Bitcoin Formula Robot : Scam or Legit? The Results Revealed!


Author: Patrick Webber

Bitcoin Formula is an investment platform that claims to use a proprietary algorithm to successfully trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The algorithm behind Bitcoin Formula allegedly harnesses cryptocurrency trading wisdom, making successful trades round the clock. Bitcoin Formula claims that users who invest will see returns from these trades, based on how much money they put on the line. But is it too good to be true? People around the internet have been wondering if this is a scam. We have investigated this robot in-depth to find out the truth and found it to be a real trading platform and to appear highly legit.

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Is Bitcoin Formula Legit? 

  • The system claims to have a high win rate, but you’ve got to understand how it works to take advantage of it.
  • Always start with the free demo account, then build up to the minimum $250 deposit before risking more.
  • If this sounds exciting, try the Bitcoin Formula software now, or keep reading for the full review.

What is Bitcoin Formula?

bitcoin formula logo


Bitcoin Formula is a trading platform for new cryptocurrency investors. Long time investors credit much of their trading success to techniques now performed by the Bitcoin Formula algorithm. The algorithm is allegedly shared with users because 1) he wants them to have success like he had, and 2) the more money raised through investors, the bigger Bitcoin Formula’s profits will reportedly  be. All winnings are claimed to be shared with investors, who take advantage of this miraculous intersection of new technology and investment wisdom on auto-pilot.

Who Founded Bitcoin Formula?

bitcoin formula

Bitcoin Formula doesn’t make a big deal about some mythic founder like so many other Bitcoin robots do, and this is actually a mark in favor of this platform. If you’ve reviewed lots of Bitcoin robots as we have, you will see a trend where the site makes claims that it was founded by an investment genius who became a millionaire overnight, and is now making their methods available to the general public…for a small fee.

Bitcoin Formula is a technology first. It doesn’t try to dazzle you with a genius creator, who probably isn’t a real person anyway. They just provide the technology and get you trading fast. We’re not sure who owns Bitcoin Formula, but we think you’ll find that isn’t particularly relevant to your use and enjoyment of this innovative investment platform.

How Does it Work?

Bitcoin Formula Technology

Their Bitcoin system works autonomously, using a powerful algorithm that behaves like one of the world’s greatest investors, with certain super-human upgrades. For example, a real human trader can make only one trade at a time, can only read one statistic at a time, can only make one calculation at a time. You get the idea. 

The Bitcoin Formula algorithm does not appear to have such restrictions. It claims to perform trades very quickly, and to make the right decision more than 90% of the time. For speed and low fees, the platform works with binary options brokers, so that all accounts can be settled with cash.

The Bitcoin Formula could easily have been kept private by its creators. However, it makes more sense to open it open to traders all around the world. The more people invest, the bigger profits the algorithm can achieve according to Bitcoin Formula. Furthermore, the more people who invest in Bitcoin, the greater the value of the BTC held by all investors.

This platform is said to work hand-in-hand with its users and creators in the sense that, allegedly, where one side of the equation succeeds, the other side benefits greatly. This is a unique piece of software, also, because it doesn’t require new investors to be experts on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or investment in general. It’s an auto-pilot solution that’s only possible in the digital age. It claims to put users’ money toward the best investments in the crypto space, and pays off big dividends in the process.

How to Trade on Bitcoin Formula

Now let’s take a look at how to make a trade with the Bitcoin Formula.

Step 1: Register

register a Bitcoin Formula account

First, input your name, email address, phone number, and password. Once you’ve input your information into Bitcoin Formula, wait for an email to reach your email account. It will contain a link. Click this link, and you’ll be taken into your active Bitcoin Formula account. Here you’ll be given the option to try a demo account. We recommend learning the hopes with the Bitcoin Formula demo account before risking any real money.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

deposit Bitcoin Formula

Next, it’s time to deposit some cash so you can start trading. Use any of the credit card options available on the site. It’ll take a few minutes for the cash to arrive. Now it’s time to start trading. We recommend starting with the account minimum $250 for your early trading. Any more and you’ll be putting your cash at risk. Bitcoin Formula claims to have a high success rate but it’s not 100% perfect. You also need to make sure you understand the simple controls before you risk anything more than the account minimum.


Step 3: Trade Bitcoins

bitcoin formula profits

Now all you have to do is set your account to auto-trade, and let the robot work. Your account will be connected to a binary options broker. Binary options are a way to virtually trade assets like Bitcoin, without having to buy Bitcoin ot sell it. The price speculation contracts are settled in cash, and this cash is delivered to your Bitcoin Formula account. There, you can withdraw to a bank account using one of several methods. 

Advantages of Bitcoin Formula

get rich with bitcoin formula

Users report that Bitcoin Formula has several advantages:

  • The Bitcoin Formula works for both English and Spanish speakers. Many of its competitors are only written for English speakers.
  • Bitcoin Formula allows you to start trading with only $250. Most conventional stock trading brokers require much higher initial investments.
  • With over 100,000 active users, this trading robot isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • The Bitcoin Formula is here in the early days of the cryptocurrency industry. Apparently, future returns may be even higher than the ones already achieved.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Formula?

testimonials bitcoin formula

Bitcoin Formula claims that their app is able to make their users a lot of money. Of course, it isn’t as easy as that, you’ll need some tips and tricks to get the most out of this platform. Here is some advice to help you trade with this bot:

  1. Use the demo account before risking any money. Most people have never worked with auto-pilot trading robots before, so you want to make sure you understand how this all works before putting any money at risk.
  2. Invest only the minimum $250 when you’re getting used to how this investment option works. The system is pretty much idiot-proof, but there are still some manual controls before you set it to Auto-Trade, so you want to make sure you have those under control before risking more than the minimum deposit.
  3. Withdraw half of what you win, at least. A great way to ensure that you make money with long term trading positions is to try to make enough money to cover your initial deposit. That way you know you’ll always break even. Anything extra you might make is gravy. Don’t get caught in a situation where you reinvest 100% of your earnings. You might lose it all.
  4. Make sure you are using the real Bitcoin Formula. There are many imitators out there, pretending to be the real Bitcoin Formula. Some of these are scams, and that’s probably why there are internet accusations out there calling this platform a scam. This software appears legit, but only if you’re using the real thing!
  5. Withdraw frequently. Websites can crash, especially if they’re as popular and fast-growing as this one. Make sure you always have access to your cash by withdrawing it every day or two. Once the money hits your bank account, it’s yours forever (or at least until you spend it!).
  6. Compare Bitcoin Formula to other crypto robots like Bitcoin Aussie System and Bitcoin Code to find the one that works best for your preferences and personal trading style.
If you are looking for other reliable and profitable robots, check out our bitcoin robot page and find out more about robots like Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Profit.

Has Bitcoin Formula Been onTV?

Bitcoin Formula has never been on TV, so far as we know, despite numerous internet rumors. This doesn’t mean that Bitcoin Formula won’t appear on TV at some time in the future, maybe even before we’re able to update this post. If you want to see Bitcoin Formula on TV, do your own research, but don’t necessarily believe a TV rumor just because you see it on the internet. 

Has Bitcoin Formula Been on Dragons’ Den?

dragons den

From what we can tell, Bitcoin Formula has never appeared on Dragons’ Den. This show about entrepreneurs would be the perfect place for Bitcoin Formula to appear. After all, it’s a technology platform based on the work of a young millionaire. However, just because this pairing makes sense doesn’t make this report any more than a rumor. 

Is it True That Bitcoin Formula Appeared on Shark Tank?

Bitcoin Formula has never appeared on Shark Tank either. This rumor also makes sense. After all, the platform is available for English and Spanish speaking user populations. Both of these groups tend to enjoy the American hit TV show Shark Tank, which also appears to aspirational audiences who are interested in cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship. Despite these apparent connections, this one appears to be nothing more than a rumor.

Does Elon Musk Back Bitcoin Formula?

Elon Musk has expressed interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but he doesn’t actively invest in any of them or use investment platforms like Bitcoin Formula. There are many Bitcoin Elon Musk rumors out there, including one that suggests that Elon Musk himself created Bitcoin. Musk has denied all of these. Though he owns a little bit of Bitcoin which he received from a friend years ago, the Paypal founder doesn’t even know where it is located today. Elon has plenty of money from other endeavors, so he definitely doesn’t need to use or endorse Bitcoin Formula.

Bitcoin Formula Mobile App

There is not yet a Bitcoin Formula mobile app. As this platform offers solid customer service, perhaps this is an upgrade you could request if you feel that you would benefit from it. Bitcoin Formula wants as many users as they can have, so a mobile app might be just the thing to attract new fans.

Bitcoin Formula Review : The Verdict!

From our investigation, Bitcoin Formula appears legit. It’s an easy-to-understand auto-pilot Bitcoin robot, even for people who have no practical experience with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or autonomous trading algorithms and the platform is running and fully functional. If you decide to invest, however, please be sure to only start with the minimum deposit of $250 to mitigate risks.

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


Do I Get a Bonus For Sharing Bitcoin Formula With My Friends?

There is no friend sharing bonus, though this is exactly the kind of thing that we would recommend requesting of Bitcoin Formula customer service.

Can I Withdraw My Earnings As Bitcoin?

No, all Bitcoin Formula accounts are settled in cash. There's no way to withdraw your earnings as Bitcoin, because no Bitcoin is ever actually bought or sold. Binary options is a method where you can make value speculations on the prices of various assets, cryptocurrencies in this case. No user ever actually buys the Bitcoin being speculated upon. You can buy Bitcoin for real through other brokers if you really want to.

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? Isn't It Just Imaginary Money?

Bitcoin has value because real people agree that it has value. If you think about it, all money works like this. Paper dollar bills are probably only worth a penny or less from their material alone, and there isn't anything like gold backing them up. We simply trust that other people will accept them in trade for goods and services. Everybody agrees to this, and so the money has value. Bitcoin works the same way. It also has a finite supply, so it has value based on this scarcity, combined with its desirability.

Do Bitcoin Price Crashes Mean the End For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has definitely seen its price fall a great deal since its all time high price of more than $20,000. This doesn't mean that Bitcoin is a failure though. There are many global factors that influence Bitcoin's price at any given time. If worldwide adoption of this cryptocurrency continues to increase, we expect BTC prices to surpass previous all-time highs, and that'll be good for BTC investors everywhere.

Why is Bitcoin Formula more legit compared to other bots?

If you've done any research into Bitcoin robots at all, you'll know that there are a ton of other Bitcoin robots out there. Unfortunately, many of these robots are not good products, and some are outright scams. The scams advertise algorithms just like the one in this platform, but it's not usually a real algorithm. Others advertise that users can make thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each day. These claims are not usually backed up in reality. Judge alternatives to Bitcoin Formula by reading user testimonies and independent reviews. The real products will stand out.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

A cryptocurrency and trading writer and editor, I specialise in algorithmic trading. I’ve written about every type of automated trading tools - from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors. My goal is to write honest reviews about automated trading tools in order to help users understand which software are trustworthy and which ones they should stay away from. I am constantly analysing and scrutinising the up and coming trading apps so if you are seeking advice or if you would like me to write a robot review in particular don't hesitate to get in touch – I’m happy to help!

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  1. not really my piece of cake. It works, but it requires a lot of attention. Is there a robot which is easier to operate than Bitcoin Formula?

  2. thank you so much for all this information guys. You are doing a great job and I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate your efforts. Kudos!

    1. Hello Lauren, we are so happy to hear these kind words from you. It is our goal to keep our viewers aware of the latest opportunities in the industry and help them stay away from the scams out there.

  3. I think I am going to invest in this robot. But I am a complete beginner. would you recommend this robot to me? or is there another crypto bot which works better? im jkust worried that if the interface is too complex, I might not be able to understand it.

  4. ok, i have earned a lot on Bitcoin Formula and now i want to try something else. I absolutely love this one, so, can you suggest me legit crypto bot taht is as good as Bitcoin Formula? thanks in advance!

  5. how hard is it for a beginner to start earning on this robot? also, how much should I invest in the start? would $800 be okay?

    1. Hello Folio, the minimum deposit amount on Bitcoin Formula is $250. So, you shouldn’t worry about that. However, we would recommend you to invest just $250 at first so that you can learn crypto trading with minimal risks involved.

  6. wow, i never thought that this Crypto bot thing was even real! i think im going to invest in Bitcoin Formula. Are there any others that might be of interest to a beginner in crypto trading?

    1. Hello Jorkins, there surely are a number of crypto bots out there that are highly legit as well as very lucrative. If you are interested in finding out, check out our Bitcoin Robot on the topic which also contains our top suggestions.

  7. how stable is Bitcoin Formula? out of 10 trades, how many times will I end up earning profits and how many times will I lose my money?

    1. Hello Cryptomom, Bitcoin Formula is among the most accurate crypto bots in the industry. According to our tests, 9 out of 10 trades yielded a profit. That is one of the best results you can get in the industry. If you play it smart, the one trade where you might lose some money will be so little that the amount of money lost would be almost negligible when compared to the amount of money you would have earned.

  8. Bitcoin Formula is an amazing robot and I would recommend anyone reading this comment to try it. I have been using it for months and have earned over $5,000 till now. My sister also wants to invest in crypto bots, but she is looking for a very easy to use crypto bot. I don’t think Bitcoin Formula is for her. do you any suggestions?

  9. yess yes my friend uses this crypto bot and he is already helping his dad in business by investing money he earned from Bitcoin Formula. I am going to invest in it too! what is the minimum deposit amount here?

    1. Hello Robert, we are happy to hear that your friend is doing so well on this robot and would wish you good luck too. The minimum amount that you can deposit in Bitcoin Formula is $250. This is also the recommended amount that beginners should start with on any crypto bot.

  10. Highly recommended! I earned over a thousand dollars within a week easily using this one. I want to diversify my invest, can you suggest any other robots as good as this?

    1. Hello Vda_852, you are taking a wise decision to diversify your investment as it gives more security and increases opportunities from different fronts. We would highly recommend you to try Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Future if you are looking for other robots like Bitcoin Formula.

    1. Hello Sarah66, we are happy to hear that Bitcoin Formula worked well for you. We have tested and reviewed a number of crypto bots in the industry and have identified the legit ones. Check out our detailed Bitcoin Revolution guide on the topic which also contains suggestions.

    1. Hello Solomon, we have tested and reviewed a number of popular crypto bots in the industry and identified the legit ones out there. We would recommend you to check out our Bitcoin Robot on the topic which also contains our top recommendations.

    1. Hello Fredcollin23, we are happy to hear positive sentiments from you about Bitcoin Formula. The robot is very secure and legit and we would recommend it to everyone. You can also try Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Revolution which are highly lucrative and legit crypto bots in the industry.

  11. If you are looking for the best way to trade your bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency then you have found the best method through the bitcoin formula – this formula is worthy of its ratings and other things associated with it.

    You can make sure that you make a very good investment when you are making use of the bitcoin formula for your trading and you are sure to make a very good gain when when the market is poor and not so productive. This robot is good at getting the best shot at trading and it is known to give a good result.

    Can I invest over $1,000 in this software? Can you help me with the cryptocurrencies that I can trade with ease on this software?


    1. Hello Jordan, we highly recommend to invest small at first in this robot and then increase your investment after gaining some experience so that you can make even larger profits.

  12. Not having an idea of how something works can put you at a disadvantage whenever you make use of such a thing so I will encourage you that before you start a real investment, it is important that you get to know the investment platform well.

    Before I could star trading on the bitcoin formula, I made sure that I spend over three months learning how the robot works, the best way to make money online using this cryptocurrency robot was something I had to do to become the best at it. I made over $10,000 within two days of starting my trading.

    What is the best Cryptocurrency to trade with the bitcoin formula? Am I safe to put my money on the line?

    1. Hello Anderson, Bitcoin Formula only allows Bitcoin-based trades on the platform, so you don’t have worry about which cryptocurrency you should choose. Yes, you can invest your money on Bitcoin Formula as it is legit and accurate.

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