Bitcoin Prime Review 2020: Is this Trading Platform Profitable? The Truth Uncovered.


Author: Michael

Bitcoin Prime is an auto-trading system that reportedly generates crazy profits speculating on bitcoin. The robot utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict the rise and fall of BTC relative to other cryptos and fiat.

Some reviews claim that Bitcoin Prime offers the fastest way to earn a million-dollar trading bitcoin. The system can reportedly earn up to 500% in daily returns. If you invest $250, you can allegedly make up to $1250 in a single day. But is this true and is Bitcoin Prime legit?

Bitcoin Prime

Our Rating

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  • Robot with up to 500% daily ROI
  • Trades at a leverage of up to 1000:1
  • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
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All trading carries risk.

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    As usual, we did thorough background checks on Bitcoin Prime to determine if it’s a scam. We are happy with the findings and conclude that Bitcoin Prime is legit.

    It also seems profitable given its nearly perfect reputation score on TrustPilot. Let’s analyze the factors that make Bitcoin Prime standout from competitors.


    Bitcoin Prime Review Summary

    We find Bitcoin Prime to be legit. It also meets our profile of a highly profitable trading system. Below is a summary of important points to note about this robot.

    • Bitcoin Prime is a high performing robot with a ROI of up to 500% daily. This means that it’s possible to generate $1250 daily from a $250 account.
    • The robot is surprisingly easy to operate since most of its functions are automated. You do not need any specialized skill to trade with it successfully.
    • Bitcoin Prime was launched in 2016 and had reportedly helped hundreds of users earn over $1 million each.
    • A USD 250 account has the potential to grow to $1 million in a year if you plough back at least 70% of what you make daily.
    • Bitcoin Prime profitability is tied to crypto volatility, and hence you are likely to earn more money if you can time the volatility.
    • This robot makes buy and sell orders through specialized robot brokers. These brokers are regulated and hence offer a safety guarantee to users.
    • Bitcoin Prime trades at a leverage of 1000:1 as provided by its partner brokers. This allows users to place trades worth up to $250k for a $250 account.
    • Bitcoin Prime offers a seamless withdrawal process, and there are no charges or limit to how much you can withdraw.

    This trading system reportedly provides the easiest, safest, and most profitable way to invest in bitcoin. However, this doesn’t mean that it is risk-free.

    There is a potential of making losses when trading with it and therefore you should invest wisely. Go to Bitcoin Prime website by clicking here or continue reading to learn more.

    bitcoin prime review

    What is Bitcoin Prime?

    If you are new to trading, you are probably finding it hard to wrap your head around the concept of automated trading.

    You’ve probably heard that computer programs are taking over human jobs in most sectors, including medicine, transport, manufacturing, and finance. In finance, robo-advisors and trading robots are taking over the jobs of professional wealth managers.

    Amazingly, AI-powered robo-advisors and trading robots have proven over time to be more profitable than human wealth managers. Moreover, they are less costly to operate and easily accessible for most users.

    Top Wall Street firms are already committing big money to computer-driven investment and trading. The likes of JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs are investing billions of dollars in algorithmic trading.  Unfortunately, the trading systems offered by the big banks are out of reach for the ordinary trader/investor.

    Bitcoin Prime aims to bridge the gap by offering a high-performance auto-trading system to the general public. The platform is free and specialized to trade crypto CFDs only. Most of its users reportedly earn a daily profit of up to 500%.

    As mentioned above, Bitcoin Prime trades automatically, and therefore no level of skill is needed to operate it successfully.

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    How does Bitcoin Prime work?

    You can sign up with Bitcoin Prime from over 120 countries across the globe. Most of Bitcoin Prime users seem to be from Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, and South Africa.

    No special expertise is needed to register and trade with Bitcoin Prime. The robot automates all the technical trading functions, including market data analysis and trading signals execution. Bitcoin Prime is reportedly nine times more profitable than the best Wall Street crypto trader.

    In any form of auto-trading, order execution must happen through a reputable broker. Bitcoin Prime works with some of the industry’s leading robot brokers. We did background checks on these brokers and found them to adhere to the industry’s best practices.

    They are all well-regulated by authoritative bodies such as the FCA and hence must always act in the best interests of the clients. Moreover, Bitcoin Prime brokers rely on superfast order implementation systems for instant execution.

    This is paramount for a trading robot that applies a trading strategy known as scalping. All transactions with the client must happen through the matched robot broker, given that they are the ones to place orders in the market.

    Bitcoin Prime robot brokers facilitate trading by offering a trading margin of up to 1000:1. Trading margin/leverage refers to the amount of debt capital offered by the broker relative to what the client deposits.

    A margin of 1000:1 translates to orders worth up to $1000 for every $1 of deposited capital. A $250 account can therefore bet on positions worth up to $250,000. Start trading with Bitcoin Prime through the steps explained below.

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    Register a free trading account

    Sign up on the Bitcoin Prime website and activate your account by confirming your contact details and agreeing to the robot’s terms and conditions.

    As stated above, this trading system collaborates with select robot brokers to offer users seamless trading experience. You will be matched with one of the brokers after registration and asked to verify ID with them.

    ID verification is a mandatory safety measure for all reputable financial institutions in the EU, Australia, and South Africa. The process is quite straightforward and fast.

    Deposit a minimum of USD 250

    This is the capital that the broker will use to place market orders as instructed by the robot. You can’t access the Bitcoin Prime trading area with a deposit below USD 250.

    As stated above, all Bitcoin Prime transactions are handled by its partner brokers. This is because all the “buy and sell” the broker places orders.

    You can fund your Bitcoin Prime account through credit/debit card, Neteller, Skrill, and bitcoin. Other methods may apply, and it’s therefore important that you confirm with the broker.

    Practice on a demo account

    Read the Bitcoin Prime trading instructions guide and test your understanding on its highly intuitive demo account.

    The demo comes with $5000 in virtual capital and runs on historical market data to simulate real trading. Consequently, whatever outcome you get on the demo is not very far from the results of live trading.

    You should take time to understand trading instructions, especially on risk management and practice on the demo for about 30 minutes before going live.

    Adjust risk management settings and go live

    Set the Bitcoin Prime risk management tools as per the trading guide and click the live trading button. Bitcoin Prime carries out all the technical aspects of trading automatically.

    You can choose to automate everything, including profits, withdrawal and reinvestments. We find it more prudent to start small and grow by reinvesting at least 60% of daily returns.

    Bitcoin Prime is more profitable when BTC prices are highly volatile. This is expected of any fast-paced algorithmic system. You can time volatility by launching trading sessions between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM New York time.

    No worry if the time zone crashes with yours since you can switch on the robot and let it trade unmonitored for 8 hours daily. You shouldn’t leave open positions past the recommended trading time frame since this may attract rollover fees.

    Is Bitcoin Prime Legit? Final word!

    We have conducted a thorough investigation of Bitcoin Prime, and it seems like the best fit for anyone looking to make money off bitcoin volatility.

    This trading bot is entirely auto and therefore easy to operate for all. You only need to read its easy to understand trading guide to trade successfully.

    You can try Bitcoin Prime now by clicking the link below and let us know if it works for you in the comment section below.

    Bitcoin Prime

    Our Rating

    bitcoin prime logo
    • Robot with up to 500% daily ROI
    • Trades at a leverage of up to 1000:1
    • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
    bitcoin prime logo
    All trading carries risk.


    Is Bitcoin Prime profitable?

    Yes! Bitcoin Prime is a high performing robot with a ROI of up to 500% daily. This means that it’s possible to generate $1250 daily from a $250 account.

    Is Bitcoin Prime a scam?

    No! Our investigative team concludes that Bitcoin Prime is legit and highly reputable. It's well-reviewed by users and is adherent to high operating standards.

    How much do I need to trade with Bitcoin Prime?

    You need to fund your account with at least USD 250 through the underlying broker to access the Bitcoin Prime trading area.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.