Bitcoin Money: Scam or Legit Trading Platform? The Test!

Author: Patrick Webber

Bitcoin Money is a trading robot that allegedly helps users trade crypto volatility.  This trading robot is said to apply computer algorithms to analyze data from the crypto markets for insights and automatically places corresponding trades. The big question is whether bitcoin money is a scam or legit trading robot?

InsideBitcoins has been looking for answers and has compiled a comprehensive review to help you make the right decision. Our feedback is based on an analysis of reviews from people who have tried the robot. From our review, we find a high likelihood that Bitcoin Money is legit. Visit their website through the link below or read on to learn more.

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  • 88% Claimed Win Rate - Appears to be legit
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Trade at your own risk. InsideBitcoins does not accept liability for any losses.

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    Is Bitcoin Money a legit trading platform?

    • Bitcoin Money appears to be legit given the many positive reviews about it online
    • Their trading platform is reportedly equipped with advanced technologies in AI and ML
    • As we will see later in this review, Bitcoin Money appears to be highly transparent
    • Bitcoin Money offers top-level customer services
    • Click here to open an account with Bitcoin Money or keep reading to learn more

    Bitcoin Money appears to be legit. This robot has a lot of great reviews from users who have tried it.

    Likewise, the bot seems to operate in high transparency. This crypto trader not only discloses its fees mechanism but also explains the logic behind its trading platform. However, we did not find enough information about the founders and the team behind the app,

    Additionally, an analysis of online reviews on sites such as TrustPilot reveals that most users are satisfied with this robo trader. However, there are a few reviews generally from cryptos protagonists pointing out that this robo trader is a scam. InsideBitcoins did not find any red flags suggesting that this crypto trader is a scam.

    What is Bitcoin Money?

    As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Money is allegedly a crypto trading app that helps investors profit from rising and falling crypto markets.

    Even when the profitability claims may be a bit exaggerated, there is reportedly a high chance of making considerable profits with this bot. Bitcoin Money reportedly relies on powerful computer algorithms to scan the crypto markets for trading insights and execute them in a user account.

    Unlike the human brain, these algorithms can scan and analyze vast troves of data within milliseconds and capitalize on trading opportunities as soon as it presents. This ensures that no profiting opportunity is lost.

    The use of algorithms in trading is not new in traditional assets trading and is known to generate a huge Bitcoin profit within a short time. In forex and stock trading, the method is known as high-frequency trading. The algorithms used in this method of trading are so powerful that they can read news from reputable sources as soon as they are reported and execute informed trading decisions.

    Who Founded Bitcoin Money?

    Bitcoin Money does not disclose about its founders and the team behind the app. While this is not uncommon in the world of cryptocurrencies, it does not go well with most users. InsideBitcoins also believe that having the face of the person and team behind a platform adds more to its legitimacy.

    However, there is no need for alarm given that Bitcoin Money has already established itself as a popular bitcoin trading platform. The many positive online reviews are enough evidence that people are finding it trustworthy.

    How Does Bitcoin Money work?

    Bitcoin Money is allegedly a trading app powered by sophisticated computer algorithms that analyze bitcoin markets for insights and automatically executes corresponding trades. This means that you do not need to have any prior bitcoin trading experience to use this platform. The app does all the work including research and trades execution.

    When trading with Bitcoin Money, the only thing you are required to do is to open and close trading sessions and also withdrawal profits. This takes less than 20 minutes per day which means that the trader has all time to do other things while the Bitcoin Money app continues to generate profits for them.

    Bitcoin Money claims to have an accuracy level of 89% which means that it makes the correct trading decisions at least eight out of ten times. The software is allegedly ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds consequently maximizing every trading opportunity that presents. InsideBitcoins cannot guarantee the truthfulness of the 89% accuracy claim.

    It is also important to note that there is a degree of risk involved in trading with this robot. This means that there is a possibility of losing the invested capital too. InsideBitcoins recommends that you start with a small investment and only add capital when you are comfortable with the trading platform. Also, make sure that you harvest your profits as soon as they are generated and avoid leaving open positions overnight.

    How to place a trade on Bitcoin Money?

    Trading with Bitcoin Money does not require any technical expertise or bitcoin trading experience. All you have to do to start trading is to register on their website and follow the setup process as explained below. The setup process should not take more than 15 minutes.

    It is important to note that Bitcoin Money is only available in select countries. Click here and follow the signup process to determine if this trading robot is available in your country.

    STEP ONE: Account Creation

    To open an account with Bitcoin Money, visit their homepage and fill in your details on the provided form. InsideBitcoins determines a great signup process by the amount of personal data collected in the process and how this data is used and protected.

    Legitimate trading platforms collect only the relevant details and do not use clients’ information for any other purpose apart from the intended one. Likewise, they have data protection measures in place to safeguard clients’ details from hackers.

    Bitcoin Money claims to take users privacy and data security seriously. Firstly, the account creation process only requires the necessary details such as names, email address and phone number. Secondly, the process is secured through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) a protocol that encrypts all data transmitted through a site. This ensures that hackers are not able to intercept and steal users’ data.

    Bitcoin Money also implements a strong password policy requiring users to mix letters, symbols, and numbers when creating a password. This is very important given that weak passwords are the number one entry point for hackers.

    When it comes to data usage, Bitcoin Money uses contact details collected during the signup process to send unsolicited offers. While this may not be a problem for some users, it may annoy some. The best practice involves enabling clients to opt-in or out of a mailing list.

    STEP TWO: Demo Trading

    Bitcoin Money does not offer a demo account. Demo trading is not that necessary in automated trading given that the robot does all the work. However, some traders may prefer to get a feel of the platform with virtual money before going to live trading.

    Many trading robots do not offer demo trading, but there are a few that do. These few ranks among the best in our list of top trading robots in 2019. We recommend that you read our review of Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin Lifestyle if you are looking for a bitcoin trading platform that offers demo trading.

    STEP THREE: Deposit and Withdrawal

    A minimum deposit of $250 is required to start trading with Bitcoin Money. This amount is the trading capital and not the cost of trading with the software. Bitcoin Money is a free app that profits by charging a small commission on the profits generated using it. The $250 minimum deposit is in line with what most bitcoin trading robots require.

    Bitcoin Money accepts deposits and withdrawals through Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, and Webmoney. This crypto trader takes less than 24 hours to facilitate transactions. Most leading trading robots facilitate transactions within 48 hours.

    Also worth noting is that Bitcoin Money does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. However, users may incur charges from the financial institutions facilitating the transactions. We recommend that you carry out due diligence to determine if your financial institution charges fees for international transactions.

    InsideBitcoins cannot stress enough on the need to withdraw your profits as soon as you make them. Remember that trading with Bitcoin Money also involves a level of risk and you may find yourself losing your gains and invested capital if you leave trading sessions open for too long and do not withdraw your profits.

    STEP FOUR: Live Trading

    This trading robot claims to supports both manual and automatic trading. In manual trading, users specify the trading strategy to be applied and manually places trades. Simply put, the app does investment research using the specified approach and makes recommendations to be manually implemented by the trader. On the other hand, computerized trading requires little input from the user.

    Bitcoin money comes with guides to help you set up and manage your trading account. Live trading involves opening and closing trading sessions and also withdrawing profits. The app conducts all the trading research and automatically executes trades. As mentioned earlier, monitoring your account should take at most 20 minutes per day.

    InsideBitcoins suggests that you start at $250, the minimum amount required, and add capital as you get more comfortable with the platform. Profitability with the Bitcoin Money app is much influenced by the trading sessions you enter which means that you must identify the best time to trade.

    Bitcoin Money in the Media

    There are claims that Bitcoin Money has been featured in mainstream media including CNN, FT, TIME and Forbes. InsideBitcoins did not find any evidence about these claims.

    We encourage you to avoid making decisions basing on a product appears on mainstream media. This is because even scam products with huge budgets can make their way there. Always carry out enough due diligence before settling on a product.

    Bitcoin Money Recommendation by Celebrities

    There are rumors that Bitcoin Money has been endorsed by several celebrities. Our investigation shows that these are marketing gimmicks by unscrupulous affiliates.

    Richard BransonGordon Ramsay

    There are also rumors from affiliate sites that Richard Branson has recommended Bitcoin Money. Likewise, we did not find any information linking Branson to Bitcoin Money. Once again, we recommend that you avoid reviews making such false claims to earn affiliate sales. InsideBitcoins provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews to help you make informed decisions. Browse through our trading robots section to learn more about the best bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Era.

    Some affiliates are peddling Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Money endorsement claims in a bid to get signups. Bitcoin Money has detached itself from these claims and promised to crack a whip on any affiliate using lies to get signups. The use of deceptive marketing techniques is not uncommon among affiliates in the tech sector. Unscrupulous affiliates use this form of marketing for both scam and legit products.

    It is essential to always carry out enough due diligence before choosing a product. Never settle for a product based on celebrity endorsement alone. Remember that it is also possible for a celebrity to endorse a scam product. A good example is the 2017 incident where SEC charged DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather for endorsing a scam ICO.

    Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Money

    Bitcoin Money ranks high in our robot rating list. The robot is best known for a user-friendly trading platform, transparent fee mechanism, excellent customer service, and consistent results. Here are the main advantages of trading with Bitcoin Money.

    • Appears to be legit – InsideBitcoins tests ranks this trading robot among those that appear to be highly legit.
    • Easy to use and secure trading platform – This crypto trader platform is said to be beginner-friendly. Their web-trader is also fully secured to protect users’ data.
    • High accuracy level – Bitcoin Money reportedly has an accuracy level of 89%. This is in line with what most leading bitcoin trading robots report.
    There are many other reliable robots like Bitcoin Evolution you can trade with. Visit our bitcoin robot page to see what they are.

    Is Bitcoin Money Scam? The Verdict!

    This trading robot appears to be legit. Bitcoin Money is said to offer one of the best trading platforms in the industry. Their customer service is also one of the best.

    If you decide to try this robot, do not deposit more than $250. Trading with Bitcoin Money involves a degree of risk, and therefore there is a possibility of losing your invested capital too.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Properties
    • Trade
    The best choice
    • 88% Claimed Win Rate - Appears to be legit
    • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
    Trade at your own risk. InsideBitcoins does not accept liability for any losses.


    Is Bitcoin Money Legit?

    Bitcoin Money appears to be legit. You can try it with a deposit of $250.

    How much does Bitcoin Money app cost?

    The Bitcoin Money trading app is free. You can access it once you deposit the minimum trading capital required.

    How much can I make with Bitcoin Money?

    Bitcoin claims to generate up to $1300 per week from a deposit of $250. We cannot guarantee if this is true since we have not tested it.

    How many hours per day do I need to trade?

    Bitcoin Money trades automatically meaning that you are only required to open and close trading sessions. This takes less than 20 minutes per day.

    How accurate is Bitcoin Money?

    Bitcoin Money claims to have an accuracy level of 89.4%. This ranks it among the most accurate trading robots in the industry.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    A cryptocurrency and trading writer and editor, I specialise in algorithmic trading. I’ve written about every type of automated trading tools - from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors. My goal is to write honest reviews about automated trading tools in order to help users understand which software are trustworthy and which ones they should stay away from. I am constantly analysing and scrutinising the up and coming trading apps so if you are seeking advice or if you would like me to write a robot review in particular don't hesitate to get in touch – I’m happy to help!

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      1. Hello Toby76, we are happy to hear that you are thinking of investing in this robot. Yes, you can deposit money to Bitcoin Money using your debit card easily. We would recommend you to start with a small investment of $250 and keep increasing as you gain more understanding in the field.

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    7. I am planning on starting bitcoin trading this month. I heard about the bitcoin money from a friend and I think I should give it a trial.

      How accurate is the trading system of the software? Is there a winning limit to the amount of gain I can acquire daily?

      Is the bitcoin money a scam?

      1. Hello Leo. We highly recommend you to try Bitcoin Money. This platform is completely legit and accurate with a win rate of more than 88%. There are no limits on how much you can invest and gain on a daily basis. Our experts have tested and reviewed this robot and found it completely secure and legit.

    8. The bitcoin money software works well. The bitcoin money is legit and it helped me to make some income after using it for a while.

      The bitcoin money is not a scam and if you use it judiciously you will make your money.The software automatically helped me trade my bitcoin and that gave me a better income.

      Can i make substantial profit from this software if i trade well with it ? does this software have a good user feedback?

      1. Hello Wong, yes you can make a substantial profit from this platform once you gain adept experience in crypto trading. We regularly post guides for our users that are new in crypto trading so they can understand the basics. Bitcoin Money has a ton of good reviews from its users.

    9. I love this robot. I have invested $500 and after a short time I have received $800. I want to know which payment method is best?

      1. Hello Zoey55, we are happy to hear that you are doing so well on Bitcoin Money. It’s all about what’s easier for you. Bitcoin Money allows you to withdraw money using multiple different methods including credit and debit cards. You can go with what works best for you.

    10. Bitcoin money is a simple, easy and less complicated software as the other softwares out there, you do not need to worry about this as it has a good technology underlying it’s function, the trading you make and you are very much covered at all time.

      The bitcoin money is very simple to use and you can make money easily with it.

      How much is advisable to invest in bitcoin money? Is it posssible to make about $3,000 in a month?

      1. Hello Pokemon, we would recommend that you start small on the Bitcoin robot and keep increasing your investment once you have gotten experience in crypto trading. It is difficult to predict what you will make on this robot daily as it is dependent on the market’s performance and the robot’s algorithm’s accuracy.

      1. Hello Zoey55, we are happy to hear that you are doing so well on Bitcoin Money. It’s all about what’s easier for you. Bitcoin Money allows you to withdraw money using multiple different methods including credit and debit cards. You can go with what works best for you.

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      I taught my sister how to use the bitcoin money software and she was able to trade in no time. As you know that every investment is risky, I will recommend that you start with something you can afford to loose, not because you aim to loose bit because it is an investment, anything can happen.

      What is the most efficient way to make money with the bitcoin money? Is there a limit to the amount i can make monthly?

      1. Hello Julius, we are happy to hear that your sister is doing so well on Bitcoin Money. Our recommended way of trading on the bot is to work on one pair with a small investment at a time. When you have gained experience in that pair, start increasing your initial investment by a small margin. There is no hidden limit to the amount of money you can make in a month on Bitcoin Money.

    12. This is cool maybe, but it didn’t worked for me. I want a robot that have a pretty easy and friendly UI. Can someone please tell me any robot better then this one?

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