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With the Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem in an evolution stage, many trading robots are being invented to help ease the stress of cryptocurrency trading and likewise increase profit. Although some have turned out to be scam in recent times, however, having tested the Bitcoin Pro App, InsideBitcoins certifies that the software is 100% legit. To put the mind of prospective traders and investors at rest on this software, InsideBitcoins reviewed and tested the app.

From our observation, this software is an automated trading robot designed by James Robins, reputed to belong to the top 300 list of billionaires according to Forbes and a former CEO of the New York Stock Exchange (1996 – 2016). The software promise it’s users a $2500 profit daily in trades. In this review, you would learn about the amazing features of the software, its pros and cons, and our test results and more importantly, how you can make maximum use of the software for personal profit. Unlike many past trading scams in form of trading robot, Bitcoin Pro App is a legit, profitable, and easy to use software. Keep reading!

Bitcoin Pro App Review – the InsideBitcoins Opinion

In a bid to make sure investors make the correct decisions in investments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as a cryptocurrency-oriented platform, we are reviewing a lot of trading robots and providing accurate information on their functionality. Bitcoin Pro app is presently a popular trading app in many countries around the globe. The software offers a one-time registration bonus of $1000 for all its new users. Also, to help influence the global acceptance of the software, James Robins decided to make the software free for all registered users. A quick test of the app customer support shows that the team is always on ground to help traders.

From research, InsideBitcoins found out that in over 1,743 trading sessions of the app, it has only one losing day. So, that goes to show that the software is working perfectly. Although the Bitcoin Pro App is more pronounced for its automated trading system, it is also capable of semi-automated trading. InsideBitcoins also reports that all figures of the trading system are checked by accountants and lawyers on quarter-year basis. The professional report has been sent to the US and Japan Stock Exchange securities authority. So, with this progress report, it goes to validate the legality of this trading software. Many have asserted all trading robots to be a scam, however, this is not so. InsideBitcoins have done a thorough research on this software. Kindly read on!

Is Bitcoin Pro App Scam or Serious? The Verdict!

  • InsideBitcoins has tested the software and it has a trading signals accuracy of 89%. This simply increases the users winning potentials.
  • Bitcoin Pro app is not a scam. However, as a trader, it is important to realize that there are risks in auto-trading.
  • InsideBitcoins recommends that every user of the software should stick to a moderate investment of $250.
  • The software’s operation is very transparent with the app recording only one loss in 1743 trading sessions.
  • The software is available for smartphones (supports Android and iPhones), and PC (supports Windows, Mac, and Linux).
  • The software provides 30 – 96 daily average trading signals.
  • To know more about this very profitable software and invest, kindly click this link.

After thorough research and test, InsideBitcoins authoritatively reports that this software is not a scam. As a new innovation in a growing cryptocurrency industry, insinuations would suggest it is a scam, however, it is not. This app registered under the company name, Bitcoin Pro App Investments Ltd invests its user’s funds in different stock exchanges around the world. After registration, every user is connected to a broker who puts him/her through on how to make deposits to enable live trade.

This system is actually quite easy as it accessible across any device, smartphones and PC alike as long as the device is connected to the internet. Depending on the mode the users chooses i.e. Auto-trading mode or Manual-trading mode, the app can act as either a trading signal service or an auto-trader or both. Thus, having a background knowledge of trading or cryptocurrency is not a prerequisite.

How does the Bitcoin Pro App work?

As its name clearly shows, Bitcoin Pro app is a trading software used to trade cryptocurrencies against other assets. This software is built on super-fast computers efficient for today’s financial market. As is familiar to trading, the design of the software is to make profit and via an inbuilt algorithm, it reads the market to observe trends, rumors and act by buying assets at lower prices and selling for a higher price. This software has been used for exhibition in about 35 countries and at all the exhibitions, it has never lost once.

To activate trading, the user would have to sign up and after that, he would be connected to a broker in his country and he would make deposit into his trading account. Having done all these, in autopilot mode, the user is required to make certain modifications to the settings i.e. trade capital, stop loss etc. which is what the software would follow. After modifications, the user would switch on the start trading button and the software starts trading. To withdraw, the user would go to his trading portfolio and request for withdrawal from his broker. Usually, withdrawal requests are accepted and completed within 24 hours. Are you ready to try out the Bitcoin Pro app? Follow the instructions in the next section on how to open an account to trade.

Opening a Bitcoin Pro App Account – Step by Step

Opening a Bitcoin Pro App account is possible on both smartphones and PC. However, before registering go to your browser, clear the cookies and caches. This is important because the web platform locates your country so as to connect you to a broker. Keep reading.

Step 1: Registration

From your browser, click this link and you’ll be redirected to the app site. The registration page is directly on the homepage to the right. Upon visit to the link, the web platform would have detected your country. To register, there are three steps to complete.

First, you’ll be required to input your name i.e. First Name, and Last Name, email address and you click the continue button. Second, you’ll be asked to create a password for your account. This password must not be less than 6 characters and only alphanumeric characters are accepted. After this, you again click the continue button and the last thing is to input your phone number, the country code would be in a box beside it, so you’re required to input only the last 10 digits. After this, click the register button. Boom! Your account has been created, it is time to start trading. You’ll need to login to continue.

Step 2: Deposit

Upon login, you’ll see the broker assigned to you and you make a deposit through him/her. Click the deposit button and you’ll be redirected to a secured payment gateway where you’ll be required to create an account with your broker. Note: Kindly use your real details. After creating the account, you’ll be required to make a minimum deposit of $250 although this might be different depending on the broker’s requirement using your credit card. No worries, the payment gateway is SSL secured, so your details are safe. After deposit, you can then proceed to your trading room to start live trade. However, as a new user, it is best to have a demonstration of the software’s operation via demo trading.

Step 3: Demo trading

Demo trading is another way of showing all users that the platform is really into investment. Click the Go to Demo button to start demo. After ending tour, the system would give a bonus of $1500 to demo trade. Click Start Auto-trade. Here, the software is in autopilot mode trading for the user and keeping the transaction records whilst also updating the trading portfolio with profits. Please note that in demo trading, the figures used are not real, they are rather fudged as this is not a real market situation. Having gotten accustomed to the trading interface, you can now start trading.

Step 4: Trading

To start trading, you’ll make modifications to your trading settings indicating the trade capital per trade, maximum number of trades per day, stop loss etc. Having done all the necessary modifications to your settings, you can now start trading by clicking the Start Auto-trade button. After this, the software begins to trade. Average trading results of Bitcoin Pro App members shows that daily profits are around $7,789. However, Bitcoin Pro App suggests a daily profit target of $2.500. The realization of these targets is largely dependent on the size of the investment. Thus, the higher the investment, the higher the profits.

Is Bitcoin Pro App Legit? The Test.

Having used the Bitcoin Pro App for about three weeks, my experience rightly affirms that the software is legit. In three weeks of trading, I traded about 174 signals and around 137 – 139 signals provided excellent results. This sums up to a success rate of about 85%. In this three weeks, my trading portfolio grew from $300 to $3590. Wow! That means I made $3090 from an initial investment of $300 in three weeks. Amazing isn’t it? This translates to an average of $140 daily almost half of my starting capital. Imagine if I invested $1500, the profits would have been huge. Going by my trading settings, I set the trade capital to $50 per trade, trading 5 – 8 signals daily. Thus, in all ramifications, the Bitcoin Pro App is 100% Legit.

Is Bitcoin Pro App Fake? The Platform

No! The Bitcoin Pro App platform isn’t fake. Someone might ask, how come the acclaimed daily profit is far from your profits? Simple, this was because of how much I invested. If I had invested about $5,000, I would have definitely met that target. However still, in comparison to many trading robots, this result is much better. On my next trade, to increase my winnings, I would be increasing my trade capital to $100 – $150 per trade.

There is no way in which this software nor its platform is fake, InsideBitcoins authoritatively reports. Even a newbie can successfully trade with this software and still make profits. Presently, well over 3 top Cryptocurrency websites including InsideBitcoins have endorsed this software. Also, there are no negative responses from the users of the software so far which further validates the claim that the platform isn’t fake.

In addition, the withdrawal process on the Bitcoin Pro App platform is easy and stress-free. To withdraw your funds, go to your trading and click the withdraw option from your broker. Usually, within 24 hours, every withdrawal request is attended to and completed with the funds sent to your local account.

Bitcoin Pro App versus other Robots

There are a lot of amazing trading robots out there that are functioning perfectly in like manner as Bitcoin Pro App. However, these trading robots are unique to one another. For instance, Weed Millionaire is a trading app that trades stocks in the weed industry, Cannabis Trader is an app which trades cannabis stocks. Other good trading robots include

  • Crypto Revolt: This software is used to trade cryptocurrency assets. With a minimum investment of $250, every member can make $1,100 averagely daily. To know more about this trading robot, click here.
  • Bitcoin Compass: As a software developed by wall street veterans from different backgrounds, this trading robot is a very promising one with a trading signal accuracy of 99.4%. With an initial investment of $250, daily profits can be around $1300 averagely. To get more understanding about this software, click here.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Pro App Software Review and Results

Having reviewed this software, all indications point to its trustworthiness. Beyond the marketing strategies the software team might have up their sleeve, the functionality of the software speaks for itself.  Thus, you can take this software as an investment experiment and start trading.


Trading with Bitcoin Pro App, what kind of results should I expect?
In all, expect positive results as our members make an average of $7000+ daily.
How many hours do I need to work weekly to achieve my high returns goal?
15 – 20 minutes is enough to make the necessary modification to your settings daily.
Is there a limit to how much I can make trading with Bitcoin Pro App?
No. There’s none. Your profits are limitless. Statistically, we have a few members who made their first $1,000,000 in about 2 months.
How much is the software?
The software is free to only Bitcoin Pro App members, to have access to the software, register on the page.
Isn’t this MLM or affiliate marketing?
No, it is not. The software accuracy with respect to winning trades is 99.4%.
If I initiate a withdrawal now, in how many hours would the request be processed?
Averagely, within 24 hours, every withdrawal request is attended to and processed.

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