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The last few years have seen a great increase of auto trading robots developed to help inexperienced users make money investing in cryptocurrencies. While some of them are legit and profitable trading platforms, others are complete scams, designed to steal your money. We have been testing individual platforms to find out whether they are legit or scams. Based on our test of the Bitcoin Pro app, we can confidently say that it is a scam. There are much more reliable and trustworthy platforms out there. We recommend trading on Bitcoin Revolution. Read on to find out why the Bitcoin Pro App and how to trade on Bitcoin Revolution.

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Is the Bitcoin Pro App a Scam?

  • 1). We could not test the auto trading robot because the Bitcoin Pro App is currently unavailable. That is why we were unable to find out what its accuracy rate is.
  • 2). Because the platform cannot be reached at the moment, we were unable to verify whether the platform is a complete scam.
  • 3). We recommend trading on Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Revolution. They are sophisticated and reliable robots that you can make profits on.
  • 4). Click on this link to start trading on Bitcoin Revolution, or keep on reading to see how to sign up on it.

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What is the Bitcoin Pro App, and is it a scam?

Automated trading robots are automated trading software programs that helps traders determine whether to buy or sell an asset at any given point in time.

The Bitcoin Pro App is an automated trading software designed to help inexperienced users trade cryptocurrencies. Platforms like this one have high accuracy rates thanks to the algorithms they are based on, which allow them to support users during their trading experience. The robots are capable of automatically analyse changes in the market and financial news and place the most profitable trades accordingly. Many of these robots claim to have accuracy rates of over 90%, meaning that out of 10 trades, 9 will be accurate. We’ve found this to be true for some of these robots, but we were unable to find out whether this is true for this robot in particular as we were unable to access it.

What we know for sure about the Bitcoin Pro App is that it is registered under the company Bitcoin Pro App Investments Ltd. Like all robots, it used to connect you to an online broker once you registered, where you were meant to deposit your funds and begin auto trading. We are not sure whether the site is temporarily or permanently down, but considering that there is a high risk of putting your hard-earned money in the hands of scammers, especially if you are an inexperienced trader, we suggest trading on legit and well-reputed robots like Bitcoin Revolution.

Who founded the Bitcoin Pro App?

Because we are unable to access the platform and we could not find information on the matter online, we could not find out who developed the auto trading robot.

How does the Bitcoin Pro App work?

Even though we were not able to reach the Bitcoin Pro App website, our guess is that it works in a similar way as all other crypto robots. You would first have to register on it. At this point, you would be connected to an online broker where you’d have to deposit your funds and you could then start trading on the broker through the Bitcoin Pro App. Most robots and brokers require a minimum deposit of $250 to be allowed to access the trading space. Once you’ve paid the deposit, all that’s normally left for you to do is modify the trading settings to your preferences and activate the auto trading mode. Keep in mind that this is just a guess based on our experiences with crypto bots though. As we could not access the Bitcoin Pro App, we are not sure whether it would work in the exact same way as other robots. If the site might become available again any time soon, we will be sure to test the robot and update the review based on our findings.

How to trade on Bitcoin Revolution

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you start trading on Bitcoin Revolution. As we have mentioned already, we were not able to test the Bitcoin Pro App, so we decided to guide you through the sign up process of a robot we consider to be profitable and reliable.

Step 1: Registration

Click on this link to access the official website. You will find the registration form on the right side of the home page of the Bitcoin Revolution site. You will be able to register in three steps. First, you will have to type in your first and last name and email address. After that, you will have to click on the “give me access” button. You will then be required to create a password, that has to be between 6 and 10 characters and contain both letters and numbers. Finally, you will have to type in your phone number and select your country. At this point, you will be able to move on to the next step.



First, you’ll be required to input your name i.e. First Name, and Last Name, email address and you click the continue button. Second, you’ll be asked to create a password for your account. This password must not be less than 6 characters and only alphanumeric characters are accepted. After this, you again click the continue button and the last thing is to input your phone number, the country code would be in a box beside it, so you’re required to input only the last 10 digits. After this, click the register button. Boom! Your account has been created, it is time to start trading. You’ll need to login to continue.

Step 2: Deposit



Once you’ve registered, you will be asked whether you want to start live trading or to trade in demo mode. If you want to deposit real funds right away, you will have to choose the first option. You will then be connected to an online broker and the deposit page will appear. You will be able to choose among a variety of payment options, including credit or debit cards with MasterCard, VISA and American Express. You will have to pay a minimum of $250 to be allowed to access the trading space. We recommend not to deposit more than that as crypto trading remains a high risk activity that can result in a loss of funds, even though Bitcoin Revolution is a trusted platform that can certainly increase your chances of profit. We also suggest to trade in demo mode before you deposit real funds in your account.

Step 3: Demo trading



Trading in demo mode allows you to see how the platform really functions and whether it actually has potential to help you make money. All you have to do to give it a try is click on the Go to Demo button and you will be allowed to access the demo trading space. After ending the platform tour, the system would give a bonus of $1500 to demo trade. Click on Start Auto-trade to activate the autopilot mode. You can then watch the system place trades automatically and see whether it makes profits or not. Please note that in demo trading, the figures used are not real, they are rather fudged as this is not a real market situation. Once you feel satisfied and confident to start trading with real funds, you can move on to the real trading space.

Step 4: Trading



Before you start trading, you’ll have to make modifications to your trading settings indicating the trade capital per trade, maximum number of trades per day, stop loss etc. Having done all the necessary modifications to your settings, you can now start trading by clicking on the Start Auto-trade button. After this, the software begins to trade. According to the website, you can make profits of over $1,000 a day. The more you invest though, the higher profits you can make. We’ve found the claim to be true. We did not make as much as they promised, but that is simply because we invested the minimum of $250. In a few hours, we made $439.

Can you make money with the Bitcoin Pro App?

It is of course impossible to make profits on the Bitcoin Pro App at the moment because the site and the system are down. It may have been possible to make money with this robot before it became unavailable but there is no way for us to verify such information. It is unlikely that the platform was legit though, considering that the website went down suddenly and with no announcement. It is common practise for platforms of this kind to announce if they will be unavailable both for a limited period of time or permanently. What they usually do is leave the official website active and publish a letter on it giving the announcement.

Recommended Robots

Our advice is to forget about the Bitcoin Pro App, not just because it is down but also because no matter what, there certainly are better trading robots out there. We’ve already mentioned Bitcoin Revolution, but you can also give Bitcoin Trader or Crypto Revolt a try. We’ve tested all of these robots and have made profits during our tests. We have found all of them to be trustworthy and accurate. Of course, the risks associated with crypto trading persist, even if you are trading on a legit platform, but doing so will definitely improve your chances of making money and limit the risks.

If you are searching for other trustworthy and profitable robots, feel free to have a look through our bitcoin robot page to view your options.

Bitcoin Trader

Like Bitcoin Revolution and most of the other auto trading robots available, Bitcoin Trader guarantees great returns. While for most auto trading bots this is not true, we have found it to be true for Bitcoin Trader as we earned twice as much as we invested during our test of the platform.

  • It is a legit robot.
  • You can expect to see significant returns.
  • You have the option to try demo trading before depositing real funds into your account.
  • If you search online, you will find a lot of positive user reviews.
  • Check out our robot review to find out everything you need to know about Bitcoin Trader.

Crypto Revolt

Crypto Revolt is another great robot with high accuracy profitability. We saw significant returns while testing Crypto Revolt, but other than that, we have found the robot to be very professional and reliable.

  • Both inexperienced and advanced users can benefit from Crypto Revolt’s trading space.
  • It is transparent about the risks associated with crypto trading.
  • You can trade in demo mode before depositing real money into your account.
  • The robot has an accuracy of over 90%
  • Check out our Crypto Revolt review to find out more the robot.


Keep in mind that these are not the only robots that we consider to be profitable, but they are some of the best and most reliable ones on the market, so we certainly recommend trading on them. If you decide not to trade on these robots and choose to look elsewhere, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to quickly find out whether a robot is trustworthy or not, particularly if you are new to the world of crypto trading.

  1. Look for good review pages. Whenever you are looking for a reliable robot, the best thing to do is to first look for a good review page. The review pages online have contrasting information about trading platforms, so you should find a website you trust and stick to it whenever you are searching for information on crypto trading. Of course, the task may not be as simple as it sounds because it is hard to tell which ones are the trustworthy review pages, but we suggest spending some time doing your research on it.
  2. Look for the creator's identity. If you find a robot but are unsure whether or not it is trustworthy, a good way to find out is to look for the creator’s identity. First look on the official website of the robot and if you do not find anything, try and look elsewhere online. If you find out this information, it probably means that the creator has nothing to hide and has no need to hide their identity and that is definitely a good sign of the robot’s legitimacy.
  3. Try the demo account first. Most of the reliable robots offer the option to try demo trading before you deposit real funds into your account. Whenever a demo option is available, it usually means that the robot is fairly transparent in its proceedings. Some scams do not offer demo accounts because they try to force you into depositing real money in your account right away. When demo trading, you get the chance to see how the trading space functions. We suggest not to deposit funds into an account that you have not tried first.
  4. Check for risk disclaimers. We recommend looking out for risk disclaimers when you run into a new robot page. If the robot is a scam, the disclaimer regarding the risks associated with crypto trading will probably be hidden. If the disclaimer is in plain sight, it probably means that the robot has good intentions.

Bitcoin Pro App: the Verdict!

The Bitcoin Pro App could not be tested as thoroughly as we wanted to because the website is not available at the moment. We could not create an account on it or test the trading platform. For this reason, we did not review the platform positively. If at any point, the system will be running again, we will be sure to complete our test of the robot and update this review. In the meantime, we recommend trading on another robot that we consider to be reliable and profitable, Bitcoin Revolution. It has a high accuracy rate and when we tested it we made significant profits on it. It cannot remove all the risks linked to crypto trading, but it can definitely help you make money.

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


Trading with Bitcoin Pro App, what kind of results should I expect?
It is not possible to trade on Bitcoin Pro at the moment because the website and the system are down. That means that you cannot expect any results. The alternative is trading on other trading platforms that we consider to be reliable. On platforms like Bitcoin Revolution, you can expect to make around $1,000 a day. Of course, the more you deposit, the higher returns you can get, but we recommend starting with minimum investments of $250 and see how that goes. You can increase your investment amounts if you see that you are actually making profits.
How many hours do I need to work weekly to achieve my high returns goal?
We cannot answer this question for the Bitcoin Pro App as we were unable to test it. However, on the other platforms we recommended, you will only need between 15 and 20 minutes to change the trading settings to suit your preferences and then you will be able to sit back and wait for the system to do all the hard work, and hopefully make you significant profits.
What’s the best cryptocurrency trading bot?
The Bitcoin Pro App is certainly not amongst the best ones, but it is hard to say which one is the very best one, as the most reliable ones have similar functions. Some of the best ones are Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt. As we mentioned in this review, we tested all of these platforms and found them to be particularly profitable and definitely reliable. While they cannot completely remove the risks linked to crypto trading, they can improve your chances of making money.
Are there any risks involved with crypto trading?
Yes, there are risks whenever you trade with crypto. The market of cryptocurrencies is known for its high volatility, meaning that shifts are often unpredictable, even for robots that claim to be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. However, there are ways to limits these risks and one of them is to trade on a legit platform like Bitcoin Revolution.
Do I need my own trading strategies to trade cryptocurrencies via a crypto bot?
For some robots you are required to have a strategy to be able to trade on auto trading robots, but for others, like Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution and Crypto Revolt, you will not be needing a strategy because everything is done by the system automatically. The only thing you will have to do is change the trading settings before you activate the auto trading mode. That will require you to set a daily stop loss, a maximum profit amount, a maximum amount for each trade and so on.



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  1. Hello Inside Bitcoins, I am so depressed and I wish that I had found this website before. I have lost my initial investment of $350, do you think there might be a chance or way to get my back? Also please can you tell me how to find legit and best robots.

    1. Hello Smith12, we are sorry to hear that you lost your investment in Bitcoin Pro App. We have a detailed guide on crypto robots which also lists the legit and secure ones along with their in-depth reviews. We are sorry to inform you that retrieving your investment from BItcoin Pro App might be impossible as the money might already be moved from your account.

    1. Hello Robin, there are a number of legit and secure crypto bots in the industry. We have a detailed guide on the topic which also lists our top recommendations. Our experts test popular crypto robots with different methods to determine their legitimacy and our results have been very reliable for our viewers.

  2. Looks like my money is all lost. Wish I had found that informative article before. Can I get my money back, at least some of it?

    1. Hello Bobby, we are sorry to hear that you have become a victim of Bitcoin Pro App. Sadly, retrieving your money would be next to impossible because scam platforms like these often move the money to other bank accounts as soon as someone deposits it. We would highly recommend you to invest in a legit crypto robot and try to rebuild your lost investment. This detailed guide contains our top suggestions for the most legit and secure crypto bots in the industry.

  3. They will take away all your money , and you won’t even get back a penny. Stay away from this robot and their website. What do you advise for a newbie?

    1. Hello Bitcoin- Miner, we advise beginners to make sure that they have done enough research on crypto bots to know which ones are safe and which ones are scams. To make things easy for them, we review popular robots in the industry and let viewers know if the robot is worth investing in or not. According to our tests, Cryptosoft and Ethereum Code are among the best crypto bots in the industry.

  4. Its a complete scam, don’t use it, you will definitely lose money like I did. Need some help from you guys for a better payoff.

    1. Hello Andy23, you are absolutely right, Bitcoin Pro App is an absolute scam and it has caused a lot of damage to a lot of unknowing investors. We would highly recommend everyone to not invest in this platform. There are other robots like Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt that are very secure and legit and we would recommend them to you.

  5. Good Work Inside Bitcoins. Very Nice work. Thanks a lot for all this information. Although I need advise on how to start as I am a beginner.

    1. Hello Comm32, we would highly recommend you to not invest in Bitcoin Pro App. If you haven’ read our conclusions, we would like to let you know that Bitcoin Pro App is an absolute scam. We would recommend you to try Ethereum Code or Bitcoin Revolution instead.

    1. Hello jgf@964, you are absolutely right, Bitcoin Pro App is an utter scam and its website has been taken down as of now. We would highly recommend you to use one of these legit and secure robots instead of Bitcoin Pro App.

  6. I have lost my fortune, my friend advised me to use it, I think he is a cheater too. Is there any other bitcoin robot that is not scam?

    1. Hello Cristy3, we are so sorry to hear that you lost your investment by investing in Bitcoin Pro App. There are many other bitcoin robots that are highly legit and secure. Check out our detailed guide on the topic which also contains our top recommendations.

  7. This robot is a complete scam, I mean seriously if you look at their website, it feels like a Fraud ad website. Their website keeps refreshing after you enter any credit card number or about to transfer the funds and every time you fill the form they try to steal from you.

    1. Hello Coolent, you are absolutely right, Bitcoin Pro App is a huge scam and we would not recommend anyone to invest in it. However, there are a number of other crypto robots that are legit and do generate actual profits. Check our detailed guide on the topic.

  8. Is there a way to get my lost money back that I invested on this robot? Is there any legal action that I could take to do so?

    1. Hello Coop99, we are sorry to hear that you unknowingly invested into a scam platform. It is almost impossible for you to retrieve your investment as scam platforms like Bitcoin Pro App usually transfer the deposited money to other accounts. We are sorry for your loss. However, we would highly recommend you to invest in Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Revolution as they are highly legit and secure and will surely help you in rebuilding your lost investment.

    1. Hello Dr. White, we are glad to hear that you found our guide helpful. Crypto robots use predictive algorithms to decide whether a trade will be profitable or not. The best way to test a robot is by analyzing these algorithms and the robot’s behavior. We also invest our own money on these platforms to test the results firsthand.

    1. Hello xis462, we understand that this robot got you some profits but please retrieve your investment from it as is an absolute scam. As soon as you increase your investment, your money will be transferred to an anonymous and untraceable account.

  9. The bitcoin pro app is a COMPLETE SCAM! Apart from the fake feedback on their site, I have also tried it for myself so I know that it is A SCAM!!!! I LOST $200 with it in less than 20 minutes! Please point me in the direction of a good robot??

    1. Hello Bridget, it is hard to predict what your profits will be because they are dependent on the market’s performance and the robot’s accuracy. We would highly recommend you to try Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Revolution as they are among the most legit and highly accurate crypto bots out there.

  10. Bitcoin pro app is NOT LEGIT!!! people please stay away! Their site keeps crashing and going down and due to this i’ve lost all my investments!! i am sure that they are stealing my money on purpose. Why are they doing this?? Can you please explain what I can do about it and what robots you recommend??

    1. Hello Lee, Bitcoin Pro App has been working great for some customers but the crypto bot is a scam and it has swindled many innocent beginners out of their money. We would highly recommend you to not invest any money on this crypto bot as you may become a victim of their fraud too.

  11. Seriously, this robot is complete bullshit. first of all the images on their site are completely fake and the testimonials are a joke. i tried it on demo and all the trades were losing! so i didn’t even bother depositing. there is no way i am going to let this stupid app scam me. please give me something better to try

    1. Hello Mary, I am sorry to hear about your experience with the Bitcoin Pro App. Their platform is now completely unavailable and it seems that they have closed down their website. It’s great that you did not deposit on the robot when you had the chance as you would have likely lost your investment. We recommend you trade with a legit, tested robot like Bitcoin Trader. This bot will generate very good returns. The minimum investment required to get started is $250.

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