Bitcoin Freedom Review: Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed!


Author: joe maurice

With Facebook announcing that it will be introducing its own crypto soon, the crypto volatility is picking pace once again. For traders, many claims that this is another opportunity to make big bucks. Consequently, trading robots that offer crypto trading are now all the rage. Bitcoin Freedom is one of these trading robots.

Bitcoin Freedom claims that their software can make users up to $5k per day.  But is it legit and does it generate thousands of dollars per day like it claims? InsideBitcoins research team went out in search of answers and found out that Bitcoin Freedom appears legit. 

But before that, it is important to note that all forms of margin trading come at significant risk. As a result, never trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose.

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All trading carries risk.

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    Is Bitcoin Freedom Legit?

    Inside Bitcoins finds Bitcoin Freedom legitimate.

    Users who try this bot typically make a profit of $324 in five hours with demo trading. Many traders have also reported making up to $1k per day from a $250 deposit with real money trading.

    Here are some of the advantages of Bitcoin Freedom according to users

    • Transparency
    • Performance
    • Customer service
    • Ease of use
    • Safety

    Bitcoin Freedom is among Bitcoin Loophole in our legit Bitcoin robot 2019 list. This robot is popular with all types of traders, including beginners.

    Bitcoin Freedom review – Test results explained!

    InsideBitcoins investigation includes a hands-on test and also a review of users’ feedback on independent consumer review sites. As mentioned above, many users report that Bitcoin Freedom is highly profitable.

    Furthermore, a review of customer feedback shows that most people are happy with this bot. Here is an in-depth explanation of our findings on Bitcoin Freedom.

    High claimed profitability

    Bitcoin Freedom claims to be a highly profitable trading robot. Users feedback reports that many have made $1500 per day trading with this robot. Some traders even reported growing their account with a deposit of $250 to $500k using this robot.

    Bitcoin Freedom claims that their daily profitability can go up to 20%. However, most people report an average daily gain of 7%.

    It is important to note that Bitcoin Freedom is known as a high risk, high return bot, and therefore, there is a likelihood of losing invested capital. InsideBitcoins recommends that you start with the minimal investment required and reinvest any profits to grow your account.

    Bitcoin Freedom claims that you can deposit more money if you have high-risk thresholds and that the more you deposit, the higher your earning potential.

    Dependable technologies

    From a distance, Bitcoin Freedom looks suspicious, given the high earning potential it claims to generate. However, a closer look at their technologies and user reviews reveals that the robot allegedly has the potential to create such earnings.

    This robot applies a trading approach known as high-frequency trading. The method is based on highly powerful computer algorithms. These algorithms are equipped with advanced technologies in AI and Machine Learning.

    With these technologies, Bitcoin Freedom can take advantage of every trading opportunity that presents itself in the bitcoin market. The fact that it can trade supersonically means that it claims to generate profits of up to 20% per day.

    Bitcoin Freedom has a similar technology to another legit robot known as Bitcoin Trader. Read our Bitcoin Trader review to learn more.

    Seamless deposits and withdrawals

    Bitcoin Freedom allows users to withdraw their profits anytime they want. The withdrawal process includes filling a request form on the web-trader dashboard. It takes a maximum of 48 hours for funds to appear in the trader’s bank account.

    As usual, we have conducted a background investigation on Bitcoin Freedom partner brokers and revealed that they are adequately regulated and hence trustworthy.

    Accordingly, any money you deposit through this robot is safe. Regulators such as the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC require brokers to segregate funds. Moreover, the brokers must adhere to strict reporting requirements hence sealing any loophole for fraud. Read our Cryptokartal review for more info about legit robot brokers.

    Highly responsive customer service

    Our live test on Bitcoin Freedom shows that they have excellent customer services. This robot provides 24/7 customer service through live chat and phone. Most bots only offer email as the channel of communication.

    Furthermore, we find Bitcoin Freedom customer service agents to be highly knowledgeable. We have also determined that they work in collaboration with the underlying brokers to ensure a seamless customer experience.

    Also worth noting, Bitcoin Freedom has a standby technical team to address any technical hitches. They have a policy in place to ensure refunds if a customer experiences losses due to a technical glitch. We did not find any complaints about their trading technologies.

    Easy to use trading platform

    As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Freedom is a fully automatic robot. We have tested their web-trader and can confirm that it is easy to use even for complete beginners. All you need to do to trade with this platform is to switch live trading on and off. The web-trader comes with a guide to help traders through the setup process.

    Our live test shows that the whole set up process takes less than ten minutes. This means that you can start trading with Bitcoin Freedom right away.

    Client data cyber safety

    Our investigation shows that Bitcoin Freedom takes users’ security seriously. We can confirm that all of their platforms are encrypted. Proper encryption ensures that cybercriminals cannot access users’ data if they hack the platform.

    Furthermore, we can confirm that Bitcoin Freedom does not share users’ data with third parties without their permission. When you register with this platform, your data is only shared with the underlying broker.

    As mentioned earlier, these brokers are well regulated and hence, cannot participate in fraudulent activities. This review can confirm that Bitcoin Freedom is GDPR compliant. For the record, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law in EU defining data protection measures for EU citizens.

    How to sign up with Bitcoin Freedom

    Bitcoin Freedom signup process takes less than three minutes. Before we go through the process, it is important to note that this bot is only available in select countries. You can try the process here to determine if it is available in your country.

    If this robot is not available in your country, then it means that it does not have a regulated broker there.

    STEP ONE: Account creation

    Here you submit your name, email, and phone number through a form provided on their homepage. These details are necessary to identify your account and for communication with Bitcoin Freedom customer service. As a KYC measure, you may be asked to provide additional information.

    We did not find any complaints about Bitcoin Freedom misusing clients’ data. When signing up with this bot, you are given an option to choose whether to receive unsolicited offers.

    STEP TWO: Deposit

    You need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading with Bitcoin Freedom. Please note that the deposit is your trading capital and not a license fee for the robot.

    Bitcoin Freedom is currently on beta testing and is therefore offered for free. Many users are taking advantage by signing up now.

    Bitcoin Freedom accepted deposit methods include Visa, Master Card, and Wire Transfer. Deposits reflect instantly on the traders’ account.

    STEP THREE: Demo Trading

    After deposit, you will be able to access the demo trading. The Bitcoin Freedom demo trader simulates the markets by running the algorithm through historical data. It is important to note that the results you receive in demo-trading may not reflect what you will get in live trading.

    As a result, consider the demo as a tool for educational purposes only. We recommend that you pass through the demo account to familiarize with the actual trading platform. Click here to open a demo account with Bitcoin Freedom.

    STEP Four: Live Trading

    Live trading with Bitcoin Freedom involves specifying your leverage and switching on the web-trader. As mentioned earlier, this robot web-trader is easy to navigate. As a result, there are no special skills required to use it.

    Is Bitcoin Freedom Legit? The verdict!

    Our investigation reveals that Bitcoin Freedom is a legit crypto robot. The app claims to make a daily profit of up to $5k by applying intelligent computer algorithms to identify trading opportunities and execute trades. This bot claims to have a win rate of over 90%.

    Bitcoin Freedom partner brokers provide leverage of up to 1:500. The high leverage, according to Bitcoin Freedom makes it possible for the robot to generate huge profits. As mentioned earlier, all the brokers, in partnership with this robot, are well regulated. Before you start trading, we would encourage you to ensure to remember that trading carries risk and loss of capital is possible. Do not risk more than you can afford to lose.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Bitcoin Freedom legit?

    This bot appears legit and is fully working.

    How much can I make with Bitcoin Freedom?

    The earning potential with Bitcoin Freedom is endless. Your earning potential depends on your invested capital according to their app - Bitcoin Freedom claims that the more you invest, the more you will make.

    How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Freedom?

    The minimum deposit with Bitcoin Freedom is $250. We recommend that you start small and grow your account by reinvesting your profits.

    Can I withdraw my money from Bitcoin Freedom?

    Bitcoin Freedom allows its users to withdraw their money whenever they want. The withdrawal process is simple and straightforward. Withdrawals take a maximum of 48 hours to reflect on the client account.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.