Is Bitcoin Equaliser a Scam or Legit Trading Robot? Find out here!


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logoMaking money online is now a reality for most people. One of the most popular is bitcoin trading through intelligent trading platforms such as Bitcoin Equaliser. This robot reportedly applies advanced AI technologies to ensure highly profitable trading.

Trading with the Bitcoin Equaliser software doesn’t require any skill. This is because it automates all the technical trading functions. Some users claim to earn their first $1 million trading with this system. But is Bitcoin Equaliser app legit? Let’s find out below.

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    Bitcoin Equaliser Review Summary

    Background checks on Bitcoin Equaliser confirm that it’s indeed legit. This trading bot also seems to be highly profitable.

    Bitcoin Equaliser has invested heavily on its platforms. They are not only based on advanced trading technologies, but they are also secured through military-grade encryption. This trading system is reportedly among the first to combine the power of AI and blockchain in BTC trading.

    bitcoin equaliser

    Bitcoin Equaliser platform has secured quality partnerships with over 15 brokers. The robot depends on these brokers as the bridge to the markets. Moreover, it depends on them to facilitate transactions with clients.

    The brokers are reportedly are heavily regulated and hence safe for users. The Bitcoin Equaliser app has been reviewed by over five thousand users on TrustPilot. A thorough analysis of these reviews indicates that most users are happy with it.

    A lot of reviews allege earning good profits trading with it. High profitability claims seem to increase with the ongoing crypto bubble. Bitcoin Equaliser is also reviewed on high-traffic crypto publications by experts.

    At least five reviews claim that this trading system is revolutionary and offers the fastest path to earning fortunes through crypto trading. This may be true, but there are risks associated with crypto trading. We therefore strongly suggest that you only deposit what you can afford to lose.

    Is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam? No!

    There are many scams out there claiming to offer automated BTC trading. However, the Bitcoin Equaliser platform is not among them.

    We have tested it and found enough proof to support its legitimacy. Firstly, this robot operates in transparency. This is evident from its disclosure of pricing mechanisms and partner brokers. Bitcoin Equaliser doesn’t charge any license fees, but a 2% commission on profits applies.

    Over 15 regulated brokers back this trading robot. All trading bots depend on brokers as the bridge to the markets. The brokers also provide leverage to help Bitcoin Equaliser users’ trade big positions with little capital. Partner broker regulation is enough proof of commitment to operating transparently. 

    Secondly, this bot is reviewed far and wide, and most of the reviewers seem satisfied with its performance. At least 90% of Bitcoin Equaliser reviews on TrustPilot are positive. The same case applies to other reputable independent consumer review platforms.

    Experts also reviewed Bitcoin Equaliser, and most echo the sentiments expressed by most users. Thirdly, this robot seems to have invested in inadequate cyber safety measures. We can confirm that its website is adequately encrypted.

    Moreover, it has a cyber incident response team and seems compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Key Features of Bitcoin Equaliser

    Bitcoin Equaliser software is a powerful auto-trading system for BTC trading. This trading robot is equipped with High-Frequency Trading (HFT) techniques.

    These techniques enable the bot to trade small price movements at extremely high accuracy and speed. Bitcoin Equaliser bets on BTC price swings without having to buy the underlying asset. It speculates on both the rise and fall and can reportedly make money even when the markets are plummeting.

    This makes it a good option when compared to the traditional buying low selling high. Bitcoin Equaliser trading signals have reportedly been tested and proven to be highly accurate. Top trading robots such as Bitcoin Equaliser can analyze extremely large data sets at supersonic speeds.

    The reliance on large data sets refines decision making. Moreover, auto-trading eliminates human emotions hence improving decision making. The Bitcoin Equaliser software can supposedly place up to 10 trades each minute. At least 9 of these trades are reportedly profitable.

    The robot utilizes a trading margin of up to 4000:1 as provided by its partner brokers. Trading margin or leverage refers to the use of borrowed funds to increase one’s trading position. An underlying partner broker provides the trading margin. 

    As stated severally in this review, Bitcoin Equaliser makes BTC trading extremely easy. You don’t require any trading background to use this robot successfully. Bitcoin Equaliser comes with a layman’s trading guide to help you set up your trading account and get started.

    Bitcoin Equaliser Popularity

    This trading bot is extremely popular. It has been reviewed over 50,000 times by individual consumers. Bitcoin Equaliser is currently ranked number 2 on Google Trends. This makes it among the most popular BTC related subjects.

    There are also long Bitcoin Equaliser Reddit threads, all praising the performance portrayed by the bot. Some of the Reddit posts are spreading fake rumors about this trading system being endorsed by celebrities.

    Here are some fake viral news about Bitcoin Equalizer.

    Gordon Ramsay endorsing Bitcoin Equaliser

    Ramsay is a British celebrity chef and TV personality. He has interests in many areas which is why celebrity gossips are linking him to the Bitcoin Equaliser platform.

    Our background investigation didn’t find any evidence supporting the claims. It’s likely that the gossip blogs are taking advantage of Bitcoin Equaliser to divert web traffic to their sites. The posts making these allegations have links leading to the gossip blogs.

    We find it prudent to always confirm all related information on Bitcoin Equaliser official website. You should never make an investment decision based on celebrity gossip.

    Getting started with Bitcoin Equaliser

    Now that we know that the Bitcoin Equaliser software is legit let’s take a deep dive on the signup and trading process.

    This trading robot is available for all but registration slots are limited and hence offered periodically. You should check the Bitcoin Equaliser website regularly if not lucky enough to secure a position on the first attempt.

    Sign up immediately if the registration form is accessible on the first attempt.

    Create a free trading account

    Sign up for free with Bitcoin Equaliser using the provided sign up form. Create a strong password and click next to be matched with a robot broker.

    Furnish the broker with the required details and confirm your ID as instructed. Identity verification is a mandatory measure for all well-regulated financial institutions.

    You can continue to the next step as your verification details are processed. The verification can take up to five hours.

    Deposit trading capital of as little as USD250

    Fund your account with not less than $250. This amount is what Bitcoin Equaliser will use to make bets in the markets.

    You can deposit through wire transfer, Master Card, Visa, Skrill, and other globally accepted methods. Deposits happen through the matched broker, given that they are the one to place orders in the market.

    Bitcoin Equaliser automatically sends the orders to these brokers for implementation.

    Trade on a live account

    Bitcoin Equaliser offers users adequate trading resources to help them to fully prepare for real-time trading.

    These resources include a trading guide and a highly intuitive demo. Take your time to prepare by reading the guide and practicing on the demo.

    Live trading should be extremely easy if you have prepared enough. Bitcoin Equaliser trades volatility and hence offers the best outcome during high market volatility.

    Can you Become Rich through Bitcoin Equaliser? The Verdict!

    There seems to be a huge possibility of hitting the home run with Bitcoin Equaliser. Thousands of users have reviewed this trading bot, and they claim that it’s profitable.

    Expert reviews also allege that it’s extremely profitable. The Bitcoin Equaliser platform could earn a daily profit of up to $800 from an investment of $250.

    You can reportedly increase the daily profits by reinvesting most of the daily returns. But even with the high supposed profitability, there is still a potential of making a loss through this robot.

    This means that you shouldn’t trade with an amount that would cause a lot of pain in the event of a loss. High-risk investments should never carry more than 10% of your savings.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Properties
    • Trade
    The best choice
    • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
    • $/£250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Credit Card and Sofort


    Is Bitcoin Equaliser a con?

    No! We have investigated Bitcoin Equaliser thoroughly, and it meets our requirements for a legit trading robot.

    How much does Bitcoin Equaliser cost?

    Bitcoin Equaliser is affordable for most people, given that it doesn’t charge any license fees. You only need a capital investment of USD250, and you are good to go.

    Does Bitcoin Equaliser offer a trading app?

    Bitcoin Equaliser is only available in web-version. However, you can use it on your smartphone since the web-trader is compatible with most mobile browsers.

    How much time do I need to dedicate to Bitcoin Equaliser?

    You need as little as 20 minutes daily to set up your Bitcoin Equaliser account for live trading. The robot offers a guide to help you do so.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.