Bitcoin Method: Scam or Legit? The Ultimate Test

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As the cryptocurrency space is evolving, more applications are appearing that makes the life of the users easier. A part of these apps and services are innovative – they are not just new in the crypto world, but in every industry. The other solutions are implemented from the fiat world to use with digital currencies.

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Algorithmic crypto trading apps fall in the latter category. In the fiat world, traders are widely using these services to make potential profits from trading assets, such as forex currencies, stocks, bonds, and commodities. As cryptocurrency space is still in its infancy – Bitcoin was released only 10 years ago -, not all (useful) apps were implemented from the fiat world. Therefore, automated or algorithmic crypto trading is quite new to the space. Despite this fact, crypto users can choose from plenty of automated trading solutions.

Algorithmic crypto trading has multiple benefits for the user. Firstly and most importantly, these solutions work completely automated. Therefore, traders don’t have to do anything besides setting up the bots, turning them on, and monitoring their performance. As the crypto bots do all the trading for the users, they save plenty of time with these services. And, normally – with “manual” cryptocurrency trading -, users would have spent that time with constantly checking the current and historical prices, charts, deploying different indicators that are used in technical analysis as well as opening and closing trading positions.

Secondly, algorithmic crypto trading eliminates human error. As we are humans, we are subject to different emotions that can either be for our advantage or make our lives harder. In the case of asset trading, emotions fall in the latter category. Fear, which is one of the strongest emotions in our lives, can come to us when we see that our coin’s price is decreasing. Therefore, we are losing money with our trade. This fear can emerge after only a minute of trading and can result in the traders closing their positions at the wrong time. Who knows, if they have waited a few minutes or an hour, the trader could have ended his or her position with profits. On the flip side, greed can affect our trading decisions too. Seeing a bullish scenario in which our coin is heading up to the sky can make us close our position later than we would have to as we become greedy and want to gain more money with our trade.

Automated cryptocurrency trading solutions remove all the fear, greed as well as other emotions that make us weaker when we trade assets. The bots are using technical indicators, strategies along with other useful algorithms, to determine the best price and time to enter and close trades. So, the cryptocurrency robots don’t just help us get rid of our emotions, but they also help in maximizing our potential profits.

But before going into the details and diving deep into our Bitcoin Method review, we should tell you about the risks of algorithmic crypto trading. Trading digital assets via crypto robots are considered as a high-risk activity due to multiple reasons. Firstly, cryptocurrencies are known as somewhat volatile assets. When digital currencies are highly volatile, a trader can see his position increased or decreased by 10-20% in the matter of a few hours. And no one can predict the direction of that movement in the short-term, including all-star investors and traders. Secondly, a part of automated cryptocurrency trading solutions is run by scammers who want to steal the money that you use to deposit funds into your account. So, we advise you to use these apps for your own risk, and always check for relevant reviews before using a service.

And here we are with a review, providing you with all the information you need on the Bitcoin Method app. After reading this article, you will know everything important about the Bitcoin Method system, including whether the platform is legit, our opinion and rating, how it works, any important mentions in popular shows or by celebrities, and a comparison to other services. On top of these, we have also compiled a detailed step-by-step tutorial (with pictures), which will guide you through the processes of creating an account, using the demo trading platform, funding your account with money, and trading live via the crypto bots on one of the trusted automated digital currency trading platforms. Now, stay with us, and let’s dive into our Bitcoin Method review!

What is Bitcoin Method?

Taking a look at the Bitcoin Method website, we have found multiple things that are really… interesting. The whole service is full of unrealistic statements. Now, let’s start with the alleged benefits of the algorithmic crypto trading solution. Firstly, the Bitcoin Method website advertises that, with their service, users can potentially make up to $14,000 a day. Furthermore, looking at the text in the middle of the page, the operator of the service – Joe Templeton (we’ll talk about him later) – anticipates that trader profits to be between $10,000 and $15,500 a day.

Yes, you heard it right. With this algorithmic crypto trading app, you can earn more than the double an average US worker earns in a month. But we all know that this can’t be true. Just check out the numbers and do some maths. Taking the lower end of the “offer” ($10,000), you’ll be making about $300,000 every month and $3.6 million every year. If we calculate with $15,500, that would be a monthly income of $465,000 and a yearly profit of $5.58 million. And you don’t have to do a thing besides creating an account, depositing funds, setting up your bots, and analyzing their performance. The Bitcoin Method system operator states that you only need 60 minutes a day to monitor to earn the aforementioned monthly and yearly incomes. This is the life you always wished for, huh?

But, as mentioned before, this can’t be true. Or if it’s true, the operator of the Bitcoin Method website would remain anonymous – not sharing his business trick with anyone in the world – or he must offer this package for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. But, he is not doing any of that, Joe Templeton is offering a free beta version of the automated cryptocurrency trading solution for free with limited spots available. And – according to Bitcoin Method website -, the service was featured on mainstream media outlets, including Forbes, Fortune, and CNN. So, there should be hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people who are standing in line to try the Bitcoin Method app. But that’s not the case as we’ve checked all over the internet, and there was not a single mention or reference of the Bitcoin Method system in the aforementioned media outlets.

Now, let’s analyze Joe Templeton more thoroughly. There’s a section about the alleged operator of the Bitcoin Method platform. Before going into the content, let’s see Joe’s image. We can see a laughing man in sunglasses with the background of a city (where he is photoshopped). We’ve searched the image in Google, and found that this is clearly a stock image. Therefore, there are two scenarios: either Joe is featured on stock photos besides running the Bitcoin Method app, or the image about the operator is fake. And there is a much higher probability for the second case.

According to the Bitcoin Method website, Joe is a “Harvard-educated cyber-security whiz” who has so excellent hacking skills that he once hacked the Bitcoin algorithm. Wait, what? How could Joe breach a blockchain that has never been breached? If that ever happened to Bitcoin, we would surely hear about that in the news. This story would have such an impact that it would have been featured on the first page of the top mainstream media outlets. Furthermore, the Bitcoin blockchain is decentralized, powered by millions of computers from all over the world. There’s no central server, so hacking the whole system is almost impossible – even Tom Cruise would struggle with it in Mission Impossible.

And the unrealistic statements do not stop! According to Joe, the Bitcoin Method app can accurately predict the future price of Bitcoin. Let’s be honest. No one – even expert traders and investors – knows where Bitcoin price is headed in the short term. But we can’t even predict the mid and long-term movement precisely. We can only speculate. And here’s Joe Templeton whose app knows accurately where Bitcoin’s price is heading in the future. The alleged operator of the Bitcoin Method app is either lying, or he is a visionary with godlike skills and talent.

So, based on our analysis of the Bitcoin Method website, the service is full of false promises. Instead of using it, we recommend another algorithmic crypto trading bot that has been top rated by us.

We do not think that we can talk about a legit Bitcoin Method app here. There are plenty of signs that indicate that the not just the operator of the website – Joe Templeton – is fake, but the whole Bitcoin Method system.

While we believe that there is a Bitcoin Method scam, there is a small chance that the operator of the platform is providing a legit service. In this case, he certainly exaggerated regarding the promises and the statements on the Bitcoin Method website. However, the app should work as a legit service, but you shouldn’t expect to earn between $10,500 and $15,000 a day.

We need to emphasize though, the chance for Bitcoin Method being a legit service is really low. Our bet is that the operator of the platform seeks to scam its users by not providing the promised service after the customers deposited funds into their accounts. So, we advise you to stay away from the Bitcoin Method app.

Is it a scam?

  • We couldn’t test the Crypto Robot 365 app as the service did not allow us to create an account. We can’t determine whether the service is legit or scam. We recommend using a top-tier algorithmic crypto trading service, Bitcoin Code, instead. You can check out Bitcoin Code at this link. If you need more information on the service, check the step-by-step guide in this article.
  • The Bitcoin Method website promises its users a daily income of between $10,500 and $15,000. Even $1,000 of daily profits would sound unrealistic and ridiculous, not $15,000.
  • The Bitcoin Method app was not mentioned in any of the media outlets that were listed on the website (Fortune, CNN, Forbes, Truemoney).
  • All photos of people – including the alleged operator Joe Templeton – are stock photos. Joe’s image can be found in Amazon headphone listings.
  • The claim that the “Harvard-educated cyber-security whiz” Joe Templeton has hacked the Bitcoin algorithm is certainly a lie.
  • After logging in, the platform looks exactly the same as Bitcoin Code. We suspect that the operator of the Bitcoin Method system fully copied the design of Bitcoin Code.
  • We recommend using a trustworthy crypto robot service, Bitcoin Code.
  • You can click on this link to create an account or stay with us to read our step-by-step guide for the platform.

Who founded Bitcoin Method?

As mentioned before in another section, the alleged operator of the Bitcoin Method app is Joe Templeton. According to the service’s website, Joe is a “Harvard-educated cyber-security whiz” who have so excellent hacking skills that he has managed to breach the Bitcoin algorithm. Furthermore, Joe states on the Bitcoin Method website that he has built the app – which is holding a “top secret” beta test -, which is capable of predicting the price of BTC in advance.

We have stated earlier that we do not think Joe is a real person. Instead, the operators of the Bitcoin Method app created the fake person of Joe Templeton to create trust in new users. However, this tactic can only work for people who are completely new to cryptocurrencies as everything around Joe is full of huge lies and/or unrealistic information.

How does the Bitcoin Method system work?

As we are almost sure that there is a Bitcoin Method scam, we have tested only the demo trading platform of the algorithmic crypto trading service. However, the application should work as the other crypto robots. You sign up for an account, test your trades via the demo platform, deposit funds, and then trade coins live via the crypto robots.

We had success with the demo trading platform of the Bitcoin Method app. However, that should not mislead you. The demo trading app looks exactly the same as on Bitcoin Code. So, there’s a chance that the creator of the Bitcoin Method system has copied the demo app of Bitcoin Code and used it to simulate a working algorithmic crypto trading platform.

There’s also another case, in which the Bitcoin Method app is legit, and uses a valid demo trading platform. However, as we have tested the demo site of the service, we did not get the returns Joe Templeton has promised its users. Therefore, the operator of the automated cryptocurrency trading app was exaggerating in the Bitcoin Method website, stating that you can earn between $10,500 and $15,000 a day.

Summarizing our impressions so far, we recommend you to stay away from doing a Bitcoin Method sign-up. The operator of the service is not honest on the website, so we would advise you not to create a Bitcoin Method account.

Instead of that, we recommend using another service, Bitcoin Code. This app is one of our favorites, we achieved great results using it, and we rated the Bitcoin Code as one of our top-tier services. So, we have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the processes of creating an account on the platform, using the demo trading app, funding your account with money, and live trading via the service’s crypto bots. Now, it’s time to see this guide!

How to place trades on Bitcoin Code?

Step 1: registration

The first step is to create an account on the platform. Head to the Bitcoin Code website and find the “Get Started Now” on the box at the right side of the page. Firstly, you should type in your name and email in the form, then click the button. The page will take you to another form, which you have to fill out with more information, including your full name, phone number, email address, the country of your residence, and desired password. If you are ready, proceed with creating your account.

Step 2: demo trading

After you have created your Bitcoin Code account, you shouldn’t jump right into using the live trading app. Before that, you should test the crypto trading bot to determine the Bitcoin Code system’s performance. This step is crucial as you need to know whether the algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform is profitable. And if it is, it is advised to analyze the expected amount of profits.

Fortunately, Bitcoin Code has a demo trading platform where the operators allow you to test the crypto bots of the service. To initiate a demo trading session, click the “Go to Demo” in the left side menu. The site will take you to the demo trading platform where you will see a message stating that your Bitcoin Code account has been credited with $1,500 worth of virtual funds. Use that balance to test the crypto robots. When you are ready, click the red “Off” button under “Auto Trading.” The bots will start automatically and will only stop when you click the button again. We advise you to use the demo trading platform for at least 30 minutes to efficiently monitor the performance of the automated cryptocurrency trading platform.

If you are satisfied with the results, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: deposit

As you have seen the results, you can now proceed with funding your account. When you are on the Trading Page of the service, you’ll see a section (Current Brokers) with a broker inside – Prestige FM. Next to the broker’s name, there’s a green “Deposit” button, which you have to click. After that, a page will appear where you can choose from adding funds to your Bitcoin Code account via credit/debit card or Bitcoin (BTC).

If you choose the first option, you’ll have to fill out a form with your credit or debit card details as well as selecting the amount of funds you seek to deposit. In case you want to pay via Bitcoin, the platform will show you a BTC address, which you have to copy and paste into your Bitcoin wallet. Select the amount of coins you want to fund your account with, and initiate the transaction.

In most cases, credit and debit card transactions are processed almost immediately while Bitcoin transfers usually take between 1-3 hours to arrive.

Step 4: Trading

You can start trading as soon as your funds have arrived into your account. If you have not yet done it, click the “Go to Live” tab on the left side of the page. The site will take you to the live trading platform instead of demo trading. The process for starting your bots is the same as it was at the demo trading platform. You find the red “Off” button under “Auto Trading,” and click. Now, you can sit back and relax while monitoring the performance of your crypto trading bots.

Can you make money with Bitcoin Method?

As Bitcoin Method is very likely a scam crypto robot service, you can’t make money with the app. The amount of profits the operators of the service promise may sound tempting. However, you should think about the security of your funds first – you don’t want to lose money, do you? Instead of creating a Bitcoin Method account, check out a trustworthy platform like Bitcoin Code.

The Verdict: Bitcoin Method is very likely a scam service

Now, we have reached the end of our Bitcoin Method review. It’s time to summarize our findings. Firstly, we have rated Bitcoin Method 1 out of 5 stars, so we recommend you not to try the service. The Bitcoin Method website is full of false promises, inaccurate information, fake photos, and unrealistic statements (just remember that the alleged operator of the service, Joe Templeton, claimed he had hacked the Bitcoin algorithm. Furthermore, as we tested the demo trading app of the service, we realized that it was a full copy of the Bitcoin Code platform.

So, instead of creating a Bitcoin Method sign-up, we advise you to check out one of our top-rated platforms, Bitcoin Code. And remember; using a crypto trading bot has high risks, so you should only use such apps at your own risk.

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How to trade cryptocurrency via Bitcoin Method?
We’ve tested and reviewed numerous digital currency exchanges and brokers to find the best cryptocurrency trading platform. Based on our findings, the best cryptocurrency trading platform to buy Bitcoin at is eToro, a regulated broker with over 12 years of experience. eToro features a user-friendly platform, social trading (including copy-trading), multiple payment methods (including credit card and PayPal), and a fast account creation process. Other recommended cryptocurrency trading platform solutions for Bitcoin include Plus500, Binance, and Changelly.

This is a question we did not provide an answer in our Bitcoin Method review. The reason for not specifying how to trade cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Method app is simple. We believe that the service is a scam, and we don’t want our readers to lose money by trusting this algorithmic trading solution with their funds. As mentioned in the review, we recommend using Bitcoin Code instead. Read back to the step-by-step guide part to find how to trade cryptocurrency via the Bitcoin Code app.

Do I need to develop my own strategies before using a crypto bot?
A handful of the crypto bot solutions require you to develop your own trading strategies. On these apps, you can do that by either writing the code for your strategy or by using the user interface of the platform. The good news is that most crypto bot services have their own strategies. You just have to select the coin you seek to trade, deposit funds into your account, and turn on the crypto bot. And you are done! You only need to monitor the performance of your crypto bot thereafter.
Why can’t crypto bots provide accurate Bitcoin price prediction
While we were analyzing the Bitcoin Method website, we’ve seen that the alleged operator Joe Templeton has hacked Bitcoin’s algorithm, so he knows precisely where the coin’s price is heading. We’ve stated that no one can provide an accurate Bitcoin price prediction. Our reasoning for that is that many expert traders and investors have tried that, and none of them succeeded. The coin’s volatility can be so high sometimes, that no one can predict precisely where its price is heading.
I’m interested in holding Bitcoin instead. What’s the best crypto wallet?
We understand, not everyone is interested in (algorithmic) cryptocurrency trading. And yes, we can recommend you the best crypto wallet solutions. But first, let’s emphasize the importance of security. As you are holding coins in a wallet, you are subject to hacker attacks which are highly targeting the crypto space. So, it is crucial to use a Bitcoin wallet that is safe. We think that the best crypto wallet solutions are hardware wallets as they require the users to verify their transactions with a PIN via the hardware device. This keeps your coins really safe as the attackers have to get your PIN and your hardware device in addition to hacking the software side of your wallet to steal your funds. We recommend checking out any of the trusted hardware wallet manufacturers: Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey. If you would like to store your coins in a software wallet, then we recommend using the eToro Wallet, Hodly, or Exodus.

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Being one of our top-rated algorithmic cryptocurrency platforms, CryptoSoft features an overall great service with high-performing bots and a fast and easy account creation process. After signing up, you can use the demo trading platform of the CryptoSoft app to test the bots before depositing any funds into your account. You can check out our CryptoSoft review at this link.

Bitcoin Evolution

Due to its user-friendly interface and nice design, Bitocin Evolution stands out from most of the crypto robot services. But there’s one more reason for that: this platform has highly profitable bots. Therefore – along with CryptoSoft -, the Bitcoin Evolution app is one of our top-rated crypto robot services.

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