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Bitcoin Focus Group is one amongst many auto trading robots designed to support you while trading. Due to the large number of similar cryptocurrency platforms on the market, it is often difficult to keep track of those that are scam as opposed to the legit ones. This particular robot, launched in 2017, claims to have an accuracy rate of 94%.

You may be wondering whether that is true and if Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam or not. We tested it, and have found it to be a scam. Our suggestion is to trade with Bitcoin Trader instead. Keep on reading to find out more about why Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam, its fees, its trading platform and more.

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    Is Bitcoin Focus Group a Scam? YES!

    • 1). We have had a look at the Bitcoin Focus Group written and video reviews provided on the website and none of them seems legit.
    • 2). There are quite a few false statements on the official website. These claims’ only purpose is to trick you into creating an account on Bitcoin Focus Group before you change your mind.
    • 3). During our test, we did not make any profits. We actually lost all of our initial investment.
    • 4). There are other platforms where we actually did have positive experiences and that we consider to be legit and reliable. One of them is Bitcoin Trader. Feel free to click on this link to give it a go. Otherwise, keep on reading to find out more about Bitcoin Focus Group.

    What is the Bitcoin Focus Group, and is it a scam?

    Bitcoin Focus Group is a crypto robot, also known as auto trading robot. Systems like this one are based on a complex series of algorithms that allows software to trade in complete automation, without needing users to take any action. Crypto bots are designed to support inexperienced users and beginners, granting them access to the complicated world of cryptocurrencies. In fact, it does not matter if users do not have any knowledge of crypto trading, because auto trading bots will do everything for them. Once you create an account and deposit your funds in it, all you have to do is activate the auto trading mode and the software will do all of the calculations and research necessary to place a profitable trade within seconds and will then place your investment automatically.

    According to the official website, Bitcoin Focus Group is one of these robots, but we strongly disagree. When these software are legit, they guarantee profits 9 out of 10 times. Bitcoin Focus Group also claims to have an accuracy of 94%, but during our test, we lost all of our initial investment and none of the automatic trades that were placed gave us any profit. Based on this and several other aspects of the platform that we usually look at when testing and reviewing robots, we can assure you that Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam and we strongly advise to move on to a different robot.

    Who founded Bitcoin Focus Group?

    According to the website, David Kramer is the brain behind the creation of the Bitcoin Group software of which he serves as both CEO and Head Project Manager. As a cryptocurrency trader with no technical experience concerning software development, Kramer apparently reached out to Johnson & Rutger Focus Groups, a company which assisted in this development phase of the program. We believe all of these claims to be false. While searching for David Kramer online, we were unable to find any information on him excluding the official website. We also found out that the picture of David Kramer provided on the website, is simply a stock photo available online.

    Why the Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam?

    After testing the Bitcoin Focus Group robot, we found quite a few reasons to claim that the robot is a scam. Keep on reading to find out what some of them are.

    Fake Testimonials


    The official Bitcoin Focus Group website provides a number of both written and video reviews to convince users that making money on the software is very easy. All reviews talk about how much money each of the supposed users made. We believe the video reviews to be fake. The testimonials talking about their profits are actually paid actors that have been paid to be testimonials in several other scams.

    Fake rumours that the robot has been on TV

    There are rumours online that Bitcoin Focus Group appeared on TV shows such as Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. There have also been rumours associating the robot with the recent fake celebrity endorsements that Elon Musk, Peter Jones and Martin Lewis have been warning against. We have not found information on whether Bitcoin Focus Group was one of the robots involved in these scams. Based on the fact that Bitcoin Focus Group is most likely a scam, we would not be surprised if it were involved in these fake celebrity endorsements. However, even if it was not, that does not make it a legit platform to trade on.

    Software Accuracy

    The robot claims to have an average accuracy of 90%, which would make it amongst the most accurate trading robots on the market. Except, we have found the claim to be false. We tried trading on the platform. With an initial deposit of $250 and an investment of $25 per trade, we expected around 9 out of 10 trades to be profitable. Instead, none of the trades was accurate and we lost all of our money within minutes.

    False claims about how much money you can make

    According to the Bitcoin Focus Group system, you can expect profits of $35,000. It does not specify in what time frame you should expect such high returns, but it does not matter because you will actually see no returns. We were unable to find any legit user review claiming that the software did help them make profits. No money can be made with this robot, no matter how much you spend on it. You will definitely lose your investments, so we recommend spending your money elsewhere.

    The Sign-up, Deposit and Trade Process on the Bitcoin Focus Group

    Before accessing the site through the link, clear cookies first. The registration can be done in less than 10 minutes and you will find the form on the right side of the homepage of the website.  The account creation is in three stages. You will first have to type in your first name, last name, and email address. After that, you will be required to create a password, which must be six or more characters long and has to contain both letters and numbers. Lastly, you will have to insert your mobile phone number. After filling in these details, you can click the Join Now button to setup the account. After you have registered, you will be redirected to a recommended broker site for deposit. The registration process is fairly easy but that is just a strategy to get you to the deposit stage as fast as possible.

    At this point, you will be connected to an online broker that Bitcoin Focus Group links to in order to access the trading platform. In the case of legit robots, you are usually connected to licensed and reliable brokers, but in the case of Bitcoin Focus Group, we were connected to an unrecognised and unlicensed broker. However, we must admit that the broker did offer a good variety of payment options, although PayPal was not one of them. Bitcoin was not among the payment methods available either. In order to start trading, you will be required to deposit at least $250.

    Once we did that, we tried to trading to confirm our suspects that Bitcoin Focus Group was a scam. We found it very complicated to activate a demo account. The Bitcoin system required us to insert credentials such as username and passwords that we were never provided with. Once we managed that, we started trading and the platform seemed to be working well and the demo trades we were placing were always profitable. We then started trading with real funds though, and in a matter of minutes we lost everything. That was our final confirmation that Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam and you should definitely stay away from it.

    Have people made money with Bitcoin Focus Group?

    No. The robot claims that each user will see returns of $35,000 thanks to a complex software with an accuracy rate of more than 90% but we have found that to be completely false. To test the platform, we invested $250 to be able to access the trading platform. We already had doubts that we would make money on the robot considering all of the questionable statements we found on the official website. After a few minutes of trading in automation, all of our money was gone. We had set the auto trading mode with individual investments of $25, so 10 trades at least. Out of those 10, none was profitable, whereas according to the platform, we would have had to make profits on at least 9 trades. Of course, this is our experience with Bitcoin Focus Group. It does not prove that no one makes profit with the robot.

    So we tried to look for user reviews online, excluding the fake ones on the official website. Most of the reviews we found are very negative. Some people are claiming that the robot took their money even before they activated the auto trading mode, others claiming that the robot stole their funds and never returned them. If you do not believe us, you can of course try the platform for yourself. Be aware though, we strongly advise you not to do so as you will be losing all of your funds. There are quite a few trustworthy and accurate robots out there that you can trade with instead. Even though the risks of crypto trading remain, no matter what platform you choose to use, trading on a good platform will increase your chances of making money.

    If you still cannot decide on your preferred crypto bot, have a look through our bitcoin robot page to see what Bitcoin Evolution and others have to offer. 

    Recommended Robots

    We advise to get Bitcoin Focus Group off your mind and start trading on reliable platforms instead, that will actually guarantee significant profits. As we have mentioned already, we have tested several robots like Bitcoin Lifestyle before Bitcoin Focus Group and we consider some of them to be particularly trustworthy and certainly profitable. Of course, the risk of crypto trading will always be present, no matter what crypto bot you choose to trade on. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and sometimes not even the most sophisticated robot is capable of predicting a shift in the market. However, a good platform will definitely increase your chances of making money, so it is a good idea to spend some time looking for the right one. We believe that Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt will help you see great returns in little time.

    Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader is among the most popular robots available at the moment. It promises great profits thanks to a sophisticated software with an accuracy of over 90%. We have seen similar promises on many other robots, but while for most of them, these are false, for Bitcoin Trader they are definitely accurate.

    • It is definitely not a scam.
    • You can make over $1,500 within 24 hours.
    • You will find some great customer reviews online.
    • You have the option of trying to trade in demo mode first.
    • Have a look through our Bitcoin Trader review of the robot o find out everything you need to know about it.

    Crypto Revolt

    Crypto Revolt is another robot that we believe to be particularly reliable and accurate. During our test of Crypto Revolt, we registered significant profits. Of course, we did not make as much profits as the website promises but that is simply because we only invested the minimum amount to be allowed to access the trading platform. Higher profits can only be made with larger investments.

    • The robot has a trading platform that both beginners and more experienced users can benefit from.
    • A risk disclaimer concerning the risks of crypto trading is provided.
    • You may trade in demo mode if you wish to do so.
    • The Crypto Revolt system has an accuracy of over 90%
    • Feel free to check out our Crypto Revolt review to find out more. Otherwise, click on the link below to go straight to the robot’s official website.


    If you are not entirely convinced by the robots we’ve suggested you, you can of course choose different ones. However, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind when trying to choose your preferred robot.

    1. Look for the creator’s identity. Whenever you are on a new trading platform, a good thing to do in order to find out whether it is a scam or not is to look for information on the creator of the robot. When it is provided, it usually means that the developers have nothing to hide and that you will be able to trade safely on the platform. Of course, it is also possible that the identity on the website is fake, like we have seen in the case of Bitcoin Focus Group. In that case, how you can double check if the information is true is by looking for information on the creator online and see what you can find.
    2. Try the demo account first. If a demo account is available, trying it is always advised. Trading in demo mode gives you a good idea of how the platform works. When demo trading is available, it also usually means that the robot has nothing to hide and is transparent in its proceedings.
    3. Look for good review pages. We advise to look for good review webpages before you even look for good robots. That is where you can access most of the information on such new technologies. A good idea is to find a page you like and trust and stick to it whenever you are searching for information related to the crypto world.
    4. Check for risk disclaimers. When robots are trustworthy, they usually provide risk disclaimers on their website as a way to protect users. Scams usually try to hide disclaimers on the risks associated with crypto trading and trick users into investing in the platform without informing them that there is a possibility to lose funds. Be aware that trading with crypto is risky in general, do not trust platforms stating otherwise.

    Bitcoin Focus Group Review: The Verdict!

    We have found none of the claims made on the Bitcoin Focus Group website to be legit. The user reviews, widgets, logos, and other aspects of the website are all fake and used as a tool to lure people into signing up to the robot as quickly as possible. Both statements concerning the $200 bonus upon registration and the accuracy of the Bitcoin Focus Group system were also false. During our test, we lost all our deposit, despite the robot claiming that 9 out of 10 trades are accurate when investing in auto trading mode. We strongly advise you to avoid this robot and to try reliable and trustworthy robots like Bitcoin Trader.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Are all auto trading robots scams?

    No. We have tested and reviewed quite a few robots that we have made significant profits with. In most cases, we were unable to make the same amounts of profits their websites promised, but that is because in order to make those amounts, you are required to invest more than the minimum of $250. We suggest to start off with small investments, see how things go and then increase your investment amounts gradually.

    Is the Bitcoin Focus Group a scam?

    Yes it is. Most of the statements provided on the website are false, including the promises of $35,000 in profits and the accuracy rate of over 90%. During our test, we lost all of our initial investment and users across the Internet seem to agree with us. According to them, the robot stole their money even before they started trading with it. We advise to stay away from it and to trade on robots we consider reliable such as Bitcoin Trader.

    What auto trading robots should I trade with instead?

    We suggested Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt in this review. They are remarkable bots offering very high accuracy rates, user-friendly trading platforms and great transparency on the risks of crypto trading. You are not required to be an experienced user to be able to make profits on them. Alternatively, we advise you to check our our bitcoin robot page to see what are the platforms that we consider to be reliable.

    How can I know when a trading platform is legit?

    It is not always simple to find that out. That is why we put together a list of things you can do to make sure you know what to look for when deciding what platform to trade with. Make sure you always look for the creator's identity, both on the website and online. You should also try trading in demo mode first whenever it is available. You should also look for risk disclaimers. Most importantly though, look for a good review page that you trust and stick to it for information on the world of cryptocurrencies and refer to it whenever you need information.

    If I trade on Bitcoin Trader or Crypto Revolt, does it mean that I will definitely make money?

    No. There are always risks when trading with cryptocurrencies. The market is known to be very volatile and sometimes not even the best crypto bots can predict certain changes in the market. However, trading on accurate and reliable platforms like Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt will definitely increase your chances of making money.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    A cryptocurrency and trading writer and editor, I specialise in algorithmic trading. I’ve written about every type of automated trading tools - from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors. My goal is to write honest reviews about automated trading tools in order to help users understand which software are trustworthy and which ones they should stay away from. I am constantly analysing and scrutinising the up and coming trading apps so if you are seeking advice or if you would like me to write a robot review in particular don't hesitate to get in touch – I’m happy to help!


    1. I hate scams like these. All they do is take away the money of innocent people. Are there any legit bots out there that won’t suck my hard-earned money?

      1. Hello Kahn, we have tested a lot of the popular crypto bots in the industry and have identified the legit ones among the whole bunch. Check out our detailed guide on the topic where we have also shared our top recommendations.

    2. I can see any option to withdraw my money from this crypto bot? I think I might be scammed. Please tell me there is a way out of it?

      1. Hello Morg, we are sorry to inform you but retrieving your money from Bitcoin Focus Group is almost impossible. This is because scam platforms like Bitcoin Focus Group transfer the money to other accounts as soon as the money is deposited. This is why we recommend our viewers to only invest in legit and secure crypto bots that are mentioned in this guide.

    3. my friend invested in this robot and lost all her investment. I think it was around $2,000. I kept telling her not to trust these people but she just wouldn’t listen to me. now she’s regretting her decisions and I want to help her out. how can I?

      1. Hello Justine, we are extremely sorry for your friend’s loss. Perhaps, the best way to help her out would be to help her invest in a secure and legit crypto bot like Cryptosoft or Bitcoin Revolution so that she could start recovering the lost amount.

      1. Hello Fing, we perform different kinds of tests on a robot to test its integrity, security, and accuracy. We also invest our money in the robot to see if the robot will actually get profits or not.

    4. Inside Bitcoins has rightly concluded this article. bitcoin Focus Group is a scam and I won’t spend my money in it. i have had a lot of success with other robots but im looking for more. Can you tell me about some legit crypto bots?

      1. Hello Janet, we are happy to hear that you found our guide helpful and informative. As for your question, there are a number of crypto bots out there that are legit and secure as well as being lucrative. Check out our review on Bitcoin Formula and Crypto Cash.

    5. Oops, I have already invested $500 in this robot and now I found out that this is a scam. please guide me how I can retrieve my money from Bitcoin Focus Group?

      1. Hello Christy, we are sorry to inform you but your money might be lost forever. Scam bots like Bitcoin Focus Group move the money to other accounts as soon as it is transferred. This is why we recommend our viewers to only invest in legit and secure crypto bots. This detailed guide has a list of the best crypto bots in the industry.

    6. I am an experienced Crypto trader but no matter how hard I try, I keep losing my money on Bitcoin Focus Group. What could I be doing wrong? thanks in advance for your help.

      1. Hello Solemndrive, you are not doing anything wrong at all, it’s just that Bitcoin Focus Group simply isn’t meant to earn you money. Bitcoin Focus Group is an absolute scam and you will end up losing your money no matter how much you invest. We would highly recommend you start investing in a legit and secure crypto bot like BItcoin Trader or Crypto Revolt instead.

    7. thank you so much for your help guys. you guides are really helpful for me and surely a lot of others too. much appreciated

      1. Hello Foreman, we are extremely glad to hear that you found our guide informative and helpful. We strive to keep our viewers aware of the latest opportunities and help them stay away from scam platforms.

      1. Hello Arsalan, a strong technical and analytical background is needed to be able to test the legitimacy of a crypto bot. Our experts do the hard part for you so that you can make wise decisions without having to go through a lengthy and complex process of evaluation.

      1. Hello Agj956, this is surely because Bitcoin Focus Group is an absolute scam and people are losing their money on this robot. We would recommend you to retrieve your investment as soon as you can. We would recommend you to invest in Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Compass as they are highly legit and secure.

      1. Hello Zqg@7488, if you have money invested in this robot, we would recommend you to pull it out as soon as it can as your investment could be lost soon. Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam robot and your investment is not safe in it. We would recommend you to use Cryptosoft or Bitcoin Revolution instead.

      1. Hello Son847, Bitcoin Focus Group might have temporarily generated profits for you but that is a trick to make you invest a larger amount the next time. Bitcoin Focus Group is an absolute scam and we would not recommend you to go for it. Instead, we would recommend you to use Cryptosoft or Bitcoin Trader. Both of these robots are highly legit and secure.

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