means that there is no interest in making sure users have all the necessary resources to benefit from the trading experience.

    The minimum required to start trading is $250 which is a reasonable amount. To test the robot, that is how much we deposited. Once we began trading in auto-trading mode we realised that Bitcoin Secret is a complete scam. Within minutes, we saw all of our funds disappear. Not even one trade placed by the software was successful.

    Can you make money with Bitcoin Secret?

    The answer is NO. The software promises an accuracy of 99.4%. That means that out of 1000 trades, 994 will be profitable. This is justified by saying that Bitcoin Secret is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. If that were true, it would of course be possible to make $1,300 a day like the robot claims you will. Unfortunately though, that is not the case. These are only some of the lies circulating on the website. The trading platform is designed to make you lose money so please make sure you do not waste your money on it and that you invest on reliable platforms such as Bitcoin Loophole.

    The only people who are making money on the platform are its developers. They require you to deposit funds on their software but then they channel your funds through unreliable and unregulated brokers such as Crypto All Day. Basically, how it works is that Bitcoin Secret is linked to online brokers that support trades, so whenever you click on auto-trade your funds are invested on assets through a broker. That is how it works with most auto-trading robots but with this one you will never see your money again.

    If you have a look at online user reviews that are not on the official website, you will find people calling Bitcoin Secret a scam that stole all of their funds and never returned their money. The robot should not be trusted.

    There are some really reliable and accurate auto-trading robots out there. If we have convinced you that Bitcoin Secret is not one of them, then feel free to have a look at our bitcoin robot page to see what we think about crypto bots like Bitcoin System which is available right now.

    Recommended Robots

    Forget about Bitcoin Secret! It is important for us that you find the trading platform that you are looking for. We have tested a lot of them and two of the most profitable and reliable ones that we found are Bitcoin Code and Cryptosoft. They are much more realistic about their accuracy rates and we certainly have registered significant profits whilst trading on the platforms.

    Bitcoin Code

    Bitcoin Code is currently one of the most popular crypto trading robots available. The Internet is full of contrasting information when it comes to this robot. That is why we decided to test it.

    • The larger your investment, the higher the profits (please start small though.)
    • The robot has an accuracy rate of almost 100%.
    • The trading platform is suitable for all kinds of users.
    • Trading in demo mode is possible.
    • Check out our Bitcoin Code review if you wish to know more.


    Another great platform is CryptoSoft. The trading platform is suitable for all kinds of users. Beginners find it easy enough to understand despite not knowing much about the world of crypto.

    • It is a legit robot.
    • You can earn up to $1,500 a day.
    • The robot has an accuracy rate of around 90%.
    • It offers a wide variety of payment methods.
    • Take a look at out review to find out the details.


    Of course, you do not have to sign up to these ones in particular, even though we believe that would be a good idea as we know for a fact that they are profitable robots. You can trade on whatever platform you want, but watch out for scams. We put together a brief list of tips to follow to help you know when a robot is legit and when it is a scam.

    1. Look for the creator’s identity. A good way to find out if a robot is scam or not is to look for information on the identity of the software’s creator. If the robot is reliable you will probably find information. If it is not, then whoever created it has more of an interest in remaining anonymous, henace why you cannot find information on them.
    2. Try the demo account first. Another clever way to find out if the robot you are interested in is a scam is by trying the demo account first. Most of the time, you will be able to try it before you place funds into your account. That will give you the possibility to see how the platform works and whether it is profitable. If you like how it works and you see that it has potential to make you earn money, then go ahead and deposit funds in it.
    3. Look for good review pages. Make sure you look for a good review page that you trust before even starting to look for the auto-trading robot you want to trade on. Review pages have contrasting opinions on many robots, so find one that you can trust and that you can refer to for any information you may be looking for when it comes to cryptocurrencies.
    4. Check for risk disclaimers. Most of the scams usually try to hide the risks linked to crypto trading. It is a strategy to get users to sign up without questioning the validity of the statements made on the website. If you are on a scam website, you probably will not find any risk disclaimers. If you are on a reliable robot, you will be able to find risk disclaimers. Legit robots usually try to be as transparent as possible with users.

    The Verdict: Bitcoin Secret is a scam, do not use it!

    We have had a careful look at the website and tested the trading platform of the automated crypto trading bot. The Bitcoin Secret website is full of false, incorrect, and unrealistic statements and promises. The trading platform is also designed to take your money so please do not invest on this robot. There are other platforms that we believe to be highly profitable and safe to trade on. These are CryptoSoft and Bitcoin Code. Take a look at our reviews of the robots to make up your mind about them. We believe they are trustworthy, but of course you have to be the judge of that.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Bitcoin Secret legit?

    No! Bitcoin Secret is a scam robot, and we recommend that you stay away from it. Our investigation shothat traders who try this bot end up losing money. We did a live test on this robot and lost a deposit of $250 in less than two hours of live trading. There are also a lot of complaints about people losing money through this robot.

    How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Secret?

    Do not deposit any money with Bitcoin Secret. This scam will not only steal your money but will also expose you to hackers. Our investigation shows that their platforms are not secure, and they share users’ data with third parties, including hackers.

    How much can I make with Bitcoin Secret?

    Bitcoin Secret is a scam. This means that you won’t make money with it. We suggest that you stay away from it and instead try a tested and proven robot. Bitcoin Trader is the best alternative to Bitcoin Secret. This robot generates up to $5k in profits daily. We recommend that you try it.

    Can I withdraw my money from Bitcoin Secret?

    Bitcoin Secret does not allow traders to withdraw their capital. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that they block traders who insist on withdrawing their money. This is expected of most scam trading bots. We recommend that you stay away from this robot and instead try Bitcoin Trader, a tested and proven robot.

    Robot Minimum Deposit Demo Option Trade 
    $250 No Trade on Cryptosoft Now
    $250 Yes Trade on Bitcoin Code Now
    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    A cryptocurrency and trading writer and editor, I specialise in algorithmic trading. I’ve written about every type of automated trading tools - from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors. My goal is to write honest reviews about automated trading tools in order to help users understand which software are trustworthy and which ones they should stay away from. I am constantly analysing and scrutinising the up and coming trading apps so if you are seeking advice or if you would like me to write a robot review in particular don't hesitate to get in touch – I’m happy to help!

    27 thoughts on “Bitcoin Secret: Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed

    1. Its a total scam, please stay away from it and make sure to tell your beloved ones too if they are about to fall in their trap.

      1. Hello Stalker, you are absolutely right, Bitcoin Secret is an absolute scam and has caused a lot of people to lose their hard-earned money. We would highly recommend our viewers to go with a legit and secure robot like Cryptosoft or Bitcoin Formula instead.

    2. Is there a way that I can catch those fraudulent people who stole my money and ran away. I mean there should be a way using bank records or something?

      1. Hello Saira, scam crypto robots have very elaborate plans on performing the scams and only the law enforcement agencies have enough resources and jurisdiction to get into the matter. Normal users are usually very helpless in such cases which is why we highly recommend our viewers to conduct proper research on a crypto bot before investing in it.

    3. I have lost a fortune, I feel terrible now that I haven’t found this article before. I don’t know if I can get over this and start crypto trading again. How should I know if the robot is legit and I have to invest in that robot or not?

      1. Hello Ashley, we are really sorry to hear about your loss. We would highly recommend you to not give on cryptocurrencies right know as you might never be able to muster enough courage later. The best way to redeem your lost investment would be to invest in a legit and secure robot and earn real profits. Check our reviews on Bitcoin Trader and Ethereum Code

      1. Hello Maria, we are very sorry to hear about your loss. Bitcoin Secret has caused a lot of damage and we would never recommend it to anyone. There are many other legit and secure robots that you can use. For instance, robots like Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Trader are highly legit and are quite lucrative too.

    4. I am a complete beginner and I want to start in a decent way that’s why I am putting a lot of my effort on researching the robots first but It is too difficult to determine which one is legit and which one is a scam. Please I need advice of the experts as I have already wasted my time.

      1. Hello Cavanna, we would like to make it simple and easy for you. Our experts do all the grunt work required to test crypto bots and we share our results in our reviews. You can use our reviews to check if a robot is a scam or not. We would highly recommend you to check out our bitcoin Robot guide on the topic.

      1. Hello bgf844, you are right, Bitcoin Secret is a bad robot and our tests concluded that it is a scam. We would not recommend anyone to invest their money in Bitcoin Secret.

    5. Thank God I found this article about Bitcoin Secret and have saved my saving from scammers. Are there any other legit and good robots that I can trust and invest on?

      1. Hello Capri, we are happy to hear that our guide saved you from investing in a scam robot. As for your question, yes, there are a number of legit and secure robots that you can invest in. We would recommend you to try Bitcoin Formula or Ethereum Code if you are a newcomer.

    6. My aunt have lost her $400 and I want that money back. Is there a way that I can get my aunt’s lost money back?

      1. Hello Decker, we are sorry to hear that you lost your money on this platform. There is not technology, the scam platforms simply move the money to other accounts as soon as it is deposited. We would highly recommend you to consult our Bitcoin Robot guide on legit and scam crypto bots so you don’t lose your money again.

    7. This is all crap. I am so angry. I thought that this robot is legit as they have a nice website and the whole procedure is sensible but I have been robbed.

      1. Hello Mark, we are sorry to hear about your poor experience with Bitcoin Secret. Scam robots often build aesthetically great websites to make unknowing people think that it is a legit robot. We recommend our viewers to refer to this Bitcoin Robot Guide to check if a robot is a scam or not before investing money in a robot.

      1. Hello ljh760, you are right, Bitcoin Secret is an utter scam and we sincerely hope that you didn’t lose your money by investing in it. We would recommend you to use Bitcoin Trader or Cryptosoft as they are highly legit and secure crypto bots.

    8. The bitcoin secret is a scam!!!! no doubt about it because even in their own so called “site” there is nothing that resembles a robot that can actually help to trade on it because you will automatically be redirected to another site entirely when you log into their site ??? the site is not even reachable. is it possible to withdraw my money? I already invested and I am just seeing this.

      1. Hello Billy, we are sorry to hear about your bad experience. It is almost impossible to get your money back from a scam robot as they transfer the money instantly to other accounts.

    9. Hello Inside Bitcoins, Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I was almost convinced that this robot is legit and was about to invest on it. However, can you please guide me how to find a legit and accurate one?

      1. Hello Diana, we are happy to hear that our guide stopped you from being scammed. We have a Bitcoin Robot guide on crypto bots which lists the legit robots in the industry. We would highly recommend you to try Bitcoin Formula or Cryptosoft as they are highly legit and very lucrative crypto bots.

    10. I’m very surprised that I fell for this. I was really happy when I saw the testimonials and all the assurance on the page just to get myself scammed. I went on the site and I made a $300 deposit on platform just to realise that I couldn’t make what they said I would. If I was to look for another bitcoin robot, which one would you recommend over bitcoin secret? I need something legitimate this time.

      1. Hello Will, we are sorry to hear about your bad experience. We have Bbitcoin Robot and a number of bitcoin robots and found out that Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Revolution are completely legit and generate high returns.

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